Spies , The Theatre Mix Pt. 01

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The Lord and The Kitty

The gas lights lit the stage in a warm yellow glow as she took her curtsey for the cheering audience. Spinning the pale blue silk parasol over her shoulder, she daintily picked up the matching blue silk skirts of her gown and left the stage, waving a gloved hand to the men who were clammering in the audience for more.

Exchanging a brief word with the stage manager, she paused in the dark wings listening to the audience calling for an encore. Casting a quick smile to the stage hand beside her, she tugged her gloves straight, furled the parasol meticulously then walked out onto the stage as if it were a mere afternoon stroll in the park.

Standing daintily in the spot light, she smiled out over the darkness of the audience and waited for silence. When she was sure the theatre was still, she began to sing, her mind wandering as her experience took her through the song for the thousandth time. Looking up at the boxes, she caught sight of a solitary male in the one nearest the stage, his dark hair swept back from his high forehead. He was scanning the audience casually, an unheard of activity during her performance.

Blowing a kiss to the band leader below the stage, she threw a wave to the audience as she left the stage for the last time that evening. Even she had her limits.

Walking into the care of her maid, she was ushered past the well-wishers who had infested the backstage area, many of them thrusting flowers and cards upon her. Smiling and thanking them graciously, she handed them to the nearest stagehand with orders to send the flowers to the nearest hospice, and then dumped all of the cards into a bin.

“Marie, leave me be,” she complained as her maid sat her at the dressing table and began to remove the pins from her hair.

“And have you leave here looking like a ruffian?” Marie asked as she ignored the mild rebuke. “I do not think so Miss Kitty.”

“I am perfectly able to care for my own hair and dress,” Miss Kitty said in warning, her eyes narrowing at her maid’s reflection. “You are to go outside and clear away all of those tiresome men, and then I want you to go home to your sister. Her time is close.”

Marie pursed her lips at her mistress’s expression, then shrugged her resignation. “At least allow me to see to your hair before I go.”

“Oh very well,” Miss Kitty said with ill grace. “But I would prefer it if you went to your sister.”

Removing the pins, Marie quickly brushed the silky blonde strands then tied them back with a scarlet silk ribbon. Picking up her bonnet and jacket, she looked at her mistress as she walked around the opulent dressing room, removing her jacket and skirt and picking up the silk robe.

“You will be alright miss?”

“Yes Marie!” Kitty said with a quick smile. “Go to your sister.” Ushering the maid to the door, Kitty pushed her out and slammed the door closed on her admirers with a roll of the eyes. At least the stage hands would clear them off soon.

Returning to her preparations, Kitty sat at the dressing table then raised her heeled foot up to the edge of it. Sliding back the silk robe, she ran her hands up her leg, smoothing out the silk stockings and retying the scarlet garter. She didn’t turn her head as the door opened and closed gently.

“Marie, I said to go home.”
“I believe she has,” a smooth male voice said. “I am looking for Miss Kitty?”

She looked him up and down, over the expensively cut jacket, the silk stock and the single diamond pin in the crisp linen folds. “Who are you?” she asked calmly, her hands resting on her exposed thigh.

“Lord Drogoh,” he answered as he glanced over the room, the silk clothes lying over chairs and the expensive furniture dotted around. “You are Miss Kitty?”

“I am,” she said with a quick nod of the head. Lowering her foot to the carpeted floor, she arranged the robe to cover herself and waved to the door. “You may now leave.”

“Not until I have completed my business,” he said. Lifting aside a sheer silk negligee, he examined it between his gloved fingers then sat on a chair and watched her with piercingly dark eyes. “Miss Kitty, I am looking for a man by the name of James Roberts.”

“Many people are looking for Jimmy, my Lord,” Kitty said with a charming smile. “And for some reason they always seem to think I know where he is.”

“Maybe because he is your ex lover?” Lord Drogoh asked with a quick smile.

Catching her breath at the smile, Kitty sat up straight and treated him to a penetrating stare. “We were lovers for a very short time several years ago,” she informed him in a low voice. “That is past history and I have not talked to Jimmy for some time. In fact the last time we did exchange words I also threw a knife at him. Unfortunately I failed to hit my target. So why are you here?”

Lord güvenilir bahis Drogoh sat back and shrugged elegantly. “I was informed Mister Roberts would be here tonight. I have some business I wish to discuss with him.”

