Shanti as Concubine Ch. 04

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Life as an escort took its own route and gave our dear Shanti a fresh lease in life. She became smart and more alert to the vagaries of life and also became extra diligent at skipping work and making use of the best assets on her body to her advantage. She would not flinch to make them appeal to the men folks and also to the women folk.

Her Manager at the Bank – Arangayanam had steadily ensured that the idea of quitting the job was out of her head and whenever she would appear the man would have saliva in his mouth gulping to go down the throat – she was sex par excellence. She had kept him hopeful to get under her petticoat one day and usually while in his room would give him ample time to devour her beauty especially the boobs covered in the nice bra and blouse. She would always make sure that the saree would slip at the right time for the middle aged man to ogle and would deliberately not cover herself. It was all well planned.

As this was going on – the branch had a new employee – Lakshmi who was a confused lady and always felt as if the World was loading her with the jobs of all others at the Branch. Most of the time she would not be keeping well and that it was a big issue for her and on top of it at the Branch – overloading with work was making her frustrated and at this very moment of her frustration – she noticed the ease with which our temptress and escort Shanti was getting away by doing little of work most of the time.

Lakshmi one day could not contain herself and in a staff meeting with the AGM – complained about the same and Indusbank branch in Bangalore – got its first jolt. The AGM took the complaint and later confronted the Branch Manager who gave some sheepish response only to make the matter lose its steam. Shanti decided to get one up on the new babe in the Bank. She made her plans like a vulture would when swooping down its prey.

Be patient but get even and devour the prey. Shanti knew the way out and she executed it and meticulously and she cultivated friendship with Lakshmi starting with an apology that very evening and requesting for a drop home in Lakshmi’s car.

Lakshmi’s husband was a Vice President in one of the FMCG companies and enjoyed these perks.

Slowly the relationship grew between the ladies and it stretched to the families and Shanti would spend considerable amount of her spare time at Lakshmi’s house. Lakshmi was bowled over by the gesture and started to believe that she made a mistake that day by complaining about Shanti and felt apologetic. Shanti consoled her and assured of all assurance and support.

It was a Tuesday one week when Shanti came to Lakshmi’s place and was startled to find Rahul – Lakshmi’s husband. He was a Punjabi married to a South Indian Lakshmi. They had two children but this was the first time in their 9 month friendship that the Escort Temptress whose dark side was not known to Laskhmi met her husband and she liked the sight of the hunk. Not very tall – at around 5’6″ inches Rahul was two inches shorter to Shanti who possessed good height and was pretty slim.

The two saw each other and the message was clear. Both gave the same signal to each other of course knowing very well that it was not possible. Shanti knew it had to be made possible – this was the chance to get even with the mistress of this house. She could clearly see that the couple were very close and looked like it was a perfect harmony in the family unlike her own – which was all turmoil.

Months passed and Shanti would meet Rahul at their place – and it was no secret that the man was secretly masturbating immensely thinking of the Tamil escort. Of course he was also not in knowledge of her true dark side. One day – Shanti decided to bite the fruit a bit and knowing that he was at home, came early and took the younger daughter Aruna in her arms and asked her, ” Hi Aruna uhmmmmmmaaa, you are so sweet, you are smelling, not taken a bath yet? No problem even I have not – I do not like to take a bath so early” and all this in the safe distance of Rahul to hear who got n instant hard on when he heard this conversation. In fact it was followed up by Lakshmi coming and laughing at the episode and asking our dear Shanti to have a bath in their house. Shanti did have the bath but not before Rahul had shagged three times in that 1 hour before she took her bath. She would pass him while he was on the dining table taking his breakfast and her sweat odor would make it extremely difficult for the stud to hold on, he wanted her badly but how – he knew she was taking him up the spike but was scared if it turned around him and made him look shafted.

This hide and seek continued – and though they did not go beyond this titillation and tormenting game Shanti would go for her regular kills as an escort and one day – she was asked to tame a guy in Jaipur by the name Rishi Purohit. A very handsome guy who was not paying up the price this company wanted and it was now left to Shanti to fuck him and squeeze the balls to güvenilir bahis get the money. The secret was out that the upright Purchase officer had a weakness for women – pretty sexy women.

