Stepping Out of Our Shelter Ch. 03

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My lady friend and soul mate, Catherine has been sheltering in place at her home in San Luis Obispo since mid-March. I have been staying with her for a few weeks, except for a quick sojourn up to Santa Clara. Now that businesses are starting to reopen, we are venturing out to other places besides the local grocery store.

I suggested that we spend some time at my home in Pismo Beach, so we left her house and are now sheltering in place down here. Catherine is a sexual dynamo and recently let me know that we are running low on lubrication. This prompted a visit to the local sex shop managed by our friend, Lynette. She texted me that her shop, Diamond Adult World, reopened for walk-in business last Monday.

This morning we drove over to Diamond Adult World and met Lynette. She gave us a tour of the store which was reorganized during the three-month closure due to Covid-19. Lynette had a three-pack of lube and a neon orange cock ring waiting for us, and then invited us to try the new video booths. The booths were remodeled with fifty-inch flat screens, high tech control and wonderfully comfortable Barcelona chairs. Catherine and I spent the past forty-five minutes enjoying ourselves, several videos and a few surprises to boot.

We are thoroughly enjoying our morning. I believe Catherine is sufficiently satiated, at least for the time being. Catherine and I exit through the door. It closes and locks on it’s own. We walk hand-in-hand out to the main floor to look for our favorite hostess.

We spot Lynette at the far side of the store. She is assisting a customer with some lingerie. We make our way to her, following the arrows on the floor. Thanks, IKEA, for a great idea. Lynette holds up a deep purple corset for a lady to inspect.

“This really is a fabulous color and I think it will highlight your skin tone beautifully. Your lover won’t be able to resist you.”

“Thanks Lynette, I’ll take it.”

“Oh, hey you two. Done already, I thought you’d be in there forever. Do you like new setup? What do you think about the Barcelona chair? No, don’t tell me, save it for your review.”

“The room is fantastic and very functional. I think couples will be lining up to use the space. We had quite an adventure, didn’t we Rob?”

“Yes, we did. Thank you, Lynette. It was beyond expectations. We’ll definitely be back for sure. I hope the store is a great success. I know your management skills will make the profits soar. I hope we can get together soon and celebrate.”

“The lube variety pack is at the register, along with the neon orange cock ring. Jayne will ring you up, I need to check on Nathan. Rob, put the cock ring on and send me a picture. Love you guys.”

We hug Lynette goodbye and follow the arrows to the front counter. Jayne rings us up and asks if if our stay was pleasant. I’m sure she knows it was. Catherine tells me she will be right back. I watch her follow the arrows back to where Lynette is standing and assisting another customer. I watch them have an animated discussion and at one point the two ladies look at me and point. I wonder what this is all about as Catherine returns.

“Okay honey, let’s go. I’m starving, what’s for lunch?”

I grab the lube and ring and tell Jayne that we don’t need a bag. She winks and tells me to enjoy the cock ring. She just knows it will look fabulous, and that her boyfriend has the same one. She loves the neon orange and she loves hard cocks.

I assist Catherine up into the truck and can’t resist squeezing her ass. She slides into the middle and we are off to my place.

“Hey Cath, you looked like you were having quite the discussion with Lynette. What was that all about?”

“I wanted to thank her again and let her know you enjoyed a fabulous orgasm and came all over my rear.”

“I hope yours was equally enjoyable, actually both of them.”

“They were sweetie, you know you rock my boat every time. Can we stop at Sando’s Deli and pick up a couple of sandwiches? We really need to support the local mom and pop shops to help them get back on their feet.?”

After a quick detour to Sando’s to pick up a couple of hot pastrami sandwiches on the crunchy roll bread, we make it back to my house before the day heats up. Our morning was quite heated, but now I’m referring to the temperature outside. We’re expecting high eighties along the central coast. After lunch, Catherine and I relax and grab a quiet siesta. The constant purr of my swamp cooler lulls us to sleep.

Sometime around 1:30, we begin to stir. After a quick stop to the bathroom, I walk out to the backyard to check on my plants and make sure the sprinklers are doing their job. As I check the gardenias, I hear a commotion next door. My neighbor, Denise left a note asking me to keep an eye on her house while she was visiting her mom in Des Moines, Iowa. I wonder if she changed her mind and came home.

We share a gate between our properties, so I have easy access to her backyard and pool. I’m her maintenance man for the pool. I make sure it is clean güvenilir bahis and the proper chemicals are used for healthy ph levels. I open the gate and survey the situation. The noise is coming from her pool. I walk around the shed to the pool and catch someone swimming around.