“Then good luck to you,” Kitty said as she turned back to the dressing table. “I have seen neither hide nor hair of the cad. Good bye my Lord.”

“I think I shall remain where I am,” Drogoh said as he settled himself into the chair. “Please carry on Miss Kitty, and I shall wait for Master Roberts to appear.”

Staring at his reflection, Kitty’s mouth thinned in annoyance. Picking up the rouge pot, she carefully applied some to her lips to highlight them, then picked up the powder pot. The insufferable man was watching her from hooded eyes, his body perfectly still as only his eyes followed her movements. Well she maybe forced to endure his presence, but she was going to make him as uncomfortable as possible.

Easing the silk robe from her shoulders, she carefully dabbed the powder across her smooth pale skin, the cotton puff moving down to the swell of her breasts as they were pushed up high. Letting the robe slip lower, she uncovered the cerise pink of her corset to his eyes.

Leaning forward on the pretext of checking her lips in the mirror, she gave him an uninterrupted view of her breasts and the way the corset pushed them higher and rounder. Powdering them gently, she glanced at his reflection. His deep brown eyes were holding her’s, a small quirk of the mouth betraying his amusement.

“Do you treat all guests to such a display?” Lord Drogoh asked calmly.

“That depends entirely,” Kitty answered with a shrug, pleased by the way the corset moved and thrust her breasts up for a moment. “Do you always intrude upon other peoples privacy?”

“That depends,” he echoed. Looking up at a rap on the door, he glanced at her frown and got to his feet. “Are you expecting someone?” he asked as he picked up his beaver hat and settled it over his dark hair.

Shaking her head, Kitty hitched up her robe and turned to the door. Glancing at Drogoh as he stepped back into a shadowed corner, she rolled her eyes. “Come in!”

The door swung open gently and for a moment Kitty thought no-one was there, then a heavily coated figure slipped in and shut the door behind it. Opening her mouth to question the intruder, she frowned as a hat was removed to reveal a shock of red hair.


“Hello Kitty,” the man said as he unwound his muffler and unbuttoned his coat. “Long time.”

“You utter bastard!” she growled. Snatching up a crystal ornament from the dressing table, she flung it at his head as she rose. “How dare you show your face around here again!”

Catching her tightly to him, Jimmy laughed as she tried to claw his face. “Calm down woman, it was only a necklace.”

“It was my necklace, you thieving little bastard,” she growled as she struggled to free herself. “Get your filthy hands off me!”

“You never used to say that,” Jimmy answered in a warning growl. “Shut up woman, I want a word with you.”

“I don’t want to speak to you!”

“Tough shit.” Throwing her down on the chaise longue, he stared at her length of leg as the robe slipped away. “Damn but you’re attractive.”

“Touch me and I’ll claw your face off.”

“Aye, you would too.” Sitting down, his back was to Drogoh as he stood quietly in the corner. “Listen to me, I’m meeting a gentleman here in 5 minutes. Name of Jenkins. I have business to do with him, and he’ll only do business if he gets to meet you. Play nicely and there’ll be money in it.”

“What kind of business?”

“None of your damned business,” Jimmy said mildly. “Just play the haughty bitch for him, you’re good at that.”

“And if I won’t?”

“Then you’ll feel my fist.”

“Son of a bitch.”

“Been said before.” Leaning back, Jimmy let an eye rove over her. “Maybe I’ll get a fuck before I leave.”

“Touch me and I’ll scream.”

“The boys are too busy dealing with all the young whelps outside,” Jimmy said with a chuckle. “Just you and me love.”

“And me,” Drogoh said in a low voice.

Coming up in a fighters stance, Jimmy had a knife out of his pocket and launched at Drogoh before he or Kitty could react. Going down in a heap of tangled silk and gowns the two men fought for the knife. Watching for a moment, Kitty picked up the cudgel from the corner nearest to her and waited for her chance. Bringing it down hard across Jimmy’s shoulders, she swung it again and caught him in the stomach as he turned to deal with her.

Coming up on his knees, Drogoh grabbed the stricken man by the neck and forced him face down to the floor. Pulling his hands around to his back, he held out a free hand to Kitty. “Something to tie him,” he ordered sharply.

