Romantic Fantasy

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Tonight will hopefully turn out to be one that will not soon be forgotten. Getting the text invitation to join him for an evening of dinner and a surprise was very exciting. “Be ready at 6 wearing something pretty. I will be picking you up and taking you to dinner. Afterward you will receive a surprise that you will enjoy.”

Once I got home, I immediately went in the shower to make sure I was prepared for anything that may happen tonight. While in the shower it was hard not to let my imagination go wild with some naughty hopes for tonight. Thankfully, I knew time was not on my side so I refrained from touching myself and relieving the ache between my legs. After wrapping a towel around my body and hair I walked out into the bedroom to hopefully find something special to wear. Luckily I found the perfect dress, simple yet sexy with lace inserts in the skirt and a zipper down the back. Now to find the perfect accessories and I don’t mean jewelry. I have had a certain bra and panty set that I have been saving for a special moment and I think this counts. But a bra and panty are good but nothing beats a garter belt and stockings to turn a guy on. Plus the lace on my thighs and the silkiness of the stockings feels so sexy.

I have been realizing lately that there are so many sexual thoughts in my mind that I have been wanting to try and am finally expressing them to some of my more naughty friends. One of those friends is the one who sent me the text today. With his knowledge of some of my dirtiest and naughtiest desires leads me to think that the clothing choice I have made for today is very close to being perfect. Especially when paired with sexy strappy high heeled shoes.

At exactly 6 pm there is a knock on the door letting me know this night is about to start and I can’t help but feel a bit nervous and excited as I open the door. Waiting on the other side of the door is one of the most handsome friends who looks amazing wearing a suit and tie. A much different look than the jeans and t-shirt I am used to seeing him in and I swear my panties just got wet by looking at him. Judging by the bulge in his dress pants I can tell he approves of my choice of clothing for the night as well. After a brief hug and kiss, I grab my purse and keys and we head out to his car to start the evening. I am surprised when he reaches for my hand at the bottom of the stairs and walks with me to the passenger side of the car and opens the door for me. A gentleman as always, but still caught me off guard and made me smile. So as I was getting in the car I figured I would let a little secret out and lifted my skirt just enough to tease him with the lace top of the stockings. Before closing the door he tells me that he looks forward to enjoying more of that view later.

The drive to the restaurant is filled with simple flirting, blushing by me and some naughty conversation. Once at the restaurant I reach for the door to get out and am immediately told that is his job and not to even think about opening the door by myself. A girl could easily get used to this special treatment and it is also a huge turn on to be treated so well.

The restaurant thankfully has booths instead of tables with chairs. Most people think a table with a long cloth is ideal for a little naughty dinner fun but I can safely say booths are a whole lot more fun. SItting at a booth with a gentleman next to you allows hands to explore and light kisses to take place a lot easier. During dinner my friend informs me that tonight is going to be a night of exploring and trying new and fun things. After the waiter takes our orders and leaves, things go from flirty and platonic to flirty and hot. He leans over and whispers in my ear that dinner is just an appetizer for what lays ahead for the night. Before pulling away he places a gentle kiss right behind my ear which sends chills down my back straight to my pussy.

While eating our salads I feel a hand moving up along my leg and under the edge of my skirt. I am secretly wishing I would have left the panties off just to give him a surprise. I swear he can read my mind, because he asks me if I was wearing any panties, and I give him a nod letting him know I was. He asks me to go into the bathroom and take them off and bring them back to him to prove I did it. I have to admit this caught my off guard and had my nipples perking up under my lace bra just thinking about finishing dinner sitting next to him knowing I had no panties on. I excused myself from the table to use the restroom. Once in the restroom I realized just how turned on this evening has made me as I remove my undies. They are completely soaked as I clutch them in my hand so they wouldn’t be noticed on my walk back to the table.

