Study Session

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It will always be that first touch that I remember most. His fingers grazing mine as we both reached for the study guide between us. The heat, the electricity. I crossed my bare legs under his dining room table, conscious of how close his leg was to my foot. I let my sandals slip from my feet as I tried to focus my mind on my lecture notes, once again dragging my mind from the shape of his lips and back to the task at hand: studying for our lecture exam.

Adam was the quiet student in class who always said the correct answer to the professor’s questions, but never loud enough for the professor to hear. Satisfied that he knew the answer, he never sought the recognition of his intelligence, but I always heard him. I would glance over toward the seat beside me, his seat, and smile, nodding my own insignificant recognition.

The sun coming in through the window at his side always lit his shaggy brown hair in a way that distracted me from the lecture. His hair shined while falling around his face as he dutifully scribbled notes and hastily copied sketches from the chalkboard. The way he crinkled his brow in concentration made me want to reach over and smooth it with my thumb, tracing the lines away then drawing my hand down his face until my hand reached his jawline, my thumb on his full bottom lip. I would rub my thumb across his lip slowly, then pull his face to mine as I replaced the tip of my tongue with my thumb and traced a wet line across his lip…

No, stop. Concentrate.

I was surprised when he approached me last week after class while I was packing my things to head to my next class.

“Victoria? Could you study with me for this exam? I was planning on working on this Friday at my place, if that works for you.” I paused, surprised, and he looked at me apprehensively, as if regretting asking me. He must have been interpreting the shocked expression on my face as reluctance, because he started to back-peddle. “If you’re busy or whatever, that’s cool. No big deal.” He grabbed his own bag, slinging it over his shoulder.

I smiled, forming my words and concentrating on not sounding too eager. “Yeah, Adam, that would be great. What time?” We exchanged phone numbers and details, and I smiled and walked away, grabbing my phone to call my best friend and talk to her about Friday. It was only two days away.

When Friday finally arrived and I had made it through my classes, I made my way home to get ready for my study session. Showering the warm April day off of me, I made sure to shave my legs. Now came the hard part– picking out which clothes I would wear. The bra and underwear set I had chosen was dark blue satin trimmed in matching lace, the thin lace barely hiding what its counterpart did not. Finally settling on a simple denim mini skirt and black shirt that clung enough to my curves to show off my trim waist escort ataşehir and the curve of my breasts, I slipped on some sandals and headed for the door.

I drove to Adam’s apartment and was right on time. The sun was just setting over the skyline, but the air still warmed my skin as I waited at his front door, anticipating the door opening at any moment. Time ticked by in slow motion as I heard his footsteps behind the door, then saw it swing open. His smile greeted me and I stepped inside.

We found our way to the dining room table, sprawling our notes and handouts, comparing notes and working on the study guide given to us. As we both reached for it, our hands met and lingered just a few moments longer than necessary, but it was enough to redden my cheeks as I deferred to him. His eyes roamed over my body, lingering at and tracing the curve of my breast. My toes brushed his shin under the table as I slowly guided them in a dance over his naked skin.

After a while of comparing notes and discussing the intricate details of mammalian fertilization, Adam reached his arms above his head as he arched his back and stretched out his legs, letting out a quiet groan of mental exhaustion. The naked flesh of his calf brushed firmly against mine, and didn’t move. My heart started to race. He looked at me silently for a moment, then turned up the corners of his mouth in a half-smile.

“Want to take a break? There’s a hot tub out back.”

I flushed at the thought of soaking with him in just my lacey underwear, then lost my nerve. “I don’t really have anything to wear, but I would love to…” I looked at him, seeking his reaction. He just kept on with that smile.

“That’s only a problem if you’re overly modest. I’ll go in my boxer briefs if that’ll make you feel better.”

The thought of seeing him in just his tight underwear won me over, and after a moment of weighing my options, I nodded. “Okay, sure. Who cares, right?” He grinned as he stood from the table, scooting his chair back. I followed suit, standing to follow him. But he didn’t go anywhere; he just stood, looking at me with that half grin on his face, his dark green eyes looking over my body in a way that almost felt physical.

He slowly pulled his shirt over his head as he kicked out of his sandals, then reached for the button of his shorts. Unzipping them and letting them fall to the floor, he took a step out of them and toward me. He ran his hands slowly up my arms, rising goose bumps on my skin everywhere he touched. When his hands got to my shoulder, he ran one hand through my hair as the other reached to my face. He traced the path with his finger that I’ve daydreamed about tracing on his face, then slipped his hand behind my neck and pulled my face gently to his, our lips barely touching in a gentle, warm caress. Then he stepped away kadıköy escort bayan from me, walking toward a back door that I assumed led to outside.

