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The tiny boat rocked back and forth, its planks creaking and lines groaning as the water lapped against its sides. Stepping uneasily from the small, single person craft, I set a foot onto the sun bleached and splintering wooden dock. The sky was overcast, the sun blotted out by a canopy of gray and white clouds. My boots drummed on the dock with each step as I walked toward the shore. Behind me was a vast lake of calm water, which fluttered almost silently against the shore. Right up to the water’s edge, a heavy drift of snow covered the earth. Bits of grass poked through the permafrost, almost in defiance of the harsh atmosphere, as if protesting the very world they thrived in.

The snow crunched underfoot as I walked toward the trees. A squirrel eyed me curiously; an owl’s gaze darted toward me. I knew no trail, but pulled my coat tighter, and walked into the forest. The snow persisted, even under the trees, and I felt my feet sink time and again. I was able to comfort myself, because I knew that each laborious step was one step closer to warmth.

Tree sap and fresh air filled my nostrils, but were soon punctuated by a darker smell. Sulfur and burnt oak: a fire. I was close.

My breath fogged as I came to the small wooden cabin, light illuminating the curtains, casting shadows of flowers and plants. The pillar of smoke, my beckoning, spiraled from the chimney.

With a gloved fist, I rapped on the door. In a moment, it swung open.

Warm air flowed over me, a warm glowing light filled me, and there she was, the subject of my journey. He long, curled red hair hung over her shoulders; her deep hazel eyes stared into mine; her curved body clad in a flowing fur coat.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said, flashing a wide smile, revealing a perfect row of ivory white teeth.

I felt my heart jump, my lips curve into a wide, unbreakable smile. A warm glowing feeling in my chest. “I know,” I blurted out.

For a moment we stood, staring into each other’s gaze, transfixed.

Without a word, she stepped back, and I walked in.

The door closed behind me, and pendik escort I slid the lock shut. A few lanterns were scatted about, hanging from the rafters, casting a flickering light over the single room. Fire burned a few logs in the brick fireplace, filling the room with warmth.

“I can’t believe I’ve made it.”

“I always knew you would,” she said confidently, resting her hands on my shoulders.

My hands found their way to her hips, gently pulling her against me. Our eyes were wide, our lips apart, our breath quick. It was sudden, and we hesitated. Our lips were dangerously close, our hearts beating faster as passion took hold. I felt her soft, warm hand curve behind my neck, pulling me toward her.

When I think back on it, it’s as though the memory is lost. The exact moment of our lips meeting is vanished, and only the passionate joining is in my mind. My hands wandered over her, bits of ice and snow falling from my clothing as we held each other. Her hand ran through my hair, I peeled my gloves off, her fingers pushed each of my buttons through their buttonholes. I shrugged off my coat, baring my chest, leaving only my trousers and boots.

I felt her hands press against my stripped shoulders, pushing me back onto the deep cushion of the only chair in the cabin. I smiled up at her, and she smiled down on me. As I sat, she unbuttoned her coat, never breaking our stare, and never dropping her smile.

Slowly, her coat opened, and my jaw dropped. A black corset wrapped tightly around her body barely covered her full breasts, and a pair of black panties covered her waist. My wide eyes took in the sight of her body as she dropped the coat in a pile around her bare feet.

“I told you,” she said, dragging a lock of hair behind her ear, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

I felt an erection growing in my trousers, pressing against the fly. My fingers curled around the arms of the chair, and I shifted in my seat. She leaned forward, bending one leg to my side, resting it on the chair. My hands wrapped around her, pulling her against me once more, our lips locking maltepe escort again. After all this time, I could finally taste her.

She brought her other leg onto my side, straddling me. My lips wandered over her, voraciously sucking and kissing any bit of flesh they could find. I kissed down her neck, onto her bare shoulder, feeling her writhe in my grip. My hips were grinding up into her, rubbing my clothed erection against her concealed sex. Her stifled moan of pleasure echoed through my ear, and I felt my hairs stand on end.

“I want you,” I whispered, desperately, pathetically.

She took my hand in her delicate fingers, guiding it down the curve of her neck, down her cleavage, and finally into her panties. I felt her fleshy clit, and teased it with the tips of my fingers. Her head leaned back, her hair draping from her scalp like a scarlet waterfall. Her pursed lips let out a moan of pleasure, and her legs clamped against my hips. Cautiously, my hand slid down her sex, parting her quivering pussy lips.

“Oh god,” she groaned, her hands squeezing my shoulders. I buried my face in her cleavage, kissing and sucking her warm, salty flesh. We climbed to our feet, and my hand wandered into her. She pulled me closer, her knuckles turning white.

My free hand strayed to my belt, quickly unfastening it and peeling it off, letting it fall to the cabin floor. As she was lost in pleasure, I kicked at my boots, knocking them from my feet, letting them skitter across the room. My bare feet were soon surrounded by my trousers, finally baring my full body to the comfortable cabin air.

She squirmed as I pumped in and out of her wet body, enveloping my fingers time and again. I walked behind her, letting my bare chest press against her back, my free hand grip her breast. She wrapped a thumb under each side of her panties, easing them down her bare legs, letting them fall. Dancing shadows of the dying fire outlined her pale skin. Her hips bucked against me, and her hands desperately pulled at my flesh, urging me against her.

“Please,” she panted, “Please give kartal escort it to me…”

I kissed her cheek, and slowly pulled my fingers out of her, dripping in her juices.

“Anything for you.”

Her body eased back onto the sheets, lying on the luxuriant four posted bed of carved and stained mahogany. The pale body, clad in only a tight black corset, was framed in the comfortable sheets and blankets over a plush mattress.

I climbed atop her, kissing her on the lips, holding myself up with one hand planted beside her head. My other hand held my throbbing erection, hovering over her nude, quivering sex. Her body twisted under me, and I spent a moment enjoying her pure desire.

“I’m ready,” she groaned, begging.

A smile arched over my face, and I eased my body onto hers, pushing the head of my erection against her hips, feeling a slight resistance before finally penetrating. “Ooo!” she moaned, grasping the sheets in balled up fists. I leaned my head back, letting my weight drive me down into her, sliding deeper into the folds of her body.

Her ankles locked around mine, even as I kicked into the sheets, driving myself in and out at a slow, methodical pace, enjoying every moment I spent sliding each inch of flesh into and out of her. The juices of her body made it almost effortless, and my hips began to rise and fall a bit faster. Our bodies slapped together, the mattress creaking under us. Our pants and groans became harmonized, in time with our thrusting hips.

Again and again, my cock impaled her, pushing her further and further up the sheets. Our sweat mingled between us, and her nails raked across my back. With grit teeth and tight muscles, I plunged into her with a determined rapidity. Her cries of pleasure were almost drowned in my swimming mind, completely lost in the pleasure.

I felt my climax climbing up my shaft, and pushed into her with more determination that ever.

“Oh god,” I managed to groan out.

It burst from me. A torrent, a current of warm, sticky cum spilled into her accepting body, and she screamed out, grabbing tufts of my hair. Once, twice, I thrust weakly into her, even as I poured out all my energy.

My shaky arms gave way; I collapsed, laying on her, panting hard.

Unwilling to slide out of her, I held her tight in my arms. My journey was at an end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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