When I returned to the table our dinner was waiting. Always the gentleman he got up to stand so I could slide into the booth and he could resume his seat next to me. It comes as no surprise that as soon as I am settled in he gives me that famous devilish smirk of his and I know he is asking for my panties so I reach over and put them on his lap. To my horror güvenilir bahis he actually picks them up and smells them. Thankfully the other tables were pretty empty and I don’t think anyone noticed. While we ate my date kept his hand in my lap running up and down my thigh the entire time. Never going any further than the very top of my stockings, which drove me crazy and had me almost begging him to go higher. I told him two can play that game so I used my left hand and started playing with his thigh, only I didn’t stop at the thigh. That’s right I went for the package and was glad to see he was not immune to the teasing either.

Dinner was finished and the waiter came over to see if we would be interested in the desert and read the specials to us. We both decided that there was a much better desert waiting for us and declined. As he was paying the check he said he was never happier to pay for a meal since it was shared with such a beautiful dinner guest. Of course I blushed, hey it isn’t every day a girl recieves that kind of praise.

Back in the car things get a little more exciting. Nothing like driving with the top down and having the guy next to you fingering your pussy while he is driving. Something about being exposed for any higher vehicle to see exactly what was going on. Never been much for being so exposed in public but there was something so exciting about being caught that it just made it that much more erotic and made me that much more excited. I tried to reach over and grab his cock while he was driving but he told me that this ride was all for me and he could wait until we got to our destination for the night. He had the drive timed just right because just before we reached the hotel I was right on the brink of cumming and going over the edge and he stopped. If looks could kill he was a dead man. I have heard of delayed orgasms even experimented with doing it to myself. I have to say when you do finally reach that long awaited orgasm it is explosive. However, stopping when you are so close is just plain cruel.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, looks like it should be some fantasy getaway somewhere other than right off a main highway. The room was already booked in advance so we didn’t have to stop at the courtesy desk and went straight to the elevators and up to our floor. The room number should have gave away that this was going to be a great night, Room

69. Come on one 69 is good but a second yum.

Once we get in the room the heat between us is unmistakable. Neither of us can stop kissing and touching each other. Then he pulls away and gently kisses me on the forehead and says don’t move. He walks over and does something with his phone and then music is playing at just the right volume. Some good jazz mixed with classic rock. Can’t say I am used to the mix but it works very relaxing and slows down the pace of the night.

Once the volume and music choice is set he walks across the room right up behind me. He slowly reaches up and moves my hair to the side over my shoulder so he can reach my neck with his lips which sends a chill and tingle straight down my back in the best way possible. As he is kissing my neck he reaches up and slowly lowers the zipper of my dress down my back. Once he has the zipper open he moves his hands up to my shoulders and gently pushes the top of my dress off my shoulders and down my arms. The feel of him running his hands down my arms and taking my dress with it is so sensual that I feel like I am in a daze. As the dress falls to the floor and puddles at my feet he takes a moment to explore with his eyes exactly what was under the dress. I am standing there in just a black lace bra, garter and stockings, and my heels. I feel so exposed yet completely comfortable because I can see by the look on his face that he enjoys what he sees.

Once he is done looking he places his hand on my neck and pulls me close and kisses me so softly that I just start to melt again. While he is kissing me I take that time to run my hands up his chest to his shoulders and under the shoulders of his jacket and start pushing it off his shoulders and like he did to my dress I guide it slowly down his arms and catch it before it hits the ground. I break the kiss so I can take the jacket and hang it on the back of a chair. I turn back and continue undressing him. I have a tough time with the knot on the tie but it finally slips free and I pull it from around his neck and drape it over my neck. It feels so soft against my skin. Other thoughts of how this tie can come in handy pass through my head and he must notice it in my eyes because he says “I know what you are thinking and it can be arranged later”.

You never realize how much clothing a man has on until you are trying to sensually remove his clothes all while you are dying to just get to his skin and enjoy the feel of flesh on flesh. While I was working on his shirt he started on the lower half with his shoes and then he undid his belt and pulled it loose. I could tell by his eyes he was having some ideas about that belt too. This romantic night may just türkçe bahis take a turn in a different direction and I am totally ok with that. Once he is free of his shirt I get to work on removing his pants and pushing them down to his feet and help him remove them from his feet. This puts me just at the right height to enjoy a close up view of his cock straining inside his briefs and I can’t help but stare. I feel his hands running through my hair and I look up and see pure lust.

