Step Daughter , Her Mom Ch. 01

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I met my current wife about 15 years ago. We were both married at the time but would still openly flirt with each other. I was divorced about three years before she was and had been dating another woman in that time. She was a real sex fiend, but I found out she was lying to me about having a serious disease and using the money I was giving her for health insurance to gamble with, so that ended that relationship. Fast forward a couple years to when I started dating Jill (my current spouse). We both have children from previous marriages, I have two sons, she has two sons and two daughters. Both her sons and oldest daughter are out of the house as is my oldest son. My youngest is in college out of state and her daughter decided to stay locally to attend nursing school.

I have known since I met my wife that she was bi-curious and as I would later find out actually bi-sexual. I know she has experimented a little with women in the past and while we were dating. I watched and joined in a couple times, I never imagined what opportunity I would have in the not so distant future. Jill and I had a great sex life, often experimenting with other couples, women and she even plays with other men at times. We made sure that everyone she or I slept with were clean so as not to get any of those freaky diseases. Jill loved sex and seemingly couldn’t get enough. When we first started dating, I was on top of her within hours of our first date. We would fuck every chance we got, often multiple times a day. We never had to worry about waiting a week every month as Jill had a hysterectomy a few years prior. We could fuck every day of the year if we wanted.

As Jill and I started experimenting more, we introduced various sex toys into our relationship from the We Vibe to Fleshlights (once I even fucked her with the fleshlight as my cock was in it), to blowup dolls and various vibrators, dildos and ben-wa balls. We even started playing around with anal play. We found she would cum like crazy with my cock buried in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy. We never went so far as to have a threesome with another man, as I was not into that kind of activity. If there was another man present, it was simply swapping partners. We were just beginning to experiment with bondage the year Jill’s youngest daughter, Brea, turned 18. We enjoyed light spanking, being tied to the bed, and blindfolds. The only problem with our current sexual escapades was my work schedule.

I work long hours four months out of the year and rely on my wife to take care of much of the household chores during that time. I had just put in a long 16-hour day talking with clients and trying to save them as much money as possible, I was beat when I came home. I called my wife on the way home to let her know I would be there in about a half hour. I got home and called for her, no answer. I started looking for her, went to the family room where she frequently fell asleep watching TV, but no luck. I looked in our master bedroom on the main floor of the house, not there either. I went to the kitchen, got a beer and sat down to watch a little TV before I went to bed. As I was about to turn on the TV, I heard a series of moans. I didn’t think much of it and thought Brea was just using her vibrator to get off. I was slightly mistaken. I went to find the source of the moans and was surprised with what I found. I went upstairs to where the kid’s bedrooms were, the only one being used was Brea’s. I got to her door and it was just slightly ajar. I listened for a few moments and heard more moaning, moaning that would change our future for years to come.

As I peered in the door, Jill was on her hands and knees on the floor with her head buried between her daughter’s wide spread legs. I was shocked beyond belief at what I was seeing. I have long thought Brea was gorgeous but kept my thoughts to myself. As I continued to watch my wife eat her daughter’s pussy, I couldn’t take it any longer and had to relieve myself. I tried to be as quiet as possible as I did not want my wife knowing I was watching them. As I peered in, I could see my wife’s hand between her legs fucking herself with her rabbit and Brea’s hand fondling her breasts and rubbing her clit. Not wanting to get caught, I went back downstairs jacked my cock to the image engrained in my mind of Jill and Brea and quickly came all over the kitchen floor.

Twenty minutes later my wife came down and gave me a big hug and kiss. I tasted her daughter on her lips but didn’t let her know what I saw or that I suspected anything. We went to bed and my wife snaked my cock out of my boxers and proceeded to suck me off. I nudged her around, so I could take her panties off and pushed her to place her pussy on my mouth. I generally do not cum from blowjobs, but she tends to scream from me eating her pussy. Tonight, was no different as I soon had her screaming my name as she came. I wanted to continue, but she opted for my cock in her pussy. She slid down my body and guided my cock into her succulent pussy. She typically doesn’t ride me reverse cowgirl, güvenilir bahis but something about tonight was different. She was an animal in bed that night. She asked me to spank her ass while she fucked me. I was happy to oblige as she had been a bad girl for eating her daughter’s pussy. I spanked her gradually harder as she rode my cock to orgasm. I still had not cum and wanted to look in her eyes when I did. I spun her around and rammed my cock into her missionary style. I fucked her as hard as I could until she came once more, and I unloaded into her tight cunt. I could see the satisfaction in her eyes as I gazed into them. I fell asleep shortly thereafter with my cock still buried in her pussy.