She flew down to Jaipur and visited his office posing as the Sr Manager for the Seller’s company and of course did the right things in his cabin for him to ask – where she was staying and if her could treat her for a lunch that afternoon and the lunch went on well the Peerless hotel’s Restaurant where he had ample time to appreciate the luscious cleavage and the smooth oily but sensuous skin of Shanti and also took liberty of brushing her backside couple of times while picking up food from the spread out in the Buffet.

She looked at him sternly to make him squeal a sorry. After lunch – she excused herself to the room asking him to wait for him in the lobby and deliberately left the purse next to him with the key card showing on the outside lapel of the purse. On her way to the room – she picked up another key card and asked the lobby assistant not to disable the other one because she will be needing two – the guy did not ask her questions because she had pushed her boobs tightly on the granite platform squeezing the cleavage into his face and gave in to her request.

She went straight into the bathroom and took a long bath and came out after 25 minutes – all timed. And she found him as expected sitting on the bed waiting for her. She was in the bath towel tied around her head with a bath coat around her sexy body. “Ohshhhhhh sorry, was I late, sorry Rishih it was just that I wanted to cool off- Jaipur is a very hot place ” saying so she let the head towel slip off releasing the hair and letting it down, she looked desirable and devourer. Rishi was aching all over – he wanted the pussy and slowly moved to the middle of the bed.

“Why are you not listening to us and giving us the price we want” the slut chewed the lower lip and slowly started to untie the chord around the house coat. ” We need your support” and slowly went near him and stood in front of him and ran her sexy fingers down his forehead to his nose and left them lingering around his mouth and moaned, ” You should help us you know. We are here to help you” and quietly sauntered around his legs and sat plum on the two legs with her thighs parted and crotch pressing into his cock through his pants and took his face into her hands and planted a long luxurious kiss and tongued his mouth only to deposit a whole wad of her saliva on his tongue.

Suddenly she released her body from him and fell on the nice foamy bed and let the housecoat loose to let him look at her nice naked dusky body. The shower had left lot of drops on her excellent body and she had not wiped her self thoroughly and the glimmer only accentuated the sexiness of the temptress.

He rose and slowly reached her side and unzipped his trousers and let the boxers fall on the floor. The room was pungent with the aroma of his musky and slightly dirty cock – Shanti looked at him and took a deep breath and let her nostrils flare as if she was taking in the aroma like as if it was some incense stick fragrance and extended her arms near to the rod only to leave it there and not touch it, ” So – you will do the needful” she lusted at his cock and looked into his eyes.

Rishi took out his hand held and typed,” Release the order to the Steel company at their quoted price.” and showed it to her. She took the mobile and rubbed it on her boobs and took it between her legs and let the edge rub on the clit and sink into the outer lips of her pussy and slowly withdrew it carrying a thread of her pussy juice and gave it back to him only to see him licking the juice slowly off his own mobile.

The game began and Rishi put his hand on her knee, just below the hem of her house coat. She felt the warmth of him flow into her flesh. “Shanti darling, you trying to build up my self-confidence?” she asked slowly. Her eyes moved up and down his body. She saw the shape of a hard cock at his crotch, protruding a good eight inches down his left leg. He guided her hand onto his cock.

“You’re serious,” she whispered.

He nodded.

“I hope you’re in good shape,” Shanti said, squeezing hard at his cock- bulge. “I may be more than you can handle.”

Rishi took her mind off her problems quickly. As soon as her tits were bare, he started to suck them. He sucked voraciously, slobbering while he fed the big soft tits in and out of his mouth.

Shanti swayed while he mouthed her tits. She stroked his head, urging him to get nastier. She guided his hand down into her crotch and showed him what she meant.

His fingers slipped inside her skimpy panties and she purred as he touched her pussy-crack. It was wet and slippery, her clit erect and yearning. His fingers were a little rough, but Shanti didn’t mind a bit. She squeezed her thighs together on his hand and rocked back and forth, masturbating herself on his eager, excited fingers.

“Yes,” türkçe bahis she said. “Oh yes, yesssss!”

He speared a finger into her cunt and she gasped aloud. She’d almost forgotten what the touch of a strange hand felt like on her cunt. He added another finger to the stirring, and he worked them in and out of Shanti, making her cunt drool.