I can’t take anymore and I start pulling his briefs down as my mouth moves closer to his cock as it slowly gets revealed. The temptation is too much and I just can’t help but grab his hard cock in my hand and slowly lick the length from his balls to the tip. His skin feels so soft and tastes so good and soon my mouth is wrapping around his hard cock and swallowing him all the way down to the base. As I am doing this I open my eyes and look up and see pure enjoyment on his face and his eyes are looking down at me watching his cock slide in and out of my lips. I can feel his hands pulling my hair back out of my face and off to the side so he can get a better view and to help guide me to a pace he enjoys. I can feel him throbbing in my mouth and I know he is getting close so I take my hand and start caressing his balls. By the growl he lets out I can tell this is definitely enjoyable to him, but he isn’t ready to cum just yet. WIth a pull of my hair just hard enough it pulls my mouth from his cock and causes just the right amount of pain I know he desires something more.

He leans down and kisses my forehead and tells me to stand up and takes my hand to help me. He doesn’t let go of my hand as he guides me over to the bed where he sits down on the edge and pulls me between his legs. Once I am between his legs and am staring down at him, he reaches up and unhooks my bra and lets it fall off my shoulders and watches as my breasts are revealed as the cups of my bra slide away. It doesn’t take long before I can feel his mouth sucking on my nipples and his hand squeezing and caressing the other breast. He is pretty quick to discover my nipples and breast enjoy it a little rougher than others and has no problem exploring that. With a sharp smack to my ass he breaks the contact with my breasts and directs me to lay on the bed.

While climbing onto the bed I notice a satin bag laying there and look over my shoulder at Mike with a question in my eye. He realizes I just found the bag and says, “don’t worry about that, it is for me to know what is in it and for you to find out. If you’re a good girl”. Now I am even more curious about the bag but figure I better just forget about it and lay on the bed like a good girl. It isn’t long before I feel his hands on my ankles and he starts to undo the straps on my shoes and removes them. As he does he gently rubs my feet and then massages up my calf to my thigh and then back down to repeat the same actions to my other foot and leg. When he gets to the top of the second leg though he doesn’t stop at the thigh and moves all the way up til his thumb brushes against that sensitive spot between my leg and pussy. He proceeds to continue massaging all the way up my sides till he reaches my breasts and leans in and kisses my neck. As he glides his weight over me and I feel his hard cock brush against me I can’t help but moan as my hands reach out to stroke his chest and arms.

Suddenly he leans up a bit and has a very serious look on his face and I see no trace of playfulness in his eyes and know whatever he is about to say is important to him so I just wait to hear it. He strokes my hair back and looks right in my eyes and asks me if I trust him. Without any hesitation at all I say yes. Now my curiosity is piqued because I know he knows some of my fantasies and they aren’t vanilla and I have to wonder how far he will take things. He smiles and kisses me so deep that I know that I am more than wet enough for anything he has planned.

Climbing over the side of the bed he grabs the bag and tells me to close my eyes and to relax. So i close my eyes and try to relax, not an easy thing to do when all i want right now is to feel his hard cock inside me and fucking me. But I can be patient. Once my eyes are closed I feel him move closer and can tell he is removing his tie that is still draped around my neck and being tied around my head covering my eyes. I have always enjoyed being blindfolded and giving up control of knowing what was about to happen and just rely on feeling. Once it was fully in place I could hear more things rattling which I assume are items in the bag as I tried to identify them by sound. No such luck but hoping to find out. I could feel the bed shifting so I know something is about to happen and have no doubt I will very much enjoy it.