Almost instantly türkçe bahis a sash was laid across his palm. Looping it deftly around Jimmy’s wrists, he leaned back and then looked up at Kitty stood by them. Her robe hung loose, exposing her fully to his gaze. The cerise corset merely accentuated what nature had already given her, her breasts moving heavily as she breathed deeply. Her legs were clad in pale white silk stockings, a scarlet garter on each leg holding them in place. Matching French silk knickers covered her most intimate area, and he could see a damp patch there. The pale blue high button boots she had worn for her performance were still on her feet, an incongruous sight in the outfit.

“Have you seen everything my lord?” she asked sweetly, the cudgel swinging gently at her side.

“And rather impressive it is too,” he said with a disarming smile. “Thank you.”

“For the letching?” she asked with a raised brow.

“For the help,” he said with a nod to the groaning Jimmy. “Is there somewhere I can leave him for a few minutes?”

“Shove him in the water closet next door,” she said with a sniff.

Dragging Jimmy out of the door, Drogoh pushed him into the cubby hole and slammed the door closed. Returning to the dressing room, he found the owner trying to retrieve all of her clothes from the floor. “Will you look at this! Totally ruined,” she despaired as she held up a sheer silk negligee.

“Quite,” he said quietly. The blood still pumping through his veins from the fight was now coursing its way to another destination. “Quite ruined. I apologise for your loss, if you will send me a bill I shall be quite happy to reimburse you.”

“And just what is going on?” Kitty asked as she turned on him, her fists bunched on her hips as the robe swung open again. “What do you mean by brawling in my dressing room?”

“Ah yes, that,” Drogoh said as he checked his pocket watch. “I believe that a Mister Jenkins will be here any moment now.”
They both looked around at the quiet knock on the door. “Come,” Kitty said wearily.

A little man entered, a neat little hat on his otherwise bald head, a huge moustache hiding most of the visible face and a plain brown coat. “Excuse me,” he said, his eyes scanning over Kitty hungrily. “But I’m looking for a Mister Roberts.”

“That’s me,” Drogoh said as he stepped forward smoothly. “Mr Jenkins?”

“Yes,” the man said, vaguely shaking hands as his eyes stayed glued to Kitty and her exposed body. “Quite.”

Throwing Drogoh a filthy look, Kitty sat down on the chaise longue and patted the seat beside her. “Come sit with me Mr. Jenkins,” she purred, a cold look in her eyes. “Jimmy, perhaps you could pour us all a glass of brandy?” she asked as she nodded to the cabinet behind him.

“Of course,” Drogoh replied, laughter making his eyes sparkle.

“Now then Mr Jenkins, I understand you have some rather tiresome business to transact with Jimmy. Perhaps you could deal with that first then we can talk.”

“Of course, Miss Kitty,” Jenkins agreed readily, his eyes wide and his upper lip moist. Pulling some folded papers from his coat pocket, he held them out to her. “If you would do the honours?”

Taking them daintily, she treated him to a dazzling smile then handed the papers straight to Drogoh as he brought across three glasses. Handing Jenkins his glass, he took the papers, glanced over them and nodded to her.

Knocking back the brandy, Kitty smiled at Jenkins as he downed his own wine. “Jimmy has told me you have seen some of my shows,” she said sweetly, forcing herself to touch his hand.

“Oh yes,” he breathed, his eyes filled with excitement. “Such a wonderful voice.”

“Why thank you,” she sad with a genuine blush. “It is very kind of you to say such a thing.”

“Isn’t it?” Drogoh asked dryly as he stared at his watch. “Yes, that’s quite enough I think. Mr Jenkins, you are under arrest for the theft of papers of His Majesty’s government. I am sure the Peelers outside will give it the correct wording and charges.”

Looking between them, Jenkins jumped to his feet with his mouth opening on a rebuke, then his eyes closed, the glass slipped from his fingers and he sank to the floor.

“Wonderful stuff, sleeping drug,” Drogoh said as he took the man by the back of his coat and dragged him to the door. Opening it, he threw the unconscious man out then shut and locked the door. “I must thank you again Kitty for your help.”
Holding up her hand, she looked at the floor for a moment, then looked up again, her dark blue eyes holding his. “One question my lord, and a truthful answer if you please.”

“If I can,” he agreed.

“What did he steal?”

