Social Networking Ch. 04

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It was early for a Saturday morning, probably around 7 am when I awoke from a dead sleep and was unable to go back asleep. Heather was sleeping soundly to my right with her back to me. I stroked her soft hair as she slept. My mind was racing.

What had I done to my sweet wife? My plan to fake sensual massage training to make love to Heather more often had transformed into me touching her friends in very inappropriate ways. I didn’t feel like I had cheated on Heather but I sure felt guilty. I had touched Marie, Becca and Beth in areas that most wives would definitely be concerned about but my wife was frigging her pussy watching a video of my latest exploits. I loved Heather very much and was excited about her new sexual awareness but I was afraid that it would get out of hand.

I was lying in bed trying to convince myself to stop the massage charade and come clean to Heather. This could only get worse. Sooner or later I would go too far and ruin our loving relationship. Logic told me that the only course was to stop immediately. However, what was concerning me was that Heather seemed more alive sexually than ever before. That was my goal when I told her the lie of my massage training.

My mind wandered to reliving all of my massage moments. The firmness of Marie’s big tits, the sight of Becca’s blond pussy as she opened up her legs for me to see and Beth’s puffy nipples that grew with every rub. My dick was quickly getting hard as these sexual images tormented me. My God, it was exciting to touch other women. My beautiful wife was cheering me on and providing a steady stream of gorgeous young women for my pleasure. I do believe that all of my massage partners were helped by me. I had always been very good at listening to women and giving advice. Before I met Heather, I had more friends that were girls than guys. Women found me safe and comforting.

My deep thoughts were interrupted by Heather rolling over and placing her left leg over mine. It was her favorite position. I often told her

“No sandwiches!”

As she piled her leg on top of mine like two pieces of bread, she was not awake so I started lightly stroking her inner thigh. She was wearing just a t-shirt that barely came to the bottom of her ass. I continued higher and higher trying to get as close to her pussy without touching it as that would surely wake her. She loved to sleep in on Saturday and I didn’t want to be the one that woke the hibernating bear. It would not be pretty.

Heather was a beauty and I loved her more than I thought was possible. I loved everything about her. We connected on every level, mentally, spiritually and now we were definitely connecting physically. I had convinced myself that the massages of Heather’s friends had to stop. My massages had done exactly as I had planned and I was content to just touch my wonderful wife from now on.

As Heather turned on her tummy, I slipped out of bed and quietly left the bedroom. I went downstairs and read the paper with a cup of coffee while Heather got her beauty sleep. I set the table for breakfast and even found a blooming pink rose in the garden that I cut and placed on the table.

Eventually, I heard some footsteps upstairs so I started breakfast. It really worked out great as Heather walked in the kitchen; I was just taking the eggs and bacon off of the stove.

“Good morning sleepy head. How is the love of my life doing this morning?”

Heather just looked at me longingly and said.


I poured her a cup and she sipped it slowly.

“I have never slept so well in my life.”

“I guess you had a big day yesterday. What wore you out so much?”

I was thinking about her rubbing her pussy until she had a huge orgasm — maybe that was it. In fact, I guess she was thinking about that too as she said.

“You are such a wonderful person taking care of Beth. I am so sure she had a wonderful time and really felt so much like a woman. You have such a way with women. I can’t wait to talk with her on Monday. And now a wonderful breakfast just for me.”

We had not talked at all about Beth. I didn’t want to bring it up as I knew exactly how she knew about what Beth was feeling. She had seen it all on tape. I decided to just take the compliments and not cloud the issue with details.

“Hey…what does a wonderful breakfast buy me in bed tonight?”

“An extra pillow.”

“I was thinking about some kind of service.”

“I will change the channels on the TV for you while we watch a Lifetime movie.”

“You are not getting it and you are starting to piss me off.”

“I know exactly what you are talking about. You are so predictable.”

Heather came over and kissed me on the neck and said.

“I’ll see what I can do for my Masseur.”

