Savage Heat

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At ten thirty sharp, Valery turned down the volume of the loud disco music blasting through the basement of the Rockburns suburban house, likewise the lights that had been flashing madly with the music mellowed and she turned down the speed of the strobes. The thirty members of the Thrill Seekers, denied their music and flashing light turn to look at her as she bends the mike toward her.

“Thrill Seekers the time has come for that special entertainment that the Rockburns has arranged for you, now if you will be so kind as to strip down to your undies or even remove all your clothing and take a seat on the bed. Doctor Eros and Gail will take you on an erotic trip through the dark mysterious jungle of Africa. Thank you and I’m sure you will enjoy the show.”

The basement came to life again with music and lights as the excited Thrill Seekers hurriedly got undress, some striped down to their shorts or panties, others went nude. They sat on the gigantic bed that was large enough to hold them all, since it was made up by putting eight double beds together four wide and two long.

Only after the last person was seated did Valery close the disco music and lights completely, but not for long for she filled the basement with the sounds of the jungle night and the wind rustling leaves background by the sounds of distant drums, their rhythm soft and slow.

Valery pushed a button and a green spot light made a circle of light on the floor.

On cue Gail steps into the circle of light, she was dressed completely in a huntress outfit, from boots to pit hat, her blouse was open one button too much to show off just that much cleavage and the top of her bra, her face was wet.

Causally she strolled around in the circle of light slowly fanning herself or wiping her face and chest with her handkerchief. In the darkness of the basement the men leered at her with lust in their eyes.

She didn’t have to see them to know of their lust, she could feel it so she put an extra wiggle to her hips and bounce in her massive tits.

After she had strolled around the circle three times a yellow light came on and she stepped into in as I step into the green light, now it was the women’s turn to stare in lust at my well oiled muscular black body, my clothing was no more than a loin cloth and bikini, a spear in one hand and shield in the other for I was the tribe man.

As if stalking her, I strolled around in the circle of light, dodging behind trees or crutching behind bushes as I follow her into the jungle.

I felt certain that the woman of the group was as pleased with me as the men were of Gail.

For a good twenty minutes Gail and I step from one color of circle light to the other. At times she would stop and look behind her as if she was being followed and at such times I would quickly dodge behind an imaginary tree or duck behind a bush.

To keep our audience interest she would occasionally bend forward as if peeping through the under bush or she would squat with her thighs spread wide. I too made sure that when I duck down the audience had the best view of my butt or groin. We held our audience interest.

A circle of red light hit the floor and she steps into it and with a great flourish she took off her pit hat and shook her red curly hair loose to cascade to her mid back, looking around, she bends forward to untie her boots then step out of them. Sitting in the most seductive way, I have ever seen she took off her socks.

Crouching to her left I watched with lust as was every other man in the room, I could feel their lust as they watch her, I felt their eagerness for her to be naked, I felt their hunger as she skillfully unbuttons her shirt and like the professional that she was she teased them, by giving them just a few quick glances of her splendid tits in their cup.

She turned to look around and that was when her shirt came off and her audience had a full view of her bare back, slowly she turns back to face them. Hungry eyes fed on the mounts of pale flesh that poured over the top of double d cups of white satin, large nipples pressing on the fabric of her free form bra, eyes fed on smooth flat stomach.

Crouching in my circle of blue light I didn’t feel shy as I caressed my prick through my loin cloth, after all I had demetevler escort an audience to entertain, I had an audience whose lust had to be fed, innocently I eased the loin cloth to the side to reveal the hump in my bikini.

Teasingly Gail undid her belt, popped the snap and opened the zipper, again she gave then a glance of what lay inside her pants, bulging white panties, again she turned and sat down side ways to the audience, slowly she wiggled out of her khaki pants and for a moment she sat with her knees drawn up, then turning her back she unhooked and removes her bra, slowly she let herself fall back.

What a splendid sight was revealed to those in the shadows as two magnificent mountains of smooth tanned flesh, laid bared before them, the perfect circle of the dark aureole and the large nipples that grace their center. I honestly expected gravity to play havoc with breasts so huge, but no, to my amazement they held their shape majestically.

Slowly she sat up and parting her long red hair, she brought them forward to cover her breasts then she stood up, her fabulous butt was bare as the string of her thong was lost in her crack, slowly she turned, the small triangular satin fabric failed to cover her smooth-shaven mount of her puffy labia that pours out on either side.

She then turned her back and wiggled out of the thong then bend forward with her legs apart to put the thong on the floor, I can only imagine the sight that was offered to those behind her, as she straightens up a turquoise ring of light appeared on the floor and she steps into it.