“Hey, what the hell is going on back here!”

“Hi Rob, isn’t this pool refreshing? You should come in and join me.”

“Lynette? What are you doing here? This isn’t your house, you’re trespassing?”

“I was invited.”

“Invited? By whom?”

“By her.”

Lynette stands up in the shallow end and points behind me. She is topless and the pool water cascades down her huge tan tits and chocolate brown nipples. I turn around and see Catherine standing at the gate, totally naked. Her Double-D’s sway back and forth as she twirls my neon orange cock ring around her finger.

“What the fuck?”

Catherine walks up and wraps her arms around me. She squeezes her boobs into my chest.

“Yes, fuck is the correct word. Lynette and I are going to fuck you and we are going to have our long overdue threesome. We’ve been fantasizing about this for way too long, it’s time to make it a reality.”

Catherine presses her lips to mine and snakes her tongue practically down my throat. Her aggressive action has my cock responding immediately. She unbuckles my belt and proceeds to pull my pants down. My shaft springs up and slaps my belly.

“You two planned this whole thing, didn’t you? Is this what you were talking about at her store?”

“Yes, it was. We pointed your way and said he won’t know what hits him. His cock will be ours for the entire afternoon.”

Catherine grabs my shaft and pulls me over to the pool. Lynette walks up the steps and removes her bikini bottom. Water trickles down her full bush of pubic hair. She runs her fingers through the mop and walks up to me.

“Well, hello lover. Remember me? Of course, you do. I took you home and we played with lots of sex toys, we made love on the beach, and you were my glory hole stud. Why have you kept Catherine and me away from each other? Afraid we might make love together and forget all about you? Well, yes, we are going to make love together, we are going to eat each other’s pussy and play with our huge tits. But we’ll include you too.”

Lynette wraps her arms around me, and we share our own passionate kiss. We break apart and she and Catherine wrap their arms around each other. Their boobs squish together, and they share a deep kiss. I can tell their tongues are playing together, back, and forth between open mouths.

“Hello Catherine.”

“Hello Lynette. What took us so long.”

“I don’t know. Maybe Rob didn’t want to share?”

“Perhaps, but he has no ‘say so’ today, does he?”

“No, he doesn’t. I love your big boobs; they are so soft.”

“So are yours.”

“Rob, tells me you have a very sweet pussy.”

“He says the very same about you. I can’t wait until we find out together. Should we include him this afternoon?”

“Well, a nice hard cock does feel good in my cunt.”

“I suppose you are right.”

The ladies break apart and suggest we cool off in the pool for a bit. Lynette grabs my cock and leads me down the steps. Catherine follows and we splash around for a while. The girls play grab-ass while we float. Hands massage boobs, fingers play with pussies, they pump my shaft while I suck on nipples. Catherine suggests that some oral sex is needed. We play row-sham-bow to decide who gets satisfied first. I am the lucky winner.

“Okay Rob, it’s your turn for some oral love. But you have to wear your new cock ring.”

I don’t know if the ring will help in any way, because my cock is extremely stiff and throbbing. I’ll agree to anything to receive a double blow job from these two. I make my way to the shallow end and walk up the steps. The ladies clap and holler as I emerge with a full-on erection. My shaft leads the way and I grab a towel from the patio and sit on the pool edge at the deep end. I lean back on my elbows and flex my cock as it points proudly to the sun.

“Wow Catherine, look at this cock. It’s so hard.”

“I know, it’s seven and one-half inches of tasty man meat. I love sucking his cock and I know you do too.”

“So, let’s do this.”

Catherine holds my cock upright while Lynette slides the neon orange cock ring down my shaft. She stretches the ring to fit around my balls as well. Lynette comments that the ring looks good around my shaved balls. She squeezes my nut sack for emphasis. I didn’t think I could get much harder, but apparently, I can. Veins form on my shaft and my glans goes from spongy to turgid.

“Would you look at that? I think Rob just grew another inch with the ring. He is certainly much thicker.”

Both ladies grab my member with their hands and stroke my length. I feel I could bust a nut any second. Catherine lets Lynette have the first taste. She continues to hold me erect while Lynette slathers my shaft with her saliva. She licks up türkçe bahis and down my cock. Her left hand grabs my balls as she opens wide and takes several inches into her mouth. Lynette closes her lips and applies as much suction as she can muster. My eyes start to water.

Catherine strokes my rod while Lynette sucks. I pulse and throb with pent up desire. Watching my two lovers please each other is like intense foreplay and I tell them.

