Surprise Visit Ch. 02

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I looked up at the door as the doorbell rang. I hopped up from an ever exciting episode of South Park and opened the door. I couldn’t keep the grin from my face when I saw Airman Nace standing outside. Her first name was Sarah, but as she had worked for me for about a year I was used to calling her Airman Nace, or usually simply Nace. I looked around for her friend Airman Jennifer Hendricks, but Nace was alone. I quickly stepped aside and invited her in; she stepped inside without saying anything.

I hadn’t seen her or Hendricks since last Friday after they brought me a surprise cake for my birthday. My wife and kids were out of town for a month and they felt sorry for me, which I appreciated. I don’t think they planned on the three of us downing a bottle of wine and then having one hell of a threesome, but that’s what ended up happening. They’d left around two in the morning, said they had a weekend shift to work the next day. I was hopeful they’d come back, but it was such a random event I wasn’t sure what else might happen.

Unfortunately Nace didn’t seem to be in a cheery mood. She seemed very uncertain about being in my house. After what happened last time I could understand, but I wasn’t sure why she had come in that case. I would have expected Airman Hendricks, she was the one who instigated the entire thing last Friday. Nace though had just watched Hendricks and I fuck at first before letting me first eat and then fuck her. By the end of the night she was very happily begging Hendricks to lick her pussy and then returning the favor while I watched. She had seemed happy when she left, but obviously that hadn’t lasted.

I turned off the TV as we sat down in the living room, asking her how she was doing.

She looked at me and said “I’m really confused,” which is not what I was hoping to hear. I started to freak however when she said “I’m trying to decide we did was ok.”

There’s nothing more dangerous than a 20 year old woman searching her feelings. Now, I already pointed out I was married. While the threesome was great, I really didn’t want my marriage to self destruct because she felt some need to confess to someone. Also, as I said, I used to be her boss. As an officer screwing an airman in the Air Force I would get in serious trouble if it became official. No chance for promotion, they might even kick me out. So I forced myself to focus as she kept talking.

She felt confused. Felt bad about sleeping with a married guy. She really felt confused about sleeping with another woman, a friend of hers, something she had never done before. I just nodded on occasion, threw out an occasional “yeah” or “that makes sense.” I’m not the brightest guy when it comes to women, but I do know not to actually talk once they start going. She told me she was really confused. She told me she was confused for about fifteen minutes before she told me something that caught my attention again. “Last night Jennifer and I slept together again.”

I couldn’t help myself, I blurted out “Really?” Which wasn’t the most sophisticated thing I could say, but she completely caught me by surprise.

She nodded, suddenly looking shy but proud. “Yes. We were talking about Friday and it just sort of happened.”

“I know you feel slightly confused, but did you enjoy it?”

She nodded again, a slight smile appearing on her lips. “Yes. But I’m not sure if it was ok.” And she started talking some more. This time however you could tell she had shifted from confused through process to a much hornier mindset. She still felt bad, but started telling me how they went from talking about our threesome, to kissing, and eventually to sixty-nining in her bed.

This entire time I’m leaning forward listening to her, my cock extremely hard as she began to give more and more details about her evening with Hendricks.

She suddenly stopped. She seemed to realize exactly what she had been telling me and blushed as she looked at me. “Do you like hearing that Major Christen?” she asked me. “Very much so,” I nodded. “Do you like hearing how I licked Jennifer’s pussy? How she sucked on my clit with her fingers inside me?”

All I could do was nod. She was shifting gears from confused to horny pretty fast, but I certainly wasn’t going to argue. Twenty years old, go figure.

“You know Major Christen, you fucked both Jennifer and I right?”

I just nodded again.

“But, you came inside her twice. You never came inside me. Did you know that?”

I told her that I really hadn’t thought of it that way.

“I think,” she continued as if I hadn’t said anything, “you owe me. You owe me your cum inside my pussy.”

She suddenly stood up and walked to my hallway and headed toward the bedrooms. I quickly followed her down the hall and watched her strip along the way. It’s a short hallway, but it was long enough for both of us to get naked by the time we reached my bedroom. She walked in my room, pulled the sheets back off the bed and hopped kartal escort on. Looking back at me she asked “Well, aren’t you coming too?”

