Seethamma Pt. 02

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But then the sheer lustful pleasure of what she was doing to my penis overtook everything else, and I knew I was going to cum again. I tried to warn her, to pull back and away.

“I’m cumming mumma” I groaned, assuming she would lift her head and stop.

But she didn’t.

Instead her head pushed further down taking me deeper into her mouth, and at the same time she sucked harder and rougher holding me tighter at the base of my penis. Her grip on the base of my penis got tighter and the penis was engorged as though it was wrapped in a thin sheet of film.

The blood gushing into my penis was making my dark penis look red like a beetroot. Her warm mouth working on it was hell bent on showing her innate talents. Every second now looked painful as her mouth wrapped my penis. Her bobbing head and choking hands were working their magic on my member. Sheer pleasure was erupting within me, stopped at the base of my penis by her lovely and skill-full hands.

She knew what she was doing, she knew what I was going through, she knew I was enjoying it immensely, but it was a bit painful. She kept sucking the head of the penis, which was now beet red.

All the while taking a strangle hold at the base, at the same time she was caressing my swollen ball sack with the other hand.

I could now feel my sperms lodged in my balls and pushing itself through my delicate pipes. I could feel my pipes bulging with the gush and blockage at the base. The pleasure of her lips and tongue was now writhing me like a snake. My legs lay open and toes clenched. My hips lifted off the bed and my shoulders took my entire weight including her head.

Both my hands holding her head and keeping them grounded at the job in her hands. Words were depriving me. The thought that this is Seethamma who is tugging at my penis, was tearing my conscience apart. She lifted her head for a moment to look at me struggling. That said it all.

My right hand moved in to feel her left boob and my left hand over her head was keeping her to keep going until the blast and NOT STOP!

I could feel my every single hair stand upright with pleasure and my nipples growing harder than my penis. She had now driven me to the pinnacle of pleasure.

I groaned openly “Seethamma, I can’t take this anymore.”

I moaned and kept repeating the words “Go on Seethamma.” “Please keeping going on Seethamma.”

With a moan of infinite pleasure, I thrust my bottom upwards. Sensing the tightness in my groin and the shaft above, tearing up the strangle hold of Seethamma and trying to explode. My semen was boiling up looking for an escape path to vent its furious.

Seethamma lets her hand-hold loose, but kept on sucking my painfully engorged penis. It has enlarged so much that it looked like a purplish-red bloated sausage, held inside a thin layer of skin.

I felt as though another suck will split it open. It was that delicate. But the pleasure tingled through my whole body mesmerising every bit of my existence. Her consuming eyes see the pleasurable torture I was undergoing and I ejaculate in full force.

I could feel the load of my semen gush from my testicles through the urethra and the pressure with which it was spurting into the warmth of Seethamma’s mouth. Suddenly, Seethamma moves away. to take a look at my throbbing penis shoot out. Stream after stream, gush after gush. It kept coming. Never like it was any time before when I masturbated.

It seemed like my throbbing penis, spurt gallons of my sperms. I could feel them slowly running through my pipes and the entire length of my erect penis even when I was done with the spurts. She kept looking at my throbbing penis shoot out every drop of my semen. Softly coaxing my penis base and the ball sack to spew everything it had. My volcano was dying out slowly as she was squeezing the last few drops in the pipes. But my stiffness was still upright.

She then lifted her head, looked and smiled at me. Emphatically, I think! There was quietness all around. Dare I speak a word! but neither did she!

I watched in awe as this lady now was not the same as the one who started sucking on my penis a while before. She now looked more beautiful, sweaty face, dislodged hair, a few sexy strands sticking in the wetness of her face and neck, but her bindi was still in its place between those lovely threaded eye brows.

Never have I seen her so gorgeous, so wanting, so much being mine. My fascination for her was now growing exponentially. She vivaciously wiped her mouth with her right palm and gave me a look of satisfaction on a job done well. I was stunned, shocked even, as I watched her showing no signs of shyness. She was comfortable with the situation. As I now noticed globs of my semen on her neck and breasts.

I think that was my first real lesson of what it was like to be with a mature sexually liberated woman.

After rubbing her face clean with my T-shirt. Seethamma took my hand and pulled me up out of bed.

“This bed is too small,” she çiğli escort said softly.

