Sudo Apt-Get Laid

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“Here is your cubicle.” He pointed to the little boxed in cube, connected to several others. If I stood facing the next cube, I could see over the dividing walls to my ‘neighbor’s’ desk. Not the most private, especially since I was hoping for an office, but you take what you can get as a newbie. I walk around the 5 by 5 foot space, admiring it’s blank walls and cheap carpeting. I have no right to judge; it’s a real job, she almost resembled a sexy librarian from a dirty film. She looked up at me over her glasses when I walked in. The way her eyebrow rose as she glanced at me from over the frames made my heart sink into my stomach. Damn. I thought. She’s hot.

“Hi.” She said softly, putting the book down and leaning back in her chair. “You must be the new IT guy.” She smirked, but I couldn’t tell if she was laughing at me or not.

“That’s me. Is that funny?” I walked to the coffee maker and opened the thermos I had brought with me.

“You didn’t tell me your name.” I turned to look at her over my shoulder.

“I’ve been in here five seconds, I haven’t exactly had a chance.” She tilted her head to her side, trying to figure me out.

“Calm down, I’m not getting on your case. I meant you didn’t tell me your name in your emails. I’m Veronica. Thanks, by the way, I forgot to email you back. That did work.” I turned to face her and looked her in the eyes for a minute. They were wide, a piercing blue color. They were beautiful. Who knew that the first problem I’d have at work would be the easiest fix in the world, and from probably the sexiest woman in the office?

“I told you it would. I’m Silas. Would you like some more coffee?” I reached behind me and grabbed the pot. She reached out and held her cup under it.

“Thank you, Silas. Nice to finally meet you.” We were both quiet for a minute.

“Well, I should get back to my desk. Computer systems from the 90’s means I have my work cut out for me here.” She laughed, picking her book back up.

“By the way, you have beautiful eyes.” I turned to tell her before I walked out. Her eyebrows rose in shock, and her glasses slid just a little bit down her nose, leaving her eyes exposed over the frames in that sexy way again. I walked out back to my cube.

The rest of the day went smoothly. At five o’ clock, I rose to leave.

“Hey, Silas.” My cube neighbor, Warren, was putting a jacket on over his striped, button-down shirt.

“What’s up?” I shoved my hands in my pockets, waiting for him to walk with me.

“How was the first day? You didn’t ask any questions, so I’m assuming you figured everything out pretty well.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad. I’m fully expecting tomorrow to be hell, now.” He laughed.

“There’s a cool little jazz bar down the street. Wanna grab a beer? On me.” I could go out for a drink with a new co-worker and get to know him, or I could go home and have a beer by myself.

“Sure, man, I can’t turn down an offer like that.” We walked over to the bar, which was just on the corner. A short black man with a crazy head of hair was doing improvisational jazz on the little stage in the corner, a trumpet in his hand. It was good, and the club was dim and smelled like cigarettes. It felt like I was transported back into the 1930’s.

“Nice place! This is great. I’ve never been here, and I only live twenty minutes away from work.” Warren laughed as he sat at the bar.

“Yeah, it’s a quaint little joint. Good, strong drinks, too.” A classily dressed bartender came up to us and took our drink orders. Warren got a Tom Collins; I went with my usual, an old fashioned whiskey sweet. We chatted about our jobs. He had been working for the company for twenty years, and it’d been the same team for years. Lately, the company decided to bring in some fresh new meat and started hiring people a little younger.

“They hired Candace about two years ago and Veronica about a year ago, then you just now.” He got my attention at the mention of Veronica.

“Oh yeah, Veronica, I helped her out today.” I finished off my drink and flagged the bartender güvenilir bahis down for another. Warren smirked and did the same.

“I’d like to help her out sometime.” I looked at him and he laughed. “Sorry. I know I’m an older man, but I need some excitement in my life sometimes. She does a good job at making my day a bit more exciting. She’s very intelligent, too. She’s a sales rep, and she hits her goals constantly, even exceeds them. They got a good hire with her.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. She’s a good looking woman.”

“To me, she’s a good looking woman that I probably would have tried for when I was your age. But you’re your age. Go for it, guy.” He looked at me with a blank expression on his face.

“Wait, are you serious? Isn’t there some kind of policy against that?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“There’s no policy against anything they don’t know.” I chuckled. Clever old man.

“Hey, if you think I could get somewhere, I will go for it.” The bartender handed me my third. I nodded in thanks in his direction.

“Want her number?” I almost choked on my drink.

“What?! You have her number?” He pulled out a cell phone from his breast pocket.

