Senior Dare

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Author: The Fun Dreams

Keywords: MF, teacher, student, school, bdsm, dom, sub, maledom, femsub, sex

Summary: A senior in college turns in a dirty story on a dare.

Note: This is my first story, Feedback is appreciated.


It started off as a dare. My senior year of college had come. I was about to graduate I had practically passed all my classes. I had to turn in a couple papers, take a few exams, and finish my elective, free writing. A class I couldn’t fail.

In Free Writing, on the first day of class our professor handed out a series of dates. She explained that as long as we handed in one story of the appropriate length on each of those dates she would give us all As. The papers just had to be acceptable to English standards she laid out and taught in class and with that she gave us a smile.

Most guys in class ignored the lessons and almost anything she said, and just stared dreamily at that smile, and the body it was connected to and what a body it was.

Rebecca Parker was a knockout fox. She was the youngest professor on the faculty at 25 when she joined the faculty last year. Her age allowed her to be instantly in touch with her students, and she dressed like a college student instead of a stuffy old professor. She made no attempt to hide her body like most teachers at the school, and her body was amazing. While no one knew for sure, there was many guesses about her exact measurements. She had an ample bosom that turned heads and bounced provocatively. I often had trouble keeping my eyes off of it, at least once I thought she had caught me staring at them in class, but rather than make a scene, she flashed a smile and continue teaching as if she didn’t care. What a teacher.

I was forced to take Professor Parker’s class in my junior year as a mandatory english course, but I barely passed due to being distracted by her looks. However it didn’t take long for me to sign up for another class taught by her in my senior year. I just wanted to spend an hour each day watching her move and dreaming about that body and cute smile.

The subject of the dare however started off as a joke. I wrote a story about Professor Parker in my junior year as a joke, and I sent it to my friend Dave. I trusted him and he had proved he had could be trusted often. That story was in Dave’s possession for a full year and he never mentioned it.

The story involved Professor Parker and me meeting after class we had a short conversation that lead to me listing off a variety of things I would like to do with her. The ideas revolved around the fact she would be subservient to me and let me try anything I wanted with her, and often on her. In my story she even suggests a few filthy things herself.

Most of the story was just suggestion or hints at what we’d do, but I the idea of my beautiful buxom teacher letting me have my way with her was enjoyable. I’d often read the story when I didn’t have a date and enjoy myself to the thought of her on her knees offering herself to me in any way I want.

I kept the story around and ended up adding to it when I was bored and horny, a horrible combination. I added a scene where we had sex for the first time. It wasn’t love making, and I didn’t want it to be love making. It was just a large amount of smut in which I chose how to have sex and she tried her best to please me. I even gave Dave the new version when I finished something I wanted to share. Every time he got a new copy he would flash me a thumbs up the next day and didn’t mention it after.

A month before Finals, Dave and I were hanging out with some ladies, and playing truth or dare. The game had alcohol involved, and we had gotten pretty far, but at some point Dave asked me Truth or Dare, and I laughed and said “Dare” thinking he’d have me hook up with one of the girls.

Instead Dave just smiled at me and said “Give your story to Professor Parker as your final exam.” I laughed until Dave just nodded and then motioned me to take a turn.

It wasn’t until the next day that Dave told me he was serious in the dare, he explained the final was 25 percent of my grade and at worst I would get a C. Though I could get an A and be a hero to Dave.

I just laughed at him but he called me a wuss, and I just told him that we’d see with no chance of me actually following through.

Professor Parker made it hard to think about anything else other than my story. She continued to dress provocatively. On the coldest day of the year, she wore an overcoat to class, and took it off revealing a low cut blouse and a short skirt. I think I she only wore a sweater once for a school event to show off a silly Christmas Sweater, and it was the dullest lesson I had in her class. Though she still wore a short skirt which kept the class somewhat interesting.

I always thought Professor Parker was aware the effect her body had on the men in her class, but didn’t mind a horny class, as long as they we were attentive. I could aliağa escort attest it worked. I don’t think a single guy in the class ever slept through it, something I couldn’t say about other classes. Instead the only problem she ever had was getting a guy’s attention to answer a question.

