Stepdad’s Summer Secretary Ch. 02

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Cassie scanned her Tumblr as she lay in bed that Sunday night.

Her ass was still lightly bruised from the spanking she’d received only a few days earlier but anytime she was reminded of it her body prickled in excitement. The memory felt like Joshua Tree spikes perilously brushing against the edges of her skin.

She was wearing only a pair of grey Calvin Klein boy shorts and a comfy old Cubs t-shirt.

She had her MacBook opened in front of her as she sat up cross-legged against the back of her bed and methodically clicked through the hash-tag she had just searched: ‘#YesDaddy’.

Life will hand you some unexpected keys to locks you didn’t even know existed. Then you get to decide whether you want to actually go further.

Cassie had never once considered her stepfather in an overtly sexual way. She’d had the passing thoughts that accompany any attractive person and she had looked at him occasionally from her desk and wondered perhaps what he might be like in bed, but all of these lurid fantasies were quickly erased by familial responsibility and the logical expectations of appropriate behavior. The world had rules after all.

But not now she had turned the key and unlocked something of a deeper resonance. The rules felt less defined. The risk felt closer to the reward.

Now for the first time ever she scrolled through the X-rated Tumblr images attached to that hash-tag and found herself becoming more turned on with each new image.

There were pictures of younger women being spanked by their daddies. There were pictures of girls forced to their knees to suck. There were pictures of girls taking their Daddy’s giant cocks in all of their available holes. Captions often accompanied the pictures with submissive quotes from the girls involved. She read each one under her breath as she imagined saying them to her Daddy.

Cassie dipped her fingers into her shorts to play with her pussy as she browsed her way through her newly evolving fantasy. She thought back to how juicy she had gotten as her stepdad had spanked her across his large desk. She thought of each whack with her skirt pulled up around her waist and her cheeks on full display.

She thought of how lewd it was…how dirty she felt from calling him ‘Daddy’ in a sexual way, rather than paternally. But it was somehow both of those things. They combined together in the naughtiest form of her submissive indulgence. The paint shaded over both categories.

She came quickly like she had all weekend ever since the incident. There was a high voltage running through her that buzzed with the electricity of her father’s dominance. She was fully charged and could hardly wait to get back to work to be the best little employee she could possibly be.

That next week Cassie was incredibly thorough at work. She arrived earlier than many of her coworkers, always dressed to the 9’s—hair and makeup perfectly choreographed.

She wore her ironed pencil skirts tightly snug on her legs and butt and coordinated blouses and stockings and heels like a seasoned veteran. Her makeup and hair were always impeccable. Her office tasks were well done and completed on time and her stepfather couldn’t help but be impressed by his daughter’s sudden work ethic and obvious obedience.

Everything was going fine until that Thursday when he got an email from his wife. Attached to it was Cassie’s credit card statement which listed her recent purchasing history.

She had maxed out her card that last month on some very large sprees at a number of clothing stories, including the high end lingerie retailer: ‘Agent Provocateur’.

That was not the type of spending Cassie had agreed to when they had talked to her about the credit card and set up her arrangement.

She had been doing so well, but this was inexcusable. She would need to be punished again. He waited until the later part of the day to confront her.

Cassie was sitting at her desk when she got a conference from her father asking her to come into her office and close the door behind her.

Cassie’s breath instantly caught in her chest. She hadn’t done anything wrong that she knew of, but she had been sort of hoping that some mistake would pop up organically. Her heart beat quickened as she walked into his office and closed the door behind her. The first pawn on the board was in play.

“Lock the door, please,” he said as he leaned back against the front of his desk with his arms crossed.

He was wearing fitted herringbone pants with a light-blue button up shirt and brown belt.

“Sit down please,” he said next after she had locked the door and turned to look at him. She came and sat down in front of him on one of his two guest chairs.

She was wearing a navy pencil skirt with a white blouse and belt combo. Her heels were baby blue with a white trim. Her stockings a sexy, sheer white that featured barely recognizable polka dots all the way up her smooth legs.

