Showering with Maria

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Later I awoke, sunlight streaming into the bedroom and my arm snaked across to touch you. I grasped and only got a handful of tousled bed-covers. You’re gone! I’m alone in your bed. I push back the covers and……. I have that morning fever lads get as they awaken! An erection! Why does it always do that?

I need the bathroom! Mebbe a cold, damp cloth might make the darned thing go away!

I slip naked from your bed and dash for the bathroom door, twisting the handle and pushing my way inside. That’s when I heard the sound. Splashing of water against tile. Someone was using the shower. A gulp of panic! Was it your daughter? SHIT! She mustn’t see me!! And me bullock-naked! OH FUCK! I glanced up and, through the frosted glass; I could see your shape and the panic left me. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I took a few steps and slid open the glass shower-door, glancing at your cute, wet ass as I reached past you to grab a wet flannel. But, just as my fingers close around the flannel you catch my wrist and pull me into the shower-cubicle with you and, with a little chuckle, slide the door closed once more.

“Oh no!” you giggle, “Have you come to ravish güvenilir bahis me again?” releasing my wrist, your hand sweeps back to touch me but, guess which ‘piece’ of me your searching fingers find first! Yes….. that ‘Morning Woody’! “Oh my word!”you exclaimed, “It’s true! You have come to have your wicked way with me!”

Is that mock horror in your voice Maria, amid those little giggles? YES!

Even as you speak you turn you body away from me, the cheeks of your ass, wet and soapy, nudging against my cock, your deft fingers already guiding it downwards. As your left foot moves to rest on a low tiled shelf, my cock slips between your rounded globes and nudges against the sweet lips of your pussy. Your fingers stroking my cock just once before you guide it inside your lips and, as your hips push backwards, my cock slips deep inside you.

“Oh My!” you giggle excitedly, “My Brit is invading sovereign American soil! Again!”

And I have to chuckle Maria. This is hardly a Brit invasion is it? I have hardly even moved! This so-called ‘invasion’ is all of your doing! But…… seeing as my cock is just where he wants to be……….. I’m not really türkçe bahis worried!

My left hand snakes around your hips onto your tummy pulling you further onto my erection as my right hand slips around to squeeze your right breast. Squeezing your soapy tit as my cock slowly withdraws and then slides back into your warmth. Oh God Maria! This feels divine, your pink slit envelopes me so beautifully.

Again, sliding out until just my shiny helmet remains inside you and then….. Slowly sliding inside. Deep! Total intrusion! My pubic hair against your wet ass as my left hand pulls you back. And a little gasp escapes your lips as I groan with pleasure, my other hand squeezing, kneading the soft flesh of your big, plump tits.

A little faster now, my wet belly slapping against your soapy buttocks. Slap slap slap! a little faster, a little harder, both my hands moving to grasp your full hips. My cock delving inside your lovely, hot pussy. My hands pulling you back onto each thrust. Your arms reaching out to the tiles in front of you, fingers splayed, each thrust inside you causing that little familiar noise in your throat.

“Oh Stan! Oh Stan! Fuck me! Fuck güvenilir bahis siteleri me!” your urgent request.

I need no further bidding as my own need builds too. SLAP SLAP SLAP! fucking my cock in’n’out of your hot cunt. Faster and faster as you begin to squeal. My thrusts almost savage as my cock pounds inside you. That growl….. deep in my throat as I reach that point of no return, my cock twitching deep inside as I squirt my thick cum inside you. Again, my eyes clenched tightly closed as I fill you with my cream. Again! And again, your tiny muscles now milking at my cock! Demanding every drop I have! Squeezing….. that final spurt jetting from my cock as my finger-tips dig into your flanks, holding your clenching cunt onto my throbbing shaft. GOOD GOD!

My knees perhaps a little wobbly, my breathing heavy and ragged as the water-jets splash over us both.

Slowly you stand upright, my cock slipping from your pussy and you turn towards me. Your finger-tips slowly sliding upwards over my hairy chest and onto my shoulders. You pull me down slightly and brush your sweet lips against mine.

“Oh Stan darling,” you whisper, “Has your ravishing of me made you a little tired? Perhaps you should rinse your ‘little soldier’ off and go back to bed for a while. I’ll freshen up a little here and call you when I’ve made some coffee.”

Well sweet Maria! That seems a good idea to me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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