Shiks Appeal

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I grew up in a pretty restricted environment. As a religious Jewish kid in the city it was difficult to follow all the rules while surrounded by so much temptation. I did the best that I could: Ate the right foods, listened to my parents and dated girls within my community. The fantasies were powerful though. If only I could step out of my shoes for just a little while, what could happen? But I never thought that I would actually act on something that far out of bounds.

Having just dipped in and out of yet another fruitless and boring relationship with a girl my cousin recommended, I was in a bit of a funk. That Saturday night my friend Justin practically begged me to go to this girl, Aliza’s birthday party. We’d gone to school with her and would probably know most of the people at the bar. Two factors that I did not find appealing, but who can resist the powerful pull of peer pressure, right?

So off we went. It was a chic place on the Upper East Side which meant it was jam-packed with young professionals looking to meet someone of the opposite sex. Typical meat market and I was not in the mood. I’m told that I am very good-looking – six feet tall, light brown hair and blue-green eyes that all of the girls I’ve been with have absolutely adored. I work out regularly and eat well. But a funk is a funk, and I was not having any of it tonight. Or so I thought. I deposited my sorry self on a couch near my friends and settled down to wallow in a good old storm of self-pity.

I’d barely even begun when the most beautiful creature I had ever seen walked into the bar. She was tall – about five-seven perhaps, with dark-brown, straight hair that flowed luxuriously across her shoulders. Her features were divine, angelic even, supple lips and deep, chocolate eyes and a light tan. She entered with a group of people and headed for my area! Our eyes locked as she crossed the crowded lounge and after saying hello to a few people nearby, she sat down right next to me on the couch. She was even sexier from up close. She was wearing a fitted tank top with a simple gold pendant around her neck. Tight jeans accentuated shapely hips and a perfect ass. For a moment, I couldn’t say a word. I’d never felt like this! Why was I feeling so shy?

Finally, I sputtered, “So I guess you’re friends with Aliza, huh?” and pointed over to the birthday girl at the next table.

“Who?” she asked. “Oh no, I’m here for another party, I guess. That guy over there,” she pointed, laughing.

I’m a little embarrassed now, but try not to show it. “Feel like dancing, anyways?”

“Sure,” she surprised me, “Why not?”

Without another word I stand up and offer her my hand. She looks up at me and dazzles me with her smile. Then she takes my hand and I feel like I’ve been shocked. The merest touch of her skin on mine made me catch my breath. What was happening? No time to think though, we were already squeezing our way onto the already tight dance floor. No room to be polite either. Immediately we found ourselves pushed up against each other, gyrating to the music. I had thought that her hand was incredible, but that was nothing compared to the way I felt with her body pressing so close to mine. It was hard to tell if she could really dance because there was so little room, güvenilir bahis but we both definitely had a lot of rhythm and began to explore each other with our hands and bodies. I felt myself reacting in a way that I knew was inappropriate, I don’t even know this girl’s name and I was getting hard on the dance floor! I could not believe what was happening to me! I leaned down to ask her what her name was and found her looking up at me with a mischievous smile.

She stood on her toes and whispered into my ear, “It’s Jessica, and I feel you getting hard.” Oh god, now I am absolutely mortified and I feel my face turn bright red. Mr. Happy doesn’t go anywhere, of course, and there’s nowhere to hide. Noting my obvious shame, Jessica laughs and says, “I think you’re the hottest guy in the room, do you want to go somewhere more quite to talk?”

I could not believe my ears. The most beautiful girl I’d ever seen just picked ME up. And aggressively, too!

Now it was my turn to bend down. “Yes. I’m Dave,” I whispered into her ear. Suddenly, feeling brazen, I tilted her chin up towards me with my hand and softly kissed her on the lips. Completely out of character for me, I don’t usually even kiss someone until the second date at the very earliest. Something was going on!

I could not believe my luck. Who would have thought that I’d meet such a pretty girl at a birthday party? And so for the second time in less then half an hour, our hands clasped and Jessica led the way out.

Once outside, we began to walk. Aimlessly, I thought, not realizing that she was taking us to her apartment nearby. We talked for a while about nothing in particular, the city, friends, work, and then I asked her, “How religious are you, by the way?” Actually, a relatively typical question in my community.

Jessica looked confused though. “Not very, what do you mean?” Even her frown was sexy.

And so I pursued this train of thought, “Well, I mean, what synagogue do you go to, I’ve never seen you around.”

Now she was laughing out loud and I immediately understood my mistake, even before she opened her mouth to speak.

“You’re Jewish!” she exclaimed. After laughing hysterically again for a moment, she calmed down and sad, “I’m sorry, but I’m Catholic.” Wow. Well that explained a lot. Oh what a waste of time. I couldn’t believe it. It Had been too good to be true, after all. Looking for the words to explain to her that I would have to get going, she spoke first, surprising me yet again.

“I guess this isn’t going to go anywhere after that, huh?” Her eyes twinkled and my heart suddenly doubled its pace. “Well that doesn’t mean our night has to end here, does it?”

I couldn’t believe this girl. I had never been with a girl that wasn’t Jewish and here was my chance with a stunningly attractive woman. How could I possibly resist?

“Umm…,” Slightly behind my game tonight. “I… uh… what…what exactly did you have in mind?” Wow, was I embarrassing myself tonight!

Jessica did not seem to mind though. Taking my hand once more she pulled me closer and whispered, “Come inside and I’ll show you.”

