Suburban Sweetheart Ch. 04

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I got on the packed train and looked for a seat to zone out on. I spotted a free spot and collapsed into it and then looked up to see the woman opposite me. She was older, I guessed around forty-five or so, but attractive and very sweet looking, her face seemed to smile even though she wasn’t. I looked down to her hands, fingers entwined and resting on her legs. There was no ring to be seen. I glanced up and her eyes caught mine and glistened slightly, enough to notice, not overtly so to cause any real meaning. Her face carried on looking happy.

We were both crammed in, people to the side wedging us both against the window and so we both gazed out of it, dreaming of being anywhere but here as everyone else was wrapped up in their suits and engrossed in the evening paper.

I noticed her reflection, looking at me and smiling slightly more than her natural look. I smiled back and she looked away quickly, but soon returned her eyes to mine in the reflection.

She then shifted in her seat, easing forward to slide off and clamber between my legs. I looked down and was quite surprised to see that I was naked. The suits remained motionless; the newspapers didn’t flicker as she drew close, her eyes gazing at me with warmth. Her hand reached out and encircled my penis. Not only was I naked, but I was hard too, yet no one paid any attention. Her face moved closer to me and I felt her breath brushing over the sensitive head of my erect penis.

“Hello.” She said to it and then placed her lips, softly, against the arrowhead at the top and kissed it. I shivered in my seat and looked down as she stared up at me, her eyes smiling as her lips parted and her soft tongue appeared, the tip slotting into the groove at the back of my penis and gently moving up and down in it.

I looked around, still no one noticed us. She smiled at me and her pen mouth then moved over my cock, the lips parting further to spread around the throbbing head. She took the helmet straight into her mouth and pressed her lips around the strip of exposed flesh just above the foreskin. I gasped, loudly, but still the newspapers remained in place.

Her head started to move down my shaft, lips opening slightly as she took more of me into her mouth, occasionally moving back up to drag her lips over the stiff flesh. My hips began to shift upwards, desperate to get fully inside her hot mouth as her saliva bathed the heat of the swollen glands.

Soon her nose was nuzzling between the dark curls at the base of my penis and I could feel her tight throat tickling the head. She raised her eyes to look at me, her face engorged by my cock. I groaned, trying to stifle it so as not to disturb the reading commuters that were around us.

She slowly raised her mouth up, flicking her tongue over my penis as she went and leaving the exposed skin soaked with her spit. Soon just the head was between her lips and she toyed with it, running and rolling her tongue over it, flicking the hole with the tip and squeezing her lips, forcing he precum out to be lapped up by her.

She released me and I sighed. My cock was rock hard and the cool air washed over it, making me tingle.

If my nudity was a surprise, then the fact she was naked was even stranger. She stood up and I stared at her hard, red nipples and then down to the dark mass of her pubic hair. Her labia was visible through the curls and they had started to extend and open, I could even see the wetness on the ripened lips. Again, she smiled deeply, not saying a word, just moving towards me. She raised her legs, placing a knee either side of my hips, the suited businessman next to me shuffling to allow her room. Still they commuters didn’t look as she raised herself over me. Her hands were either side of my head and her breasts swing as she moved into position, my gaze captivated by the swaying nipples. One hand reached down and grasped my shaft, adjusting the angle of my erection to point me straight to the hairy triangle between her legs. She lowered her hips, wiggling as she did so, using the tip of my cock to open up her lips before she stopped moving. She was poised, her pussy tight above my cock, I could feel her body heat pouring from her and over the head of my penis. She smiled again and started to sit down. She wiggled again and her body opened above me and I felt her muscles grasp my cock. I gasped again and so did she, her head lowering and her hair brushing my face as her nipples dangled over my chest, the hard points of them flicking against me as they bobbed. Another deep breath and she sat down further, me watching as I started to vanish into her body, pushing the dangling lips upward as I did so. She gave a loud grunt and pressed down, impaling herself fully and causing her head to fly back, hair swaying away from her face as her eyes closed and mouth widened at the feel of her vagina expanding to accommodate me. My head was buried deep in her as her walls clamped around it, squeezing the whole shaft as she welcomed me into her.

