Summer With Mom

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I moved away from home when I was 18. My dad and I hated each other. He was jealous of how my mother treated me. It was nothing for her to come in my shower just wearing a bra and sexy panties and wash my whole body, cock and all. She would give me a body rub down once a week, I lived for that.

Mom would come in my room wearing just a bra and panties, climb on my back rubbing and caressing my back and my ass. Then I would turn over, many times mom sat right on my cock while she rubbed my chest. My cock is great, 10 thick inches, “It’s a woman pleaser,” my Mom told me one night.

Dear sweet mom, the few times I ever saw her dressed up to go out, I almost shit myself. She was a nice looking lady, very tall, shoulder length brown hair, big green eyes and her body, 36C breast and a nice round 38 inch ass. And her long shapely legs with nice thick thighs would make me hard anytime. One day it all came to a end. I went for my early morning run, when I came back home, there was mom. Wearing what she called her ” cleaning outfit” a loose fitting see through white cotton blouse, a tight, short black spandex skirt.

I had never seen like this, she had a glow about her. She was dancing around like a girl in a strip bar. Moving her ass and hips all the place. My cock had never got so hard in my life. She must have saw it, then she came to me.

She pulled herself to my body, I mean close. Slow dancing, grinding her hips and pussy into my hard cock. Her hands caressed my ass, her soft full lips kissing my neck. Mom was turned on, and I was her target.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, ” Mom, stop it. Your killing me.” “Come on, play with your Mother.” she begged. But, I ran to my room to take a shower and beat my cock off. I soaped my hands and went to town. I guessed it would only take me a few seconds before I shot a big load.

The shower door opened, there stood Mom, in only little panties and her see through bra on. She took my cock in her sexy hands, stroking it the full length of the shaft, ” That’s mommy’s big boy. Let me fix this for you.” she said in a sexy voice.

She sure knew how to whack a guy off, her hands took control of my cock. Up and down, all around my shaft and the head Squeezing and pulling it. ” Does Mommy’s little boy like that?” she purred. After a few minutes of that she stood in front of me. And soaped her pussy and thighs up, and resoaped my cock.

She pushed her hot body into me, my cock between her long legs right on her hot pussy. She starting moving back and forth, grinding her hips. My cock was so hard. We locked into a French kiss, our tongues met lashing together as one. My cock slid across her pussy so nice with all the soap.

We were like two animals trying to fuck each other to death without being in each other. A few times while humping each other my cock would find her love hole, I would push just in her to open her pussy lips. It took all I had in me to not shove it deep inside her.

” Mom, I’m going to cummmmmmmm.” I screamed. She all but yelled.” Not yet baby, lets go in your room first.” In my room, she sat on top of me. Her pussy right against my rock hard cock, her hands stroking it as fast as she güvenilir bahis could, ” Cummm on baby, shoot that stuff out. Cummm on, that’s my big boy. Mommy loves her big boy.”

BANG, Mom flew off of me. There was Dad, he looked like a mad man. ” You fucking whore, fucking your own son, how could you?” Yelling and punching her. I jumped up, grabbed my baseball bat and knocked him across the room. I left a few minutes after that. Mom was a total mess, she gave my all the money she had and took from my knocked out dad.

I put myself through college and got a good job in southern Florida making the big bucks. Mom and I wrote each other two or three times a week, neither of us ever said a word about that day in the ten years we wrote.

In one of her letters she told me the small college down the road was offering a computer Internet- email class. I sent her the money as fast as I could. I was already on-line and it would be great to chat with mom.

The day she finished the class I had set it up so a brand new computer with all the nice things, a scanner, printer and a camera would be on her front porch waiting for her. That night I was on line, there was mom. It was great getting email from mom.

I wrote her one day and ask, ” Mom, why don’t you tell dad your going to stay with grandmother and come and see me for a few weeks? It would be great seeing you after all this time?” She wrote back so excited about the idea, ” Oh, baby it would be nice to hold you close to me again. I miss doing things for you, even though it’s been so long.” My cock jumped in my pants, it remembered that fine day.

The day finally came, I paced back and forth at the airport, I was so ready for Mom. and then, there she was. Still looking very good for a lady of 50. Her legs looked as good as ever, and her breast still had their great shape.

We ran to each other hugging as tight as we could, I looked into her soft eyes and said, ” I have missed you so much.” and kissed her softly on her lips.

The drive to my place took an hour, so we talked about everything. Somewhere in our talk I told her I had a big business dinner later that night and I wanted her to go with me. ” Oh, I don’t have anything nice to wear out, honey.” she stated. I replied, ” Mom, we can fix that real fast.”

I drove to a beauty shop/dress shop I knew of just around the corner from where my office was. I told them to give her the works, cost was no problem. I did a few things at work but, she was on my mind the whole time. I couldn’t wait to see her all dressed up.

I went to pick her up a few hours later, there she was. Looking like never before, her hair fixed on top of her head. A black silk summer dress that was kind of short. Her big full breast sticking out like a 20 year old woman’s would.

” Wow, Mom. You look beautiful, I can’t wait to show you off tonight. Hell, I think I’ll just tell them you live next door to me.” I said. She looked dumbfounded, “Me, your date. Not your Mother?” I replied, ” Yes, that would be kind of sexy don’t you think?” Shocked Mom said, ” I better watch out for you.”

The dinner went well, all the guys from work kept asking were I had found türkçe bahis her, how old she was, all kinds of things. I told them she lived next door to me and this was our first date.