He was next to me again and he was caressing the inside of my thighs and told me to spread my legs wider. Once they were wide enough I could feel something very smooth rubbing against my pussy, then between the lips and onto my clit. I thought for sure it was a vibrator but it felt too small, I güvenilir bahis siteleri was proven wrong and right, it was a vibrating egg being controlled remotely with changing the settings on it while it was against my clit. It felt so amazing to not know how fast or slow or what pattern it would follow but all of them felt so good. Until the teasing started just when I thought I was about to cum he would change the setting to something less intense or he would remove it completely. At one point he had me so close to cumming that I was in bliss and that is when he surprised me again and went from sucking my nipples to clamping something on them. This was not a horrible surprise, actually I loved the feeling. The slight pain mixed with the vibrations on my pussy sent me over the edge and I was shaking from head to toe feeling like life couldn’t get any better. I am sure my eyes rolled so far back in my head that they would never see right again. It was an orgasm like none other. From the flutters in my stomach to the pulsing and wetness between my legs and every nerve in my body feeling alive and alert to the slightest touch. Just as I was coming back to earth I was in for another surprise, he took the clamps on my nipples off and it just sent me right back to another orgasm. Not as intense but definitely wonderful.

Once I got my breathing back under control, I felt the blindfold being pulled off. It took a bit to adjust my eyes again but when they finally opened I was staring into his gorgeous face. He was smiling like a kid on christmas who just got his favorite new toy. I was rewarded with kisses so sweet and asked if I was ok. I said I don’t know, ask me when my legs are no longer jello. We both laughed and spent a little bit of time cuddling and kissing and enjoying each other after that.

As we were cuddling the kisses got a little deeper and hands were exploring each other which led to feeling his hard cock brush against my legs. I am not much for one to take top in a sexual act but the feeling was right so I rolled him over on his back and kissed my way from his chest to his hard cock. He was definitely enjoying it but the time had come to finally feel his gorgeous hard cock in my tight wet pussy I couldn’t wait any more. When you have a cock as great as this one and you are able to enjoy it pretty much any way you want well you do. With a final suck I lifted up and climbed on top of him holding his cock with one hand and balancing with my legs and my other hand I slid down on top of him and felt my wet pussy stretch to accomodate his size. It took some time to adjust to the fullness but he was patient and waited before we found a good rhythm that felt right to both of us. This was no making love this was fucking, plain and simple. The feel of him inside my pussy was incredible. I could feel every pulse, every movement he made. In no time at all I could tell I was close to cumming and so was he who decided to up the ante and found my clit with his fingers and told me to pull my nipples while I rode his cock. Between all the physical attention and the dirty talk there was no way I wasn’t going to have another orgasm. I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to from the pleasure and sheer euphoria I felt at that moment. The squeezing of my pussy on his cock was enough to send him over and I felt every pulse and throb as he shot his hot cum filling my pussy.

Feeling completely spent I collapsed onto his chest and just laid there listening to his heart beat as he wrapped his strong arms around me. He was so gentle and reassuring me that he was quite comfortable with me laying on him. So I stayed there til I felt his cock slip from inside me and then rolled to my side to cuddle up next to him and rest my head on his chest and we drifted off to sleep.

Morning sadly had to come eventually and we knew it was time to get back into the real world and back to our lives. But we didn’t want to waste any water so we decided to shower together. Luckily the shower had plenty of room for two adults to make sure each other was clean and dirty and then clean again. I wanted to leave him with a memory that would stay with him and make him smile when he thought of it. He told me once that very rarely has anyone been able to take his entire cock and have them swallow his cum. Well that sounded like a challenge to me as well as a fantasy of his that I couldn’t pass up. So I sat on the bench seat in the shower and had him stand in the spray of the water facing me which had his cock at just the perfect height and angle for what I had in mind. Taking his cock down my throat took a few tries to stretch and get past the gag reflex. Once I finally got used to it I was in heaven and from the moans I was hearing above me I wasn’t alone. I kept the suction just tight enough so that when I would pull back my mouth was nice and tight while I would loosen up on the way down. I could tell it wouldn’t take much for him to cum. After a few not so gentle strokes and some good swallowing he reached down to grab my hair and warned me he was going to cum. I think he thought I was going to pull away and let him cum on my chest or face, but there was no way I was wasting that treat. I was determined to swallow every drop he had to offer and I did. It felt so hot and tasted so good that I didn’t want to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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