As she sat in front of him, James Devlin güvenilir bahis couldn’t help but marvel once again at how breathtakingly sexy his stepdaughter was. Her legs took dramatic dives off of her knees after sneaking out of the slit in her skirt. Her white blouse was buttoned but the last two were left undone which gave him a perfect view of her freckled breasts as her cleavage peaked from her shirt and spilled out of a baby blue bra that seemed far too small for the office. Her hair was layered and curled around her like plumes of smoke and her eyes had a subtle pink eye-shadow that matched her lipstick.

“What is it, dad?” She asked, the eagerness to please always present now in her voice whenever she spoke to him.

“Would you care to explain what all these charges are on this month’s credit card statement?” He asked, clearly very upset as he handed her a piece of paper.

Cassie immediately gulped. She hadn’t actually expected her parents to look at what she’d been spending her money on. She knew she was in trouble the second he said it. She knew the charges he was talking about.

“Look, Dad, I’m sorry…I wanted to buy some nice clothing to wear around the office,” she started, but she knew it was a lame excuse. There was no reason she needed lingerie that cost hundreds of dollars just to wear under her work clothes.

“Absolutely not young lady…that is no excuse and you know it. We gave you that card for a little bit of fun in the city, not so you could max out your monthly limit buying high-end panties.” With his arms folded Cassie could see how large his muscles looked beneath his fitted shirt. He was a tower of a man.

“I’m sorry dad, it won’t happen again,” she said, feeling the sting of his words even as her body hoped to feel the sting of his reprimand.

He looked down at his daughter as she sat there before him, clearly ready for whatever was coming.

“I think it’s going to take more than that.” He stood up and she expected him to tell her to bend over the desk like last time, but instead he walked over to the opposite side of the room and sat in the middle of the brown leather couch next to the large window that looked out onto the city.

“Come here now,” he said to her, as she walked across the room with her head hung low. She knew what she was expected to do, but she waited for his instruction all the same.

“Lean over my lap and bend your ass up in the air.”

Cassie stepped out of her heels and got up on the cushion next to him as she leaned her body over his legs on her hands and knees. She leaned down onto her elbows as her body pressed up against his leg with her butt arched upward towards her stepfather.

James looked down at her ripe nectarine booty as it roundly filled her Navy-blue skirt. The way she had it bent up towards him made her look like a stripper posing on a stage to have dollars placed into a g-string. It was insane how popped her young booty was for her father. It was too sexy to even begin to describe.

“You continue to force me to punish you for being a bad girl,” he said this slowly as he peeled the skirt up her legs.

Cassie shook a little as she felt her father’s warm hands begin to pull the fabric up her thighs and over her ass.

James’ breath caught a little when her butt came into view. She was wearing a powder-blue garter that connected to her tights and matching powder-blue panties, but the back fabric was completely sheer other than two laced flowers that ran along her cheeks. Otherwise, he could completely see her ass through the undies.

James immediately knew that these were some of the lingerie pieces she had purchased on the card. They were sexy and expensive and as soft as his desires were hard. The polka dotted tights and the garter were incredibly soft and well made. The underwear wasn’t as tiny as the peach thong she’d been wearing that first time he’d seen her ass, but it was already more revealing as his eyes followed the tempting crack of his daughter’s buns down to the exposed lips of her young sex.

Cassie’s heart was beating out of her chest as she leaned over her dad’s lap. The tops of her thighs were barely touching the outside of his leg and her elbow’s pressed against the outside of his other leg as she kneeled over him like a dog being reviewed for a best in show contest.

James pressed her upper back down harder into the couch which caused her ass to arch even more now. She was a great pyramid over his lap, even though her body seemed to curve more like a Sphinx.

She looked straight ahead as she waited for her first spanking.

“So this is some of that expensive underwear you purchased?” He said to her as his hand traced the back of her garter and panties and stockings.

“Yes Daddy,” she said as she felt her entire body flush with warmth.


“Mnnggffhh,” she moaned as his first smack landed hard against the incredibly thin fabric of her bottoms.

“You’re mother and türkçe bahis I work hard to give you a credit card for the summer and you spend it on expensive underwear?” He said as each new admonishment broke her down more.


