Seduction Through Cinema Pt. 02

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Siobahn appeared eager to pursue the porn connection we established but was conspicuous by her silence. You can imagine my trepidation.

Did I push too far? After watching, was she offended, embarrassed, angry, ambivalent? I had been contemplating several reasons why she might not be in contact for some time.

As I was having my morning coffee, my phone buzzed, indicating an incoming text. It was from Siobahn. She knew I was home alone all day on Thursdays and asked if I’d like some company.

I said that it would be nice to see her and to come over at her leisure.

With that, I went upstairs to change. I wasn’t sure about the purpose of her visit, so I dressed in a sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants. Very comfortable and casual.

To my astonishment, there was a knock on the door around 9:30 AM. I thought it might be a delivery and was pleasantly surprised to see Siobahn standing on the steps.

“Good Morning,” I replied

“Hi!” was her perky reply.

She brushed past me as I let her in. Her fragrance was intoxicating. She had left her hair loose and cascading over her shoulders. Very little makeup, but just enough to accentuate her stunning facial features.

As I took her coat, she spun around and gave me a deep kiss which not only surprised me but served to put my mind at ease as to the result of our last trip to the movies.

I don’t think she planned to dress as I did but was similarly attired. She looked relaxed in a loose-fitting top and fleece pants. I could tell when she kissed me that she was braless. All in all, a nice sight for early morning.

“Want some coffee?” I asked

“Sure, would you consider continuing where we left off?” she purred.

“I have to be honest your prolonged silence had me worried. I have been replaying what might have offended you and thought that maybe I had made a mistake in judgment.”

“No worries!!! I had some things I needed to do that we’ll talk about later,” she replied.

“Would you prefer to stay with the same theme as before?”

“ABSOLUTELY,” she eagerly replied.

I have an erotic clip of a blonde porn star named Sandy who plays tennis with her friend Sophie. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, it’s only an 8-minute clip out of what was originally 20 minutes.

(Author’s note, I can’t find the 20-minute clip anywhere. If any reader knows where I can download it, preferably for free, let me know)

As one can imagine, there is little to no tennis, but it’s filled with unbridled eroticism.

We bursa escort proceeded to the couch where we could enjoy our coffee and watch the clip.

“This is not as long as I would like, but I am sure you’ll like it.” I told her.

“I trust your judgment implicitly, as I do you,” she cooed.

Siobahn nestled in beside me as I began the video. As both women heated up on the screen, it became apparent that she was not going to be as patient as she was the first time we did this.

There is quite a bit of breast and nipple play in this clip, which precipitated a similar reaction from Siobahn. Her hand was under her shirt caressing and squeezing her breasts and nipples. Her other hand found its way to my now very engorged lingam.

I was somewhat of an innocent bystander as she was intent upon herself and what was on the screen. I just sat, watched, and enjoyed the experience. She began to aggressively massage my erection through my pants and I wasn’t sure how long I could endure it.

This is an 8-minute clip and I wanted the experience to last way beyond that. Siobahn was now feverishly fingering her mound as both women enjoyed a cunnilingus fest on screen. She removed her hand from my crotch and pulled her pants down for easier accessibility.

I watched intently as she began to build to what was unmistakenly an intense orgasm. There was no communication between us. She was oblivious to my presence and continued to minister to herself. Siobahn had one hand pulling and squeezing her breast and nipple, while she both penetrated her folds and used her thumb to rub her very swollen nub.

I simply watched softly rubbing myself conscious of the fact that I would rather watch her cum than me. The pool of moisture forming beneath her told me her climax was fast approaching. I was anxious to see if she would once again squirt. Siobahn was no longer watching the screen. Her head was back, her eyes were closed, basically zoned out.

Her legs began to stretch out and stiffen, and her toes began to curl against the floor. As she had pulled up her shirt I noticed that her chest had become pinkish. This was something I had never noticed. I was watching her in full stride something I had never done before.

Siobahn ‘s back began to arch away from the couch. She bit her lower lip. There were no screams of ecstasy just low breathing and a look of complete satisfaction on her face. This scene lasted for a few minutes while she slowly came back to reality.