When the time for the final arrive Professor Parker sat in her chair at the front of the class, behind her desk, and crossed her leg, making me wish her desk would just disappear. She then laid out the theme of the paper.

“I don’t want you to stress over your final paper. It’s only a paper like you’ve been handing in so far. However it’s your final, so I’d like to give you a large theme. Talk about the one thing you desire most in the whole world. I don’t care if it’s a car, or a job, or just a state of mind. I want to know what all of you want deep in your heart.”

It was at that moment I decided to go for it. Win, lose or draw, I was curious what she would think about my desire.

I spent the next week working on my paper to make sure it was up to her standards. I removed a few suggestions I thought would be over the top, added a little more description to what happened between us, and fleshed out her a little more than just leaving her as a silly fuck puppet. I didn’t want to insult her, I wanted to show what I desired, her giving herself to me.

It struck me that I was looking at an F but I felt confident I could still pass. Just something about the way she said desire made me know I had to let her know the truth.

I worked more on that paper than any other final. I didn’t do bad on any final, but I could have better used my time on classes that would matter. Yet I turned my paper on time, and she flashed her winning smile as she accepted my assignment. That same smile I saw every day in class was the same one I wrote about in my paper on her body as she kneeled before me and asked me to use her. I knew it was the last time I’d see it, as I’d get my paper back when I got my final grade but it wouldn’t be in person.

As I walked out of the classroom, I saw Dave and threw him a thumbs up letting him know I went through with it. I didn’t even have to lie. Dave just laughed and bought me a drink calling me the gutsiest guy he knew.

There was week before our final grades were released during which as seniors meant we drank partied and caused a ruckus. Then we came back to earth as our grades were posted. I went around the campus and gathered my grades, one C, a couple Bs, and an A. Finally I wandered over to see what I had assumed would be the F from Free Writing… However Dave was standing by it waiting for me, and looked like he had bad news.

“Sorry, man..”

Dave kind of ran off after apologizing. I looked for my grade to see how bad it could be and I saw the mark next to my name. “See Me.” There was even time listed after school hours. Shit. That wasn’t good. I was going to fail, and she probably was going to try to get me expelled. Why the fuck did I listen to Dave? Why the fuck did I have to turn that story in? I should have just wrote something stupid about wanting a wife and a white picket fence and 2.6 kids or some lame shit like that.

I realized I had a couple hours before the time listed so I ditched Dave and went back to my room to think. There had to be some reason for me to turn in that paper. I could tell her it was a joke. I could tell her I didn’t realize what I had handed in because someone switched my papers. I could just beg her not to fail me outright.

Eventually the time came, and I started over to her office at the time she requested. I had to push my way past the crowd of students leaving their last class of the day, but got to Professor Parker’s office and I found a note on the door. Professor Parker must have got tired of waiting and told me she was expelling me in a note.

As I read the note, it had a room number, the room that our class would meet in. I took the note off the door as I thought it was meant for me and went to the room, worried about why she didn’t want me in her office. Was she afraid I would break something.

When I got to the classroom I noticed that the blinds were drawn, and I wondered who would be waiting for me on the other side. I imagined the dean, the provost and about every other authority figure waiting to take a turn at me behind the door I took a deep breath and opened the door walking through to face the music.

I looked around and noticed there wasn’t a room full of people waiting for me. In fact there was only one person, and she was sitting down behind the desk. As the door closed, Professor Parker looked at me and said “Would you mind locking that? I think we need privacy for this discussion.”

I locked the door and walked towards my seat before Professor Parker coughed and motioned for me to approach her desk. Then I slowly walked up to her, and she rose out of her seat. She wore a long coat izmir rus escort that fully hid her body, I figured she must have just walked from the administration building to here and needed to cover up due to wind, or just didn’t want to show me anything after reading the story. I noticed a folder on the desk as she motioned for me to sit down in the same chair she was in.