Heather and I had a wonderful day. It rained most of the afternoon so I got out of cutting the grass. We went to the mall and browsed the shops. After lunch at the food court, Heather remembered she had a coupon for a free panty at Victoria’s Secret. Heather was always pretty güvenilir bahis conservative in her selections of lingerie. Today was much different. She picked out a lacey thong for her free underwear but did not stop there. She browsed in the sexy lingerie and selected several camisoles, tanks and even a garter belt.

She headed to the dressing room and asked me to come along. I stood outside the dressing room pretending not to look out of place. It was always odd when your wife left you at Victoria’s Secret. It was hard not to look like a pervert looking at the panties. Of course, I had to avoid any one of the salesclerks asking me if I needed help.

I started looking at the pictures of beautiful women in their underwear on the wall when a young salesclerk approached me. She was a tall blond with a good figure. Her hair was pulled back which showed off her beautiful face. She was wearing all black, as all the salesclerks do. Oh no, here we go, I’m sure she is going to ask me if I need any help.

“Excuse me sir, your wife has requested that you come into the dressing room to help her decide on her purchases.”

“Is that allowed?”

“Usually not, but we really have no one in the dressing room or the store for that matter. I’m sure it will be OK.”

This young college coed escorted me to the dressing room and knocked on the dressing room door.

“Heather, I’ve brought your husband.”

Heather opened the door right up and stood in the doorway completely naked except for a black lace thong.

“Thanks Sara”

Heather said as she pulled me into the dressing room with her.

“You let me know if I can get you another size or color. I will be right outside.”

I put my arm around my wife as she shut the door. I whispered in her ear.

“What are you doing?”

“Just trying to be sexy; is it working?”

“That girl just saw your boobs.”

“It’s OK; she was just measuring them a few minutes ago. She had really soft hands.”

“What has gotten into you?”

“I just feel more excited than I have in years. You are a handsome sexy man and I want to please you like you have pleased my friends. “

Heather proceeded to change into the leopard skin camisole with orange trim and the matching panties with the garter belt.

“Oops these are a little loose on me.”

Heather said as she removed the panties and said.

“Sara, do you have these in one size smaller?”

As she said this she opened the door and stood facing Sara. Heather’s bald pussy was certainly visible to Sara as she took a good long look.

“Oh, that looks great on you. I’ll be right back with a new pair.”

As Sara walked away, I closed the door and said.

“You are standing almost completely naked showing that girl everything you have.”

“I think she has seen a pussy before.”

“Oh my God, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

Stunned, I sat down in the corner of the dressing room and watched my wife. Sara returned and said.

“Here you go Heather. I brought several styles so we can see what looks best on you.”

I about pissed my pants as I watched Sara get on her knees and hold out the panties for Heather to stick her legs through and then pulled them up my wife’s legs. She adjusted the front and the back of the panties, touching my wife’s skin as she commented.

“I think these fit great. They cover up just enough and they really show off your beautiful butt.”

Heather twirled and pulled on each piece of the outfit, admiring herself in the mirror.

“Here let’s try these. They have a bit more coverage.”

Sara pulled my wife’s panties down and replaced them with another pair.

‘I like these, but I think you looked a little better in the first pair.”

Again Sara removed the panties and put the first pair back on. I noticed that she was pulling them up very high on Heather. The front of the panty was disappearing into her pussy. Heather’s swollen pussy lips were surrounding the thin material. Sara then grabbed the front seams of the panty and placed her index fingers directly on my wife’s pussy lips. She adjusted the material and then ran a finger right up Heather’s slit. Heather slumped over and placed her hands on Sara’s shoulders. I think this had a huge effect on Heather and she was weak in the knees.

Sara stood up and said.

“You are about the sexiest thing I have ever seen. You have to get that outfit.”

Heather hugged Sara and I noticed that Sara was touching both of my wife’s butt cheeks during the embrace.

“Thank you so much for your help. I’m sure my husband really enjoyed this shopping trip.”

“OK, you go sit in the mall and recover while I change and make my purchases.”

I stood, glassy eyed and received a kiss from Heather. I walked aimlessly out into the mall and found a seat. I can’t believe what I just witnessed. Damn, I married a sexy woman.

