Stormy Sex in a Rainy Night

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Though I have never been a dominant person, however this fantasy of dominating has to played an indispensable role in determining the role plays I want to partake. The following story is purely a work of fiction and it is my honest reflection of how this fantasy should play out it if it ever does.

Before I commence the story, I will briefly describe myself. I am 35 year old married male working for a MNC in Mumbai. I am around 6ft tall, fair with a lean built and am averagely endowed considering my Indian genes (I won’t brag about myself). However I do make up for it in my stamina and pace.

The story:

The end of financial year is an excruciatingly busy period in the firm that I work for and this year was no different. It is as the most dreaded time of the year wherein we would have no personal space or time. During one such busy day an old acquaintance of mine called me. Considering the busy period I ignored the call. That night while driving back home I called him back. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he informed that one of his friend’s wife desperately was looking for a job and if I could help out in anyway. I asked him to share my no. with the concerned person and I will do whatever possible. Having said that I completely forgot about the conversation and completely immersed myself in the work. After a couple of days I got a call from an unknown no. which as usual I ignored. But the calls persisted. This ticked me off and I finally answered the call and blasted the person on the call without hearing a word that she had to say. This call became a vent for my frustration and pent up anger at work. I cut the call without letting the lady on the call speak.

That night while driving back home i recalled the conversation I had a couple of days ago and connected all the dots. Thats when I realised the lady I had been so mean to had actually called me for a job on my instruction. I was overwhelmed with guilt and immediately called that cell no. without taking cognisance of time. When the lady answered after 7 rings, I realised that it must have been really late for her and that she must asleep. I started profusely apologising for being so obnoxious during our previous conversation and calling up so late. She calmed me down by saying that she understands that I was busy and it was not a good time to talk. Post that she introduced herself as Neha and then we discussed about her previous professional experience and the kind of role she is looking for. Our discussion lasted for 10 mins post which I asked her to mail me her resume.

The next day I received her resume which I forwarded to the HR team in my Organization. After that I again immersed myself in work, losing track of what happened to that resume. One fine day during summers, while working at my desk a tall lady approached me and thanked me for my help. I was a bit flummoxed by this gesture. She then introduced herself as Neha. I took escort ataşehir a couple of seconds to register that she was the same lady I had referred for a Job. We exchanged pleasantries and spoke for a couple of minutes during which she informed me that she had been offered a job and that today was her first day at work. Neha was a tall lady in her early 30s, married, averagely built(because of her salwar kameez I could bot make out her contours). She had curly hair, fair and sharp features. In short, she was an average looking middle aged Indian lady. After our brief conversation, she left and within 5 mins I got a text saying, “Thanks for the help!”

This gesture led to us exchanging messages during and after work hours. The messages were casual with no hidden connotations. This continued for a few weeks, until the monsoons when everything changed. I distinctly remember that fateful July day when it was pouring incessantly all over the city. The fortunate few left early for their homes and the unfortunate few who were overburdened by work stayed back. I was waiting at the reception making up my mind if I should drive back home or just spend the night in the safety of office when a familiar voice called me. I turned around to see Neha. We said our hellos and started discussing the course of action. She offered me to spend the night at her place as it was close enough. I turned it down saying it was inappropriate, however, she kept insisting. Eventually I obliged assuming her husband would be at home. She asked not to take my car as it was not a good idea to drive in this weather and the car would be safe in the office premises.

So I informed my family that I will spend the night in office and we started walking towards her house which was a 15 mins walk. The moment we stepped out the rain went ape shit on us making the umbrella we were carrying a frivolous accessory. By the time we reached her apartment we were completely drenched to the bone. The clothes were sticking to our bodies. I could make out the contours of her body which was impressive. There were no lights in the building. The only light was from the emergency light in the lobby of the building. She informed me that she stayed on the fourth floor. As it was an old construction there were no elevators available so we had to climb our way up 4 floors. She led the way and i could see her ass swaying right in front of me. Due to scarcity of light I followed her closely behind to avoid the eventuality of tripping and falling.

I could see the seams of her salwar on her waist and the imprint of her bra. Strangely it was too arousing for me. We reached her house and she let us inside. It was a small sparsely furnished 1bhk house and it was completely dark inside. She put on the torch on the cellphone and walked inside only to return back with lighted candles shedding some light in the room. In the meanwhile, i stood there completely clueless kadıköy escort bayan as to what to do with water dripping on the floor from my clothes. She saw my perplexed state and went in and returned with two towels. She offered me one which I willingly accepted and started drying my head. I asked her when would her husband be arriving to which she replied that he is out of town and will return only after 5 days. I was a bit uncomfortable at this point which clearly reflected on my face. She noticed the discomfort and put me to ease telling me that I don’t have to be awkward and I can treat this like my home. I was thinking how could I tell her that I was uncomfortable because of my inability to cap my emotions and the arousing situation we were in.

