Running Into Ex

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It was a Sunday night, and I was at this fundraiser thrown by my wife’s office. Normally I’m not a big fan of parties, but my wife dragged me in, by lots and lots of begging; but I still believe I should have said no.

It was awkward. All the people were from her office, and she was friends with them, and some of their spouses; but I knew nobody. So, I just stood by awkwardly with my drink, as my wife gossiped with her friends.

That was all of it, till I noticed someone staring at me, from far away. A beautiful brunette woman, in a beautiful red dress that complimented her body perfectly, and most importantly, I knew her.

It was Bella. My ex-girlfriend, from high school, whom I haven’t seen in almost 10 years.

She quickly looked away, and started laughing at a guy’s joke, who I’m guessing was her husband.

I wanted to talk to her so badly, but I couldn’t; not while my wife is standing by me. It will be hell to explain it to her.

But chance came, after about half an hour or so, she had to go on the stage, to make a speech, and I sneaked away. She was standing alone in a corner, cause her husband had to go up to the stage too.

I sneaked by her and whispered, “small world,” hoping to surprise her. But she wasn’t- as if she was expecting this.

“Yes, it is,” she said and looked at me. Then she nudged her head towards the door, and walked away. I followed shortly after.

We were walking side by side by a pool, as she said, “so, I’m guessing you finally were ready to get married, guess the problem was me.”

“Bella, no,” I said, quickly, “I wanted to it be you. Breaking up with you was the biggest mistake of my life. I wanted to get back with you, but you were gone. You changed school and left town.”

“Well, it was hard for me. It still is,” she said and looked up at me, “it’s been good to see you, but I need to get back to the party.” She said and turned around to get back to the party.

But I couldn’t just let her go, not again. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her around. She smashed into me with a gasp and I kissed at. At first, she didn’t know what to do, but then she kissed me back.

But, after a bit, she broke the kiss and took a step back. “Not here,” she said.

I knew that too. It was too risky. So, I grabbed her wrist, and bursa escort pulled her after me; she followed. I guided her to the garage, to my car. I unlocked the door and she got in.

It was a quite drive. Neither of us knew what to say. And it worked out. We needed to think. We were already filled up with thoughts of our spouses.

I got us checked into a hotel room, and we walked up to the door. I unlocked the door and we walked in. I turned on the lights and we faced each other. Neither of us knew what to do. But instinct took over. I moved in and kissed her. And she kissed back.

It was wile. Lust build up over 10 years, and it showed. I guided her backwards to the bed, I took off my suit, and she unzipped her dress, and the top part was off, it was hanging from her waist. Underneath, she was wearing a thin black bra, and I could see her nipples thorough it.

She got on the bed and kneeled in front of me, all the while kissing me wildly. I took off my tie and broke the kiss. She knew what to do, and pulled her hands up. We knew the drill.

I grabbed her hands together and guided them to her back. Then tied them together tightly with my tie, and she smiled at me. I could see the lust in her eyes now.

I held the tie, pulling her back, and held my lips just far enough from her, that she couldn’t reach. She tried to get free from my grip, but she couldn’t. I grinned at her frustrated look.

“You’re such an asshole,” she said, playfully.

And then I pressed my lips onto hers and kissed, and she kissed back, even hungrier, and she bit my lip hard, as a punishment for me being an ass, I smiled.

I traced my fingertips on her back, I knew how much she loved it. I could feel her shiver, and her lip shake, as I kissed her, our tongues tangled with each other’s.

I broke the kiss and pulled back a little. There was a string of saliva connecting our lips

I could feel her warm breath on my face, as I pushed her down on her back. I grabbed her dress and pulled down, taking it off completely, as she watched me.

She was laying down there in her matching black bra and thong and thigh high stockings. It was so sexy.

She giggled at me, “see what you missed?”

I smiled back at her, as I walked to the drawer and grabbed a small scissor. She watched bursa escort bayan me, being impatient.