After every body left I took Mom to a small quiet club I knew of. We could talk, drink and dance. After a few drinks I ask her to dance, she was kind of embarrassed at first. It didn’t take long before we were glued together, I was horny as hell and she never got any love at home from ” Ass Hole Dad”. I loved feeling her against me, her full breast pushing on my chest, her nice hips pushing into my, now getting hard cock.

She started kissing and sucking on my neck, my hands found her beautiful round ass. I was caressing and pushing her into me. Them we looked into each others eyes, and we kissed like two lovers. Ours tongues met, fire went through our bodies.

I knew what I wanted, my Mother as my lover. “Mom, I need you so bad.” I whispered. ” I know, I need you to baby.” She whispered back. We danced a little more, my hands went under her dress, finding her pussy. She was so wet and hot, I slid two fingers in her. Slowly I moved them in and out of her, making her even hotter.

We drove home, Mom sitting very close to me. Her hands feeling my hard cock. I made it home in record time. We stepped in the door, me behind her. I pulled her ass to my hard cock, kissing and biting her neck while my hands went under her dress.

Her breast were full sized, her nipples as hard as little bullets. I squeezed and twisted them, she went crazy. Pushing into my cock, moaning and gasping for air. I said,” Lets go to my room.” as I picked her up in my arms.

I stood before her taking off my shirt and pants, ” Still looking good as every I see.” Mom said as she reached for my cock. Then she went to her knees, taking it in her soft mouth. She sucked me like I was a little baby. It made me so hard, she looked into my eyes as she sucked.

I’ve had a lot of blow jobs in my life but, this was the sexiest ever. She moved her head back and forth, making sure she sucked every inch of my long cock. My head was her favorite spot, she would put her lips just over it and then suck and I mean suck. She went crazy.

I pulled her back to her feet, reaching to undress her. I did it slow, enjoying each second. Her dress fell to the floor, after all these years of waiting to she Mom in her glory, I just sat looking at every part of her.

I laid Mom on the bed, me beside her. I started kissing and licking every inch of her body. First her long neck and face, then down slowly to her breast. My tongue lapping at her big nipples, then sucking them in my mouth. Mom loved it, her back arched up and her hands pushed my mouth hard on the soft nipples.

At last I reached her thighs and panties, her smell was so sweet it made me dizzy. My tongue licked every inch of her long legs and the creamy white thighs. Then I looked at her wet panties, ” Mom, When did you shave?”

She gave me a sexy look and replied, ” They did it today at the Beauty Shop. The girl said, it really turns men on. I must say it was very embarrassing having her shave me.” I placed my whole mouth over it and started güvenilir bahis siteleri flicking my tongue up and down the length of her pussy lips. Poor Mom was going wild.

Then I pulled her sopping wet panties off her and drove my tongue deep inside her wet pussy. She tasted so good, better than any woman I had ever had. I drove her wild, I was using my mouth and tongue to French kiss her pussy.

Mom started cumming hard, ” Oh yes, go baby go.” Mom screamed. My tongue was moving in and out of her sweet pussy, My hands squeezed and pinched her nipples. Mom came and came about six times. ” Wow, you are a master at that.” Mom said trying to catch her breath.

I climbed between Mom’s legs, spreading her legs open. My cock was ready to have some “Mom Pussy”. She looked at me with fright in her eyes and said, ” Baby, be easy, I’ve never had a man as big as you.” I leaned forward kissing her softly as my 10 inch cock penetrated her.

It was like being in a virgin, she was so tight. I had to push hard to get inside, one more hard push, my cock was buried deep in Mother’s hot little pussy. I whispered in Mom’s ear, ” We finally did it.” All the dreaming I did in my life of having Mom could never be as good as this. I moved my hard throbbing cock back and forth as Mom’s hips moved with me.

We made love for an hour or so, pumping and humping like two long lost lovers. Each time Mom would cum her nails dig into my back and she would pull her legs up to her chest, screaming, ” OH YES, BABY DO IT, FASTER, FASTER YES, THAT’S MY BIG BOY.” I would pump her like a mad man.

I still hadn’t cum yet, Mom looked at me and ask, ” Are you OK baby, you haven’t came for me?” I replied, ” I don’t know what’s wrong Mom.”

With the biggest sexy smile on her face, she took my cock in her hand and said, ” Turn over on your back, I know how to fix this.” Mom climbed on my hips like she did so many years ago. My long thick cock in front of her pussy. Her big breast hanging down in my face.

Then she stared talking in her sexy Mommy voice, ” Does Mommy’s little boy need help with this?” Her hands started stroking up and down, ” Does Mommy’s little boy’s cock hurt? Mommy will fix it.” She lifted her hips and drove my cock deeper than when I was making love to her.

Her face was right on mine, ” Cum on baby, lets get that bad stuff out of your pee-pee.” She was grinding her hips hard and fast. Up and down, all around my cock. ” Cum on baby, we need to get it all out, shoot it all into Mommy.” I started cumming like never before, I grabbed Mom’s tits and started sucking them. Her body was humping my cock hard. I shoot my load, it was like a flood in Mom. ” Oh yes, baby, fill Mommy’s pussy, cum on, cum on. Mommy’s boy has a lot of cum in there. Cum on, give Mommy more.” She fucked me hard and fast, her hips moving up and down on me so fast.

” Oh yes, cum on, give it all to Mommy. That’s my baby boy.” My cock just kept shooting, I never came that much before. When I finally stopped cumming, Mom looked at me with big tears in her eyes and said, ” You know I can’t go back to your Dad after this. I have never known anything like this until now. That was the first time in my life I have ever had an orgasm.”

Well, that was 3 years ago. Mom stayed with me never going back home for anything. We still make love every chance we have. When I have trouble cumming Mom gets on top, just like old times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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