Stolen Moment of Passion

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I never found peeing to be a particularly erotic activity, but one event altered my perception all at once. I was attending graduate school and at this school we had all of our classes during one day each week. It was a long day, going from 8am until 6pm and because of that, you got to know your classmates pretty well compared to other programs I have attended. But, back to the event.

This one day, classes just seem to drag and by the time lunch break came, I really had to pee. The problem was, everyone else had to pee too and there were long lines at the bathrooms. In the student lounge, there were 2 bathrooms…a woman’s room with one toilet and a unisex bathroom which had both a toilet and a urinal. I had, along with lots of others, been waiting quite a while to use the bathroom and there were still 4 women in front of me so I was dancing a little. We all were trying our best to stay good natured about it and were picking on each other about having to go pretty badly. The woman’s room opened first and one classmate entered it . Now 3 people were ahead of me but as the unisex bathroom opened, Marsha (the first lady in line) suggested that since there was both a urinal and a stall for the toilet, she and I could use that bathroom at the same time before any of ataşehir escort bayan us exploded. The other 2 women did not object to me cutting the line as they couldn’t use the urinal anyway.

All four of us were saying that, after all, we were all adults and we just had to perform a natural body function.

It made sense to me, so I stepped up and held the door for Marsha, then held the stall door for her and after she locked it, I stepped to urinal and proceeded to unzip my shorts (it was summer), pulled out my penis and finally…relieved myself. All perfectly innocent…except as I finished peeing…I could hear her stream of urine hitting the water in the toilet and it was suddenly not so innocent for me. Intellectually, I knew it should not matter that this healthy, attractive woman was peeing only 3 or 4 feet from me, but I realized it did matter. I realized I hadn’t put my cock away yet and looked down and realized I was in trouble as it had gotten rock hard and she would be done her business soon. I laughed nervously at my predicament.

Marsha said “Scot…what’s funny?”

I answered, “It is not funny as much as embarrassing.

She then asked “OK, what is embarrassing…that we are both peeing?”

I responded, “I guess escort kadıköy I found this kind of erotic and I am embarrassed by that.”

Marsha then surprised me by whispering, “It is kinda sexy, isn’t it?”

At this point, she was done peeing and I could hear the toilet paper against her pussy. I have no clear recollection of what I was thinking at that moment, but I found myself pushing against her stall door…not saying a word…and I heard the door latch pulled aside.

The next few minutes were out of control. I pushed the door aside, reached for her hands and pulled her to her feet…her panties and shorts dropped from her ankles to the floor. I pulled her into my arms and my lips crushed against hers. I kissed her hungrily as my hands slid under her tight asscheeks. I’m not sure if I lifted her or she sort of jumped up to my waist…because the blood was in the wrong head at that point, but suddenly, Marsha and I were lowering her onto my cock…totally oblivious to the people in the lounge who might be waiting. We were definitely not making love…we were fucking wildly, madly lost in the heat of the moment and just wanting to cum. I spun her around and her back slammed against the stall wall as I drove my hips up and slammed deeper into bostancı escort her pussy. It was loud, it was hot and we fucked like animals until we both came. I never considered pulling out…she never asked me to and I pumped what felt like a quart of hot white cum into her wet, hot pussy. Our lips and our tongues never released during that entire time…not a word was spoken until after our sexual spasms stopped.

We slowly broke our kiss but she remained, her legs around my waist and my cock and her pussy joined as one, with her back against the stall wall…both of us panting from the excitement and the exertion. We kissed a few more times…more gently…affectionately…then slowly, she slid off my softening cock and down to her feet. We both expressed our surprise at what happened…we had never been in any way intimate before. . I kissed her again and asked if she regretted it…she said she did not and I sure didn’t either but we were both now embarrassed about walking into the student lounge. We cleaned up and before we opened the door, we kissed a long, slow, sensual kiss, then opened the door and found no one waiting for the bathrooms and no one waiting in the lounge. That made both of us relieved and we stole one last kiss before heading off to our separate lunches.

Marsha and I never kissed again, never had sex again and never talked about it again. We stayed friends throughout grad school but as we were both in serious relationships…we kept our stolen few moments of wild passion a secret…until now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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