I came back and smiled; she gave me an annoyed look. I laughed and got on the bed, lied down by her, and kissed her neck, she shivered. I bit her neck and shoulder, as I traced the metal part of the scissor against her chest. She moaned at all of this. I traced the scissors to her bra and cut it off, from the front. She gasped as it sprang back, bringing out her boobs.

I always loved her boobs. She had c cup boobs, with large dark brown areolas and big brown nipples.

I cut off the bra completely off of her and put the scissors back on a bedside table, as I kissed her neck and chest. I slowly moved to her boobs and bit the top of her boobs. she whimpered. I put my tongue on her areola, as I trace my finger down her body, through her neck, chest, cleavage, stomach, all the way down to her thong.

I touched the around of her clit over her thong and she gave me a scolding look, knowing that I’m not gonna let her go away without a bit of teasing. I ignored and focused on her nipple, biting with my teeth and lips, as I circled my finger around her clit. Her thong was getting wetter every second.

I bit her nipple hard as I slid my hand into her thong; the wetness felt so good against my fingers.

I rubbed her clit and she whimpered. I put my free hand on top of her other boob, and pressed hard.

It was so soft, just as I remembered.

She moaned and begged me to go down, and I knew she was close. She loved being eaten out.

I kissed her body, leaving pecks on just under her boobs, her stomach, waist, and slowly to her crotch. I kissed over her thong and got down from the bed.

I took off her thong and let it fall on the floor with her dress. She was in just her thigh high black stockings now.

I kneeled on the floor in front of her pussy, and sniffed. She smelled so good, and it turned me on so much.

I kissed her clit and suck it all in. she tasted so good. I touched the tip of my tongue on her clit and her back arched. She closed her eyes and moaned, and tried to free her hand, that was tied under her back.

I grabbed her thighs and pulled them around my neck, as I went down on her. She moaned and whimpered and groaned, as I ate her out escort bursa and grabbed her boobs, reaching up. I knew she was close, so played with one nipple, while brough my other hand down and slid a finger in, as I rubbed my tongue against her clitoris.

She moaned my name and came hard. Her back arched as I kept rubbing my tongue till she calmed down.

She was trying to get up, and I knew why. I helped her get up and kneel in front of me.

She kissed my jaw and chin, as I took off my shirt. She kissed my neck and bit my shoulder. She kissed my chest as I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. She kissed my chest and stomach, tracing with her tongue.

She used her teeth to pull down my underwear, and brought out my dick. She kissed the tip and gave it a gentle lick. Then she wrapped her lips around my dick, and started to bob her head slowly. I moaned and grabbed the back of her head.

I bobbed her head on my dick, slightly gagging her playfully from time to time, she loved it.

I was getting close. She knew it. She stopped and I pushed her down on the bed, face first. She arched her back and pushed her ass up.

I got on the bed behind her, and rubbed my dick on her clit a few times. She moaned as I grabbed her hips and pushed in.

She gasped, as I pushed in completely and stayed there without moving. She looked back at me cranking her neck and I slapped her ass. She giggled at me and I did again. She moaned softly; it was for me.

I brought out my dick and shoved in again. I started to pump in and out of her, slowly gaining speed.

All the sucking and playing had already took me to my edge, and she knew. All of it took her close too.

I bent down, and wrapped my fingers around her neck, as she moaned. I pressed gently, playfully choking her, and I felt her pussy squeeze my dick.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore, all the sucking and teasing was too much for me and I started to cum inside her. She moaned as she felt the cum in her and arched her back as she came too.

I stayed there inside her as I calmed down slowly and fell down on the bed by her.

Next morning, I woke up checked my phone. I saw there were missed calls from my wife and a few angry texts. She was furious. She thought I bailed on her, and she told me to not dare to go home.

Which is good, cause now she won’t suspect a thing.

I looked at Bella’s sleeping face and couldn’t help but smile. I bent down and kissed her cheek, as I got down and started to get dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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