Spunking Seventies

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It was a dark and snowy night. Not only snow but an icy blast of wind.

Neither my sister nor I liked this kind of weather any longer, she was 73 and I was two years younger.

For the last twenty years, since her divorce, we had both been living in my small house. Whereas I had never married she now had three adult sons whom I rarely saw nowadays. There were some other children who would never know to call me father, but by now they were probably parents themselves.

When she had to sell her house as part of the divorce settlement she had been left with quite a bit of capital, at least in my eyes, and this came in very useful. She needed a place to live on her own and I needed a new roof on my little house. She paid for it and we agreed she had bought herself a third share in the house.

Still though, there was no reason for us to spend our money wastefully. That was why we were spending the night in the same room once more, something we had not done for over six decades. Our parents had not been well enough off for us to have separate rooms and they needed room to be actively parenting in their bed.

After our hot chocolate drink I rinsed the mugs while she was getting into her bed. Then I went through and made ready to get into mine.

I paused just before climbing under the covers, thought of the coldness under them against the warmth near my big sister’s pink and red nightgown and turned left instead of right.

It was still cold but not so bad as if we had been in separate beds.

Her muffled voice asked me if I was all right.

I lay on my back as still as I could till my teeth stopped chattering and asked if she could hear the hailstones outside. She could.

After a while she rested a hand on my chest, then her forearm. I knew I would not erect. Or even respond. But the bed was beginning to feel more comfortably warm and relaxing.

So I did respond, by lightly stroking big sister’s hairy arm, just the outside of the forearm. Just a little, then we lay quiet again with our own thoughts. In the way that people sometimes jerk when they wake she suddenly clasped me a little tighter.

Now when I say clasped, it can be quite a force. She is shorter than me but considerably heavier and when you carry that weight all day you need strength just to move yourself.

My fingers were still on her arm and they fell down either side. Now they were nearly touching the underside of her forearm. If she had hairs there she would certainly know where she was being tickled.

She flattened her hand and slid it inside my pajamas to touch my chest. I responded by holding her underarm, ever so lightly, but enough to let her know that I was there. After all, she was looking for comfort and security. Some more hail rattled against the window and I held her bahis firmaları a little tighter for a moment.

“You all right?”

“Yes. Its cold.” And bits of her wobbled a bit closer to me while she pulled me back to her. Our bodies weren’t touching but I could feel the heat from her.

I let my hand move so that my fingertips brushed the inside of her forearm and let it guide me towards her wrist. We weren’t going to cum or anything messy like that.

“Hold me tighter”, she urged, as she started to grip my chest with her fingernails.

The shock jerked me towards ‘machine mode’ where I regard a woman as an opportunity for a ride, and I slid my fingers up to her elbow. The inside is the most sensitive but almost all of it except the point is worth working. I worked on the underside of it then lifted it higher in the air.

She responded by sliding her hand down my chest, towards my stomach. Once her hand moved off my ribs it would surprise her by suddenly slipping down onto my stomach.

Her elbow was straighter now so I could touch the inside of it with my thumb and rub gently. One way to influence the feelings in the rest of her body.

As her hand fell down the slope from my ribcage to my stomach I gripped the whole elbow and held her. To control her. She was going to be my toy.

I imprisoned her hand my laying my other hand over her’s and we lay still for a rest.

Then we lay enjoying each others warmth and slowly drifted off to sleep.

When I woke she was kneading my penis as if it was putty in her hand. I swallowed very slowly but it was enough to let her know I was awake.

“Its not very big.”

“Oh!” and I thought, ‘just wait’.

I also thought of her old vagina. It must be dry and stiff. I could force it open but that would not be very nice at breakfast time. Her babies would certainly have widened it but I had no clue what tears there had been or what exercises she had done.

Anyway, that was more than thirty years behind her. I had some slight trepidation about entering a woman more than seventy years old.

But then I felt that basic feeling in the pit of my stomach that she was going to have me in her tonight regardless.

Our dissimilar shapes and weights were only a problem to be overcome.

Again I began to work on her elbow and as I touched her upper arm she used what I called her ‘alluring’ voice.

“Won’t you touch me?”

I knew what she meant and changed hands. My right hand crossed my chest to work on her arm and my left arm drew her closer to my body. Then my hand dropped down behind her to feel her cheeks. They were big. Also very warm and soft.

My hand worked the center of each one and then ran round the huge smooth arc, down to the top of each thigh. The feel of them was rather kaçak iddaa pleasant. Meanwhile she became more active with her hand on my penis.

“Do you like what I am doing to you? I can feel it growing.”

