Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 07

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I was right in the middle of putting a slab of ribs on the BBQ when the phone rang. Sally smile when she answered it and walked to me as she hung up. “Tina is on her way and wanted to know if she should bring anything.” Sally said. She walked up to me in her white cotton halter-top that let her breasts spill out of the sides and short shorts. None of our back yards are very privet and I knew she was wearing as little as she could and not have the neighbors raising hell about it. So from a distance nothing could be seen but I could plainly see her nipples through the thin material of her top and to my delight when she moved just right they would slip out from the sides of the little cloth becoming fully exposed. The shorts she was wearing were in reality some lace boy cut panties that she had gotten from Victoria’s Secret and hid nothing from a few feet but from across the yard looked just like shorts. I loved how her puffy nether lips pushed out the thin cloth that covered them as she moved and how when her back was to me I could see her whole bottom.

I heard the back door to Mark and Tina’s house slam and then the gate we had installed between out houses creek as it opened. “Hay you two!” Tina called as she walked across the yard. “I brought some wine for now and some ice cream for later.”

I looked up to see her walking to us in a simple little strapless summer dress that looked like it just might cover her bottom if she stopped walking and there was no wind. Her braless breasts moved and bounced with each step as she came to us and I smiled at how her hard nipples pushed out the thin cloth of her top.

I watched her ass come into view as her short dress pulled up in back when she bent and kissed the setting Sally etlik escort softly on the lips. “Hi.” She was a little breathless as she spoke and not wearing any panties.

Sally ran her hand up Tina’s legs from her knee to her bottom cupping her bare ass cheek. “Hello to you.”

Tina walked over to me as I flipped the meat again and kissed me softly on the lips. Smiling she walked over to the out door wet bar and began opening the wine. “I’m so glad you said I could come over. I really hate it when he goes out of town and I am over there alone.” She looked at Sally. “Besides I am sure we can think of some things for the three of us to do,” she giggled. “And not get into to much trouble!”

I let my eyes run up her body as she stood there in her bare feet. God her legs were so long and the shortness of her dress made them look even longer. She smiled at me as my eyes went to her breasts and I enjoyed how they moved in her top as she pulled on the corkscrew. I could feel my cock moving in my shorts as Sally stood and walked over to her.

Sally leaned into Tina and kissed her. “Here I’ll get some glasses.” She ran her hand over Tina’s thigh. “Sam do you want wine or beer?” her hand went under Tina’s dress pulling it up over her waist fully exposing the girls pussy to me as she ran her hand over Tina’s soft belly playing with her belly button as she looked at me.

“Beer.” I said as Sally stepped away and let Tina’s dress fall back into place.

The two girls continued to touch and cress each other throughout our dinner getting bolder and bolder with there touching as the evening went on. “Tina you know I have never been with another woman, don’t you?” Sally asked as Tina sat in my lap.

I gaziosmanpaşa escort could feel the heat from her naked skin through my shorts as she put her arm around my neck. “Until I tasted you at the lake nether had I.” She said as she stood up and walked over to where Sally was setting. “I didn’t even know I was curious until that night. Mark and I talked about it after that and, I don’t know.”

“What did he say?” I asked.

She slipped behind Sally and sat on the lounge pulling her back into her chest. She cupped Sally’s breasts as she spoke. “He said us having sex with each others mates was one thing but being gay was another. He said he couldn’t do it.” She laughed a little. “I told him I didn’t think you wanted his ass Sam but he was kind of put off by the whole thing.” She snuggled into Sally neck kissing her softly as she ran her hands down over Sally’s bare tummy. “How about the two of you?”

Sally pulled away from her and stood holding out her hand to Tina. “Well I guess if you want to find out you will have to come with me.”

She pulled the girl to her feet and into her arms kissing her deeply as she pushed her tongue into Tina’s mouth. I fallowed the to women into the house and watched as Sally pulled Tina’s dress over her head. Sally pulled Tina down onto the carpeted living room floor and began kissing her. She started with her lips and worked down sucking each nipple in turn until Tina’s back arched and she let out a soft moan.

“Ohh Sally honey. Turn around so I can touch you.”

Sally did as she asked and I watched as Tina slipped her fingers into my wife’s open wet pussy! First one then two fingers, she began to push them in and out of her sucking ankara escort hole playing with her clit as she did. Sally kissed down and then nuzzled into Tina tasting pussy for the first time! Tina moaned as she pulled her fingers from my wife and pushed her legs open as she slipped her head between her spread thighs. I watched as Tina lifted her face to my wife’s pussy and they both groaned as they began to lick and suck each other!

They went into a humping fucking frenzy as they began to cum with each other! The muffled grunts and groans filled the room as the sucked each other’s pussy’s until Sally fell off to one side. “Oh GOD No, umm no more baby oh um oh, please! No more right now! Oh my god Tina I never had any idea it could be like that!” Sally turned around as she spoke and began kissing Tina licking her own juices off of her lips. They kissed and held each other for a long time as the heat of their sex began to pass.

Tina held Sally to her breast as she looked at me smiling. “Well from the looks of the sweet hard dick of yours I’d say you are ok with Sally and me having gay sex.”

“The two of you with each other is the most erotic thing I have ever seen!”

She smiled as she let Sally go and turned onto her tummy and slowly went up onto her knees. Her open sex and puckered little back hole were fully exposed to me as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Well since I am doing things Mark doesn’t approve of any way I might as well go all the way and do something else I have always wanted to try.” She put her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them open as she rested her face on the floor. “I would love to let you be the one.” She ran her finger over her tight little pucker hole. To be the first in here!” her finger slipped in just a little as I moved up behind her.

Sally went to our room and came rushing back. “Here baby you will need this!” and she put some KY on Tina’s little hole and then my cock as she held it for me as I began to slowly push into Tina’s virgin ass!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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