Sex in the Time of Corona Ch. 01

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The airport officials had kept Rhea waiting for hours. When she had waited enough and her passport was not returned, she went to talk to the officer.

“I’m sorry to say Ma’am but after the usual checkup, we have found you positive for COVID-19. You will be put in quarantine for a few days. A medical van is on its way to take you,” he told her.

“What! I can’t believe it,” she replied and then called her parents to them inform that she was not coming back home that day. The doctor who checked her out informed her that she would recover soon, that there was nothing to worry about. All that was needed was for her to be isolated. Rhea gave her consent and supported the government officials in taking the measures that were needed to save everyone from the spread of the vile Coronavirus.

When she reached the quarantine shelter, she found that there were two large halls. One was reserved only for the elderly and had emergency medical facilities in them, while the other, the one in which she was put, only had beds, basic things for survival and a single window to look out from. There were four men in the hall and every one of them was physically fit. She sat on her bed and put her laptop on charge. She decided to make a vlog about her stay at the quarantine shelter.

When the doctor came, he checked them all and informed them that they would recover within a month, maybe sooner. The doctor visited twice every day. Two maids would also come daily to sanitise the halls and keep the bathrooms clean. By the third day, Rhea had made friends with three of the four men. The fourth one was a little uncomfortable to talk to. His name was Ted and he seldom spoke to anyone. He was kartal escort bayan tall and muscular and was always immersed into one of the books he had carried to read. Among the other three, the youngest was a twenty-four-year-old boy named Dhruv. He was from the same country as Rhea and so they mostly talked about their home. The other two were Mark and Larry, two brothers who had contracted the virus together. They were lively and kept the mood up with their funny anecdotes and jokes.

One night, Rhea saw them both sleeping together in a bed. They were touching each other, kissing and sucking each other’s dicks, moaning and whimpering together till they finally went to the bathroom and masturbated. Dhruv also saw them but looked away, and Ted told them to behave themselves as it was a public place.

“We are used to it. Who are you, our daddy?” said Mark.

“And it’s not like it is Aids. And we all have it. What’s the trouble? You all can do it too. We won’t mind,” added Larry.

“Sorry, but I have a wife I have to return to and I’m not homosexual,” Ted said and suddenly looked at Rhea. She had a sensuous figure. She was on her phone, talking to her boyfriend who lived miles away. Even if Ted had to end up doing it, it would be with Rhea and not with a man.

That day, another person was brought in. He was a man in his mid-thirties, a blue-eyed, freckle skinned football coach from the US, named Derek. He would keep staring at everyone and exercised every morning. Rhea was fascinated by him. He was handsome and his voice had a mesmerising charm. She longed to connect with him and then she got the chance.

On the fifth day, when the doctor had escort maltepe checked them and gone, Rhea prepared to take a shower. At that instant, Derek was also entering the bathroom, carrying his towel.

“I came here first,” said Rhea uneasily.

“Does it matter?” replied Derek, “We eat together, at the same time. The same goes for bathing.”

“What do you mean?” Rhea flushed.

“I mean I can clean you better, if you would like it,” he said, touching her elbow.

Rhea’s heart skipped. Her firm round breasts heaved up and down. She looked around and stepped inside the bathroom with him. It was her silent consent.

The water was warm. He undressed her and kissed her lips. Her body was plump and he pressed his body on her to feel her curves. Their hands rubbed and stroked each other. He pressed her breasts and her hips, rubbed her pussy lips and she moaned. He grabbed her black hair as she went down on her knees to devour his throbbing penis. Just then someone knocked on the door.

They hurried bathing and came out. It was Mark and he saw them coming out of the bath together. Later at night, Mark waited for all to be asleep. Then he stealthily came to Rhea’s bed and bent down to kiss her lips. She woke up with a start, as he sucked her lips.

“Shhhh,” he whispered, “Larry knows too. You come to our bed.”

Rhea looked around and got out of her bed. She was in a T-shirt and panties. Mark held her hands and took her to the tiny bed. Then Larry got into the bed, too. They pulled off her T-shirt and started caressing her; fondling her breasts and sucking her tits till they swelled.

By the time they pulled down her panties, she pendik escort was already wet. Mark went down and parted her thighs. His warm tongue licked her pussy lips. She breathed heavily. Larry kissed her lips and sucked her tongue, rubbed his face into her wobbly bosom and pinched her nipples hard. Mark sucked her pussy and kept doing it till her pussy was oozing with juices. He then put his fingers inside and started fingering her very hard. She started moaning with pleasure.

She was then made to shift her position, such that Larry and Mark stood on the opposite sides of the bed and one put his penis in her mouth and the other inserted his penis in her pink, juicy vagina. The blanket had fallen down, she was stripped naked, they were all moving in pleasure and the noise woke up the others.

Ted just peeked out of his blanket and held his penis tightly. Dhruv came over and sat on the edge of the shaking bed and watched them. He was a virgin and he had seen such an extreme scene only in porn. He stared at their moving hips. He looked at Rhea’s shaking figure, her sweating body, her welcoming flesh. Her mouth was oozing out juices- saliva and Larry’s semen that was sliding down her neck and accumulating in her cleavage. His hands reached out to touch the erect brown nipples staring at him but he hesitated. Then he felt someone standing behind him. A hard organ was pressed against his back. He looked back and saw that it was Derek.

“Go on, touch her!” Derek touched his shoulders and told him but he was too shy and nervous.

Then he saw Derek reaching in front of him, using all the juices in her cleavage and massaging her breasts with it. By then Mark and Larry had changed positions. Larry was fucking her now. Rhea looked at Derek and Dhruv. Her eyes were full of lust. She was there, ready to be devoured and wide open for all.

“Come,” Derek gestured to Dhruv, “Let me teach you!” And he started undressing the virgin boy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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