As I stepped up to the bed she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down on top of her. We rolled next to each other I felt her arms wrap around me as she pressed her body against mine. We immediately kissed, her tongue pressing into my mouth as I wrapped my fingers in her hair. She wrapped her leg around my hips and pulled me tight against her.

I ran my hand down her hip as we continued to kiss, traced over her hip and thigh. Her tits were small but definitely big enough as they rubbed against my chest. I leaned back slightly and let my hand slide between us, hearing her moan as her leg pulled me back against her.

She opened her legs as my hand slid between them, letting my fingers run over her pussy. Her pussy lips were smooth with a slight tuff of hair left on top. I let my fingers rub her pussy, feeling how she was already extremely wet.

I pushed a finger inside her and she immediately rolled back away from me. Keeping her legs spread she stared at me as I began to slide my finger in and out of her pussy. She began to moan as I flicked my thumb over her clit, quickly adding a second finger as I pushed them inside her. I leaned forward to kissed her lips again before licking and kissing down her neck. Over her shoulder , down her chest until I ran my tongue over her breasts and wrapped my lips around one of her nipples. Sucking on it gently as I continued to finger her, I felt her hands in my hair holding me tight against her tits. I moved from one nipple to the other as she began to move her hips against my hand.

“No,” she moaned as she grabbed my shoulders and tried to pull me up. “No, not with your fingers. I came down here for you to fuck me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and quickly moved. She grabbed her knees, pulling them up and spreading them apart and I held myself above her. I looked down at her as she stared up at me, biting her lower lip as she waited. “Common Major, fuck me!”

I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy, holding for a second before thrusting inside her. My cock easily slid inside her pussy as I began to move against her.

She started with a low moan which quickly became a scream as we fucked. She kept screaming “Harder, fuck me harder,” as we moved together. She spread her legs even farther apart, grabbing her ankles and pulling them up and back letting shove deeper inside her pussy. I held myself above her and watched her face as I thrust against her, listening to her grunt with each push before she screamed at me to fuck her harder again.

Fingering her must have brought her almost to the edge because it didn’t take long until I heard her screams lose any semblance of speech and she began to cum. I saw her let go of her legs and felt them wrap around me as she pushed back against each thrust. Her arms wrapped around my back and pulled me tight against her. I felt her nails digging into my back and knew she was leaving long scratches as her pussy squeeze around my cock. This was enough to make me cum as I began to shoot inside her pussy, both of us moaning as we held our bodies against each other.

“Oh god Nace,” I gasped once I had my breathing under control, “that was fucking incredible.” She gave me a grin as she traced her hands up and down my back before grabbing my head and pulling me down for a kiss. I felt her tongue push against mine as her fingers ran through my hair, her legs still wrapped around me, my cock still deep in her pussy as we kissed.

Eventually we both calmed down slightly and our kisses became longer and slower. She slowly unlocked her legs, lowering them to the bed. I slid and arm under her back and rolled to the side, pulling her with me. We laid side by side, still kissing as our hands ran over each other.

After a few minutes I felt her hand slide around between us and grab my cock. She began to pull on it before leaning back from our kissing and grinned at me “What’s wrong Major, it’s been five minutes, aren’t you ready to go again?” I laughed as I ran my hand over her thigh and kissed her neck, “Another two minutes and I’ll be ready.”

She laughed and pulled back away from me. “I’m not sure I can wait that long,” she told me. With that she got up on her hands and knees and pushed me off my side onto my back. “I bet I can get you up before two long minutes.” I watched as she quickly turned and ran her hands over my sides as she leaned down and kissed my chest. I moaned as I felt her hair trailing over my stomach as she kissed down my body. Her hand once again grabbed my cock, this time holding it up as she wrapped her lips around it and sucked gently.

I reached up and began to rub her thigh and hip, the only part of her I could reach as she continued to suck my dick. She popped it out of her mouth, running her tongue up and down its length before licking over my balls maltepe escort bayan for a moment.