I resigned to the situation and let the universe decide the fate of the night. In resignation i kept drying my head but that did little help as the rest of my body was wet and the clothes were still dripping. I kept stealing glances at her and I could see her wet bosom jutting out of her wet kameez in the dimly lit room. I could feel my loins stirring. After drying my head, I stood there foolishly look around the house hinting at my inability to sit anywhere without wetting it. She asked me to take off my clothes while she looked for something for me to change into. She went to the bedroom and shut the door while I took off all my wet clothes and wrapped a towel around my naked torso. Suddenly she opened to door and peeped outside to ask me if a Tshirt and shorts would suffice! I nodded in affirmation and asked her where I could dry my clothes. She directed me towards the passage where they had a make shift drying area. I went there and spread my clothes to dry and returned to find her in the living room in the wet clothes holding out an oversized tshirt and shorts. I smiled at her and mockingly said, “These are good for both of us to fit in!” and we both started giggling.

I started checking her out which she realised and out of the blue we kind of pounced on each other. Grabbing and groping each others bodies and smooching each other like hungry souls lost in the pool of lust. In a swift motion she had undone my towel and i was standing there stark naked. We continued smooching in the middle of the room, when I suddenly pushed her away. I looked at her wet body and the heaving of her chest because of all the smooching. I grabbed her kameez near the cleavage and tore it off. Then pushed her to the wall and started making out with her. One by one tearing her clothes off her body. The tearing of her clothes was having a cathartic effect on me with all my frustration at work being vented out on those clothes and the discovery of treasures hidden by them was arousing. After few minutes of smooching, biting, groping and and tearing we were both naked in each other’s embrace.

I turned her around and pressed her against the wall and kissed her escort bostancı on the shoulder blades, her back and then bit her bare ass. She yelped in pain. I could smell her pussy and knew that she was horny as fuck. I made her sit before me and pushed my semi erect cock in her face. From the look of it I knew she had not indulged in it much with her husband. I pulled her hair so that she opened her mouth in pain and then shoved my cock in her mouth and mouth fucked her for a couple of minutes. The shadows our bodies were casting on the wall were erotic. I closed my and was mouth fucking her when her phone started ringing. I let go of her and she saw that her husband was calling her. She was at crossroads now – whether succumb to carnal pleasures and continue fucking me or take moral stand and stop this. She chose the former and cut the call. But I was in a different frame of mind altogether.

I made her squat on all fours like a bitch and mounted her bare. The wet pussy and the lubricated cock were complementary. After a few strokes, I asked her to call her husband on the cell. She looked back at me in disbelief. I told her again assertively and I could see doubt creeping in on her forehead. But I was in no mood for nonsense now. Basically I was thinking from my dick. Before she could protest, I spanked her very hard. She cringed in pain and I could see a drop of tear in her eye. I pushed her cell towards and commanded her to call her husband while i started teasing her by rolling my cock over her wet pussy. She obliged and called her husband and put it on speaker. He asked her about her well-being and how the situation is due to rains which she was responding to and assuring him that she is safe.

That is when I rammed my cock in. She let out a gasp which he noticed and asked if she was fine. She replied, “Nothing I just tripped in darkness.” He started his rant about how his day has been and what all he did during the day while I kept pounding her. I could make out that she was least interested in what her husband was saying and the setting that we were in was turning her on. All she could reply was some “hmmpfs” and muffled moans. I doubt the husband noticed that there was something amiss. I continued to pound her giving out small grunts. The situation was too erotic for both of us to handle and she disconnected the phone and gave out a loud moan.

We continued fucking like animals in heat in that dimly lit room. Our groaning, yelling and spanking was complemented by the spatter of rain and the thunder. I could watch her boobs sway and her mangalsutra too. My cock started twitching and I pulled it out as I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I got up figged into my bag and pulled out my pack of smokes. I lit one took a drag and handed it to her. She took a drag and exhaled the smoke on my face. She grabbed me by my neck and pulled me down in the missionary position and we again started copulating furiously. After a few minutes of pounding and staring into each others eyes, she started shivering and gave a loud moan and hearing her moan I came inside her bare pussy.

We rolled on to each other for some time smoking the cigarette and eventually dozed off satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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