After I sat in her seat, she opened the folder, in the folder was a story I didn’t recognize. There was a large red A and a good job written on it. I noticed my name was in the upper left corner. I started to read the paper but Professor Parker stopped me.

“Tomorrow I’m going to hand in this story as your Senior project for the school record.” She explained. “However it needs a signature to show it’s yours.”

I realized this was an out, if there was no official record, she couldn’t do anything to me, I saw a pen next to the folder and immediately signed the paper. Professor Parker moved the paper to the other side of the folder exposing a second paper underneath it. Instantly I recognized the layout. My infamous paper.

Except if it was infamous, what was an A doing on it. There was serveral notes on the paper. I read a few on the first page. “I would never say that.” “This is unlikely, but intriguing.” “How dirty.”

I swallowed, as she turned the page, on the next page I saw a note that changed everything. The note read “I’d like to try that.” I look over at what she was talking about and realized that she had highlighted an entire paragraph detailing the idea that I would be allowed to use her any way I wanted. The thought of her wanting to try it stunned me. I couldn’t stand to read any more, I turned to look at her, and saw her bright smile looking down at me as she nodded. She pointed down at the paper and I continued to read her comments, each one sounding like she was enjoying the story.

I eventually got to the end of the story, and her final comment almost knocked me out of the chair. She simply had wrote “I came”.

I looked up to where she was standing next to me and saw she was gone, I got worried and then notice she was standing in the first row of desks right in the middle of the classroom. She gave me a smile. “I’ve been afraid to admit this to anyone but I’ve always wanted someone to use me. To… dominate me. I’ve had many boyfriends, but they all would do anything I want… I couldn’t tell them to just use me. That’s just not who I am.”

I stood up from the desk and bend over it, feeling the power of being behind it. I tried to muster up the voice that demanded obedience “Well Professor that time is over, I’m going to show you exactly how a man should use your body.”

I could see her shiver at my words. “Just one thing, I’m not your professor… Call me Rebecca.”

I decided to push my luck. “I’ll call you what I want, Professor.”

This time I knew I saw her body jerk. “Yes sir. It’s time to present myself to you.”

Before I could react, she took a deep breath and unbuttoned her coat and opened it. Her head looked at the floor as I took in her outfit, or lack of it. She stood in a bra that barely covered her nipples, her large bosom threatened to spill over with almost any motion she made, and I was trying to will that bra to rip and let those breasts hang free for me to inspect. My eyes trailed down over a perfect belly button and a shockingly flat stomach. At first she appeared to be wearing nothing but then I realized she was wearing a very tiny thong that left nothing to my imagination. In fact I could see she was clean shaven when I looked closer. She even wore a set of high heels I mentioned in my story and they made her legs look amazing. I looked her all over and realized I was looking at my idea of perfection.

My mouth dropped open. Here was my professor practically naked in front of me offering herself to me and now showing me everything I dreamed of since I met her. She wanted me to do every filthy thing I had written down to her, and she wanted to start now.

I stared and didn’t know what to say, she dropped her coat and looked up with me, she had an impish smile that almost dared me to follow through and that broke the ice for me. I had always imagined her doing one thing for me, and now I had the chance.

“Get over here professor, I think you’re still overdressed for my taste..”

“I’m so glad you approve, sir. I know just how you want me to take it off.” I was confused, but she moved towards her desk, moving her body in a way that told me she craved my approval. Her desk had been cleaned off except for a small stereo she kept on it though I had never seen her use it.

“I made this CD just for this.”

She pressed play on the stereo and climbed up onto the desk. A cd played. “Now introducing Rebecca!” shouted a male voice from the stereo as if introducing her at a strip clubs, and then suddenly a rock song blared out of the stereo, I tried izmir escort to recognize it as my professor started to dance and climb on the desk as she shook her body. I suddenly got it, it was Van Halen playing Hot for Teacher.

As she gyrated her hips and shook her body while standing on the desk, I stared up at her even as I took her seat again. She danced around the desk in very provocative ways turning me on. Her hands moved over her body as I watched and she kept throwing winks at me.