“Gee Rob, are you telling us you won’t last long. That’s too bad. Well you better have a second load waiting on deck.”

Lynette backs off and Catherine takes over sucking my firm glans. She licks the pre-cum forming at the tip and shares it with Lynette. Catherine wraps her lips around my swollen member and Lynette strokes the shaft. Catherine releases me from her mouth and licks up the entire seven plus inches of my shaft. My cock pulses, my balls tighten. It feels like a slow-motion video as my cum boils over in my balls, surges up my shaft and skyrockets into the air. The first thick white rope of cum shoots up eight inches and splashes onto my stomach. A second and third long stream follow and create a large puddle.

Catherine slurps up my cream, even as more semen ejaculates from the tip of my cock. Lynette joins in and licks the jizz that dribbles down my shaft and onto her fingers. She continues to stroke, making sure she gets all I have to offer. When the last little bit trickles from my hole, Lynette sucks my shaft down her throat. A second mini-orgasm hits my groin and I moan with pleasure. She’s sucks the sensitive tip and my knees shake.

After Lynette drains my cock, she joins Catherine slurping the remnants of my climax from my belly. They slurp and kiss sharing my sweet load, and slurp again. The ladies clean every bit of spunk from my skin and turn to each other, licking their lips, cheeks, and chins. They mash their open mouths and disappear under the water. So much for helping me slide into the water. They are in their own little world.

I watch in awe as they come up for air. Catherine latches onto Lynette right nipple and sucks for all she is worth. She feasts on the dark brown nubbin before switching to her left boob. Lynette returns the favor and sucks on Catherine’s crimson red nipples. They keep their hands under water. I can only guess they are frigging each other as they play kissy, kissy with each other’s tits.

“Okay, Lynette, it’s your turn.”

I slip back into the swimming pool. Catherine joins me in the deep end, which is only five feet. Her Double-D’s float in the water and I pinch her crimson red nipples. She, in turn, squeezes my shaft and pumps her hand back and forth.

Lynette walks around, settles on the side of the pool, and spreads her legs. We move into between them to inspect her pussy. Her outer lips are smooth and pink from the foreplay. The thick tuft of hair sits atop her mound. I weave my fingers through the long curls.

“Hey Cath, guess what Lynette calls this mass of lovely hair?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“It’s my Muff Puff. My cosmetician who gives me a mani-pedi and waxes my outer lips named it.”

“How cute. How very sexy and cute. Let me play with your Muff Puff too.”

Catherine replaces my fingers with hers and glides them through Lynette’s soft public hair. Lynette fondles her tan boobs and pulls on her chocolate brown nipples. Catherine dips hers head between Lynette’s thighs and gets her first taste of her friend’s juices. She takes a long lick from bottom to top along Lynette’s pink slit.

“Mmm, Rob is right, you taste sweet and delicious.”

“Do that some more, bury your face in my cunt. Take all the time you want.”

Catherine weaves her fingers through Lynette’s Muff Puff as she licks her inner labia and uses her tongue to part her moist lips. Catherine laps up her sweet juices and darts her tongue deep into Lynette’s pink flesh. I love eating Lynette’s pussy and it looks like Catherine does too.

“May I have a taste of our friend’s pussy?”

Catherine reluctantly gives way to me. I mimic her actions and lick Lynette from bottom to top and drill between her slick folds. I grab the soft long hair that adorns Lynette’s mound and gently pull up. I massage her Muff Puff while I eat her out. Lynette pushes her hips up, searching for more contact.

“This is Heaven, having my two friends share my special spot. I’m so wet right now and it’s not from the pool. So, you two, did you have fun in the video room? I hope you made love and had fabulous orgasms. By the way, Catherine, did you enjoy my little surprise?”

“Your little surprise?”

“Well, not so little; that huge dick with the red cock ring.”

“Wait. What? How do know about a red cock ring?”

“That my dear was Nathan’s eight-inch cock. Pretty sweet, huh. I arranged his glory hole debut. I told him that if he enjoys my blow jobs so much, he will receive one of the best ever by sticking his gorgeous shaft through the hole. Keep licking my pussy Rob. You can still listen güvenilir bahis siteleri and eat at the same time.”

“Oh, my gawd, I thought that cock was nice and big. He gave me a huge load of cum, it was so yummy. What did he say to you?”

“He was surprised how aggressive you were at first but admitted that he came so hard it made his eyes water. He wants to know if we can have a threesome and have the two of us suck his cock at the same time. I said absolutely.”