I got up early the next morning to go to work, she was still sleeping. I gave her a kiss and whispered in her ear that I saw her with Brea and left.

Several days went by with nothing more being said about what I saw with Jill and her daughter. I was on my way home from work again, I called to let Jill know I would be home soon. She answered and asked if I would stop at the store on the way home and get some condoms because she wanted me to fuck her ass. She won’t let me fuck her ass without a condom as she doesn’t like my cum leaking from that hole for some reason, like it makes that much difference, but whatever. Knowing I was going to get laid that night, I hurried home as quick as I could with a quick stop by the neighborhood convenience store to get condoms and let the employees know I was getting laid later tonight.

I got home and immediately went to find my wife. I thought she might be waiting in the bedroom on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air and tied to the bed with her blindfold on, but no such luck. I continued to look around the house for her and went to Brea’s room just to see if she was there again. As I approached her door, I could see the light on under the door and laughter. I knocked on the door and was told to come in. I walked in the door and was shocked with what I saw. Here was my step daughter in all her glory. Brea is about 5 foot 3 with 36 B cup breasts, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a tight, shaved pussy. Her mother was next to her also nude. Jill is 5 foot 6 with 34 A cup breasts, dyed red hair, and a trimmed pussy. Both Brea and Jill weigh no more than a buck twenty soaking wet.

When I picked my jaw off the floor, Jill told me she knew I had seen her with Brea a few days ago and wanted to show me again what they were up to. Brea started kissing her mom while Jill started fingering her cunt and fondling her breasts. Jill pushed Brea onto the bed with more kissing while grinding her pussy against her daughter’s. Jill proceeded to kiss her way down Brea’s body, nibbling on her nipples, kissing her belly, and finally licking her pussy and biting her clit. Brea was on her back while her mother was on her knees between her legs. I was rock hard by this point and stroking myself while the show unfolded before me. Brea looked up at me and mouthed that she wanted to see me fuck her mom. I didn’t need to be told twice and quickly pushed my cock into her mom’s pussy. Fucking my wife while she ate out her daughter was like nothing I could ever have imagined. What came next shocked me even more.

Jill asked Brea if she was ready. Brea responded with a raspy “yeeessss!”

I was unsure what that meant, but I figured I would soon find out. Jill stopped eating her daughter and told me to lay back on Brea’s bed. Jill and her daughter proceeded to tie me to her bed and blindfold me. Jill told me she had a surprise for me and that if I was good, she might take the blindfold off to let me see. I, of course, tried to object to the blindfold as I wanted to see and know what was unfolding around me.

Once the blindfold was securely in place and they made sure I could not see anything, they left the room as I heard the door close and no movement from footsteps or the bed moving. I am unsure how long I laid there in anticipation, but it seemed like hours. After a while I heard the door knob turn and the door open. I then felt the bed shift from both sides, so I knew that Jill was on one side and Brea was on the other. I heard some whispering among them but was unable to make out what they were saying.

After some shifting on the bed, I felt some shifting of the bed close to my head and then again on the other side. I knew there was a pussy directly over my face. I tried to reach it, but I was unable to while being tied up. The pussy was quickly lowered to my mouth and I stuck my tongue out and drug it across the pussy lips. It was shaved, so I knew right away it was Brea. I proceeded to feast on her pussy enjoying her fragrant tight pussy, small labia and tiny clit. I was not sure if Brea was a virgin, but I believed she was. Only now I wondered if I would be lucky enough to fuck her while her mother watched.