“Ugnnffff,” she moaned again at his spanking. Her noises were a combo of pain and sexual pleasure. James recognized the way Cassie moaned as she was spanked. She was in agony and ecstasy.

“I didn’t even know my 18-year-old daughter had any need to buy slutty lingerie!” He punished her with each new word, his hands paddling her buns like he was delivering championship-winning ping-pong winners down her lines.


Her lips pressed into the leather of the couch as she felt her ass hot under his hand.


She was pressed down into his lap now and she could feel his hard-on against her. He was so big and she moaned a little to herself as she felt his rock hardness rising up the Mohs scale. She wanted to grind against him but didn’t want it to be obvious. With each new spanking she allowed her body to be pushed hard into his crotch. It could just be an accident that she was pushing against him so hard.

James’ dick was pulsing inside of his pants. His daughter had the best ass he had ever seen. This wasn’t hyperbole—the little girl he’d once known had opened up her backside as the designated site for an award-winning bakery—that was the only explanation for how she had suddenly developed such high quality buns. As he punished her, his eyes remain locked on the way it jiggled with each spanking; the way it felt in his hand—smooth and rounded with just enough give to massage a cock as it slid inside, but also with that teenager’s essence-milking squeeze as tight as a catcher’s mitt.

“You’ve got some nerve thinking you can waste my hard-earned money on slutty lingerie, young lady!” He said as his spankings began to get harder.

She was incredibly wet now and she wondered if her father could feel her warmth on his leg. She could definitely feel his large cock pushing against her as she moaned into the couch.


“Are you a bad girl?” He asked her now, his voice dripping with dominance as his words became inky and glooped with intention.

“Yes, Daddy!” She said, as he spanked her hard again.

James pushed her upper back down into the couch which caused her body to press against his lap as she struggled to keep her ass perfectly arched for him. He clearly wanted her to feel his boner pressing through his pants—there couldn’t be any mistake now.

He took both of his hands and brought them up to the tops of her powder-blue panties. She was breathing rapidly as she recovered herself in the spanked heap of sweat and hormones that she had dissolved into, indented into the couch cushion with a thrumming need for more.

Her heart beat like Zulu war drums in her chest. Her dad slowly pulled her panties down over her rotund fun buns. They peeled off of her like the wrapper of a snugly encased bar of Laffy Taffy that contained the most delicious flavor yet. She didn’t say anything as she felt her underwear being taken off. She didn’t protest. She didn’t even think to argue. This was just the next step in her punishment. It was so clear to them both. Her father was going to spank her bare ass now. This was the evolution of this path they’d wandered down. Besides, what could she say? She could barely breath, much less form audible words.

He ran his hands along her bruised and reddened cheeks, rubbing them softly. Then he lightly spanked her on each one. Cassie purred as he did this—an innocent moan that was deceptive for how naughty she felt. She was quickly turning into his slutty-daughter-tawdry-kitty-submissive-yes-girl.

James could smell his stepdaughter’s pussy. He could see the juices on her slit. Her arousal was a wildflower pheromone drifting into his overgrown woods.

He spanked her hard again.


She arched her ass up as he did this exposing more of her pussy. Her taint and asshole were freshly waxed for him. She wondered if her father was staring at her pussy now. She wondered if he liked the way her asshole looked.


Cassie moaned loudly with each spank now—she wasn’t holding back her noises anymore. Between each one she could feel her stepdad trace his fingers over her gingerly—the gentle executioner. He was like a kinky Roosevelt, rubbing softly while she sat on his big stick.

“You need to learn obedience young lady. You need to learn that there are consequences for these types of actions.” He said, keeping the spanking going every 20 seconds or so.

She was so fucking desperate.

And that’s when she felt his hands begin to grab her butt…not spank…but grab. He was really rubbing her now, as if to soothe her wounds. He juggled large handfuls of her derrière which filled up his hands like brain-bending Flubber.

She felt his güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers trace the edge of her crack as he kneaded her, and she arched herself even more for him, begging in submissiveness—trying to direct him home.