“Of course I do, I have everyone’s number in the office. Also, I take everyone here on their first day, and she gave me her number so we could go out again. We really haven’t, but I still have it.” He clicked through the phone and placed it on the bar in front of me. The screen shined in my face. “Veronica,” with a number underneath. What are you going to do, be a creep and call her without getting her number from her? I hesitated. I gulped down the last of my drink and ordered another one. I was getting tipsy. Warren wasn’t joking when he said they made strong drinks.

“Fuck it.” I pulled out my phone and put her number in. Warren grabbed my shoulder and rubbed it in a friendly way.

“There ya’ go.” He ordered a water and told me more about the company. I started to blank out of our conversation. I lost track after four drinks. Normally, I wouldn’t go so crazy at a bar on a work night, but Warren was paying, and he kept buying me drinks.

A few hours later, I checked my watch.

“It’s like, 9, dude. I should probably get going.” Warren nodded and slid his empty glass towards the bartender.

“Let’s call it a night.” We walked back to the parking lot at work. The huge parking lot was completely empty, save for our two cars. I shook Warren’s hand and thanked him for the drinks.

“No problem, kid. See you tomorrow. Drive safe.” He walked to his car, and I opened my car door & got in.

The sun was bright on my face. I slowly opened my eyes & looked around.

“Shit!” I yelled, immediately checking the watch on my wrist. It was 7:30. I still had an hour and a half before I had to be at work. There were still no other cars in the parking lot. I checked my face in the mirror and ran my hands through my hair. My face was sweaty and red, but I didn’t look horrible. I looked down and realized I was still wearing yesterday’s clothes, which wouldn’t do. I made the 20 minute trek home to change.

When I got to the office, I checked my email. There was one from Veronica. No subject.

“Hey, new guy. Thanks for the voicemail last night. I’m guessing you went out with Warren. That’s always a good time. I hope you didn’t say anything to him like you said to me. Hope you’re not feeling it too much today.” I felt the blood rush from my face. Voicemail? What voicemail? I quickly dug my phone out of my pocket and checked my outgoing calls. Sure as shit, there was an outgoing call to her, around 10:30 pm the night before, about 30 seconds in duration. I took a deep breath and hit reply.

“I am so sorry if I called you. I don’t remember doing it. I’m not feeling too shabby today, actually, but I can’t turn down a free drink or five. What exactly did I say in this voicemail, though?”

Almost immediately, there was a reply.

“What fun would it be if I told you?” I sighed. She wasn’t going to tell me a damned thing.

For türkçe bahis the next few weeks, I focused on my work. I installed some programs, did some manual labor on a few systems, cleared some hard drives. Fun stuff. On a Tuesday afternoon, I got an urgently flagged ticket from Veronica.

“My computer keeps freezing and something keeps popping up saying I have an older version of something and I can’t continue until I download it. But when I download it, it’s telling me to insert the proper software disc. I need to finish some paperwork for my sales report by tomorrow morning. Can you do this as quickly as possible?” I glanced at my clock. It was a little bit before four. Her computer was the fourth or fifth one I’d seen in the past few weeks that needed the company’s software update. It wasn’t a quick one. It was a couple hour long update that we needed to install when the computer was off and everyone else was logged out of the program. I hit reply.

“Unfortunately, this new update is a little complicated. I can do it, but your report will probably be late. In order to install the new software, the computer needs to be off and everyone needs to be logged out of ComTek. I’ve been doing these a few times a week after everyone leaves, so I can do yours tonight.” I hit send and started to make a list of everyone I needed to talk to before I left. I checked the ticket before I stood up to make my rounds.

“I need the sales report before Hank gets here tomorrow morning. Can I stay while you install the software and work on it when it’s finished updating? I don’t mind staying late.” My mind went crazy with inappropriate thoughts. Alone with the sexiest girl in the office, after hours? I glanced down at my cube desk and thought of pushing her down on top of it, pulling that tight bun of hair towards me as I took her from behind. I realized I was getting a little too excited, and I adjusted myself as I hit reply.

“If you’re okay with that, I don’t mind.” I hit send and walked away before she could say anything else.

Five o’ clock came faster than I expected. In no time, everyone had cleared out. I told Julia I’d be staying to install the new software on a computer and she nodded, handing me the spare key for the front door. It was no big deal now, as I’d done this several times before and they knew they could trust me. She locked the door behind her. I walked down the hall to the office area and paced the aisles, twirling the software disc case in my hands nervously. I found her cube and knocked on the side of the wall.

“Knock knock.” I said. She turned to face me and smiled.

“Good, you’re here.” She hit logoff on her computer. She had let her hair down, and it hung down so the tips of it just touched where her nipples would be under her shirt. She looked younger and even sexier, especially in the dim light of the office, since a few of the lights automatically turned off.