Heather soon joined me as she left the store with several pink bags. We walked around the mall for another hour or so but to be türkçe bahis honest with you I could not remember where we went. Mentally, I was still in the dressing room with Sara and Heather. It was so out of character for Heather to be so outgoing sexually.

As we got into the car, she looked at me and said.

“You have been so quiet. I guess I totally freaked you out in the dressing room huh?”

“No…Yeah…I don’t know. I wasn’t expecting anything like that. Wow!” I said, not making a bit of sense.

Heather laughed “I have never seen you speechless, unable to get out a rational thought.”

“No it was great…fantastic…uh confusing, I don’t know.”

Heather showed a big smile and said.

“I’ll just let you recover awhile and we can talk later.”

When dinner time came around, we just decided to microwave a few dinners and eat quickly. As we sat at the dinner table, I asked Heather.

“What has got into you? You are a changed woman, a sexy woman. I love it.”

Heather began to twirl her finger in her hair. That was a sure sign that she was embarrassed to be saying what she was about to say.

“I have a heightened sense of excitement lately. I guess the massages that you gave me in the last several weeks have touched a nerve or switched something in my brain. I can’t think about anything but sex.”

“Are you sure that you are excited about my massages of you? You seem to be particularly enjoying my massages of your friends. “

“I don’t know if I really know what’s going on in my head about you touching my friends but I do know I am extremely excited lately. I guess it’s not a coincidence that when you told stories to me I got really excited.”

“Is it just the stories or do you like seeing me touch your friends?”

“I never was there…I never saw you touch Marie or Becca or …Beth.”

“Heather, I know you were not there but I think you may have seen some things.”

“What, I just listened to your stories and talked to my friends. I never saw anything.”

“Honey, I know about the video.”

There was a long silence. Heather looked away from me and would not make eye contact. I could see the tears streaming down her face. I stood up and knelt in front of her chair.

“I don’t care about the video. I only care about you. Actually, I’m relieved to bring it out in the open. At first it really freaked me out but I think I understand a little since I have had some time to think it over. Heather look at me.”

I grabbed her face and faced it towards me.

“I can tell that you really care about your friends and you care about me. I guess it is very unselfish of you to share me with your best friends. I think every one of them has been helped by me. At first, I felt guilty to touch another woman but I have come to believe that they really needed my help. The feeling that I came away with is much different than I expected. I feel good about myself. I feel that all of your friends feel better about themselves after my massage sessions.”

Still crying, Heather replied.

“But, I think you are disappointed in me. I have done a very bad thing.”

“Heather, who was hurt by you recording the video?”

“I don’t know.”

“No one was hurt. Beth is a much more confident woman and you are a much sexier woman.”

“But it feels wrong. I shouldn’t have these feelings.”

“The feelings are natural. They are your true feelings. They can’t be wrong. Why do you think that you are excited when I touch your friend?”

“You were so gentle and comforting to Beth. She was a scared girl before your session. Afterwards, she felt good about her body and more confident to tackle her problems with her husband. And she was beautiful and very excited. Somehow, I got excited watching you with her; just like I got excited when you saw Becca’s pussy. I don’t understand it but I do feel it. I love you and you are the love of my life. My friends need a man like you.”

I stood up and pulled Heather to her feet, hugged her for a long time and walked her to the bedroom. As we sat on the bed, she laid her head on my shoulder and held me tight. Finally, she spoke up.

“I’ll destroy the video.”

“No let’s watch the video.”

“No, it’s not right.”

“How else can we figure out your feelings? We can do this together. It’s the only way we can move forward. I can tell you what I was thinking and you can tell me what you were thinking.”

“I don’t know. It’s so strange to talk about. I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid. We know that we love each other and this will help us get closer.”

I looked Heather directly in the eye and said.

“No secrets?”

Heather sheepishly replied.

“No secrets.”

“Now go and get your bath and I will set up the video. By the way, where did you hide it?’

Heather went and retrieved the video from her underwear drawer and handed it to me. As she walked to the bathroom I started to feel guilty about the “no secrets” line. I guess I am too far into this to turn back now.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri turned down the lights, lit some candles and but in the tape. I tried to prepare myself for the replay of the video by thinking about what I was thinking during the massage. Heather soon emerged from the bathroom and joined me on the bed. We lay together facing the television, me behind her with my left arm over her hip.