As I was preoccupied with the teenage pussy over my head, I had forgotten about Jill. I quickly remembered her as I felt a mouth engulf my cock. Jill loved to türkçe bahis give me blowjobs and loved the taste of my cum. She would often scoop it out of her pussy and eat it after we fucked. I knew I would not last long with how worked up I was feeling with Brea on my face, and Jill deep throating and jacking my cock into her mouth. I could sense that Brea was close to orgasm as her breathing became more rapid and the moaning louder. I knew I was not going to last much longer and thought how nice it would be to cum at the same time. Brea squirted on my mouth and came so hard I thought she was going to pass out. I had never had someone squirt in my mouth before and I tried to get it all, but some of her squirt got away from me. As soon as she was beginning to recover, I came down Jill’s throat. My load was much larger than usual, and Jill tried to save as much as she could as she wanted to share with her daughter. As soon as I finished cumming, Jill pulled off of my cock and kissed her daughter, sharing my cum with her.

Jill told me she had another surprise for me, but I would have to wait for that until later. They left me tied to the bed with the blindfold on and they both left the room. I laid there for a while and eventually fell asleep. I was awoken to a mouth on my cock. I typically do not like to be woke up like this as I tend to get pushy and might hit, but as I was still tied up it was safe. There was nothing said, just a mouth on my cock sucking me to full hardness. When I was hard, the sucking stopped, and I felt movement on the bed. What I felt next was a hand on my cock stroking me and rubbing the head of my cock over a pussy.

Whoever was rubbing my cock on their pussy soon put me inside and lowered slightly just to tease me. I felt the pussy raise back up and sink back down and I felt this a couple times until I was all the way inside. I figured it was Jill as I did not feel my cock breaking through a hymen or any of the flinching pain that would normally accompany that taking of virginity. Still no words were spoken. I felt the pussy slowly begin to rise and fall, slowly fucking me. This continued for several moments with some light moaning until I felt a hand glide over my body and stop just above my cock. The hand moved slightly, and I could feel movement like it was rubbing her clitoris whilst continuing to slowly fuck me. I heard the moans quicken and become louder as I knew she was about to cum on my cock. I started to feel the pussy tighten around me and the moaning become more labored and I couldn’t help but moan and smile with her orgasm.

What I felt next was the pussy pulling off my cock and cold air. I felt the bed move and I thought maybe they were just switching, and I would get to fuck the other pussy. I laid there a couple minutes and nothing. I continued to lay there, and I started to buck against the restraints trying to break free, but no such luck. I heard a whisper in my ear that if I wasn’t good, I wouldn’t get my surprise, so I calmed down and waited.

I must have waited another 20 or 30 minutes at least and I finally felt the bed move. I felt my cock getting grabbed and rubbed against a pussy. I felt my cock slowly sliding in to the pussy and the hand letting go. I asked to have the blindfold removed so I could see what was happening, instead I was kissed open mouthed and I knew the mouth to be that of Jill. We kissed with abandon while the pussy on my cock slowly started fucking me again. Jill asked me to close my eyes and to only open them when she said, and I agreed. She removed the blindfold and untied my feet but left my hands tied. She told me to open them. What I saw was Jill’s face with a huge smile, her pert breasts, and felt her pussy riding my cock and Brea was standing over us watching.

Brea leaned down and asked if I wanted my hands untied and I told her I did. She asked if I would be good if she untied them and I said I would. Brea untied the first hand furthest from her and that quickly went to Jill’s ass pulling her to me harder. Brea untied the second and I thought I should use it to grab Jill and really get in to fucking her hard, but instead, I found Brea and went to her clit and rubbed her clit and pussy. Jill told me it was time for the surprise and she slowly brought her pussy off my cock. Brea quickly took her place and guided my cock into her cunt. Brea started fucking me with all she had, like she wanted me to cum quick. My hands went to Brea’s ass pulling her to me and I ground my cock as far into her pussy as possible. I noticed again that I did not feel a hymen and I said something, and Brea whispered to me that her mom took her virginity while I was tied to the bed before she fucked me the first time…yes, this was the second time I felt this tight pussy.

Jill was watching us fuck while rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her breasts. I looked over at her and noticed that her pussy was now shaved…she must have done that, so I couldn’t tell which pussy was fucking me. HOT!