“Thank you, Lynette, I owe you one.”

“Yes, you do, and I intend to collect. Rob, you are going to make me cum soon. I love how you take care of me.”

Catherine pulls me away from Lynette’s juicy cunt and takes my place. She puts her hands under Lynette’s ass and dives into her quim. I stand behind Catherine and wrap my arms around her. I palm her Double-D’s and tweak her crimson nipples. The cool water keeps them erect. I tell Lynette that Catherine enjoyed the second cock, although it wasn’t as big as Nathan’s and lasted only a few minutes.

“What do you mean, second cock I only arranged for Nathan to use the glory hole.”

“This was the other glory hole. Catherine gave two blow jobs this morning.”

“Oh no, oh my, how funny. Mr. Davis must have heard you in the next room and stuck his cock through the hole.”

“Mr. Davis?”

“Oh Mr. Davis. He’s a little old widower who lives around the corner from the store. He comes in every couple of days to say hi. I think he wants the social interaction. Anyway, I would give him a few tokens and let him use the video booth to watch the movies. I suspect he masturbates and then goes home for a nap. I’ll have to quiz him the next time he comes in.”

“Don’t embarrass Mr. Davis. He was very polite and thanked Catherine after he shot his load.”

“I’ve often thought about going back with him and giving him a hand job. Wow, Catherine, I bet you made his day. Speaking of which, you are making my day right now. You definitely know your way around a pussy.”

I continue to massage Catherine’s huge tits while she devours Lynette. She glides her fingers over her mound, and they disappear within the long curls of hair. Catherine is on a quest to find Lynette’s clitoris. She laps up her sweet juices and darts her tongue deep into the pink flesh. Catherine is loving all of it. I see Lynette jump when Catherine locates the center of her nerve endings. Catherine focuses her energy on Lynette’s clit and attempts to get her off. Soon Lynette is moaning and breathing deep as her orgasm builds.

“Oh yes, uh huh, uh huh. Fuuuccckkkkk,”

Lynette presses her thighs into Catherine’s face searching for release. She churns out lots of girl juice which covers Catherine’s cheeks and chin. Catherine extends her tongue to lick her smooth inner thighs and the wet skin all around her dense jungle. Lynette’s clit throbs against Catherine’s tongue, so she presses harder and moves it with a circular motion. Lynette screams out as her climax rushes over her. Her legs spasm and her pussy throbs. Catherine holds onto her thighs, so Lynette doesn’t slip into the pool.

Lynette’s breasts swell and shake. Her dark brown nipples are erect and Lynette pinches and pulls them to extend the pleasure. I watch Catherine ease off her clitoris and as Lynette rides out this intense orgasm.

“Oh, gawd Catherine, your tongue is magic. I am totally spent, but I’m dying to taste your pussy. Sorry Rob, you’ll have to wait. You can play with my tits like you are doing for Catherine. Let’s change places, it’s time for me to munch.”

The ladies exchange places and Catherine takes her place sitting on the towel, dangling her legs in the pool. She spreads her thighs and Lynette moves between them.

“The cool water feels good on my throbbing cunt. Now I’m going to do for you what you did for me. Get ready for a mind-blowing orgasm.”

Lynette dives right in and licks Catherine’s pussy the same way. Since Lynette offered, I move behind her and grab her suntanned boobs. I squeeze the massive flesh as her tits float in the water. Lynette is no stranger to pussies, and she shows Catherine just how good her skills are. Lynette licks the soft smooth mound and continues to the pink flesh of Catherine’s inner labia. Lynette laps up the moisture and has another taste of sweet love juice.

Lynette wraps her hands around Catherine’s pliant ass and pulls her cunt to her face. She wriggles her tongue in between Catherine’s pussy lips. The tip of her tongue pushes inside. Catherine shivers and presses her cunt upwards. Lynette breathes through her nose as pussy juice is smeared all over her chin.

I watch Lynette attack Catherine’s pussy with her tongue, doing her best to bring on a climax. She pushes her tongue deep into Catherine, pressing it against her cunt walls and lapping up the juices oozing out.

Catherine lifts her head,”Geez Rob, my clit is throbbing. I love the way she eats my pussy.”

Lynette returns to licking Catherine and uses her fingers to spread the puffy folds. She opens her inner labia and Catherine’s clitoris comes into view. Lynette licks the hard nub and sucks it between her lips. Catherine bucks her hips as her orgasm builds. Lynette laps up the juices dripping from Catherine’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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