“Are you ready for this?”

“I think so.”

I turned on the tape and the first several minutes showed the empty bed with the nature sounds in the background. I spoke up before fast-forwarding the tape.

“I really learned a lot about Beth during this time. She was so shy and reserved but I could tell that she really wanted to be massaged. I really felt bad about how her husband treated her. I could tell that she lacked any confidence. She seemed surprised that I would find her attractive. I mentioned that you could help her with her makeup. We even spent some time in front of the mirror just looking at her body and me complimenting her on her pretty features.”

“How did you know that she wanted to go through with it?”

“I could see it in her eyes. She looked really scared but I sensed a determination in her that she was not going to waste her one night out. She was ready for an adventure. I did give her an opportunity to chicken out and I almost thought that she was going to take it. I was scared too. Every time, I have been afraid that I was going to do something to dishonor you.”

I fast-forwarded the tape to the point that we came into the room. Heather spoke up first.

“Look at her she is so scared.”

“My hands were shaking when I first touched her.”

“Wow she is really getting into the foot massage. You are so good at that.”

I was now slowly running my hand up and down Heather’s side from just under her left breast all the way down to her knee. This had the effect of pushing her night shirt up substantially. She smelled wonderful from her bath and I was soon sporting an erection.

“Do you think I was wrong to massage her chest?”

“No that is the most unbelievable part of the video. Look, she is so self-conscious about her breasts that she doesn’t want you to see them. But this is really what excited me. You are so gentle with your voice and how you praised her that she was willing to open up and feel good about herself.”

I had now begun to cup Heather’s breast and squeeze on the nipple. My hand drifted down as she moved her left leg back to allow me access to her pussy. Her pussy was very wet and my finger moved easily up and down her slit. I settled on her clit and moved my finger in a circular motion.

“Oh look in her eyes she is getting so excited. Her breasts are beautiful and look at those nipples grow. Look her hand is going between her legs.”

I hadn’t noticed that during the massage. I now had two fingers in Heather’s pussy and she was breathing very fast. Beth was coming up to her orgasm and Heather was watching intently. As Beth finally completed her orgasm, Heather rolled back toward me and quickly stuck her tongue in my mouth. My hand continued to rub her pussy and she started pulling at my boxers.

“Fuck me!”

I rolled over and stood at the end of the bed. I pulled my boxers off and sat Heather up so I could remove her night shirt. I pulled her to the end of the bed and pulled her legs apart. Her clit was swollen and her pussy was soaked. I had no trouble getting hard with my gorgeous wife laid out in front of me. I grabbed her legs and rammed my dick in all the way. Heathers hands grabbed onto my ass cheeks and pulled me forward. I pulled my dick out and rubbed the tip on her engorged clit and she started thrashing about. I put her ankles over my shoulder and pumped feverously. I could feel her fingernails digging into my ass but that just made me pump harder. My hands were pinching her nipples and both of us were struggling to breathe. I moved my left hand down and started massaging her clit. Heather’s leg fell loose at my side as I shot my load deep into her. Her orgasm came just a few seconds later as she grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her pussy.

I collapsed on top of her and soon pulled my shrinking dick out of her. As I stood back up and walked away to grab a towel, Heather spoke up.

“Oh, I have hurt you.”


“Look at your butt cheeks.”

I checked them out in the mirror and was surprised to see several scratch marks and a little bit of blood. I returned with a towel and bent over to kiss her.

“I am so sorry. I got a little out of control there.”

“I like it when you get out of control. I love the woman you have become.”

We both slept like babies that night. I however, slept on my stomach as my butt was a little sore. I’m not sure if I figured out Heather’s feelings completely but I do know that seeing me with another woman makes her very intense sexually.

A week later, Heather met me at the door.

“I have another massage client for you.”

“I thought we were going to cool it for awhile so we could figure everything out?”

“This is an emergency. I need you to heal someone.”

“Let me guess; a broken, battered woman with an uncaring husband who doesn’t understand her?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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