It was something to watch. My erection bursa escort bayan had not subsided but I wasn’t interested in it. I was more enthused about what I had just witnessed. As she relaxed back on the couch, she held my hand, leaned over, and gave me the softest, most gentle kiss ever. We seemed to melt into each other’s arms.

This was all about her and it was perfectly fine with me.

“Please don’t be mad, but I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Mad??? How could I ever be mad at you for that?” I told her.

“This may seem a bit selfish, but could we watch just one more video, and could I make a special request? ” she asked.

“Most definitely my dear, what would you like to see?”

“Could we watch a female, female, male threesome. I always wondered what they are like.”

” I have just the one for you, I’m sure you’ll like it.” I assured her.

I had downloaded a threesome from France, I think. It depicts a girl watching a couple across from her apartment. They are having passionate sex and she is interested. The couple knows she is watching and communicate that to her through large notes that they show each other through their windows.

The couple invites the girl to join them, which she does for some very exotic and sensual sex.

Siobahn decides to remain half-dressed. She kicks her pants completely off and takes my shirt off as well. We begin watching the video. Siobahn is very taken by the girlfriend in the movie. The girl’s interaction with the man’s girlfriend once again stirs Siobahn’s passion.

There is much fondling and kissing as both women please each other as well as the boyfriend. Siobahn removes her shirt and proceeds to remove my pants. Now we are naked as the actors. As the man enters the girl on the screen Siobahn watches intently. Suddenly she reaches over and once again begins to stroke my raging hardon but she continues to watch the screen.

Three people in the throes of passion on the screen also sends me into a desire to caress and kiss her. We kiss deeply almost swallowing each other’s tongues. I caress her tits softly, pulling and gently twisting her stiff nipples.

Siobahn kisses her way down to my nipples pushing in on them and softly biting them as well. My erection feels like it is going to stretch off of my body. I so want her to stroke it or enter her but I also don’t want this to end.

She continues her way down my chest and softly, tenderly licks the head of my shaft. I have to stop her from stimulating the frenulum as escort bursa I don’t want to cum yet.

I move my way down to her inner lips and begin kissing and licking, paying attention to her now hardening essence. She stops me, reaches down, and with two fingers pull away the hood to expose her core.

“Suck it, bite it, squeeze it, ” she pleads.

As I do so she once again stiffens as her climax approaches. I want to enter her badly, I raise up and begin to position her.

“Not this time,” she whispers, “I want you to wait.”

I am confused, as she redirects me to the junction of her thighs where I continue to ply my skills to her flower.

Soon the build-up begins, and she closes my head between her legs and for the second time squirts all over my face. Again no screams, but instead I hear her faintly whisper “Oh Sloane.” More about that later.

Without missing a beat, as she plateaus, she grabs my shaft and starts stroking. As one can imagine it isn’t long before I have intense spasms and shoot ropes of cum all over everywhere. I also have some trouble catching my breath as we sit and recover.

‘Siobahn, I have to ask, who is Sloane?”

“I wanted to talk to you about that,” she said.

“I trust you implicitly as I said before, so I am going to tell you something

I never even told my husband.” She began.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Positive.” She assured me.

It seems that when Siobahn was in college she experimented once with her roommate Sloane. They had been smoking weed and were very mellow. Evidently, Sloane had told her that she was attracted to Siobahn and wanted to be with her.

They touched, kissed, disrobed, and slept naked with each other. I did not get the impression that they went much farther than that. Siobahn told me that she was embarrassed and never spoke of it to anyone. The problem was, that she liked it, but was afraid of the ramifications and the pressure of social mores.

“Sloane and I have been talking lately, I have asked her to come out for a visit so that we could catch up. I am also planning to ask her if she still has the same sexual feelings for me. I hope now that she does.”

Siobahn continued, ” Now you can see why I have been so intrigued by the lesbian videos. I know I am not a true lesbian because I am exceedingly happy with our situation. I do, however, feel that I am, and probably always was bi-sexual.”

“Wow,” was all I could muster.

“I know you are not the jealous type, so I am going to ask you a very personal question. If, and that’s a big if, Sloane is still interested in me, and she would be a willing participant, would you like to include her in our trysts occasionally?”

“What’s not to like???” I assured her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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