Then she led me across the hall to her bedroom on the third floor.

Mesmerising as we walked in a lone house. Me naked from my waist and she was topless. My penis still erect, and wagging and tapping up on my stomach. Her bulbous boobs gently juggling to her graceful swaying of her hips.

The stairs we took to reach her bedroom were in fact holy to me. Every step we took was holy to me, like the Sapthapadi (the Seven Holy steps taken by a bride and her groom).

Every step! the house seemed prepared for the night and felt warm and cosy. There was no element of fear. It seemed so natural that I felt, it was deserving of us to get what we both wanted. Liberated, from our inhibitions, from our strangles of the society, the personal prisons of morality.

She turned to look at me, while she walked. My hand held in her hand. She looked at it as I held it tighter in passion. A smile escaped her lips. We walked up.

On reaching her room, she instructed me to lock the doors! which I did!! while she went on to put the bed lights on. There was a moment of silence as she sat on her bed and gazed at me standing in her room partially naked. My penis now reacting to the very surroundings and her warmth.

She got up from her bed and walked close to me, like a gentle and graceful elephant. She took every step slow and steady. Four feet to cover looked like it took ages. Her naked boobs gently swayed like temple bells.

Once near me, she quietly hugged me. 5 feet and 7 inches tall she could embed her face into my neck.

Her hot body compelled me to hug her and caress her naked back. I took her face in both my hands like an offering. My fingers covered her chubby cheeks and my thumbs were lining up with her luscious lips. I couldn’t bear, I bent down on her lovely lips and took them into mine. We closed our eyes to eternity.

The silence and pleasure which entailed then seemed like eternity. The warm wetness and the wriggling tongues had started to write a new story.

Seethamma suddenly broke the kiss and started to strip me naked. She seemed to be in some kind of hurry or may be the agony of sexual intercourse was getting the better of her.

She hurriedly got my shirt off and stared at my complete nakedness. Guess, she took pleasure in my nakedness. I had a good sculpted body; my shoulder traps and deltoids would entice even teenagers. She placed her hands on my chest and ran her fingers over my body. “I see, all the work-out has paid out” she sighed.

Then she stepped back and slipped off her petticoat (pavadai), her panties stayed put. We looked admiringly at each other’s bodies for a moment. Her breasts hung slightly but not enough to be sagged. Likewise, her tummy was rounded but not fat.

To me, seeing her this way, was my fantasy come true.

She was attractive, exciting, damn sexy, and in my opinion, she was also full and filled in a blessed way.

“Idhai aviru,” (Get if off) she whispered (Indicating at her panties), “Unakku venumanna.” (If you want to) saying so she smiled at me with a cute, vicious come-hither smile that I’d never seen before.

She stood there in anticipation, I knelt down and slowly and carefully peeled her panties from her waist and rolled it over the fullness of her hips. I was surprised to realise that I was peeling off a more romantic, transparent, embroidered and laced pantie, she usually wore flowered cotton full briefs of size 7. I peeled them softly from their embrace of her silky skin.

It was now free fall of her panties, but my eyes stayed stuck. As I pulled them all the way down, she stepped out. my face now level with her vagina. It was covered in lightly coloured hair, and gave off a strange and an attractive scent.

Unconsciously, I leaned forward to kiss it, or rather was attracted to it like a bee to a flower. I hugged her full-blown arse and started to kiss her ripe and plump womanhood.

As I did so her hands dropped down behind my head and gently pushed my head closer and directed it properly to the honey pot, she even widened her legs so that I could reach it. I snuggled my face in for a moment to the mystical area to find the ephemeral spring of life.

It was warm and stickily wet and curiously alluring. But, at that time I had a clear idea what to do.

Back then, I knew everything about female anatomy. So, I set in to impress Seethamma, lick the wetness. Embedding deeply into her love pot. I started to kindle her ecstasy. I could hear her heavy moans and delved deeper into it.

The lovely plumes of hair covered her swollen lips down there. the very touch to open them gave a hard arousal. And definitely some pre-cum ooze when I touched her vaginal lips with my lips. She leaned a bit back and allowed me to gain access to her entire slit. Her hand held my head tighter as she started to feel my tongue dart to the entire length of her slit and try foça escort to open it.