“Yes. Your hand is lovely and it holds me so well.”

‘Too well’, I thought, ‘and I will end up coming in your hand instead of inside you’.

I slid my hand between her buttocks and opened them a little. In my detached way of thinking I knew that there was an orifice there which opened daily. She guessed what I might be thinking and it put it off her stroke, giving my penis a rest. I swung my hand in to guard it.

“Don’t. Not there.”

Instead she led my hand from her back to her front, down over her huge stomach and chose a finger to place on her clitoris. Then she pressed it in to where there was no hair and buried it almost up to my second finger joint. My fingertip recognized a urethra and next to it a clitoris. Target For Tonight!

Slowly I established the limits. My other fingers explored, testing for the vagina. She had lubricated it with something.

“Keep out of there!”

She seized my wrist with both hands and started to force me to rub her clit. I exceeded her best efforts by simply moving my fingertip so much faster and accurately than she could move my arm.

Now she was hanging on to my arm, breathing heavily and pushing herself in closer. My arm seemed to have been pushed between her breasts.

In what seemed like only a few seconds she started to cum.

I will never understand why they breathe like that, one minute sucking in huge lungfuls of air, the next gasping shallow breaths, occasionally choking.

But what thighs do is splendid. She jerked her’s up and gripped my hand between them. Yet even with such a firm grip they were wonderfully soft.

What they could not do was influence the movement of that one finger, the one which was pressing her clit. So I took her as high as she would go and let her down a bit.

Then I started moving it again and promptly brought her off once more. And again and again. Just as she had worked my penis as if it was putty so I worked her entire body through that one tiny jewel.

It was time to make my move and I rolled round to look at her.

“You can’t come in,” she said.

“That’s OK. Just put it near you because its going to come over you.”

Thankfully she slid it out from my pajama trousers. I moved closer till I was brought up short by her nine-month belly.

“It will need to be closer or it will be messy,” I didn’t add, ‘at your side.’ Then I brought her off again and wriggled down a bit.

She wanted me. She wanted me so badly she managed to get the tip of my penis on her clit and began to work it. I felt her hot wetness begin to slide over the kaçak bahis fat tip of my penis and knew I had triumphed over big sis. One way or another she would be spiked that night. All I needed to do now was not to go off too early and I was having trouble with that. It felt so fat!

“You wont be able to go in me.”

She started losing her breath again. I rocked back and forth on her belly making my still hardening penis move out a fraction then back in more than a fraction and slid my top foot forwards, towards her.

Sure enough she came again and her thighs came up as my penis slipped in a little bit more. It was even fatter, getting huge. Maybe that was her thighs gripping me.

As she came down she let her legs straighten and go down. That was when I hooked my heel behind hers. Quickly I brought it up behind her knee and before she knew what I was up to it was my knee behind her knee.

Then I pulled and she started to roll over me. Once the weight of that first leg passed over me she tried to push herself up off the bed to prevent my penis plunging straight into her body. I slid a hand under her hips and helped her till she was half kneeling astride me, holding herself above a penis which felt very fat and slippery, and very strong.

Now it was my knees which were bent, holding her thighs apart, making her vagina more accessible for my thrusts.

“No you mustn’t”.

I rocked her belly back on the hollow of mine and proved her wrong. Her own weight was forcing her over me and she could do nothing about it. Little by little, gasp by gasp, she slid down the length of my shaft until I could feel her pubes pressing into my hairs.

“Mustn’t I?” It had taken her less than a minute to engulf me.

“Its swelling.”

So it was. The head was getting fatter than ever I remembered. My breathing was changing and she knew what was happening. She started to cum again just when I knew it was time to thrust to the max. I dropped my knees to buck my hips up into hers. My seed shot into my sister. She didn’t cum, she said.

“Its hot. Oh that’s hot” and lay exhausted along me.

I spread my elbows and brought my hands back in to hold her head. I desperately wanted to kiss her mouth and brought her lips to mine. As I was greedily sucking the breath out of her I realized I had more in me to put inside her and started to work my penis inside her birth canal at the same time as I worked my tongue inside her mouth.

This time the flashing lights were behind my eyes and the terribly hard squeezing was in my balls.

When I had recovered she was now totally relaxed except for one place – where she had wrapped herself around my penis and was slowly spasming. She stopped and I helped her roll off me.

“We did it,” she said, surprised and dreamy, “I wont spill a drop.”

“Yes, you are lovely.” I thought for a moment that encompassed many decades.

“Yes, you are lovely and you always will be, just as you always were before.”

“Thank you bro. I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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