She looked back into my eyes, fire deep in her dark depths. Out noises hadn’t alerted the other passengers, they were unaware of our nudity or that I was buried deep in her lovely body. She steadied herself, gripping the chair either side of my head and then she began illegal bahis to rise. I looked down as my penis began to reappear, wet with her juices. Her labia were stretched out as she got higher, the fleshy lips gripping my shaft and coating them with more juice as her inner walls squeezed my departing cock, closing in around on the space left behind. Her tight entrance hole grasped around the foreskin and then opened wider as the ridged head pushed it wide. Her cunt was spread open by me and she held tight over the domed end. She held herself up on her legs and I restrained from thrusting up into her again, instead we both remained still, joined by a small piece of sensitive skin that stretched her apart. Her breasts rippled as she breathed, panting lightly. The heavy orbs dangling down, dark nipples standing proud from the round aureole that contrasted against the white skin of the breast. They were firm breasts, sitting proud when she was upright, but at this angle they swayed and rocked around, bobbing up and sideways with her movements.

We didn’t move, just panted, my breath clashing with hers as we faced each other.

I opened my eyes.

Her face was above mine, eyes shining down. Her breasts hung over me, only the movement of her breathing and heartbeat stirring them. She was astride me, her knees against my hips. There were no commuters to be seen, not even a train, I was on her bed and the swollen head of my stiff cock was being gripped by her tight pussy, the swollen labia holding the ridge at the bottom of the head and the shaft wet with her juice.

She smiled and lowered herself down again, opening for me and holding me tight inside until our pubic curls were able to knot together and her warm juice was squeezed out to drip over my balls.

“What a nice way to wake up.” I told her as she lowered her body so that her hard nipples grazed over my chest.

“I thought you’d like it.” She purred as she started to gyrate her hips to grind against me.

I started to move against her, round motions that pressed our groins together, out panting increasing as we pressed onto each other. She bucked and pushed me down with her pelvis, gritting her teeth as she fucked me. I reached and held her swinging breasts, squeezing them and running my thumbs over the hard points. She looked down, eyes glinting as she circled her hips, swirling my penis deep in her vagina. I slid a hand down, palm turned upwards, between our clashing skin and found the tickly hair, splaying my fingers and bending then slightly to feel her body. She lifted her groin by bending her back and a fingertip brushed over the top of her labia. She adjusted herself, pushing up so she was sitting and allowing my hand better access. I turned my hand and slid the thumb over her, the palm and fingers spreading to rest on the top of her thigh. I stretched out and the wide pad soon found the hard nub at the top of her vulva, pressing against her skin to spread the lips to allow better contact. She gasped, so I pressed harder and started to rub, letting my hand be carried with her movements and just wiggling my thumb on top of her clit hood. Another groan and the tempo was set. She would grind her hips around, back and forward, her bottom sliding over the tops of my thighs, her muscular vaginal walls rolling over the bulbous end of my prick as it penetrated deep into her cul de sac. Meanwhile my extended hand was clamped to her leg, the thumb over her clitoris and moving in circles, dragging the erect bud with it. She controlled the pace, my cock was a prisoner in her tight body and she bucked and shimmied, making the head rub and stroke against her insides, bending her back and swiveling her hips to get the head to knock against her cervix and rub the front wall of her cunt, while my thumb pushed from outside.

She was panting heavily as she rode me and I took this as a cue to grind my thumb harder onto her, moving it faster too. Juice flowed down her tube and bathed my prick, dribbling out to coat my balls and my groin and providing some lubrication for the thumb as it played with her clit. She opened her eyes, stared at me with desire and a certain amount of satisfaction and then closed them tightly, head dropping down and hair swishing against my face and chest as she moved before she jerked it back, her dark hair flying away with some strands plastered to her sweating face, her open mouth sucking some in and her tongue flicking around her lips to push the ends away.

She started to shudder, her movements quickening and I was holding on tightly to her thigh and rubbing furiously, pressing onto the clit from above and squeezing it onto her body. She panted heavily, short gasps that were thrust from her lungs as her chest heaved. Then she paused for a second, before rising up, my penis sliding out of her a few inches only to be slammed up her hard as she squatted back again. She was convulsing around me as she held my cock tight and the movements were making me swell, my balls tightening in anticipation, my body unable to withstand so much pleasure.