Once in, I found her wet labia suckable and made me hornier. I kept sucking on until I found her clitoris. It was warm and definitely smoother than silk and slimy. As I knew, the slimier is directly being hornier. I loved the feeling. A few minutes of slurpacious licking, her tightening clasp on my hair, her grinding hips and suddenly, she pushed me back and pulled me up.

I confess, I was hopelessly out of my breath. I had no idea exactly what was going to happen next or why she stopped me. I think my uncertainty and sheer naivety must have showed in my face because Seethamma leaned forward and kissed my lips lustfully.

“Come” she said softly,

“Mummy will give you all you need.” Then, she lay me down on her big bed.

“First,” she whispered,

“I want to suck this cock again.” She knelt down beside the bed and without another word took my hard penis in her mouth.

Being the age, I was, it didn’t take long for my penis to please her as she desired. Even though I was quickly harder again she continued sucking me rhythmically for some more time. Eventually she lifted her head and leaned forward to kiss me. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and she was kissing passionately and hard. I could taste and smell the scent of my penis and my semen in her mouth, and I found myself responding to her with equal passion and lust.

I confess my memory of things started to blur at that point. I think I was starting to lose myself in a way I didn’t understand. I have brief images rather than detailed memories. I remember how Seethamma’s eyes looked as we broke the kiss and she hurriedly moved down. They were hazy and far away, as if she was drifting to another world.

She looked lost (But that’s not really the right word) in some kind of mystical joy or trance. She was hurrying to get to the point, I remember her climbing on top of me and scrambling to insert my penis up inside herself, and how that made me feel.

Her eyes wobbled upwards as she started press down on my penis and then move up and down slowly at first. But then faster and faster like a cowboy riding a bronco, and I felt myself responding instinctively to her rhythm.

As we made love frantically, she would occasionally lean forward and whispered;

“Do you know how much I longed for this pleasure.” I nodded negative.

“I have not made love for 25 years, Arun.”

“Nobody bothered about me?”

“I just worked and worked to keep myself involved.”

“Even my son did not bother about me.” I just listened.

“And left me alone and here you are, taking care of me son.”

I kind of realised her situation. She was still humping leaning forward on my chest. Her nails pressed into my skin.

I took my hand and held her face and drew her close to my face and kissed her lips. She held my face and kissed me. gave me a few humps while continuing to kiss. I pulled out of the kiss and said.

“Look Seethamma, you are mine from here on.”

“I love you, and will always love you.”

“I am your partner and your lover.”

“I don’t care what, but every time you need me or I need you.”

“We will give in to us, without asking a question.”

“Make me this promise Seethamma, that you will agree to this and love me forever, like I will love you.”

Seethamma was quiet all through… as I started to pump from below her. I held her boobs. Massaging them. I asked her

“Am waiting Seethamma”

She looked at me and bent down to kiss me again.

“I promise, my love.”

“I promise for everything you asked and said.”

“I will make love to you whenever and wherever you ask me son” “Oops, my lover boy.” she said.

With a twinkle in her eyes. She started to respond to my humping and pinched my nipples.

“Did you like my panties?” she asked. I nodded, affirmative.

“I love them. And will peel them off every time you wear them momma.” I said.

She then leaned back upright and squeezed her legs together and rode me for all she was worth. She raised her hands and undid her hair and loosened them.

She kept pumping on my erect penis like a piston. Her long strokes forced it to pop out a few times. It was so nice to watch her grab it and shove it back in like a kid who is playing with her favourite toy. Her long hair fell loose and her bouncy boobs jiggled up and down. I was convinced that it was bigger than 36 and I now owned them.

Her loose hair was sticking on her boobs with the wetness of her sweat. She looked every bit the goddess of pleasure. The room was turning into an oven from the heat emanating from our bodies. I guess she should have pumped me for about 10-12 minutes and then quite suddenly her body seemed to go rigid and she cried out as if in terrible pain or ultimate joy.

She squeezed me so hard at one point I felt as if she was trying to crush me and pierce her finger nails into my thighs leaning izmir escort backwards. I could feel her juices ooze out and loosen her fleshy hold on my penis within. She had a blast, I could see her emotions on her face, pleasure, agony, happiness and a sense of freedom and salvation. All in one as she fell forward on to my chest.