Walking as if in water she moved around the circle for a couple of turns. In the meanwhile I had steps under the red light and set down my spear and shield, then with a flourish I removed the loin cloth, it was my turn to be devoured by the hungry eyes of the thirty women of the audience, I fed their hunger by giving them a good side view of my hump, then I turned my back and bend over with my feet well apart, when I straighten up I wiggled out of my own thong.

The snake was free, like a thick long snake it dangled down to feed their lust.

By now the music of the drums had been steadily rising and was fairly loud, in the turquoise light Gail dance as if she was taking a bath in a stream, seductively she went through the motion of scooping up water to wash away the heat and perspiration of a hot jungle night. In the red light I too dance, as I went through the motion of being in the stream and washing her down and rubbing my body against hers.

Wild and loud came the sound of drums, arousing was the dance we did.

In the darkness The Thrill Seekers were only shadows, shadows that were watching with the eyes of lust, feeding their perverted hunger on us, in turn their hunger fed us for as they were there to feed on our performance, we were there to feed on their reaction, our performance had to be top notch for us to be satisfied.

I was certain that they were now sitting on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the climax of our act, so that they could lust on each others wives and husbands, for not one married couple sat together since they had come down into the basement and apart they would remain until after the orgy, providing our performance is good enough to stir them into an orgiastic frenzy, perhaps somewhere in the jungle of bodies and heat of the orgy a husband and wife will get together for a brief moment.

Thanks to the woman of the night that had turned me into the pervert that I am, she had given me an appetite for a meal that is plentiful, the filth of human mind.

I didn’t have to see their faces to know that the men were ravenous over Gail body and just as ravenous were the women over my body. What man wouldn’t get hungry over a fine-looking body and Gail was far above being fine and well skilled in how to move her body. Are women any different when it comes to a man with a great body that he knows how to move? I think not.

The drums got louder, wilder, so did the sounds of nocturnal animals, so were the voices of the chanting crowd. A black light came on left of Gail and directly in front of me, she jumps into the circle and so did I.

Puzzled and bewilder she stared at the naked tribe man in front of dikmen escort her, she cried out as her hands made a useless attempt to cover her nakedness, with knees bent and apart I hopped in closer to her, she took the same pose and hopped away from me. Together we hopped around under the black light that gave her tanned skin an eerie look while it brought out the day glow paint that decorated my body.

Wherever she hopped to escape me, I was there to block her path, at times our bodies touch and it was exciting.

As she struggled to escape, determine to protect her precious treasure that I was just as determine to possess. The animals sat in the dark watching with lust in their minds, getting even more excited by the struggle, their erected member and throbbing wet vulva revealed their desire as to how they wanted the struggle to end.

Seeing no escape or perhaps becoming excited by the struggle she submits. Her hands, stroking and caressing. Her body rubbing seductively to excite me. My hands stroking and caressing, body rubbing seductively to arouse, a soft moan, a soft growl and lips were ready to be kissed all revealed our most inner desires, showing us that the demon within had been stirred awake and we must submit. Our rehearsals ended when she stopped trying to escape all that we did under the black light was unrehearsed and could go anyway.

For another fifteen minutes we stayed under the black light, our bodies rubbing together in time with the music.

Our hands wandering, exploring, discovering, stirring up sleeping sensations, for me there was no reason for control so I relaxed and enjoyed the pleasures she was feeding and those pleasure caused the serpent to swell and stretch to its full length.

I had seen the look of surprise on her face when she had first seen me naked when I took off my thong. The look of amazement was on her face at the true size of my member. During our rehearsal I had worn a cod piece and kept the snake bound, now it was free and the show must go on, so on it went to the delight of our audience.

One step closer to the edge of the bed a white light began to strobe slowly and we step into it, it was then that the fully grown snake was first seen by the shadowy animals. For in all our dancing and caressing, we had skillfully kept each other well covered. The air became charged with surprised and heightens lust.

Caught up in the strobe light, the wild savage drums and hypnotic chant we continued our dance of lust, our bodies rubbing and thrusting together with pure animal lust. Front to front. Back to back. Side to side. Side to back or front to side. Whatever combination we did, it was done with pleasure. We bump and grind our naked body. At one point my front was to her back, she reached between her thighs and brought my stiff member between her thighs and as if it was her own she began to pump it as my hands became a live bra for her massive breasts.