Rishi pulled down her panties, and she wiggled her feet out of them. He leaned back, looking up at her with eyes full of lust and admiration.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” he said. “A man would have to be crazy …”

He stood up, and she let her hands move up and down his body. She opened his shirt, leaning in to bury her lips in the hairs on his chest. She’d never really cared for a hairy chest before, but it was totally exciting now, nuzzling him, tasting the flavor of his flesh, the sweat that was oozing from his pores.

She licked his nipples the way he’d licked hers, and she felt them harden against her tongue. Her body kept brushing his, and she shivered at the sensation of his hard cock touching her. Easing down onto her knees, she opened his pants and yanked them down, his trousers and shorts coming down together.

His cock sprang out and slapped her lustfully, in the face. It was a really big prick. Shanti took it in both hands and began to stroke up and down the length of his cock, purring with anticipation.

He was uncut, and she played with the foreskin, sliding it back and forth over the purplish knob until his cock had grown so long and stiff and hard that the foreskin would no longer cover his bloated cock-head.

She kissed the tip of his cock suddenly, pressing her lips against the drooling piss-slit. She left smudges of lipstick on him, but they were hard to see with his knob so red and inflamed-looking. Shanti parted her lips slightly and rubbed him with the inner sides, humming as she began to mouth his cock.

He sank down onto the bed, his legs spread. She slid forward, still on her knees, her mouth glued to his prick. She was drooling a little now. Until Most men, Kamesh and later Shivu, she’d never enjoyed taking a man’s cock in her mouth, but he’d gotten her addicted to the taste of prick, and now she thirsted for it.

Her mouth oval she then slid down over the end of Rishi’s prick. She made a gasping sound as she took him inside her mouth, and her saliva flowed down the shaft while she sucked on his cock-knob.

“Mmmmmm!” she purred over and over, moving his cock in and out of her mouth in short, hungry gulps.

He sighed, letting her take control.

She pulled it from her mouth, licked him up and down. She moved down, lapping his balls as well. A hair stuck to her tongue and she scraped it loose with her teeth, spitting it out and returning to his balls. Pushing them aside, she licked into the crack of his ass. Her hand was playing with his prick, and she felt it get even harder.

She tongued up the length of Rishi’s cock, up to the bulbous cock-knob.

Shanti tongued him knowingly, spending a lot of time on the sensitive spot just below his bloated cock-head. She stroked his prick up and down while she licked it, and a little bubble of cum oozed from his slit tip. She caught it on her tongue and savored the milky taste.

“Your cum is delicious!” she whispered. “Are you going to fill my mouth up with it?”

“You bet your sweet ass I am,” he said, putting a hand atop her head and urging her down upon his cock.

Shanti smiled and sucked it back inside. She couldn’t throat-suck a cock, but she could do a damn good job, and she was determined to prove it. She gulped at his cock, pulling him deeper, massaging his hard meat with the wet warm muscles of her cheeks and jaws. Her tongue worked vigorously, and she moaned as she sucked. He was big, and hard, and his meat filled her mouth. She had never tasted anything so delicious in her life, and she had never needed to eat a cock as much as she needed it right now.

Shanti thirsted for his cum, and she sucked hard, urging it from his balls. Her hands were all over his body, and he was feeling her too, pinching at the stiff red points of her nipples, making her whine and squirm as she ate him.

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna get it! Gonna get yourself a mouthful!” he moaned as he tweaked her nipples and pushed his prick into her mouth.

She sucked faster, drawing her mouth in around him, and she took his prick as deep as she could manage.

“Now, bitch, here it comes!” he gasped, and grabbed her head with both hands, holding her steady while he pumped his prick into her. She opened wide and sucked it in, and the spurting gush of his orgasm began. His jizz squirted down her throat. She guzzled greedily, hot for the slimy juice.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Shanti groaned, eating his load. She jerked on the shaft of his cock, milking the scummy spunk out of him and into her mouth. She couldn’t taste it but it was thick and hot in her throat, and she gulped and moaned and sucked until he quit güvenilir bahis siteleri shooting.

Most men’s cock usually got soft in her mouth after it had emptied its hot load, but Rishi’s prick remained hard and firm across her tongue. Her blue eyes lit up with arousal, and she sucked him hard, making sure he stayed stiff.

“Now you have to fuck me,” she said thinking wickedly of what effect this talk will have on Rahul, the day was not far and raising her face from his hard cock. “Now you have to fuck my ass off!”

