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The train platform is like a stockyard, masses of bodies everywhere. The voice from the speakers echo through the station, the words being spoken are almost impossible to understand. However a train arrives and masses of people get off, while another mass of people board the train they were just told about. Unnoticed by anyone, two of the bodies stay where they are, watching the masses move back and forth as they push past them, oblivious of anyone else. One male and one female, both searching the masses for each other.

They’ve never met in person before, although they’ve seen pictures of each other. They met and started speaking to each other in a chat room on the net, sent voice mails and even talked on the phone. Now was the next step, to actually meet each other face to face in real time. They’d both met people from the net before, usually for a drink and a laugh and to talk about the chat room. This time however it was different. This time they were meeting someone they’d developed a close relationship with, they were meeting someone they felt they could share more than just words on a screen with, more than just a drink and a joke. They had become chat partners, a couple in cyberspace. They spoke with others in chat, they joked with others, they even teased others. When it came to private chatting though, cybersex, they only chatted with each other.

Cybersex, neither of them could understand how people could get sexual pleasure from simply reading words on a screen at first, it was just too bizarre. However over time, after much talking, then playful experimentation, they güvenilir bahis discovered that they actually wanted each other online sexually. They found that they could get pleasure from reading the words they wrote for each other on the screen. As time went by, they progressed to erotic voice mails, then to phone sex. They had fun, they had excitement, they had intimacy and a certain amount of relief that they enjoyed. However it soon progressed to a stage where all of this just wasn’t enough for them. Something was still missing, the actual real contact.

So now here they were, frantically searching for each other at a prearranged meeting place. Both of them had just a picture of the other, downloaded from the net. Both were wondering if it was really them, both were nervous and somewhat scared. They weren’t scared of the actual meeting, they had both met people from the net before. This meeting was different, this time they were meeting someone they had already made a commitment to, albeit online, it was still a commitment.

He sees her first, just a few metres away. Slowly and nervously he approaches her until he is right behind her. A cold shiver goes right through her, followed by a hot sensation that starts at her face, she’s had this feeling before when she’s spoken to him online. He can tell that she senses his presence behind her, but he is unable to say a word. The noisy bustling station seems to go almost silent to both of them, all either of them can hear is their own breathing. Nervously and almost in a whisper she speaks,

“I know you’re there behind me, türkçe bahis I can feel you, just as I can feel you when we talk online or on the phone.”

He remains silent, his mouth opens, but he is still unable to make a sound. There is a long pause of silence, seconds that feel like minutes, until finally he speaks, “You’re even more beautiful in person, your pictures do you no justice.” She begins to turn around until he says,

“STOP! Don’t turn around just yet. Walk towards the door marked STATION MASTER and go in, it’s not locked.”

“Go in?” she says, “you’re the Station Master?” “No.” he says, “but you’ll see.”

His words echo in her head and she becomes even more nervous, in fact scared.

“Look!” she says , beginning to turn around again.

“Please don’t, I can tell you’re scared, but don’t be, I could never do anything to hurt you.”

His voice sounds sincere and soothing, but almost pleading as well. She gives herself a shake and starts walking toward the door. She reaches for the door handle and pauses a moment to catch her breath, then pushes the door open. She walks into a hallway a few steps and stops when she hears the door shut behind her.

“To the end of the hall and left.” he says, “then go through the door that says COMPUTING.”

She walks the length of the hallway, listening to his steps behind her and noticing just how quietly he walks. She turns left into a little alcove in the hall and steps in to open the door. She walks through the door and finds a room full of computer equipment with pictures taped all over it, pictures of güvenilir bahis siteleri her!!

“Please turn around now.” he says, almost whispering.

But she freezes, mesmerized by all the pictures of herself everywhere she looks. Images of movies with madmen who are obsessed by a woman flash through her mind. She imagines turning around to find him standing there with an erection in one hand and a knife in the other. She looks to the desk in front of her and spots a heavy ashtray that’s used for a paperweight. She steps forward and rests her hand on the heavy ashtray as she turns around.

She sees him standing there in a smart business suit, looking even more handsome than in the pictures he’d sent her. He smiles beautifully at her and hands her a single long stemmed yellow rose.

“You said they were your favourite.” he says as she take it from him.

“Ohhhhh……… you………um, thank you so much.” she says almost crying.

He takes a step towards her and takes her hands into his. She pulls him close and looks straight into his eyes longingly. Their lips come together, tentatively at first, then more urgently. Her hands reach around his neck as their kisses become more passionate, their tongues probing each others’ mouths. He places one hand behind her head, the other under her ass. She does a little jump and wraps her legs around his waist, her skirt riding up her thighs to her hips. Then he places both hands onto her smooth ass cheeks to support her and realizes she’s wearing no panties. He steps forward and slides her onto his desk, knocking everything on it to the floor. Their lips separate for a minute and she gasps,

“This is the desk we’ve used in our cybering?”

“Oh God yes!” he says frantically.

“Then lets stop talking about it.” she pants as she reaches for his belt…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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