Rose Helps a Friend

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Mike and Lee had been friends for 25 years. Mike and rose had been married for 7 years and Lee had been married to Michelle for 10 year.

Mike and rose had 2 boys and decided that was enough, so rose got her tubes tied. Lee and Michelle had a daughter before they got married and decided to wait to have more.

Michelle got pregnant with their second child about 10 years into the marriage. After having their second girl she had to wait 6 weeks to have sex with Lee again.

Lee was about 6′ 2″ tall and about average. One thing he did have was a nice 8″ thick cock. Michelle having a higher sex driver always wanted to have sex and Lee grown accustom to having a regular sex life.

About to weeks post delivery Lee was getting horny and wanted sex. And Michelle was in no shape to do it. So Lee started thinking about finding someone to fuck for a little bit to have so fun.

Lee had never really thought about rose mainly because she was married to his best friend. One day while Lee was at work rose called him to look at something for her and he started thinking about fucking rose.

It all started kinda innocent with text about stuff rose had asked him and escalated quickly to some more naughty text. Rose thought it was all pretty innocent cent Lee and mike both were kinda perverted all the time. That was until Lee sent her the last set of messages.

Lee “rose can I fuck you please I’m in bad need.”

Rose “lol yeah that be fun” sarcastically thinking he was playing.

Lee “when are you home alone?”

It was at that point rose began to realize it wasn’t a joke. Now rose like most women had thought about it before and blew it off as just being close to someone, but now she was really thinking about it and it had her starting to get turned on.

Rose “mike leaves on a day trip tomorrow and the kids will be going to grandmas for the day.” She sent back nervously.

Lee “can I come over güvenilir bahis in the morning?”

Rose “yes” and left it at that.

That night rose thought about it all night and even turned down mikes advances.

The next morning mike got up and left for his day trip early and roses mom stopped to pickup the kids. After the kids left rose got in the shower and shaved her legs, she decided that she would also shave her pussy even thought she had never really shaved it bald much. Rose get out of the shower and wraps in a towel. As she walks out of the bathroom she heard a knock on the door.

Rose looks out the peep hole in the door to see Lee standing there. So she unlocked and opens the door in a towel.

Lee says “good morning!” To rose and he nervously says “good morning Lee”

Lee walks in and shuts the door behind him and turns the lock. As Lee turns to rose she can feel some excitement stirring.

Lee steps to rose and looks her in the eyes as he goes in for the first kiss. She happily meets and returns the kiss. They continue to kiss as they make their way to the bedroom.

Rose drops her towel allowing Lee to see her. Now rose has two kids and is a bit of a thicker woman with rather large breast. She stands a few inches over 5′. Lee looks her up and down.

Lee starts kissing her again as he brings his left hand to find a breast. His hand is small compared to her Breast. Rose has very sensitive nipples and Lee finds on and starts to roll it between his index finger and thumb.

Rose getting really excited takes Lee’s shirt off and undoes his pants allowing them to fall to the floor. She is amazed as she touches his half hard member through his boxers. Even half hard she can tell it’s much larger than mikes.

Rose can’t wait and wants to taste it. She slides down to her knees in front of Lee and slides down his boxer. Her face was so close that his member almost smacked her türkçe bahis in the face when is sprang free. She grabbed it at the base with her small hand and looked at it in amazement.

Rose slowly started to lick around the head of it in a clockwise circle before putting the large mushroom shaped head into her mouth. Moving her tongue around around it in her mouth. She had never had such a large and thick member in her mouth.

Rose decided to try and deep throat his massive member. She got all the way to her fingers around the base and could feel it in her throat. She held It with her left and and sucked it while she started rubbing her clit with her right hand.

When Lee started to feel himself getting close he had her stop and lay down on the bed. He really wanted to taste her pussy. She laid down and spread her legs to show her beautiful bald pussy to him. He took his tongue and started flicking her clit with it while sliding a finger into her. Rose was moaning and moving around in the bed and Lee added another finger and kept going.

Rose arched her back and Lee could tell she was about to explode and while still doing what he was doing he slide another finger into her ass. Rose was not stranger to anal and really enjoyed it sometimes. Rose exploded into one of the best orgasm of her life as what felt like wave after wave hit her.

Lee didn’t want to wait any longer and slide up her. He kissed her and she could taste herself on his lips as he positioned his member at her entrance. Lee pushed forward and entered her wet pussy. The size of him was stretching her and she began to go nuts as he slide all the way to the hilt inside her.

As Lee began to fuck her it didn’t take long for Rose to feel another orgasm building. Lee started to slam into her and she began screaming “I’m about to cum”. Lee could feel the spasms inside her as her pussy contracted with another orgasm.

Lee let her come down güvenilir bahis siteleri from the orgasm before asking if she had any toys. She pointed at the night stand and he went to see what she had. Looking through the vibrators and stuff he found a set of anal trainers. He picked the middle size based off how easy she took his finger.

Lee returned between her legs and raised them high into the air. Using her wetness from her pussy as lube he slide the plug into her ass. She moaned loudly as the plug slide in and her ass contracted back around the base.

Lee put his member back into her pussy and started fucking her hard again. With moans and screams from rose and grunts from Lee as he fucked her. Lee could feel his orgasm building and about the time the third orgasm hit rose he exploded into her pussy. Sending her into pure bliss.

After a few mins Lee rolls over and lays down beside rose. After about 10 or 15 mins Rose rolled over and asked Lee to remove the plug. She was laying on her side ass to him. He took his left and over her and started rubbing her clit again as he would pull on the butt plug alittle then release it. Rose was getting worked up again.

With on final slow pull Lee pulled the butt plug from roses ass. He discarded it and put his member between her checks and slowly started to push it into her ass. Rose didn’t think it would fit and as she was about to protest the head popped inside her ass.

Lee slowly kept sliding it in till he had the entire shaft in her ass. He began to pull back and slide all the way back into her. A little harder each time. Lee was stretching roses ass and she was loving it.

Without taking his dick out Lee rolled on top of rose as she laid onto her stomach. He continued to pound her ass causing her to have Another orgasm.

Rose had enough and begged Lee to finish. She couldn’t take anymore. Lee now started to pound her ass with a purpose and could feel himself building again. Lee shoved his dick all the way in and released another load into roses ass.

Lee rolled off of rose and told her how great it was. They laid talking for a while then Lee had to return home.

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