I was quickly approaching the point of no return and Jill güvenilir bahis siteleri recognized this and told me not to cum in her daughter’s cunt as she was not protected. That was a mistake. I knew then and there that I was going to cum in her daughter’s pussy. Brea kept fucking my cock and grinding against my groin. As she was grinding, I couldn’t hold it anymore and unloaded into her pussy right at her cervix. Jill soon yelled at me asking if I wanted to get Brea pregnant. I couldn’t lie and said that it did appeal to me. Jill pulled Brea off my cock and quickly started to eat my cum from her cunt. Brea tried pushing her mother away, like she wanted to keep my cum in her pussy. I wondered if Brea did want to be pregnant.

I went to bed that night wondering if Brea wanted to keep playing with us and if she really wanted to be pregnant by her step father. When I awoke the next morning, Jill was already awake and, in the kitchen, making coffee and breakfast. Brea was sitting there in an oversized t-shirt and no bra or panties. Jill was wearing a simple housecoat, presumably nude underneath. I wondered if we would continue the activities of last night.

Breakfast was simple eggs, bacon, toast, coffee and juice. We ate together and Brea said she would do the dishes while Jill and I discussed the events of last night. Jill told me she had a great time with me and Brea and would like it to continue into the future. I asked if it would really be so bad if Brea were to become pregnant. Jill told me she did not want to have to figure out how to break it to Brea’s real dad. I agreed that would be difficult, but we could lie to him and simply tell him we did not know how she got knocked up. Jill was worried if we would be able to keep up with the secret life, and I must admit, I was a little worried as well. If word got out that I slept with my step daughter our lives would be over.

Brea was still doing dishes as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to me and grinding my cock against her ass. She tells me that she wants to get the dishes finished and then we can fool around all we want. I didn’t want to wait. I pulled her shirt over her ass and laid my hands on her, caressing her soft skin. Jill was sitting at the counter watching us starting to rub her own hands over her arms and upper body. I ran my hand between Brea’s legs, rubbing her bald pussy. Brea is starting to moan softly, tilts her head back and kisses my cheek. She tells me to just wait. I can’t wait. I lift her shirt the rest of the way over her head, revealing her taut breasts and stiff nipples. My other hand moves from her ass to her neck and down to her breasts. My lips find her neck and I start kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobes. Brea takes her hands behind her and pulls my cock from my boxers, while telling me how much she wants me again.

Jill has now moved to the other side of the counter, opened the front of her robe and is slowly rubbing her pussy and clit with one hand and squeezing her nipples with the other. I took Brea’s hand from my cock and kissing her back, her shoulders, the sides of her belly, and finally her ass. I am on my knees behind her snaking my tongue into her ass and the lower side of her pussy. This is the first time I have ever eaten an ass, and it is quite enjoyable. Brea is moaning, fingering her pussy while holding herself up over the counter. Jill comes over to us and moves my hand from Brea’s vagina and replaces it with hers. Jill is just at the right height for me to move my mouth to her cunt and I slide my tongue between her lips causing her to gasp while kissing her daughter.

I really want to fuck both of them right there in the kitchen, Brea bent over the counter and her mother sitting next to her. I give Jill’s vagina one final lick and stand lifting her up onto the counter. I grab my cock on rub it on her lips, while Brea guides it into her vaginal canal. Brea kisses us both while rubbing her own pussy and Jill’s breasts. I am sliding my cock into Jill, kissing her lips, kissing her daughter and fingering her pussy and ass. Brea tells me it is time to switch and that she wants to cum on my cock. Jill is quickly approaching orgasm as I pull my cock from her pussy. I can tell Jill is extremely disappointed by this, but Brea replaces my cock with her fingers. I line up behind Brea, ready to thrust myself deep into her vagina.

As soon as my cock enters her vagina, she tenses in orgasm, squirting all over my cock and the kitchen floor. Just as she is coming down from her orgasm, I start thrusting into her vagina feeling her cervix with each thrust. I begin to fantasize about seeing her pregnant just as Brea whispers in my ear that she wants my baby. I am attracted to pregnant women and cannot wait to see Brea pregnant with my baby and her breasts heavy with milk. I begin thinking about suckling on her milk laden breasts while fucking her very pregnant pussy. I am brought back to reality with Jill telling me not to cum in her daughter yet again. I am torn with who to listen to. On the one hand I have her mother to please and on the other her daughter. I love both of them and decide, for now to listen to her mother. I pull my cock from Brea’s pussy to a whimper of disappointment, but whisper in her ear, soon, very soon.

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