I moaned as she began to slide me in and out of her month, my cock rapidly hardening against her tongue. “You win,” I moaned to her, “it’s been less than two minutes.” I propped myself up slightly on my elbows so I could watch her. Looking over her smooth body kneeling next to me as she continued to suck me, I reached out and grabbed her ankle.

“Come over here,” I told her as I pulled her leg toward me. She immediately knew what I wanted and shifted around, taking her lips off my cock long enough to look back and me and smile. I lost sight of her smile as she lifted her leg over my head and straddled my face, but I immediately felt her lips wrap around my cock again.

I stared at her pussy for a moment, looking up at her smooth lips spread open. I could see my cum glistening on her pussy as reached up and grabbed her hips, holding her tight as I lifted my head and ran my tongue over her pussy. I felt her jump as I began to lick her, long broad strokes over her entire slit, but she never stopped bobbing her head over my cock. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her, my face sticking with our combined cum, before licking up and down her slit again. I found her clit with my tongue and flicked it a few times before I was able to wrap my lips around it and suck on it.

We sixty-nined for several minutes, neither of us willing to stop. I felt her mouth moving over my cock, sometimes sucking, sometimes using her tongue, and sometimes using her hand. I never stopped licking her, my mouth and tongue constantly moving over her pussy and clit. After several minutes I could feel her moaning around my cock and I knew I was getting the better of her. I gave one last long lick over her entire pussy before I wrapped my lips around her clit again and pulled her tight against me. Sucking hard on her clit while I flicked it with my tongue I felt her nails digging into my thigh as my cock slid out of her mouth. I felt more then heard her moaning against me as I sucked on her clit.

She suddenly shift, sitting up slightly and began to rock hard against me. Grinding her pussy against my face as she braced herself on my thighs I felt her entire body begin to tremble as she came. I heard her scream again as she continued to rock back and forth on my face. She was moving so fast and hard I couldn’t keep my lips around her clit so I pushed my tongue hard against her and let her move against me.

Nace suddenly collapsed on top of me, pulling herself off my face slightly as she moved forward. I leaned up and licked her again, causing her to jump and moan. “God that’s sensitive” she whispered to me, “give me a second before you touch me again, but oh God that was good.”

“No problem,” I told her as I contented myself to kissing the inside of her thigh as she still laid on top of me. Her wet pussy was still spread open in front of me, her tits pressed against my stomach and her hair spread over my cock. I was more then happy to stay like this for a few moments as I lifted my hands and began to stroke the back of her thighs and her ass.

After only a few minutes I felt her shift again. I moaned as I she wrapped her lips around my cock again, but only slid her head up a few times before you pulled back again. She leaded back and sat up, pressing her wet pussy against my face for a moment before she shifted and climbed off of me. She laid back down next to me and kissed me again. I told her how hot it was for her to be licking her cum off my lips, she just moaned and kissed me again.

I pulled her body tight against me as we kissed, letting my hands run over her ass and back. My cock was rock hard against her stomach and I began to shift to find a good angle. After I moment I put my hand on her hip and pulled back slightly from her, breaking our kiss. I smiled at her and rolled her on her other side. I pulled her back against me, my cock resting between her ass cheeks as she shifted against me.

I kissed the back of her neck as I reached down and grabbed her leg, lifting it up and draping it over mine. I snaked my left arm under her back so I could curl it around and hold her as I shifted down a little. I reached down between us with my right hand and pushed my cock up between her legs, both of us shifting slightly as I felt it pressing against her. I grabbed her hip again, pushing her down against me as I pushed up, and both of us moaned as my cock easily slid inside her wet pussy again.

I loved this position, her ass tight against my stomach as I began to slide in and out of her pussy. I took my right hand off of her hip and reach around and began to rub her clit while we fucked. My left arm was able to rub and squeeze her tits as we moved together.

Kissing the back of her neck I could taste her sweat as she moaned my name. I felt her hand run over my arm and intertwine her fingers with mine as I continued escort pendik to rub her clit. She pushed it lower, our fingers running over my shaft as it slid in and out of her, before coming back up to rub her clit some more.

