Stormy Weather

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It is the afternoon and Carrie and I have been walking in the country after having a good pub lunch together. The day has been perfect and we have had a very good time. The sun was shining and the rain that was forecast has not happened. We are both feeling the glow of the food and more specifically the wine.

Carrie is wearing a white dress made from cotton that has a simple V shaped neck, with no sleeves and the length goes down to her calves.

I am wearing a white shirt with short sleeves and loose fitting chinos.

The sun has made our bodies warm and Carrie’s skin glows with the joy of walking.

We stop walking when we realise that it is getting late and grey clouds are gathering. The air feels different and we can smell a storm approaching. There is nowhere to shelter and we have no other coats or an umbrella.

A heavy splash of a raindrop hits my head, then more on my shirt and arms. We are going to get soaked now.

I turn towards her but before I can speak, I look at the effect of the rain upon Carrie’s dress. As each raindrop is absorbed into the cotton fabric, it moulds and becomes less opaque. More and more rain soaks the dress and it becomes a second skin. The cold water and the cool breeze cause her breasts to stiffen and nipples to harden. They poke out through the fabric and I am speechless.

“What’s the matter?”, Carrie asks but I cannot speak. The güvenilir bahis unexpected sight of her body, almost naked in public is captivating. “Say something please John!”, she are getting frustrated now.

“I’m sorry, you’re beautiful and I was admiring you.” My eyes betray my thoughts as they stare at Carrie’s breasts and hips and stomach. I can see the raised line of the edge of her panties. The cotton of her dress is sticking to all of her body.

I do not realise that my own clothes are getting wet also and I see that Carrie’s eyes are looking at me now. I look at my waist and I can see my erection has pressed against the wet cotton and the shape of my manhood is obvious. It is also obvious that I am hard.

Without thinking, I kneel in front of Carrie and my hands hold onto the cheeks of her arse, pulling her towards me. My mouth kisses the wet cotton on her stomach and Carrie’s fingers entwine in my wet hair.

My hands move under her dress, with difficulty because now it is heavy and sticky and I pull Carrie’s panties down her legs. She gasps and pulls me up to her lips.

We kiss with passion and desire. My hands rub all over Carrie’s wet skin and over her wet dress, I move slowly over her breasts and the nipple pushes into my hand. I lower my mouth and I suck at the cotton covered breast. The rain water is cold but Carrie’s body is steamingly hot.

Her hands unzip türkçe bahis my trousers and Carrie pulls my cock out. The rain and air are chilled but it throbs snd pulses with heated desire. I drag the wet fabric of her dress up Carrie’s legs and it sticks to her hips. When she is exposed to me, Carrie puts the crown of my hardness to her wetness and her legs wrap around my hips.

I impale Carrie deeply and she screams into the night as a flash of lightning illuminates a now dark sky. The thunder explodes and Carrie is full of me.

We lay on the cold wet earth and Carrie sits on me, pulling her dress up to ensure that we can couple fully. The rain makes puddles of mud but I do not care. My hardness is buried within her and it feels perfect.

Carrie moves up and down and we make love quickly and with urgency before she becomes stiff and her orgasm flows around me. Carrie screams again when the next lightning and thunder explode.

I hold onto her hips and press up hard into her because I need to ejaculate. My seed flows up and into Carrie and our love mixes inside her.

Carrie presses down onto my groin so that every inch is within and it forces our cream to flow out and onto my stomach.

We gaze into each others eyes. The next lightning flash shows us a barn in the distance. We stand up and run towards it. Not caring about the rain but it is too cold now. Inside we hug tightly güvenilir bahis siteleri for warmth. I find a blanket and we undress before we wrap the blanket around us and lay on the straw on the ground.

Carrie moves me onto my back and once again, she sits her body upon mine. I am hard and eager for her. Carrie is wet and eager for me. Our bodies join together and now we move slowly, lovingly and compassionately.

This is making love, naked and alone but in public. No one can see or hear us as we get closer to another orgasm. The muscles inside Carrie are squeezing and milking my cock and the feeling is ecstasy.

Her hair is wet and sticks to her shoulders, making little streams of rain water down her body as it dries. Carrie has never looked more beautiful than at this moment. Naked and feminine and fertile and fabulous. A goddess of the earth and mother to all mankind.

I cannot restrain my ejaculation any more and I reposition our bodies. Now I am above and Carrie lays on the ground, her legs are wrapped around my hips and I am pumping harder.

“Yes, yes, yes. O god, yes! Make me cum! Fill me with your seed and give me your baby! I want you and need you to cum now!”

My body empties its potent load inside her. As I do, I feel that Carrie’s body is having an orgasm and she squeezes me tight.

Our milk flows from her lips and thighs again. I withdraw my hardness and lower my mouth to our milk. I kiss Carrie’s lips and enjoy the taste of our union.

I wrap the blanket around us and we pass into a beautiful sleep where I dream of my lovely English girl and she dreams of her English gent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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