Risks of Music

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I stood on the front porch, staring at that door. Mentally, I was preparing, myself, or rather giving myself a “pep talk” to psych myself up for what I was about to do. “Come on, Jill. You can do this.” I repeated this (well, more like shouting at the top of my lungs in the back of my head) over and over again, gaining more confidence. I shifted in my outfit: a white shirt that stretched so tight against my braless chest, I swear the buttons would snap off if I sneezed; my cute little skirt was so short that I knew my butt (and everything else) would be clearly visible if I bent over. Of course, accessorize it with white tennis shoes and black silk thong panties, and I looked the part I was going for: twenty one-year-old schoolgirl gone slut.

I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. There was no turning back now. The sunlight warmed my skin, and formed a soft halo of light on the hair on the top of my head. I knew why I was so nervous. I was preparing to seduce my violin teacher, Jonathan. God, my panties were already starting to dampen.

He was slightly older than I was. His long, black ponytail, all-black wardrobe, and his tendency to constantly wear hemp necklaces made him look the part of the bad boy. But, after becoming friends with him over the past year, I knew better. In reality, he was quite innocent. And for some reason, that turned me on. He was also a deep-rooted romantic who lived to play his violin. As a friend, he managed to talk me into taking lessons, even if I was too old to become a “prodigy”, seeing as I was over twenty years old, and was just starting to take lessons.

My daydreaming was cut short, though, as the heavy wooden door swung open and Jonathan stood on the other side. My heart skipped a beat, and my nipples poked proudly at you through my shirt. I had to catch my breath. You didn’t seem to notice. “Hey, Jill. Come on in. Everything is set up in the den.

You turned to lead the way, but all I noticed was your ass. God, I want to grab that ass. But, I shoved that thought to the back of my mind, at least for the time being. Instead, I grabbed my violin case laying at my feet, and followed you in. You were standing at the two chairs and stand in the middle of the den, facing a huge window that overlooked the street. I paced across the floor and put my violin case on my designated chair. You walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. When you walked back sincan escort bayan in the room, my mind went into instinct, and I bent over to open my violin case, displaying my nearly bare pussy. I heard the footsteps stop and a sharp intake of breath. I stood up straight and turned to face you. “What?” I asked, pretending to be oblivious to my little exhibition.

You shook his head, as if trying to shake out any impure thoughts from your head. “Uhhh…nothing,” you managed to stammer out. “Let’s get down to practice, shall we?”

The practice went by uneventful, except for a few instances when I pressed my straining chest against your arm, asking questions about the measures or rests, pretending to be clueless. I could tell the teacher/student fantasy I was playing out was turning you on, just by the look of your pants. While you tried to keep your mind on music and said something about a half rest, I unsnapped the top two buttons on my shirt. My chest was in danger of leaving its cloth confines with a sneeze.

Practice eventually was over, and as I reached for my sheet music, it slipped from my fingers and fluttered to the floor like oversized confetti. Without thinking, I fell to the floor to scoop up scattered papers, not realizing you were watching me crawl around on the floor, displaying either my tits or my pussy. After a few seconds, I looked up to find you staring at my chest. “See something you like?” I said with a grin.

You immediately came back down to Earth. You knew you were busted, and started to turn a cute shade of crimson. “I, uh, what I mean is…”

“Shhhh.” I got up off the floor and sat down in my chair to face you. “Let me ask you a question.”

“Okay,” you said hesitantly, looking a little nervous.

“You have a girlfriend?”

“No,” you said, shifting a little in your chair.

“Well, then, it’s not against the law to look.” I said with a smile.

“I know, but you’re my student.”

“And now, I want you to teach me.”


With that, I stood up and swung my left leg over you. I stood there for a second, letting you take in the sights of my chest, and then straddled you on your lap. I looked you in the eye and grabbed your hand, guiding it under the hem of my skirt so you could tell how excited I was. As soon as you made contact, your eyes got huge. I smiled and leaned in to kiss you. It was heavenly. My tongue probed your mouth, eryaman escort and our tongues wrestled as I began to grind my pussy into your growing bulge, making a huge wet spot on the front of your pants. I moaned into your mouth, and your hands began to grope my chest before coming to rest on my ass, pulling and jerking me toward you as I rocked on your lap.