I hadn’t even realized that we were standing in front of her building. Usually, I am the one taking charge. Leading the way as well as the türkçe bahis play. Not tonight though. Tonight, I was merely an obedient actor, playing my part and doing as I was told. She reached her hand under my shirt on the elevator and caressed my chest. Lightly tweaking my nipples, she roughly kissed my neck and face. Jessica giggled when I moaned and playfully squeezed my crotch as we got off the elevator.

It was a studio apartment and it was not a far walk to get to her bed in the middle of the room. We shed our shoes by the door, and standing by the foot of the bed, Jessica finally showed a little nervousness. I decided it was time to take control. I hugged her tightly and told her that I thought she was the most beautiful thing from the moment that I’d seen her coming into the bar. Then I caressed her checks with my hands and kissed her lightly on her brow. I felt her lithe body relax in my arms. Her breathing deepened and she began to rub my back. First gently and then gaining force. She grabbed my belt from behind and trailed her fingers along the leather until her hands met at the buckle. Her confidence had obviously returned. I pulled my shirt up over my head. With one hand she began to explore my abs and chest while the other unclasped my buckle. Everywhere she touched sent shivers along the reset of my body. I wanted more.

I stroked her hair and tugged her shirt off too. Leaving her bra on, I began to kiss and lick her neck and shoulders, letting my hands lightly glide across her chest and shoulders. Returning to her lips, I kissed her again. This time more deeply and passionately than before. Our tongues danced and rejoiced as I ran my fingers through her hair and along her cheeks. I pulled her head towards me. Into me. Inhaling her soul.

After eons, our kiss broke and she asked seductively, “Are you ready?”

Her hands were back on my pants, already unbuckled, and she continued her prior efforts. She tugged my jeans down, leaving me standing in my briefs. She put her hand up against my huge bulge and looked up at me. Smiling, she knelt down on her knees and put her mouth up against the cotton, right over my rigid cock and pretended to bite. She exhaled slowly and deeply with her mouth up against me and I thought that I might explode right there! Finally, when I though that I could not take another second of this, she pulled my shorts down completely and threw them aside.

Completely nude now, I felt both extraordinarily powerful and yet extremely vulnerable at the same time. Still on her knees, she took my throbbing member into her hand and began to stroke tenderly up and down. She then moved her hand to cup my balls and started to lick alongside the length of my cock from the base to my head. Side to side and then up and down, she looked up at me again. Oh god, I could fall in love with those soulful eyes.

“I’m going to take you in my mouth now,” and so she did.

Nothing could have prepared me for this sensation. Somehow she managed to keep her eyes on mine the entire time as her head bobbed up and down on my dick. Finally, her tempo slowed and I urged her to her feet.

“Your turn,” I huskily informed her and reached behind her to unhook her bra. I fondled her erect nipples, feeling them get even stiffer güvenilir bahis siteleri under my touch. Licking and blowing on them, alternating hand and mouth, I felt a current of electric excitement course through her body. Every part of her was perfect and ready. She was not wearing a belt and with my lips on her stomach I undid her jeans and pulled them down over her legs. She wriggled a bit to help me and I have never been so turned on. Pushing her down on the bed, I removed her pants from her around her ankles. Pacing myself, I kissed her legs, her knees, her inner thighs; all the while reaching up with my hands, teasing her gently over her soft, cotton panties. Then up to her flat tummy. And even further up to her neck. Finally, when I thought she might burst before I even got started, I allowed my mouth and hands to meet at her crotch. I rolled her waistband down and nibbled gently on the newly exposed skin. Pulling them all the way off, I began to kiss her all around the pelvis, just barely nuzzling her steaming-hot pussy.

Jessica couldn’t handle this anymore and she grabbed my head, pushing my face into her burning slit. I opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to feel and taste and tickle and play. Her clit was more than ready for me and we frolicked in her heavenly valley while my fingers explored the wetness below. I slipped in first one finger and then two, and she moaned her approval. After letting her juices get me properly lubricated, I quickly found her G-spot and rubbed her in a circular motion, matching pace with my tongue on her clit. With my other hand, I began to put pressure on her pelvis, right above my tongue, where she could feel her clit being massaged from inside and out.

Her moaning got louder, “More, more, more!!!”

I quickened the pace and within moments I tasted and felt her coming in my mouth and on my hands. Her body convulsed along with her pussy and I wanted to be inside her so badly it hurt. Both of us scrambling now with an urgency not felt before, I climbed on top of her and lay on her sensuous body. Pausing to stare again at her eyes, I allowed her to reach between our legs and grab a hold of my cock once more.

“I’ve never wanted someone so badly in my life.” She was nearly in tears and I believed her. I felt exactly the same way. Together, we merged into one, the instant my penis entered her wetness felt like a reunification. As if this is where I had always belonged and every moment when I was not physically connected to her was a terrible loss that I was mercifully unaware of. The moment of penetration seemed to last forever and I was swept away by it. Overloaded by sensory input, her touch, her caress, her blazing eyes, and of course the intense carnal intimacy we were sharing. I wanted it to last forever. And I wanted to offer her all the pleasure in the world.

“Grind up against me,” I instructed.

I lifted her tight, pert ass off the bed and helped her push her clit against my own pelvis as we thrust our way to ecstasy.

“I’m almost there!” she panted.

“I’m waiting for you,” I whispered.

Moments later, she began to come again, and her nearly violent tremors set me off. “Oh my god!!”

I collapsed on top of her and she gripped me tightly in her arms.

“So…what’s with the whole Jewish thing?” She asked with a smile.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Have you ever thought about changing religion?” I laughed.

Laughing with me, she spanked me playfully and said, “Not until tonight…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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