“Yep. So, I will put the software disc in, but it will take about an hour to install, just so you know.” She nodded.

“That’s fine. I can do some of the work with the hard copies of sales reports I have.” I sat down at her desk and inserted the disc. I heard her walk away. I turned to make sure she wasn’t there, and I sighed heavily. I tried to focus on installing the software, but the installation wasn’t difficult and I did it almost completely by habit, spending most of my thoughts on her business lady coat, buttoned in the middle so it looked like her boobs were trying to break free. Speaking of breaking free, my dick began pressing against my pants in such an uncomfortable way, I needed to stand up. I hit the last of the pre-operational check and hit start on the installation process. I had an hour to kill. I stood up and stretched, adjusting myself so my raging boner wouldn’t be as noticeable. Touching it made me shiver in pleasure, and that’s when I got an idea. I backed up to the entrance of Veronica’s cube and looked around. She was nowhere to be seen, and I couldn’t even hear her. If she stayed busy the way she had for the past half güvenilir bahis siteleri hour or so, I could easily rub one out quickly. Not to mention it’d be incredibly hot for me to come in her cube to the thought of her without her knowing.

I sat back down in her chair and leaned back. The chair squeaked a bit, and I flinched. I waited a second, but heard nothing. I figured it was safe. I unzipped my jeans and my cock damn near popped out. It was so hard the veins were horribly noticeable. I hadn’t often handled my own dick while it was so hard. Porn never got me going this well. The risk of getting caught combined with being in the same office with a sexy woman who didn’t know what I was doing was making me so rigid, it was painful. A drop of clear precum dripped from the head onto my jeans. I rubbed it off and used it as a lube to rub around the head. I had to bite my lip to avoid moaning out loud. It felt so good, I didn’t think I’d last long. I gripped the whole thing as tightly as I could. Usually, such a tight grip might cause a little pain, but that night was different. Again, I pictured bending her over her desk and cupping her tight ass in my hands and just slamming into her as hard as I could. My dick jumped in excitement. I pulled my jeans to allow some room to pull my balls out. They were already pulling in closer to my body. I pulled each ball to the side slowly, inhaling deeply as I did. I knew I should make it quick, since she could come in at any moment, but at the same time, I didn’t want to. I was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum and I let it drip onto the floor. The thought of her stepping in my juices day in and day out almost made me shoot my load right then. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, slowly running my palm up and down my cock. I let my imagination run away with me, and pictured myself doing her on every surface in the office. She was so sexy in every fantasy, that long hair tickling her nipples and her breathy gasp as I pulled a handful of it towards me at the same time I thrusted deep into her. I began to slowly move my hips as if I were actually in her, when I heard a noise.

“What the hell are you doing?” I dropped my dick and turned my head. Veronica was standing behind me with her hands on her hips.

“I, uh, I…fuck.” I quickly tried to shove my fully grown cock back into my jeans, but it wasn’t an easy task. I fumbled around, and a few seconds felt like it was hours. I had just gotten it back in when I felt something on my shoulder. I looked to the side and saw Veronica’s long, peach-colored fingernails scratching along my collared shirt.

“Why’d you stop?” Her voice was lower, more husky. It was sexy and seductive. I almost didn’t believe my ears.

“Would you like me to keep going?” I rubbed myself through my jeans. A wet spot started to show through.

“You told me you would. In your voicemail.” She placed her other hand on my other shoulder and started to massage me slowly.

“What else did I say in this voicemail?” She leaned down and began sucking my neck, her long hair falling over my chest. I grabbed a handful of it and squeezed, smelling it’s fruity scent.

“Do you want me to tell you? Or do you want me to show you?” She whispered in my ear. She lightly licked up and down the curves of my ear, then bit my lobe softly and tugged.

“Mmm.” I moaned. “Show me.” I spun the chair around to look at her. She was no longer wearing her black button-down jacket. She was wearing a tight, pink-ish shirt that made her tits look so round. Her shirt came down to just the top of her black pencil skirt. I wanted to rip the skirt off. I looked up and she was looking down at me, over the tops of her frames, biting her lip. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I grabbed both of her legs and pulled her onto me, so she was straddling my lap. I could feel the heat from her pussy even through my pants. I pushed one hand through the back of her hair and pulled her head towards my mouth. Her lips were thick and soft, and she used her tongue just as much as I used mine. She tasted salty and delicious, and I couldn’t get enough of her. I ran my hands up and down her back, lifting her shirt in the process. I pushed her shoulders away from me a bit so that I could look at her in just her black bra and black skirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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