You broke the kiss, and for a minute, I thought you were going to change your mind and stop. Instead, you unbuttoned my shirt and began pinching and tweaking my nipples, which turned me on even more. You buried your face in my cleavage before taking a nipple in your mouth and flicking it with your tongue, causing shockwaves to rip through me like a volt of electricity. I moaned louder and grabbed a fistful of your hair, pressing your face into my breast, and probably suffocating you. But you were relentless as you switched sides and I screamed in bliss. I shrugged my shirt off and let it fall to the floor, and pulled and tugged at your shirt until it, too, fell to the floor.

After a few minutes, we had stripped each other completely and kissed like we needed each other as life support. I began stroking you, feeling every inch of your hardness, and I didn’t know what turned me on more: the fact I was about to fuck my teacher, or the fact I was going to fuck my teacher with all the neighbors watching. You must have noticed too, because you nibbled my neck and whispered in my ear “Let ’em watch” and proceeded to kiss my neck.

Finally, after a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and tried to slide you into me, but you wouldn’t hear of it. You gently guided me to the floor, and kneeled between my knees, kissing my thighs and making me writhe on the floor. Finally, you probed my wet lips and I about shattered the windows with the scream of bliss. You finally ran your tongue up and down my slit, and then started fucking me with my tongue, your nose rubbing against my clit. I moaned and held your head there. I didn’t care if you couldn’t breathe. I just wanted release. Then I felt your fingers joining in, moving in and out of my wet pussy like a piston. “A…little…more” I managed to grunt between gasps, and you added one more finger to send me over the edge. “OH MY GOD!!!” I screamed before hurdling myself over the edge, my pussy muscles contracting your fingers to a standstill deep inside me.

“Strange…never thought of you as a etimesgut bayan escort screamer.” You said with a grin after a couple of minutes. I looked out the window, to find two men standing across the street, watching the show. “You want to make them stay?” You said. The thought of people watching made me horny again, despite my current orgasm. “Let’s do it,” I said, and pulled you down to kiss me. Your cock soon took the place of your fingers, thrusting in and out of me. I was still tight from my last release, and you could tell. I felt so full, and pulled you down to kiss me as you fucked me on the floor. You had a hold of my hips to keep me from sliding, but we were on the carpet, so my only fear would have been rug burn on my back. But I didn’t care. It felt so good. My back arched, and my head was thrown back as I moaned and screamed. “That’s it, baby,” you said. “Show them how it’s done.”

My gaze went from you to the street, where a crowd of teenage boys were standing. They were discussing it, I’m assuming. Probably trying to figure out if we were actually doing what they thought. I moaned, and thrust my body up, making exaggerated motions to confirm their thoughts. You continued to dirty talk, and I started moaning even louder, if that was even possible. We were a voyeur’s heaven. “Fuck me!” I screamed. “Fuck your little student!”

That got you going. You pumped harder and faster, slamming so hard into me your balls were slapping against my ass. I could tell you were close. You got even bigger, and you stretched me. I was close too. Your hands on my chest, running up my body to clutch a handful of blonde curls that had cascaded to frame my head on the floor. “Fuck me!” I screamed, and you slammed one more time into me before arching your back, throwing your head back, and releasing into me, twitching and throbbing. It set off a chain reaction and I went over the edge for the second time that day, moaning and screaming and writhing on the floor. You collapsed next to me. Our bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat, and we were both panting like we had run a marathon. The mixture of our juices ran out of me and trickled down my thigh.

A little later, after getting dressed and eating, I grabbed my violin case, preparing to go home. I turned to face you. With a gentle kiss, all I said was, “Same time next week?” and gave you a smile and a wink.

“Of course. Only next week, wear the leather boots.” You grinned, and held open the door for me.

As I stepped out into the sunlight, all I could wonder is what next week’s session will be like. Oh well. I have a long walk home, and a creative imagination. I’ll start imagining now. ­čÖé

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