She twisted slightly so we could kiss as we continued to fuck. Moving a little faster, I let go of her clit and ran my hand up her stomach, over her breasts, and traced my fingers over her lips. She pulled back slightly as I licked her juices off my fingers for a moment, then I offered them to her. She immediately leaned forward and sucked on them, tasting herself for a moment before I slid my hand back down her stomach as she kissed me again.

Rubbing her clit faster now, I was surprised when she suddenly pulled away from me. I moaned as I felt my cock slide out of her pussy as she turned around and pushed me on to my back again. Without a word she immediately straddled me and began to ride me hard.

I lay back, just watching her as she fucked me. My hands on her thighs as she slid up and down, staring at her tits bouncing up and down. She was running her tongue over her lips, leaning back and moaning softly as she moved on top of me.

She suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me. Smiling slightly as she continued to ride me, she leaned forward and down and kissed me. My tongue moving against hers as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close as she ground her pussy against me.

She sat up again and I saw her look around the room. Unsure what she was looking for I started to ask, but before I could start she pulled off of me and leaned toward my wife’s side of the bed. She immediately shifted back, grasping my dick and sliding over it again, before showing me what she had grabbed.

Despite everything that had happened I must have still looked surprised when she showed me my wife’s bottle of hand lotion that she kept next to the bed. I was willing to bet that she wasn’t planning on using it for her hands like my wife did.

She smirked at me when she saw my shocked look. She wasn’t really moving any more, just a slight steady grind with her pussy wrapped around me. She was in control at this point and she knew it. “Common Major Christen, don’t you want to try my ass?”

I was still shocked, but still moaned out that I’d love to try her ass if that’s what she wanted. She kept rocking gently on my cock and pretended to think about it as I ran my hands over her thighs and stomach. I reached between us and began to rub her clit and told her how much I wanted to fuck her ass, how good her ass would feel around my cock.

She grinned at me to show that she was done teasing me as she lifted herself off of my cock. I quickly got up beside her as she got on her hands and knees, handing me the bottle of lotion and turning to face away from me. I quickly knelt behind her, putting my hands on her ass cheeks spreading them apart as I leaned down to lick her pussy again. This time I ran my tongue over her pussy and clit up to her asshole, spending a minute tonguing her asshole.

I felt her moving as she reached back between her legs and began to rub her pussy and clit while I licked her ass. After only a few minutes she began to moan and told me to fuck her. I wasn’t going to argue as I sat up. I poured a large dollop of lotion over her asshole and rubbed it around with my fingers. I then poured some on my hand and rubbed it over my cock as I positioned myself behind her. The entire time she’s rubbing her pussy and moaning at me to fuck her.

I grabbed her hip with one hand and hold the head of my cock against her ass with the other. I pushed slightly against her, causing both of us to moan, just pushing the tip of my cock against her. Both of my hands on her hips I pulled her back against me as I began to move against her.

It took a moment to get the head of my cock in, I could feel her stretching up as I shoved my cock insider her tight asshole. Once the head was inside it became a lot easier as I thrust the rest of the way inside. She grunted as my cock slid completely inside her tight ass, her cheeks pressed against my crotch as I held myself inside her. I pulled back slightly before going forward again, earning another grunt to go with her moans.

Nace turned her head back slightly and tried to look back at me. I could feel that she stopped playing with her pussy as she told me “You know what Major Christen, I wanted you to do this to me after last weekend. I wanted you to be the first person in my ass.” I stopped at that, looking down at her as she gave me a very naughty smirk. “You like that don’t you?” she asked, “Being the first guy inside my ass?”

“The first?” was all I could say. Not the most intelligent response, but this night kept getting better and better.

She nodded, grimacing slightly as she shifted. “Now,” she told me, “now it’s time for you to fuck my virgin asshole.” She turned her head away, face down in the pillow and I felt her begin to rub her pussy again.

I flexed my fingers against her hips, grabbing her again as I began to fuck her. My hard cock sliding in and out of her asshole, pulling almost all the way out before pounding back against her. We were both done being gentle as we fucked.

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