The strobe lights weren’t as concentrate as the colored lights, so for the first time since we began our show, we were actually able to see our audience, I was right, they were animals, lusty animals, leering at us with lust filled eyes, ready to pounce on each other. Actually I believe that they were more ready to pounce on us since we were the cause of their lust, but being out of reach they would devour each other.

I was certain that every cock was hard and erect. Every vulva was moist and every clit swollen. Members were being fondled. Vulvas were being caressed. It was only with sheer determination that they held on for the end.

Had we put an end to the show there, they would have been very satisfied, but it isn’t about just them, this was Gail fantasy.

Releasing her breast I slide my right hand down to her shaven mount and let my finger slide between her lips which were puffy. She had what I call a virgin’s cunt, it meant that her lips came together to form a nice neat slit.

I dug my finger into her slit and found her moist and slippery, it was such a joy to play with her clit for a while before letting my finger slide down to her hole. Furiously she pumps at my prick.

What we did under the strobe light weren’t rehearsed. It couldn’t be rehearsed. What we did under the strobe light was ankara escort natural but we kept our audience in mind, like when Gail slid down to blow me she made sure that they got first a side view so that they could see how she licked at my balls and stem before she actually took my rod into her mouth.

I ate her out as she stood on one foot with the other over my shoulder, we moved into a position where I was on my back and she straddles me so that I could eat her out then she leaned forward to suck my rod, in a number of positions we suck at each other.

The music was loud, its tempo was wild, the strobe light was flashing very fast, Gail moans mixed with those flowing from the speakers, my own groans also mixed with those from the speakers. But Gail voice was the louder still as she reached her climax and wanted them to know it, wild and savagely she ground herself down on my mouth as she discharged her delicious juices in my mouth, she shivered and shook in orgasmic frenzy and I joined her, I let my orgasm take hold of me, I let my voice cry out and my body heave and shake without control, as I drink her offering so she drank mine.

Being who she was she lift her head to let globs of my cream dribble out of her mouth as she faces our audience then she licked it away.

Next to us a blue light came on and we rolled into it and continued our play, like before hands and mouth roam over each other, our writhing bodies rubbing and grinding together, we rolled and twisted and turned in our lustful play, we excited and delighted each other.

The music stopped, a heavy silence filled the basement a strobe light on the floor began to flash at a slow tempo. Gail rolled on her back and spread her legs wide, no point into describing the view to which the audience was treated in the second that the strobe light was shining right on her, I took my position between her thighs, being careful to keep my knees well apart.

She reached down and took my member in hand and slowly guided it to the hot wet folds of her body, slowly I went down, slowly to secure its place over her hot slippery hole, I waited for the flash, I jabbed in, she cried out in pain as I stretched her, yet I knew that it couldn’t be as painful as she wanted her audience to think.

I had seen her act on stage and the dildo that she uses isn’t much smaller than I was. She was feeding them as they wanted to be fed, they wanted to know that she was in great pain.

I felt her nails dig into my flesh, slow but steady with every flash of the strobe I sank down into the hot wetness that embraced more and more of my member, I basked in her bodies heat, I delighted in her tightness, pleased by her moistness. I knew that she was also delighted with the way I fill her and the depths to which I sank within her. I knew that our audience was well pleased with our performance.

From the speakers came the screams of many of others that had felt the bite of my snake for the first time in my room of lust. The lights began to strobe faster as the drums started, I reared up to withdraw then thrust in again, the rhythm had begun.

We rolled for her to be on top and for a while she lay on me, then she sat up and I laid still as she moved up and down to please herself. Without breaking the contact she turned to face the audience. Shortly we worked our self into the doggy position and then glided into the side position with me in the back. The positions that we assumed were many as our lust grew.

The music got louder, the moaning wailing of my former lovers got wilder, we were wilder and faster.

It was some time before we were ready to cum again but the trip to that second orgasm was one of wild madness that fed the lusty appetite of our viewers.

When Gail cried out in orgasmic satisfaction, I was standing with her thighs around my waist and my hands holding onto her fabulous butt cheeks, as her hot juices washed over my rapid thrusting member, I bended forward and lowed ourselves down to the floor, with all the speed I could summon to my body I moved in and out of her to heighten her climax and to bring forth my own, when I felt it I withdrew and held my self up from her so that my thick white juice gust out onto her mount and stomach where all could see. Then I collapse on her and once again there was a heavy silence in the basement as it plunges into darkness.

“Thrill Seekers, we hope you enjoyed the show now let the orgies begin.” Came Valery voice through the speakers.

In the dark we found our way back behind the curtain, our show was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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