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When I woke, I automatically knew it was early morning. I also knew I had the most delectable creature lying beside me. My sleeping cock was pressed between the cleft of her ass. I’m extremely picky about the women I bed, but this one… well, she had a vibrancy around her that I just couldn’t ignore.

She was laying on her side with her back to me. She was in a deep sleep so I just watched her. My mind replayed the evening’s events. She was outstanding at sex. So open and willing to do anything I wanted. Not that I would force her, but I could tell she wanted to give herself to me. It was for pure enjoyment.

My flaccid penis swelled as I remembered it all. She didn’t know quite what to expect as I lay on top of her but reacted just as I had hoped when I shoved myself into her body. She was hot and tight and almost made me cum at that moment. But I didn’t. She jerked, gasped, arched her back and almost threw me off to being invaded by my thick penis. I’ve had women comment that I’ve been too much for them. But not this one. Not by any means. She took all of me and begged for more.

Alisandrea. What a unique name for such an exquisite woman. Pity though, she didn’t realize just how sexual she was. And how oral, too.

I watched as her breathing changed and knew she was awake. She sat up and looked around the room and smiled to herself. I pretended to be asleep as she rose from the bed and silently walked to my bathroom. I truly appreciate a nude form.

In a few moments I heard the shower running. I walked in to find her leaning against the wall enjoying the spray. I stepped into the shower and pressed my body to hers.

She smiled at me and kissed me softly. Her breasts puckered against my skin and my hands slid around to her ass and I pulled her tight to me. She only moaned and lifted her leg. She wanted it. Good.

I lifted her and sat her on the custom made bench in the shower and spread her legs wide. I took the hand held sprayer and proceeded to rinse off her skin, working my way up her feet to her thighs, removing any juices that had been caused by the previous night’s feast.

I ran my fingers over her lips and watched as she shivered. She reached down her and pulled her lips apart. It was a garish display but I approved of it. I sprayed her gently, letting web tasarım my fingers slide over every inch of skin, wiping away any residue. I moved the spray and pushed my fingers up inside her, feeling her muscles clench my fingers. She moaned and arched her back. Her hands moved to her breasts and pinched the nipples. A beautiful pair of peachy rose tipped breasts. I kept pushing two fingers into her, making sure I didn’t leave any spot untouched. Her breath was faster, her hips pushing to meet my fingers. I could see her clit hard and demanding attention but I didn’t touch it. My cock was erect and standing out from my hips. I knew she would come any moment and pulled away from herm, pulling her up with me.

She whimpered, a puzzled look on her face. I handed her the spray and sat down on the bench, spreading my legs. She smiled at me and slid to her knees. She sprayed me gently, holding my cock in her hand. It felt marvelous to have her hands rub me. She stroked the length of it, eyes glazed over with lust. She rubbed my balls gently, letting her hand slide down underneath them to make sure everything was clean. She leaned up and slid her mouth over the tip of my cock. So hot and moist. She handed me the sprayer and used that free hand to slide up my abdomen. Her tongue slid around my head making me groan. My hand caressed her face. So lovely with my cock in her mouth, it’s simply enjoyable.

She worked her way down my cock, letting it slide in slowly till she had half of it buried in her throat. I assumed that was as much as she could take. She pulled back to the tip and licked it softly and sucked me back inside. She kept doing this as her hands roamed my body but I needed more. I pulled her back and stood up. She stood up and I turned her around and pressed her up against the wall of the shower. She lifted her leg to the bench, which I assumed that was an open invitation. I moved behind her and pushed her arms up over her head where she found the special handle I had installed for such an occasion. My hands slipped between her legs and I found her moist, wet and ready. My fingers gently slipped over her clit and she gasped.

