Summer Day

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Let me tell you about that summer when I first got to know Nick the way I know him now. I had just turned 20 and he, just a few months older. Working at that summer camp was the very thing that brought us together.

It was the first warm, sunny day of the summer. I had decided to wear a light dress as to emphasise the beginning of the summer and of course because it was a lot more comfortable than tight jeans on a day like this.

I was standing there in the kitchen, preparing the food for today, pizza. The kids at the summer camp would love it and since there was such nice weather there was no hurry. The kids would be way too busy to be thinking about food anyways.

As I opened the window to let in some air, I heard steps approaching the kitchen. I turn around and see Nick.

“Hi, what owes me the pleasure of your divine company my dear sir?” I said, as we had developed that kind of inside joke we shared with each other during this first week of working together.

He replied accordingly “Well, see. I just arrived with my carriage and thought I would ask my fair lady if she would appreciate some assistance in the food department?”

He gave me a flirtatious look.

“Why thank you, that would be much appreciated.” I said as I burst into laughter and he joined in.

He was so cute when he laughed, his whole face lit up with joy. I liked his rough, dark, brown hair and the way his body was built – a bit muscular but still that kind of big, soft body type.

“Should I take care of the tomato sauce and you’ll keep on taking care of the dough?” He must have seen me work on the dough when he passed the window on his way in.

“Sure, that sounds great!” I reply.

I lift out the dough unto the table and start to spread it out, well aware of what view Nick must be having. I turn my head a bit to see his reaction and he immediately looks down into the pan with tomato sauce. I take out some more flour and it gets all over my dress.

“Oops!” I say, and Nick turns his head and starts laughing as he sees what happened. bostancı escort bayan “My hands are all dough-y, could you help me brush this off” I say while laughing.

Nick walks over and start brushing off the dough from my stomach.

“There’s some up here too…” and look down at my chest, just slightly blushing. Nick hesitantly starts brushing it off too while laughing nervously. I enjoy his tentativeness. I look down to see if there’s anything on the floor and catch a glimpse of a subtle bulge in Nicks soft shorts. I bend down to try to scope up what’s left on the floor – I slow down my movements as I feel Nick slowly moving behind me.

I rise up slowly, slightly moving backwards but just enough for him to get the hint. He does. After all we have been flirting with each other all week. He moves closer and presses his body against mine. Now I can feel his bulge growing against my dress. I push back a bit and his hands start wandering up and down along my sides. His touch sends shivers along my spine.

As I rise up his hands land on my hips for a moment – we know we are both thinking the same thing. There’s no turning back now is there? I feel him growing against my back. My hands rest on the counter and I start massaging the dough again.

He whispers in my ear “Do you need any help with that?”

“Sure, I would love that.” I whisper back. His hands move along my arms, caressing them and he puts them over my hands, our motions become synced as he starts moving his whole body in the same rhythm as our hands. I feel his whole body against mine, only thin layers of fabric between us. I feel his bulge growing further, now positioned in line with my butt. I feel myself getting aroused and wet. I wonder if he notices my stiff nipples under my dress.

I whisper to him “I want you to fuck me right here and now!”

He seems pleased but asks “what if someone sees us?”

“Don’t worry about that, they have all gone out swimming I think, we will be fine. And I need this.”

“If you say so…” he says and ümraniye escort I can hear the smirk on his face. His hands slowly lifts my dress and removes my knickers. He can’t resist but to feel how wet I am with his middle finger and let out a pleased sound “mmm”.

He removes his sweatpants and boxers and I can now feel the tip of his rock hard dick against my opening. I guide him inside as he pushes himself closer, hands on my hips. We can’t help but let out sounds of pure pleasure. He speeds up, fucking me faster against the counter. I feel his whole length going in and out of me and I can’t help how good it feels. I grow tighter as it feels so incredible that I’m getting close to an orgasm. He keeps fucking me with just the right pressure and I can feel him pulsating inside me.

But suddenly he stops. He puts a hand over my mouth and stands completely still. “I thought I heard something”. We both stand there as quiet and still as we can, scared of being found out but too scared to make sudden movements. Also it feels so damn good having him inside me. I bite his hand gently.

Heavy footsteps from the hall moves closer. We look at each other in pure panic “Hey! How’s it going? You need some help in there Alex?” They recognise their bosses voice in a second and Nick lets go immediately of my mouth.

“No, really, it’s all good in here!” I say in a shaky voice, trying not to sound suspicious.

“Really?” The footsteps are getting closer.

“Yes I’m sure, it’s probably better if you go check on Hannah.. I heard she was having some trouble with the kids.” I close my eyes and hope for my life’s sake he won’t come in and see what they are in the middle of in the kitchen.

The footsteps pause and turn around “Alright, see you in a bit!”

Nick and I sigh and the tension is released. Realising he is still deep inside me and he slowly starts going in and out of me again.

“That was real close.” I say.

“Oh fuck, he may see us through the window!” Nick whispers.

I quickly get him out of me and turn escort kartal around facing the window, pulling down my dress.

“Hide behind me, pretend to be cooking!” I say and as soon as I finished the sentence the boss turned up outside the window. I waved as he looked towards us and passed.

“Now that was real hot!” Nick said. He guided me towards the kitchen table, his dick as hard as ever. He seemed like he was taken over by arousal. He sat me on the edge and pulled up my dress again and man was I excited.

As I half lay, half sat there, exposed, he teased me saying “You want this?” He seemed so confident.

“Oh yes please. Fuck me. But do it quick. We are really exposed here.” I plead out.

He started thrusting into me like never before, I could feel his whole length, pushing against my inner wall. He was so deep inside me and kept fucking me relentlessly. He held the sides of the table as he kept thrusting into me. His penis started pulsating and I grew tighter and tighter as he pushed me towards an orgasm. I had to bite my lip to not scream out in pleasure. Soon his cum would fill me up and I would explode in an orgasm. I couldn’t contain myself anymore, the first wave of orgasm was building up as he fucked me, going almost all the way out before going way deep inside me. I started shaking and he could see my orgasm pulsating through my body.

“Fuck me you are making me cum as well when you get so tight!” he said a bit too loud and I could see the orgasm happening through his tensed up face. I could even feel the way his sperm ejaculating inside of me, hitting my inner wall and spreading out inside of me, filling me up. It was an amazing feeling that triggered another, even more intense wave of orgasm.

We both came so intensely that we had nothing to say. Completely exhausted in a mess of flour. He was still inside me as I felt sperm dripping out of me and down on the floor. And I had no energy left to deal with it.

“That was so fucking good,” he said as he pulled out of me, leaving an even bigger mess.

I looked up at him and answered “Oh yes it was! But we better clean this mess up quickly before any of this gets out, right?”

“Perhaps we should try being a bit more discrete next time, or what do you say, my fair lady?” Nick answered in that flirty manner of his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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