She lifted herself again, this time I was only in her with the head, but my hand was still playing with her clit. She groaned and cried out and impaled herself on me as her vaginal walls twitched. illegal bahis siteleri The force of her body down the length of my cock caused me to fountain out, emptying the first load of cum deep in her body with a loud cry emanating from my lips. She shivered as the hot liquid coated her insides and then pulled up and sat down exactly as the second wave of sperm erupted up my shaft. Our grunt mixed like the cum did, again and again she slammed back, dragging the skin of my shaft down and stretching it, pulling the slit apart as the thread of skin that connected the red tip was yanked backwards, causing the creamy liquid to splash out and coat her cervix and the top of her pussy with the spray. My hips thrust up to meet her, making the clash of bodies even harder, but the pain was pure pleasure and I emptied my balls in her welcoming cunt. As we thrust a foam of milky white liquid bubbled around the opening of her body and splattered onto our pubic hair, little blobs of cum sticking to the hairs and matting them together. I could feel the product of our mixed cum running down and out of her to flow across my stretched balls and coat my scrotum. We gave one last thrust as I shook and juddered, my balls squeezing another stream of spunk into her full body and she squatted down and vibrated, grinding her groin against mine, breasts jiggling and pussy walls twitching, milking the liquid out of me as her greedy body wanted more.

Then we were still. Silent apart from the heavy breathing. Her eyes opened and she lowered her body to rest on mine, lips gently kissing me before her had turned to rest on the top of my chest, warming me with her breath. I wrapped my arms around her and held tight, just as she was doing to my softening penis. We didn’t talk, instead I lightly kissed the top of her head and cradled her as she lay on top of me, her weight pressing down, but not unwelcome as her body leaked out over my groin and thighs. Slowly our chests stopped hammering onto each other and the panting disappeared, to be followed by a gentle sighing from our lungs. Soon I was back on the train, the naked stranger wrapped around me as the carriage emptied at a popular station and we shifted in our seats, taking advantage of the extra room now. We looked at each other and smiled as we were rocked by the movement of the train, sending us off to sleep together.

I woke at the end of the line, the train stationary at the final destination. She was still in my arms and I was still in her body, gripped tight even though I had softened. Her breath ran over the top of my chest and across the right shoulder, her hair was splayed around, some tickling my throat. I kissed the top of her head and looked down. Her left ear was exposed as the hair had fallen away. There was the indentation of a piercing, but I hadn’t noticed any earring or stud earlier. Her back rose with each breath, the line of her spine stretched down until the rise and curve of her behind. Her legs were still bent either side of me with the feet bent outwards, the heels rested against the side of legs.

I watched her breathing for a few minutes, the way the notches of her spine became more pronounced as she inhaled and then my eyes went downwards to stare at the valley between her buttocks and the soft, pale skin of her behind. The flesh was tight and nicely rounded and my mind flashed to earlier, when I had anally penetrated it as we splashed in the bath, unloading myself deep in her colon.

I stirred. The thoughts of the previous hours and the current situation, buried inside a sleeping pussy, causing my loins to stir. As the blood pulsed to my penis I felt her tight grip even more. The effect was to cause more blood to flow into my genitals. This pressed my cock out and against her walls, stretching the opening that was clamping my penis inside her. The head started moving now, twitching and yawning as it woke from slumber in a warm, tight world. As the head expended the sensations increased, I could feel her hot muscles squeezing me and rubbing the exposed skin as it shifted inside her tunnel.

Her body was still dozing as I grew inside it, my hardening cock forcing her pussy apart as she slept, the head opening her vagina deeper as it worked its way further inside.

She moaned and her head moved on my chest. I stretched her insides some more and she opened her eyes to look at me with a slightly perplexed look. I smiled and my penis jerked as it grew and she realised what the feeling was. She blinked and yawned, drawing a hand across her mouth to cover it and then she wiggled her hips and I grew harder and longer.

“What a nice way to wake up.” She whispered and then leaned up to kiss my lips with a gentle smacking sound.

I reached down and pressed my hands on her buttocks and ground my hips upward to get deeper, making her groan as she parted. I was almost completely hard as she moved to adjust to the feeling, raising herself up on her hands and squatting down. I moved my hands up to her back and then pulled her back down to me so that we were pressed together along the length of our torsos.

“Hold tight.” I whispered

She looked puzzled and I held her close and then pushed up with one leg and arm to roll us over, amid giggles from us both. canlı bahis siteleri We scrabbled around to get away from the edge of the bed and then I raise myself up on my arms and stared down at her. Her breasts rose and fell and juddered as I gave a small thrust and she whimpered as I pushed up into her. Her eyes glinted as I smiled down at her and I knew I had her trust.

