Study Group

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Note: All the participants are over 18.


For some reason, they just clicked. Everyone around them knew there was a spark between them and no one would dare have mentioned it. The banter alone was obviously a turn on but the physical reaction the two seemed to have when they got close to each other… well, that was hot. Usually, they stayed across the room, for safety almost, but sometimes, passing in the hallway, or sitting outside in the courtyard with a group of other people around… it’s like the charge became more intense. She’d look across the group of students and lock eyes with him.

No one ever full on caught them looking but the verbal teasing would pick up a bit. These two were subtle and had silently agreed to play the same game. She knew what was behind his long looks at her and he knew she’d only resist him in the most cursory way. She would resist though. They were both in relationships with long-term partners and she was excellent at keeping them from being alone together.

This whole back and forth kept up for weeks in public while they increasingly chatted via text whenever they weren’t physically in the same room. The teasing continued online, sometimes just barely crossing the line but only in the “bite me,” “where?” type of flirting. It was never anything too racy although both of them were always deleting their whole text conversations.

Finals were fast approaching and classmates were meeting in the study rooms for early cram sessions so it wasn’t unusual to see a couple or a whole group holed up in one of the small rooms for hours. They weren’t soundproof but they were mostly private as there were floor to ceiling windows on the outside wall but only a small panel window in the door.

There was supposed to be five of them meeting midmorning that Tuesday and she was there early so she had güvenilir bahis the pick of the best rooms and nabbed her favorite one. It’s tucked in the corner of a small cul-de-sac in the study rooms hallway and feels like you’re in a treehouse as the windows are almost completely full of branches and leaves.

She set up her laptop and cord, pulled out her supplement and highlighters, and started reviewing an old exam. About 10 minutes later, he showed up, loud and joking as he came into the small room. They flirted for a second as he set up in the seat directly across from her. Then it became almost awkwardly quiet as if they just remembered that they didn’t have any chaperones there to stop them. Their phones both buzzed as they received a group text from one of the other study mates saying she wasn’t going to be able to make it. It wasn’t long until another person dropped out. It was really getting tense in the room and they were trying to act as if nothing was going on between them when the last guy popped in the door. They were both so relieved and then the new guy went on to explain how he wasn’t going to stick around.

He shut the door on his way out and they looked across the table at each other. She made a joke about being left with just him and he hopped up and moved his things around the table to sit next to her.

She looked at him with a big smile and asked what he was doing. He smiled right back her and said they could work better if they could see each other’s screens and notes. “Oh, really?” she asked grinning.

“Well, it could just be an excuse to get close enough to put my hand up your skirt.”

“You wouldn’t do that, especially here.”

He turned his chair towards her and pulled her chair to him, between his legs. She was smiling at him as if he was just playing but then he took her head with both türkçe bahis his hands and kissed her. It was unexpected and yet so about time… and fierce with excitement. As they kissed he turned her chair towards him and pulled her up onto his lap. Her legs straddled him and her arms were around his neck as he pulled her down against him. She pulled back off of him and back into her chair, pulling her dress down over her panties where he had pushed it while kissing her. She laughed and tried to play it off a bit but she was obviously flushed and before she could close her legs, he grabbed both her knees and kept them apart.

He dropped down between her legs and quickly slid his hands under her ass, pulling her towards him. He put his mouth up to her panties before she knew what was happening, yanking them over, he put his tongue right out to her pussy. She was dripping wet, as she had been since he walked into the room, and now his tongue was sliding up and down her clit, licking and sucking and sliding down into her pussy. Her head was back and her hands were on the arms of the chair. She was almost pulling back away from him but his mouth felt too good for her to stop him. He was sliding his tongue all over her, licking and tasting and fucking her with his mouth, sliding his hands up her inner thighs, spreading her farther apart. He licked and sucked her clit, rubbing his finger around her slippery pussy and then pushing into her tight hole. Immediately he pushed his finger against her g-spot wanting her to start cumming right away. She gasped with the wonderful feeling racing through her body.

It worked and she couldn’t hold back as he pumped his finger deep into her pussy and sucked and lapped at her clit. Her pussy tightened down on his finger as she came and he knew he was going to like getting her off as she was grinding against güvenilir bahis siteleri his face and tongue, cumming so hard on his finger. He let her slow down a second and catch her breath, just licking around her clit now, not actually touching it, his finger still but inside her. He loved how wet she was and how turned on she made him.

She was trying to focus on being quiet but that first orgasm was so hot and she hadn’t cum that fast ever. Whatever he had figured out on her body, she loved it and wondered if he could do it again. So hot. He slowly slid his finger back out of her wet pussy, his tongue pressed up against her clit, slowly licking down to her pussy. He slid his tongue into her as his finger pulled out, his mouth diving into her. Her breath caught and he pushed his finger back into her, quickly back out and then pushed in two fingers, all the way deep into her… so wet and slippery and tight as his mouth gobbled and licked at her clit. She came quickly again as now both his fingers were playing inside her, rubbing against her, fucking her. He lapped at her pussy and knew they needed some more time but in private.

A door shut in the study room next to them and they straightened themselves back up a bit, him sitting in the chair next to her. Their laptops were blocking them enough if someone had looked in the door window but they both faced forward and tried to look nonchalant. A minute passed in silence.

He quickly put his hand between her legs and slid back up under her dress and pushed his two finger sback into her pussy. She was sooo wet and he really wanted to fuck her but it wasn’t going to happen in this room. She was a little cum machine for him and he wanted to feel her cum on his rock hard cock. He finger fucked her fast, pushing deep inside, sliding in and out, and she came again grinding down on his hand.

He had just pulled back his wet hand when the door started to open. One of the study mates was coming in, whispering to someone in the hall, giving them precious seconds to straighten up before he actually looked at either of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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