Santa’s Lap

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It was time to do a little Christmas shopping. Exams were finally over, I had a Christmas party to go to later in the day, and I was finally in the Christmas spirit. When a friend offered me a ride to the mall I jumped at it.

I was dressed in my Christmas best, a tight white turtleneck that showed off my growing boobs nicely, a Christmas red (or slut red, depending on who was commenting) skirt, and my favorite tights (because I only got to wear them a couple times a year) – white with red Santa’s and green Christmas trees on them.

When we got to the mall, my friend excused himself to go do some shopping (not so subtle – I knew he must be looking for a present for me). So I went wandering around the mall alone. When I walked past Santa’s workshop I felt the urge to get my picture taken with Santa. I snuck a look at Santa to see if he looked good, or if he was one of the dumpy ones. He was definitely a realistic looking one – the beard almost looked real, and I think that was real padding – no pillows needed. I waited patiently in line behind a young mother (or should I say MILF) and her young boys who were arguing about who was going on Santa’s lap first. I tried to flirt with the MILF, but she was too distracted by her children and didn’t seem to show much interest in me, so I stopped and stood quietly waiting for my turn. As I got close to the front, I started making eye contact with Santa as often as I could. I loved flirting and I was good at it. Back on campus I was known as an excellent cock tease.

As the young boys in front of me got off Santa’s lap (their mother arranged for them to sit on his lap together, thus ending the argument), I stared into Santa’s eyes and licked my lips as seductively as i could. I made quite a show of walking up to his chair. Santa looked a bit flushed as I sat on his lap and squirmed a bit to make myself comfortable. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I leaned in very close, letting him smell my perfume, before whispering:

“I want a big stiff cock under my tree, Santa. Do you think you can oblige?”

As I said it, I squeezed bursa escort my butt cheeks together, feeling his cock harden between them. The camera man then asked me to smile for the camera. I turned and gave the camera my sexiest smile. I slid off Santa’s lap ensuring the most friction between my bottom and his cock. The I accidentally on purpose dropped my purse and bent over at the waist to pick it up, giving Santa a nice view of my bum. When I picked up my picture, I had to laugh, because while I stared sexily at the camera, Santa was staring directly down at my boobs (and their hardened nipples).

Having thoroughly enjoyed teasing Santa (I wonder if I’ll get that hard cock for Christmas, or if it will be a lump of coal in my stocking), I wandered off to the book store, my favorite place in the world. There was some local author signing copies of some book I never heard of. I walked past her fantasizing that would be me some day (although, I would be world famous of course, not some no-name). I wandered the aisles aimlessly looking at whatever book caught my eye. I noticed an older man seemed to be following me, so I stopped in the sex aisle and began perusing a version of the Kama Sutra. I thought this would embarrass him enough to scare him off, but surprisingly he approached me.

“Wonderful book.” He said, smiling.

“Wow, that one looks impossible.” I laughed looking at a particularly interesting position.

“It just takes a little practice… and lots of flexibility.” He replied.

I was starting to like this guy. In a very obvious gesture I stared down at his crotch. There was a bulge, but since I hadn’t seen it grow, I was uncertain if he was getting hard, or just unnaturally large.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” He asked.

“Hot chocolate would be better.” I replied.

“Well then, let me buy you a hot cocoa and we can talk.” he said.

“You seem too nice a girl to be reading such a book.” he said after we sat down with our drinks.

“You asking or stating?”

“Hoping.” he replied.

I slipped my shoe off my foot and let it slide bursa escort bayan against his leg, my toes finding their way inside his pantleg and rubbing against his calf.

I opened the book to a random page.

“How the heck do you do that one?” I said.

He explained…graphically. I was stunned such an old man could know about these things – stunned and turned on. We continued going through the pages, talking and joking. I really started liking this guy. I stretched my legs and rested my feet on his lap, my wandering toes finding his hardened cock. He smiled. We continued chatting. My sex moist, and my nipples hardened against my sweater.

“So are you naughty or nice.” He finally said. I knew he was going to use that corny line at some point. It was corny, and it fit him, but it worked.

“Let me show you.” I replied.

I moved me chair next to his and slipped my hand onto his lap. I ran my fingers the length of his hard cock, up and down, harder and harder. I was not in the habit of picking up grandfatherly men in shopping malls, but this seemed so natural I just went with it.

“I want to fuck you.” He said in a manner as if he was saying please pass the sugar. It was so odd, unusual, that it seemed perfectly normal.

“Just a second, I’ll be right back.” I said as I got up and walked to the ladies room.

It was empty and clean, two important determinants of my next step. I walked back to the table, took the man by the hand and said:

“Follow me.”

I led him into the ladies’ room and into the handicapped stall to give us more room. I pushed him gently down onto the toilet seat and sat on top of him, hiking up my skirt and straddling his cock. My tits were in his face. I pulled off my sweater so he could suck on them. I began grinding on his cock as he sucked my nipples. His hand found my cunt and stroked my wet slit through my tights, the feeling was electric.

I slid off his lap. Kneeling before him I undid his pants and pulled them down. His hard fat cock popped up and I began stroking it. A sheen of precum already glistening escort bursa the head. He spread his legs wide as I began sucking his balls, still stroking his cock. He let out a moan as my lips wrapped around the head of his cock, my tongue teasing its tip. I felt his hands on the back of my head as he pushed it down against his cock. I took more and more with each plunge until I was deepthroating his entire cock, my lips at it root. I heard his breathing quicken. I knew he would cum soon. He pulled me off his cock. I looked up in his eyes questioningly. I tried to suck some more. I wanted to feel him explode in my mouth. I wanted the power his orgasm would give me.

He pulled me into his lap, his hard cock flat against my cunt, a thin material all that separates us. His hand reached down searching for the tops of my tights. He tried to pull them down.

“No.” I said.

“I’m a virgin.”

“Not for much longer.” he laughed.

“No seriously, I want to suck you off, but I can’t fuck.”

“Look deep into my eyes, what is it you really want? What do you want for Christmas?”

“I want you to fuck me.” I said, not knowing why, or where the thought came from, but once I said it I knew it was true.

He reached down between my legs and grabbed my tights at the crotch and pulled hard, ripping a hole in them. He lifted me up slightly and positioned the head of his cock between my soaked lips.

“Tell Santa what you want.” he said, looking into my eyes.

“I want you to fuck me.”

With that he placed his hands on my hips and pulled me onto him, impaling me with his cock. Instinctively, I began riding him, fucking him hard and fast. He sucked my nipples as we continued to fuck, sending shocks of electricity back and forth between my nipples and clit. I was on the edge and he knew it. He grabbed my hips with both hands and lifted me up so that the head of his cock was barely inside my cunt, then he pulled me down hard. As my clit ground against the pubic hairs at the base of his cock, I began to orgasm, my spasming cunt squeezing hard against his fat cock, sending him into orgasm. He shot wave after wave of hot cum deep into me.

“Merry Christmas” He said.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give you that stiff cock you wanted.” He continued.

I stared in shock.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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