I moved so that I was kneeling, pulling her hips up by grabbing her buttocks. She giggled again as I did it and wiggled herself to get me further in as she rested her behind on the top of my thighs. I reached down and took her left leg behind the knee, raising it up so that I hooked my elbow under it and then repeated that with the other leg. With her legs bent over my arms I moved forward, pushing her legs up as I went until my hands were on the bed either side of her head, her legs splayed back, opening her groin wide and bending her back, driving me deeper inside her with a loud groan from us both. I began to move, almost bouncing on her soft pudenda and slapping my groin into her exposed pussy. She shifted position, moving one leg and then the other so that her feet were resting on my shoulders, her body pinned down and wide open with me driving inside her, prick penetrating her snatch and pressing against the back wall of her cunt as she was twisted over.

I sat up again, her legs still along my chest and I grabbed her ankles and held them together in front of my cafe as I thrust my hips forward, fucking her as her legs were clamped shut. Her pussy was squashed tightly around me as I moved inside her, the position pulling her pussy as I withdrew and allowing only short stabs that moved her entire vagina. I let her ankles go, stroking them as I noticed how slender they were before I pulled them apart, exposing her dark lips as she was split. Next, I placed one leg down on the bed and moved my knee over it, so that her leg was now between mine whilst the other was pressed straight up against my chest. I held her soft ankle again and moved her foot to my mouth, kissing the underside of it and causing a burst of giggling before placing it on the other shoulder. She moved her hips around to accommodate the position change, lying almost sideways on the bed as I moved in and out, me watching as her labia was tugged backwards by the retreating cock and then rolling over it as it pushed home again. I shifted my legs, moving the other knee over her leg and then lowering the one on my shoulder. She lifted her hips as I moved her legs and then raised her body on her arms. I’d turned her around and she had gripped me tightly as she pirouetted whilst still stuck on my cock.

She looked back as she pressed her buttocks against my belly and laughed. “I feel like a chicken on a spit!” She giggled and I leaned forward to grab her hanging breasts and thrust up into her as deep as I could, a loud groan finishing off her statement.

I moved in and out slowly after the initial push, savouring the feel of being so deep and loving the sight of the skin at the base of her pussy being drawn back. Some blobs of my earlier cum would trickle out and stick to the shaft of my penis as I slipped up and down her vagina. Her back slinked up and down, flexing her spine as she moved and altering the angle and depth I penetrated. Her buttocks were spread wide and her anus breathed in and out with our movements and I was transfixed by it as the brown eye winked up at me.

I pulled back, watching the swollen head spread her wide as it popped out of her wet hole. She let out a disappointed sound as I left her and the deep pink of her insides glowed as her pussy gaped open, the dark lips hanging down, coated with juice and dried cum. I moved forward, pressing the wet head against her perineum and sliding it upwards, into the cleft of her behind until the dart on the underside rubbed on the puckered edge of her anus. She stayed still, resting on her knees and elbows with her behind on display and her back bent to present it to me better. I held my shaft and pressed onto her sphincter. She pushed back, squashing the drenched head as I forced from the other direction. She exhaled as I put more pressure on, the domed end slotting into the puckered anus and beginning to spread it. Another push and groaned and relaxed, opening her body to me as the head enlarged the hole. I jerked and her sphincter succumbed to the rounded head and I popped inside, the tight grip of her around the sensitive skin. Her hips were grasped in my hands and I pressed into her further, her rectum stoking my head as it went deeper and grasping the shaft, lubricated by her vaginal juices. She grunted and pushed back and I was enveloped by her, the little dark hole around the very base of my cock. We both groaned and then stayed motionless. She wiggled a bit, getting her body used to me in her behind and I could feel her insides squirming and moving to absorb the contours of my penis. Then she wiggled some more and my head swirled around, deep in her bowels. A satisfied moan came from her and so I started to move inside her, gently drawing back, pulling her soft rectal tissue back with the head of my cock and then sliding deep again, opening her with the rounded tip. Without the oil to lubricate I decided to just move in small increments, her pussy juice would have all be used just inserting my penis in her arse and so I just wiggled my hips and she did the same, moving my pelvis up and down to make the head press the back and front of her rectum as it bobbed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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