He saw this. He felt the way she moved. He knew a needy slut when he saw one. He knew what she wanted. But there was a role for him to play. There was a pace that needed to be set if the storyline was going to make sense. They both knew this. Their erotic metronome had been carefully selected.

“I think you need a more intense form of discipline. I think you need something that will really teach you who is in charge.” He said as his fingers traced the inside of her ass cheeks down to her inner thighs and up again.

“Yes Daddy, I need that,” she said, staring back at him as her goose bumps raised speed bumps over his hands as if to divert them where she wanted them to go.

“Are you willing to take whatever punishment I give you? Are you willing to let me dominate you and turn you into the most obedient employee in the entire office? This is important…if you say yes there will be no turning back, Cassie. I want you to really think about it before you answer.” he massaged her ass cheek as he said this last sentence, as they both stood on the precipice of an elevated experience.

She flexed her ass muscles as her body writhed a little on top of his legs. She looked back over her shoulder again at him and into his concentrated gaze—his business-like efficiency in the task he was carrying out. “Yes Daddy, I think I need that. Punish me daddy. Punish me how I need to be punished.” This was a game she was quite new to, but if there was one thing she had learned, it was to use simple sentences. Be direct. Be submissive. Don’t complicate the very linear direction of what needed to happen next. She wasn’t sure exactly where he was about to take them, but she’d go wherever that was, and she’d do whatever he told her to do. This was all very sudden, but it was a plot that had been developing beneath the surface of the water for quite some time. The crocodile had snuck up on them both. The jaws were about to snap.

He finally dragged a single finger down over her pussy, allowing it to glide against her wet lips and then up over her asshole as she felt each unique ridge of his print.

“Such a naughty daughter I have,” he said, “I wish I didn’t have to punish you so hard,” he said, but they both knew it wasn’t true. He wanted to punish her. She wanted to be punished.

She brought a finger up and bit it lightly as she wiggled her ass a little in his hand. “Yes, Daddy, I’m very naughty. I need to be punished.” She said to him again, with more purpose this time.

James glided his fingers now through the wet folds of her opening. She gasped as she felt her stepfather’s fingers tracing her pussy and asshole and clit.

Then she moaned like a person at a Chiropractor’s office might after getting a long awaited adjustment, when she felt his fingers slide into her body for the first time.





He said to her. Each word leapt across galactic astral planes.

He began to slowly finger her on the couch as her nerves redefined everything she knew about intrigue and necessity.

“My naughty, misbehaving daughter,” he continued.

Cassie moaned along deeply with each intrusion, like a tuba in a smoky jazz solo.

“My dirty, little girl,” he followed the script verbatim.

She sounded like a guttural whore with a pent up supply of sounds to release. James couldn’t believe that he was fingering his daughter’s wet pussy on his lap in his office. He couldn’t help pressing his enclosed cock up towards her as she grinded against it with her sideways body while he firmly finger-fucked her.

“You’re such a naughty fucking girl,” he said, as his digits seemed to twist inside of her with each new syllable.

With her navy skirt pulled up around her hips and her powder-blue panties pulled down to the bottom of her garters and tops of her tights, she looked like some sort of pornographic secretary ripped straight out of ‘This-Will-Never-Happen-To-You Central Casting.’

“Yes, Daddy!” She moaned into the couch while he fingered her. She was pressing back into his fingering now, loving the way he punished her.

He couldn’t believe how wet her teen pussy was on his fingers. He couldn’t believe how soft and tight she was. His 18-year-old daughter, bent over for him like a complete slut—his spank bank had just found its high-yielding investment.

His thumb began to rub against her rosebud as he continued fingering her pussy.

“You really need to be taught a lesson, don’t you?” He said to her now as their game progressed onto another level.

“Yes, Daddy, teach me a lesson Daddy,” she said to him, so horny for her father in that moment. She used the word ‘Daddy’ as much as she could now because nothing was turning her on more than that constant acknowledgement. She was being spanked by her Daddy. She was being fingered by her Daddy. Her Daddy was dominating her pussy. Her Daddy.

“Stand up,” he said, as he pulled his fingers out covered in her juices.

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