I pulled off my clothes in a hurry, grateful for the privacy he granted me in stripping, then smoothed my underwear and followed him through the door. He was already in the hot tub when I reached him just outside of the back door, and beckoned me with that warm smile. As my toes brushed fabric on the cement ground, I glanced down, noticing his discarded underwear. I grinned and stepped up onto the stairs as he waded toward me. Through the water I could see his hardening cock as he reached toward me, sliding the straps of my bra over my bare shoulders as he kissed my lips softly.

Impatient with his gentle teasing, I kissed him firmly but slowly, tickling my tongue along his bottom lip then nibbling it gently with my mouth. I stepped out of my underwear and noticed a wet spot in them that stood out–a spot darkened satin. Reaching around behind me, he deftly unhooked my bra and let it fall to the ground on top of our strewn underwear, then took my hands and pulled me gently, guiding my steps into the water.

The swirling, warm water felt wonderful on my thighs, lapping up to tickle the round fullness of my bottom as his hands reached to join it. I looped my arms around his neck as he used my bottom as leverage to pull me up into him, his stiff member sliding between the tops of my thighs and brushing the lips of my wet pussy.

He whispered seductively in a husky voice into my ear, breathing a bit harder now. “I feel how wet you are, you dirty girl.”

I let out a small groan, standing on my tip toes to nuzzle and lick at his earlobe. Reaching down with one hand, I softly stroked his cock under the rushing water. He took my face in both of his large hands and kissed me deeply, showing his passion in the way he dipped his tongue into my mouth and pulled me into him. Taking a step backward and sitting down in the water, he pulled me to him but left me standing, looking down at him and reaching to stroke the head of his engorged flesh.

He guided my hips forward, pulling me gently into a kneeling position, my knees on either side of his hips, leaving my bottom still out of the water. My breasts level with his face, he took one hard nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He took his fingers and stroked my pubic hair, running them lower and sliding them along my pussy lips, back and forth. Back and forth. I moaned softly, trying to contain my lust for him. He pushed my lips apart with his fingers and left them at the opening of my waiting pussy. I ached for him.

“Tell me what you want, Victoria.”

“You… Please, I just want you.” I whispered, blushing but not daring to look away from his piercing green eyes. That was all the affirmation escort bostancı that he needed as he drove his fingers into me in one quick thrust, the look in his eyes a barely restrained passion that I wanted him to show me.

Repeatedly penetrating me to a point of dizzied need with one finger then two, I pulled his fingers from me and sat down on his fattened cock, feeling it stretch the walls of my pussy as it filled me to the hilt. He stood, supporting my body with his hands planted firmly on my bottom, and carried me out of the hot tub and to his bedroom. Laying me on the bed, he kissed me hard as he spread my legs with his and positioned himself above me, ready to drive home.

“Say it again. What do you want?”

“You, Adam. I want you, please. Oh, please.” There was no embarrassment this time. He drove into me in one thrust as he had done with his fingers, pausing briefly to watch the expression on my face. He then began to work in me, sliding his cock slowly out until the head barely breached then shoved it hard back into me. He pulled one of my legs up and over his shoulder as he thrust harder and harder into me, his thumb rubbing over my clitoris in a circular pattern that drove me to the edge of a shattering orgasm.

My moans and my breathing intensified as the waves built inside me, threatening to break that threshold at any thrust.

“Don’t come until I tell you.” he said forcefully, his voice thick with authority and husky with desire. I moaned louder, starting to beg. I needed to orgasm more than I had ever needed anything in my life.

“Please, Adam… oh, God, please… I need… to… please…” My breathing broke my sentences into incomprehensible fragments, my body screaming to release this tension that he built with each strong thrust, yet he still drove harder. He grinned wickedly, enjoying his control over my most primal of urges.

He started pounding into me harder and faster, pulling my other leg up over his shoulder and driving into my core in deep, controlled thrusts. I could see the sweat building on his face as he began to furrow his brow, approaching his own downfall.

“Come for me, baby. Do it now.” It was all the encouragement I needed as my body eagerly complied, my inner muscles contracting hard around his still-pumping cock as my whole body spasmed in an incredible burst of pent-up tension. As my body flexed around him and squeezed him hard, I felt his own release spurt into me with each subsequent thrust more erratic than the last, his timing taken over by his body as his mind hit the crest of his orgasm.

He collapsed on top of me, his expression blank and blissful, his hands combing absently through my hair. He put his face in the curve of my neck, kissing me lightly in a trail leading to my face, then kissed my lips softly and sweetly.

As his softened cock slipped out of me, he rolled off of me and pulled me into a warm embrace. He whispered a hesitant question, “Stay with me tonight?” as if I had a choice, as if I wanted anything else. As if I would ever want anything else.

Studying could wait until tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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