“James, please,” she breathed. That was all I needed. Her hand found my cock and pulled it to her. I pushed as hard as I could, my hands web tasarım ankara on her hips to steady us. She cried out and arched her back and I took advantage of it. I kissed her hard, her lips opening for me. I pulled my hips back and shoved in again and she groaned into my mouth. The water ran over our faces. She moved a hand down to her own sex and stroked me as I shoved into her as hard as I could. Typically I can contain my urges but there was something about her, about the way my cock fit inside her so perfectly that it made me want to fuck her hard. Very hard.

I moved my hands up to her breasts and cradled them in my hands. No matter how hard I am to fuck a woman, I always treat her breasts like gold. Soft in my hands with hard little nipples pressed against my palms. I kneaded them as softly as I could, but when I pinched her nipples, she started whimpering and shoving back against me. I knew I could not take anymore. I moved her hands up the handle, covered them with my own and proceeded to fuck the hell out of her. All I wanted at that moment was to explode inside her. She started quivering and chanting my name. Her pussy gripped me tight and I let go.

I howled out loud as I felt her shake and groan my name one last time. My hips kept pumping hard as I unleashed my seed into her body. I pushed one last time and collapsed against her. She was shivering uncontrollably. I released our hands and pulled her to bench, still inside her quivering pussy. I leaned back, letting her lay on top of me, the warm water spraying us softly. Neither one of us moved for a bit. Now I satisfied, for the moment.

She stood up and leaned forward, my cock released from her pussy. I could see our juices spill out of her. I took the sprayer and gently cleaned her out. We toweled off and moved to the bed where she laid on her stomach, wet hair trailing beside her. I straddled her hips and toweled off her hair, working my way down to her buttocks, such a lovely pair. I took my time drying them. I leaned over her and kissed her shoulder. My lips trailed down her back to those beautiful cheeks. I let my tongue slide down the cleft, teasing the little pink bud. She lifted her hips to meet my tongue. I pushed my tongue inside her bud, feeling the tightness, enjoying it. I felt her hips move and realized she had moved a hand to her clit and was gently rubbing it.

I straddled her hips and pushed my semi erect cock to her pink bud. She lifted her hips in invitation. That was all I needed. I reached over and took some lotion from the nightstand. Her asshole was the perfect angle for this. I spread some lotion on my hands and rubbed her cheeks with it. She moaned and I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying it. She reached back with her free hand and held it open. I poured some lotion into it. She grabbed my cock and lubed it up with her hand, stroking me to complete hardness. Then she moved it to her pink bud and pushed back with her hips. I didn’t need any more invitation. I moved my hips a bit and pushed against it. She was tight and I could feel her stiffen up.

I settled myself along her length and pulled her hand away from her. I replaced it with my own, rubbing my fingers on the sides of her clit and I felt her relax and moan under me. I kept rubbing it, but not touching it as I pushed into her ass. It was tight and I could tell she was doing her best to relax and let me take her. I pushed again and my cock popped into her ass.

She stiffened and whimpered and I took advantage and pressed my fingers to her clit, making her turn it into a moan of pleasure. I sank into her easily and found my cock fully buried inside her ass. She took it all. I was still for a moment amazed at the feeling of my cock shoved inside a woman. This woman, in her ass. It was so incredibly tight and hot. My fingers worked her clit harder and I could tell she was going to come on them any minute. I pulled out to the tip and shoved back into her hard. She moaned my name. Perfect. I rubbed her harder as I began fucking the asshole on the most exquisite female I had ever met.

It was hot and tight and it made me want to fuck her harder. She lifted her hips to meet mine and I drilled my cock into her ass. My fingers crushed her clit. She arched her back.

“Oh yes, do it,” she commanded. It’s not my nature to take orders from a woman but this time I knew it would please both. I moved my knees and moved into an almost crouch like position and proceeded to hammer her ass. She arched and cried out. Her clit jerked on my fingers and I squeezed it firmly.

I groaned and pushed one last time, my seed filling her. I groaned her name and collapsed on top of her.

“Spectacular,” she whispered softly as she relaxed under me.

“Perfect,” was my reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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