Her hair spread all over my body and now sticking to my wet body as well. She lay on me breathing heavily and grunting. I hugged her tight and caressed her body to relax and soothe. Her heavy breathing calmed down eventually. Still plugged into her.

A minute later she tried to get up and showered me with endless kisses. But I was still unfinished.

I thought I should now fuck her and get to climax myself. I was horny as hell. Her beauty had transcended multi-fold and she was ravaging me with her beauty. I wished I was born much early and formally married her.

I wanted every bit of the time with her. My rage had crossed its boundaries and all I wanted now was her. I held her face, pushing her hair backwards, I pulled her close and plugged into her lovely lips. I kept kissing her in all passion and rage. When I surprisingly realised, she pulling and adjusting my penis into her love canal again.

The condition in which I was, my member slipped in like an eel. Once in and embedded deep. She started to move her hips pretty much fast. Like she knew how I was inside her and how I would stay put to pleasurise her.

“I love you sonna” she said.

“You fill me like you are made for me.”

“And you are so hot! your wife will be a lucky girl.” she said. Kissing me intermittently. And letting me speak.

I had no work to do just enjoy as she was displaying all her skills. Those which she had kept a secret for years, decades rather. Our wet carousal of our lips and the wet tongues slurping on our skin was an add-on of pleasure to vaginal kneading of my penis.

“Have you had sex before?” she asked

“No ma, you are my first.” I said.

“What?” “Are you a virgin?” she exclaimed

“Yes, ma” I nodded.

“Am so lucky.” she said, “But even you should be lucky to lose your virginity with your mom.” “I am your mom, right?” she said.

“I am ma.”

“Indeed, very lucky.”

“Because I have always dreamt about you.”

“In fact, I have always masturbated in your thoughts ma.” I said.

She stopped the pumping for a moment to catch a breath of air and looked at me,

“Have you masturbated in my thoughts?”

“Yes ma, all the time” I said.

Hearing this she hugged me and started the pumping again. Tears were rolling out of her eyes. As she rode me on.

“Are you ok?” I asked her.

“Yes baby. Just thought about the way my life treated me. The way my husband had been cheating on me and deserted me.” She said as she began to cry.

I pulled her in to a hug so she could cry on my shoulder.

“You know what Mom? He was stupid if he would leave you and your hot body for some whore. He did not deserve you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“He really did not deserve a woman like you.” She looked up at me with a break in the crying.

“Really?” She asked.

I noticed her eyes began to brighten up.

“Yeah Mom. You’re so beautiful.” I said. I stroked her face and moved her hair away from her face. She smiled as she wiped her eyes.

“What about these?” She asked as she lifted her big bouncy tits as she sat on the throbbing cock.

Looking at those lovely boobs and the way she posed her question made me harder and I could feel myself getting harder inside her. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She said “Considering the tightness your penis is giving inside me” she winked.

She pulled me in for a kiss. As we kissed, she rubbed her boobs against my hard nipples. I ground my penis in her pussy which was embedded deep, hot and tight, as we kissed.

Mom smiled and dug in deeper into her.

“Softly, It’s huge!” She moaned.

“You must get every girl with this package.” She said. I grabbed her hips and thrust her harder from below.

“Are you sure you’re a virgin. You’re fucking me like a pro.” She said with excitement. I grabbed her and started humping her faster.

She tapped out and leaned on my chest. She put her hands on my chest and tried pinching my nipples. Her hair spread and fell over covering my face. I rapidly moved it in and out. She moaned as I moved in and out of her puffy wet cunt. I grabbed both of her boobs in my hands and tried suckling on them.

She moaned and rubbed her boobs into my face.

“Yeah Mommy likes it rough. Suck it son, suck them harder.” She said.

Her pussy was soaking wet as I plunged it into her.

“Aahh yes baby. Mommy loves it rough.”

“I can’t believe you were just around for me every night. I should’ve been fucking you for years.” She said.

I grabbed her hips and started to hump faster.

“Ahhhh yesssss.” She screamed as I went even harder.

She looked so experienced, so much in command that she kept changing the pace of her pumping to her comfort and my emotions. She would know when I was too excited and would immediately slow down her pace of pumping and at the same time, she would breathe her lungs full and get ready for the next jaunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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