Spring Fever Ch. 04

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[This is a continuation to the previous chapters of this story. Reading the previous chapters would help to build the context especially chapter 03. Though not essential]


I woke up with a jolt in the dark room unable to get my bearing. My full bladder had perhaps given me a nudge. I tried to remember where I was. In my bed. No. This felt different.

I felt the touch of smooth soft body against mine. I realized that I was naked and my left leg was clamped between a pair of smooth naked thighs. A moment later I started to recall the events of night.

My wife Swati and I were visiting our close friends, Uma and Keshav, and had stayed with them for the night. Swati and Uma had conspired to have us all watch a porn together and then the train of events kept getting naughty. For a starter, Uma had arranged for a dark room for all to retire that left the two curious couples to find the lovers they always dreamed off.

Unable to see each other in the pitch darkness, I had sought out Uma, just by the feel of her breasts. They were definitely bigger then my wife’s. Soon the two couples were making sounds that left nothing to imagination. I remembered the moans of Uma and also clearly her admonishment so loud.

“Mujhe Chodo.” she had cried wanting to be fucked. Those words still etched in my mind.

I had taken her with passion and no mercy and she had matched every move with equal vigor. Finally we were spent and I slept in the arms of Uma. That is until I was stirred awake with pressure building to pee.

I tried to get my bearing in the darkness. I knew that my wife was a few feet away in the arms of Keshav, asleep after their loud fucking earlier in the night.

My right hand was resting on uma’s naked arm. I moved it a little and felt her erect nipples. Even though she was asleep, she was tout for sex. I brushed my hand over the nipples to see, if she would respond. She moved a little, pushing her legs between my legs close to the cock that was firming up fast. I moved my hand to her face as i shifted my position to bring my face next to her’s.

Holding her face in my hands, I touched my lips to hers that were swollen with all the amorous kissing and biting that had happened earlier. She moved her lips, just a little, to allow my lips to fit hers. She was slowly coming to senses. Her hand wrapped around me bringing herself closer as she got her bearing.

Our naked bodies touched with my now hard cock darting on her thigh. My bladder was hurting too. I wanted to take her again, but the nature’s call was urgent. Damn the beer and wine we had taken last night.

I moved my face to ear and whispered. “I have to pee.”

She gave a subdued laughter. The man wanted to pee over sex with her. She nonchalantly kissed me again, and whispered back “OK, I will take you to the bathroom.”

Not wanting to wake up my wife and her husband, she took my arm in her hand and got up. While getting you she picked up a piece of clothing, even though she was not sure what it was. In the pitch darkness, she guided me towards the door. I followed her with my naked body touching her nude behind. My still hard cock poking into her rear cleavage.

Making as little noise as possible, we move into the hallway that had a faint light.

We kaçak bahis siteleri closed the door behind us. I was seeing Uma for the first time since the time we retired in the darkened room even though we had been making love for good part of the night. She had not a inch of clothing on her and yet she was clutching a piece of clothing. A pair of pajamas that I was wearing, before she had hastily taken off me.

She eyed me as well. The was a naughty smile that widened as her eyes focused on my swollen cock. I did not have any cover and she was enjoying every moment. I pulled her back to me put my faced her, kissing again. My hand was caressing her breasts and pinched her light brown nipples that seemed rock hard. She let out a stifled moan prompting me to to bite her lower lips.

We could have been there for eternity but she soon realized that I had an outstanding nature’s call. She moved down the hall with her hands covering her breasts in a feeble attempt at modesty. I was close behind not letting her go. Our bodies were clamped together as we moved slowly forward. Not wanting to let go of a single moment of togetherness.

Uma walked me into the bathroom next to their master bedroom. This was the other side of their house. I was doubtful any sound from here would reach the living room where other two were sleeping. She put on a small light just enough for us to see where we were.

I moved to the western style toilet at the rear corner. My bladder was full and I was rearing to relieve myself. Uma aware of my situation and seeing the desperation on my face motioned her head to direct me. The crooked smile came back, as she saw my hurting hard cock.

I sat down to do my thing and then it dawned on me that peeing would not be easy. My hard cock would not go inside the toilet bowl. Any attempt to push it down met with little success, resulting in a mirthful laughter from my lovely companion. In an attempt to help me, or more to taunt, she came forward and helped the cock in her hand and then tried to push it down below the toilet cover. The cock responded to the touch and became harder. There was no way I could make it happen.

In desperation, I got up with hope to direct my water by standing. Uma helpfully pulled up the toilet cover as I readied myself moving back a few steps. Uma moved behind me and playfully took my cock in her hand to guide the flow. This earnest move, of course, made the matters worse. My cock was point upwards towards the ceiling and any feeble attempts by Uma did not make it budge. The engorged pee-jet was choked with all the blood that had directed from other parts of my body.

With my face going red with strain, I tried to pee unsuccessfully and I could hear a giggle from my Uma. She bit my right earlobe and urged me to try harder. Not sure what helped, but a trickle of water made its way out, but well short of the toilet. The clenched orifice could only give in so much. Hurtingly, I moved forward, so that the dribble would find its way to its rightful place. Uma kept playing with my cock causing the pee to splatter all over the bathroom and she was not bothered.

However painful it was for me, but having Uma play with me in the bathroom was beyond my wildest dreams. The last few dribbles came in canlı bahis siteleri spurts and finally I was done. For this little victory, Uma brought her face to mine and kissed me again on my lower lips.