He pulled her upward, his hands filling with her hot, sweat-damp tits. Shanti climbed atop him, grinding her excited body down upon his. Her mouth covered his. She sucked his tongue the way she’d sucked his cock, and beneath her body, she could feel his prick, as big, as hard, and as eager for her pussy as it had been for her mouth.

“You just passed one of the tests,” she whispered. “I won’t fuck a man who doesn’t want to kiss me after I’ve sucked him off!”

He kissed her again spearing his tongue into her once more. “This should guarantee me a piece of ass, then,” he said. His hands went down to cup the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed lewdly atop him, spreading her legs to enfold him. The swollen length of his prick rubbed through her dark-furred crotch, stimulating the already-dripping lips of her cunt.

“I wanna fuck you so bad I can taste it,” Rishi said. “So why the hell don’t you let me taste it, bitch?”

He pulled firmly on her ass cheeks, and Shanti squealed in glee, sliding forward. She rubbed her wet cunt across his chest, bringing it toward his waiting face. He opened her with his thumbs, thrust his mouth upward, and began to lick the splayed coral-pink trench of Shanti’s aroused pussy.

She rode high and eager above him, squirming and squealing as his licking made her clit throb and twitch in response. He sucked at the hot bud, gnawing it gently with his teeth, sending white-hot jolts of sexual frenzy through the woman’s body. The tips of his thumbs moved onto the super-sensitive slickness of her cunt-slit, and one of them entered her wet pussy. He thrust as he nibbled her clit, and she screamed in growing abandon.

“Oh, fuck me, you horny bastard! Eat me, and then fuck meeeeeee!”

He fucked his thumb in and out of her, still chewing and sucking and licking and kissing her clit. She came twice, drenching his face with her juices, and he kept on eating, lapping at her steaming pussy as if he were in a contest at some rural county fair.

Looking up at her, he said, “I guess you still feel like fucking, don’t you, Shanti? I mean, I can call you Shanti, can’t I?”

“You can call me a nasty fucking cunt, if you want to,” she said, “just as long as you get that cock inside me!”

“Okay, nasty fucking cunt,” he said. “Get your ass off my face and I’ll give you what you seem to need.”

Shanti couldn’t remember ever being so excited about a sexual encounter.

She slid back down Rishi body.

“I’m fucking you, stud,” she said, lifting herself above his stiff cock. She rubbed the tip through her dripping pussy. “It does feel nice and horny! Let’s see how it feels inside!”

She eased the cock-knob into her hungry cunt and slid downward, swallowing him with her pussy even more ferociously than she’d gobbled with her mouth.

His body stiffened beneath her as she took his cock in her pussy. She strained downward, writhing above his groin. He put a hand on her tits, another on her ass, and he began to fuck hard, straight up into her cunt.

He stabbed hard, piercingly, filling Shanti’s pussy again and again with the swollen meat of his cock. It was hard to believe she’s sucked him to a blistering, gushing orgasm. He was stiff and eager, and she was easily as wet and eager to receive him. The knob of his cock fucked deep into her belly, stirring her cunt frantically.

Shanti swamped his cock with her steamy cunt, riding down to gulp him home time after time. She rocked as she fucked him, and she clutched at her tits, moaning and shuddering and coming down the shaft of his prick.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Rishi gasped beneath her.

She could feel the mounting excitement throbbing through his cock-shaft. It matched the fiery arousal that bubbled inside her cunt. She met him stroke for stroke, grinding her cunt down onto his prick, eating it to the balls repeatedly.

She came twice more while she rode him.

She leaned forward, moving her tits across his chest. He caught them, squeezing the plush mounds, bringing them to his lips for more bites and sucks and kisses. She moaned, her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her hard, hot nipples.

“Drink me!” she moaned. “Oh, drink me!”

His cock swelled inside her cunt. It felt so fucking big she thought her pussy might rip open. But he didn’t miss a stroke, and she didn’t miss a stroke, either.

The fucking wasn’t as fast, as jackhammer-like, as it had been at the start. They were down to the slow grinding phase now, but slow didn’t mean dull. The head of Rishi’s prick stabbed repeatedly into the lusting maw of Shanti Sridhar’s pussy, and she chirped and moaned and whimpered, feeling yet another climax building inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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