“New war ship designs,” Drogoh said after a moment. “The French are very interested in them. They hired Jimmy and Jenkins to steal them. I got wind güvenilir bahis siteleri of it and got ahead of them.”

“And what are you?”

“I thought this was one question?”

“This is my dressing room.”

“Quite.” Sitting on the chaise longue, he stretched out his legs and looked up at her stood over him. “I am a very special policeman, Kitty. I suppose you could say I am almost a spy.”

“How very interesting,” she said coolly. “And the brawl in my wardrobe?”

“Was rather gratifying,” he said with another smile. “And it seems you found it gratifying too. You are wet.”

“What of it?” she asked as her eyebrows went up in surprise.

“Are you not going to do anything about it?”

“Do you think I should?” she asked innocently.

“Oh quite definitely.”

Smiling for a moment, Miss Kitty reached down and slipped her fingers inside of her French knickers, the silk moulding to her hand and showing him in full detail precisely how she worked her fingers inside her hot centre, the way they stroked and circled her sensitive little nub. Looking up, he was pleased to see her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations she was creating in herself.

Sitting forward on the chaise longue, he ran his fingers up her legs and paused, waiting for the rebuttal that did not come. Leaning forward, he placed a kiss to the curve of her breast as his fingers found the edge of her knickers, then he was slowly teasing the silk down her thighs and over the garters. Casting them aside, he leaned back to watch her slim fingers working in her wet heat, the musky scent of her filling his head and making him dizzy.

“Are you not going to show me?” she asked in almost a purr, her legs opening slowly to give herself better access to her heat.

“Show you?”

Tossing aside her robe, Kitty leaned down and placed her hand over his crotch where his hard length was visible. “Show me,” she purred.

“Aah,” he breathed. Unbuttoning his trousers, he eased them aside and then released his hard shaft, the blood pumping through him making it grow bigger and harder as it came free.

Going down on her knees, Kitty leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss to the head, her breasts heaving over the top of the corset as she leaned forward. Taking him slowly into her mouth, she slid her tongue up and down him as she stole her hand inside of his trousers and stroked him there.

“Dear God,” he breathed. “Yes!”

Reaching out for her, he gripped her tightly by the waist and lifted her up onto his lap. Kissing and licking the curve of her breasts, he laughed as she wriggled herself until her nipples became visible over the constraining material. Taking them into his mouth, he bit gently and was rewarded by a low moan from her. Moulding and stroking her backside as she wriggled up against him, he licked and sucked her nipples repeatedly.

“Kiss me,” she breathed, her soft hands cupping his face as she tilted his head up. Catching his lips under her’s she pressed down on him, her tongue swirling into his mouth as she coaxed him forth. Pulling her tightly to his hard body, Drogoh gripped her tight and took in such a hot kiss it left them both breathless as they broke apart.


“Fuck me,” she said softly, her pussy rubbing against his shaft.

“Ride me,” he answered instantly.

Raising herself, she took him in her hand and placed him to her wetness, smiling down at him, she slowly descended, taking him inside her hot body an inch at a time until he was gasping. Fitting herself to him, Kitty slid her hands over his shoulders and nuzzled into his throat.

“Kitty please,” Drogoh whispered into her ear, his hands gripping her waist tightly.

Moving her hips gently, she slid her hot wet pussy over his length, slowly at first, driving them both to the brink with her teasing. As he growled and kissed her hard, she moved faster, driving him deeper into her body.

Tilting her head back, she let her hair fall free of the ribbon and cascade down over her shoulders as she gave herself to the ride, her body moving instinctively on his as he gripped her hard, pulling her down onto his length after each rise.

Moving down on him in short sharp jabs, she gasped as his fingers burrowed into her heat and pressed down on her nub, the wave of pleasure it sent through her tipping her over the edge and into an orgasm. Convulsing silently around him, she dug her nails into the shoulders of his jacket and held on as she rode him as hard as she could, drawing out every last drop of sensation from him.

Thrusting his hips up into her shivering body, Drogoh caught her nipple between his lips and sucked on it hard as his own orgasm broke, his yells of pleasure muffled as he pressed his face against her breast. Catching her tightly to his body, he relaxed in to her warm embrace as they collapsed onto the chaise, their bodies entwined and heaving with the enormity of their release.

“My lord,” she muttered into his shoulder.


“You owe me for a lot of ruined silk lingerie.”

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