“I have to as well. Please go out.” She ventured. I was sure that she had a full bladder. I was surprised by her new found modesty.

“you must be kidding!” I was in no mood to leave her alone. “You will need all the help from me.”

I put down the toilet cover for her to sit and guided her across the bathroom. The splattering earlier had got the seat wet, but she was not complaining. I paused to look at her swollen pussy that was surrounded by trimmed pubic hair. The swollen pussy lips were joined together hiding the inner lips and making a thin cleavage surrounded by pink pouted lips.

As she sat down on the toilet I move in front of her. My cock hard, despite my earlier endeavors was close to her face. Her eyes focused on the engorged organ showed un-satiated passion. Unabashedly, She wrapped her hand around my cock, as if she was holding a spear and pulled me towards her. My cock tip touched her lips. She did not open them, just kissed the glans.

Uma let go of her pelvic muscles and a splatter of pee touched the water below. She too was coming in spurts not in a steady stream. She opened her mouth, engulfed her lips around my cucumber, and started licking as if it was a lollipop. She put her tongue inside the tiny slit trying to part as much as possible and lick inside.

In my impatience I pushed further and the magnitude of the situation was making me smile. I was having my cock in the mouth of my wife best friend’s mouth as she peed for the longest possible time. The gap between the spurts got longer and finally it stopped. Uma of course did not. She put her lips around my cock and created a suction action and at one point she pulled back causing the suction to break, making a sound as piston empties the cylinder.

I did not want to be left out. I pulled her on her feet and got on my knees in front of her. My face was at the level just above her pelvis. I made her pull her legs causing her pussy lips to move apart. Her pussy was still wet dripping as I pulled her to me and then sealed my lips on her engorged pink pussy lips. She moaned. I tasted the saltines as I made inroads with my tongue, lapping from top to bottom. I cleaned her slit with my tongue and massaged the growing clitoris that was starting to protrude.

“Ohhh. Ma.” She cried. Pushing her pelvis towards my mouth as she arched her head backwards.

On the throes of a orgasm she caught my hair and pulled to herself. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined what Uma was doing to me. The peak gradually built up within her and she kept pushing my face into her pelvis that was leaking juices. My face was smeared with love juices mixed with my saliva. Finally the dam burst with the loudest cry from Uma. She locked my face over her pussy not allowing me to breath. I could feel the juices leak down my face.

As Uma felt weak in her legs, she released her grip and signaled me to get up. I closed the toilet seat and made her sit and catch her breath. Her hair were in disarray, her face reddened with excitement and she was breathing heavy. Finally a smile yasalı bahis siteleri broke on her face.

“You are terrible. Corrupting a good married woman.” She accused.

“I am just helping her.”

“Helping her with what?” she inquired pleading innocence.

“Find herself.” I held my hard cock in my hand and pointed in her direction.

At that moment she got up and whispered in my ears “so what are you waiting for?”

There was nothing more to wait. I held her close in my arms and kissed her on her lips. She opened her mouth and in the moment of passion bit my lower lips.

“Take me from behind.” she moaned. I squeezed her breast yielding a louder cry. My cock was poking into her stomach wanting to fuck her that very moment.

I made her turn around with her back to me, bend down and placed her hands on the ledge around the wash basin. I pulled her feet wider so that her pussy was now visible from behind. So was her puckered hole that was clenched tight. Her pussy lips were puffy with night of sexual activity and pink and devoid of any hair. I placed my lips around around the inside of her butt close to the puckered hole. She shivered with the touch, pulling away at one moment and then pushing back to my face. I pushed my tongue out and caressed the surrounding area of the puckered hole.

“Please..” she cried as she pushed back wanting me to go all the way.

I held butt with both my hands and my face covering her, I pointed my tongue on asshole savoring every moment. I could hear her moaning and urging me. I pushed my index finger in the wet pussy almost effortlessly.

All I heard was an indistinct “More.” I was not stopping anytime soon. Finally I heard, now her trademark signal.

“Mujhe chodo.” she ordered me to fuck her. Her pussy was burning for my cock.

The happy cock waiting for long was ready to make the assault. I pushed hard the very first time and met with some resistance. But the force of the push was so hard that cock found it home to the hilt.

“ohhh.. maaa.” Uma was in ecstasy.

As a bitch in heat she immediately started responding to each of my fucking assaults. This was raw sex as if we had no sex for a long time. The forcefulness of our movement, the heat in the room and the intense desire brought the animal in us. Uma was whimpering loudly as the pace hastened with every moment. I could feel my balls getting sucked up the sack. I took a moment’s pause and bent over her to whisper.

“Uma, I am close.”

“yes..mere undar aa jao… jaldi.” asking me to come inside her in a hurry.

The pace hastened with my body slapping against her beaten butt. I could feel the buildup happening, but I did not want to come as yet. Holding my breath at that moment, I kept fucking until I could no longer.

“Uma..” I cried in love as the first burst entered her love nest. I felt her squeeze my cock with her pelvis muscle to milk my cum. The second and then the third spurts came with intense force joining the two bodies at the pelvis. I was at top of the world with a woman whom I had always adored. I wrapped my arms around taking care not to put my full weight on her.

I lovingly pulled her up, turned her around and hugged her sweating body to mine. We were both weak in our legs, but with all the strength in my body I held on to the wonderful woman. Gradually the heaving slowed down and I looked at her in the eyes. I saw a satisfied woman that was telling me thank you.

“Swati is a lucky woman.” she told me.

“and so is Keshav.” I replied.

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