“When I was in college I took a strippercise class. Honestly I liked everyone looking at me as I danced, I didn’t care about the exercise” She smiled at that and bent over facing away from me.

I had seen a stripper once, and I never understood the pose, but her pose was just pure sex. I could see through her legs as her large breasts hanged, but I could also look up and see her pussy through her thong, and what looked like a wet spot starting to form. Her body screamed to be touched, but I held myself back. She shook her body and then grabbed her ass and spread it a little.

I didn’t say anything. My gorgeous teacher was dancing in her bra and panties, showing off her moves and doing it for just me. I was in heaven and I whistled. She smiled and kept showing off her body. Finally she squated down in front of me and brought her breasts to my eye level and motioned for me to move forward.

I sat up and leaned forward and she took my head and pressed her breasts around it, even with her bra still on they felt heavenly. The soft warm fleshed rubbed my cheeks. She then raised a finger as she let my head go, and I waited. She reached behind her back for a second. It was like the seas parting. Her breasts dropped out and reached for me. The small distance between us disappeared and her breasts surrounded me. I pressed my face back in between those perfect orbs. Now with nothing holding them back they bounced and massage my face, and I kissed her between them. I moved my face back and forth feeling those breasts on my face.

I knew couldn’t call this woman my Professor any more, this was the hot young woman Rebecca Parker, a woman I was about to get to know far better than I should.

As I rubbed her breasts with my face, she gently held my head. “I know you must have wondered since you saw me. They’re 38 Es. and I hope you enjoy them sir.”

I looked up at her and sat back, breathing heavily. I tried to slow down my breathing and take in the amazing sight before me. “They are fantastic, far better than I could ever imagine, and I imagined them often.”

Rebecca smiled at me and raised up in a manner that made her breasts bounce. Hot for Teacher stopped and the next song began. I instantly knew it, Cherry Pie. Not that I listened to the song, all I could focus on was those large breasts and the way her hands rubbed them.

Rebecca’s breasts were even bigger than they looked in her outfits. They felt perky but hung under their weight, showing a natural bounce. She played a version of peek-a-boo with the breasts that drove me crazy.

She then turned around and teased me by turning her body and giving me a peek of her breasts until I finally spoke up. “Turn around Rebecca, you’re driving me crazy.”

She looked over her shoulder and turned back towards me, smirking. “Yes sir, is there something you’d like me to do, or do for me?”

Before she was facing me my hands were on her as I sprang out of my chair. I grabbed her thong and rather than slide them off I pulled hard ripping them in two. “You’re not going to need those again.” This evoked a moan from her which drove me on. “Now get down on this desk it’s time I get to sample you.”

I saw her shiver as she lowered herself and slide her feet to both sides of my body. She looked at me and all I could see was desire in her eye as she reached over and turned off the music and then cupped her breasts, holding them up.

“Is this how you would like me, sir?”

I smiled and removed my shirt and then dropped my pants as fast as I could. I would like to say I tried to be sexy. In reality I had a hot naked woman in front of me I fantasized about. I wanted the clothes off. But I held myself back reminding myself I was in control here, even if it didn’t seem like it so far.

“Hold those up, it’s time for me to see how sensitive your nipples are.” I commanded

“Yes, sir. Please know they’re very sensitive, but use them as you’d like.”

I smiled as my lips seeked out her right breast and started to suckle at her breast. I cupped her breast, and she brought her hand down to touch my body. She traced a finger down towards my crotch.

She let out a moan and said “Oh sir, I love that.. please enjoy my body.”

I continued to suck as I let her hand trace down to my cock. While I doubt I was the biggest guy on campus, I have never heard a complaint and the moan she let out as she finally touched it told me I had another satisfied customer.

I moved my lips to her other breast and suckled again. I knew I had the prize only inches from my cock, and the way Rebecca’s hand was rubbing it and pulling it towards her, I knew she wanted it, but I had my hands on her body, and I wasn’t going to stop yet.

“Please sir, I need your cock.”

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