Surviving the Horde Ch. 01

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This is my original partly fictional story about a couple of survivors in a zombie apocalypse.

Her name is Lei and she is from Puerto Rico. She has long black hair, all the way down to her butt. Her ass is even more admirable, round and big, I have imagined what it must feel like to grab it, bite me or slap it so hard she begs me for more, can’t blame me though, those shorts are a little tight but I don’t mind. Her eyes are big and green and the cutest nose you can imagine, pink cheeks when she gets shy, curvy body like a sweet guitar, and oh man that rack, must be a D cup all tight in that V neck shirt that’s almost see-through from being worn this long too much. I don’t think she likes me though.

My name is Jack, I’m American. Tall, about 6ft 9in. shaggy beard since I haven’t had a chance to really shave or do anything really, with all the scavenging we have been doing lately from abandoned houses to the next one. I have brown wavy hair down to my shoulders and big hands and feet.

Her dad is the leader of our survivor group. There are a couple other girls in this group but not as attractive as Lei. Their names are Ashley, Lisa, Hanna, Lu and Becca. Couple other guys too but who cares about them anyways. We are all in our 20’s and we were all in our college campus when this all began to happen. Lei’s dad is a professor so that’s why he stuck with us… or us with him.

It’s been 10 days since the attacks started and we have been gathering a few things since then. We only have two pick-up trucks, some golf clubs, a bat, some of us have knives, anything we can find and well whatever food we can gather. Right now we are staying in a gym, plenty of floor room to get some sleep. It has three doors we need to guard though. The showers still have running water and for now this is all we need, but not for long. We are in Florida, making our way up north to see if we get lucky.

Also we each have to keep paired up in case something happens. Unfortunately, we are all paired by a person of the same sex as according to Lei’s dad.

“Guys gather around!, Boys to guard the doors and gather any trash, keep things organized and girls go tidy the bathrooms. Make sure everything is locked up and nice, night is falling and we need to get ready to get our rest, tomorrow we move out so make sure by tomorrow morning güvenilir bahis you are ready to go.”, Mr. Soto said bossy as ever.

Lei was swaying her nice caboose in front of me as she walked to the bathroom. At the same time Mr. Soto was giving me the evil eye. So I walked away this time and walked away where the guys were setting things up.

After everything was set up, and only two guys were being guards… well barely guarding, they were nose deep playing their PS Vitas, we still had power in the building too, though only the bathrooms kept lit at night. I could bet my life that everybody had gone to sleep on their sleeping bags, so now I was going to go take a nice shower.


“So, come on, spill it”, said Lu to Lei.

“What?” asked Lei obviously embarrassed, her cheeks wouldn’t deny it.

“Come on, Dad knows you totally have the hots for Jack”, Lu

“Shut up, somebody will hear you!” Lei.

“Ha! I knew it, I don’t blame you girl, and he’s cute!” said Lu smiling.

“Whatever, I don’t think he is into me”, Lei.

“It’s because you’re always so damn serious! You got to flirt a little. Plus hey, I saw him staring at your ass, I bet he likes you too.” Lu could tell Lei was liking what she was finally figuring out.

“Really? Well, ahem, let’s just finish up here, we can tell dad the showers and toilets have no running water on this side anymore, we will have to use the men’s side now in the morning. I bet everybody went to bed already, so I’m going to take a shower now, you coming with?” asked Lei.

“Nah, I’m tired, I’ll shower in the morning, you going to be okay alone?” Lu.

“Yes, everything is locked up and set up, I’m good. I bet Dad already fell asleep, have a good night, see you tomorrow”, Lei.

“Okay, love you”, Lu.

Lei grabbed her towel, bar of soap and a change of clothes. She hadn’t set up her sleeping bag and neither had Jack. They’d both figured they would each pick a spot to lay after they showered, never did they think they’d finally see each other naked.


Jack was soaping his body and he had shut off the running water, so Lei wasn’t able to realize somebody from the group was still awake. He was on the very back of the lane of showers and she was hanging her stuff in a locker nearby the shower she would pick. There were long türkçe bahis curtains side by side, and as a door it was by curtain too. She also went to the end of the lane but to the other side, parallel of him, still unaware of his presence. She started humming a song and he froze, hand still on his soapy cock from having enjoyed the stimulation. Before she came in she came in, he was thinking of her, what she would look like naked, what her big, round, soft and bouncy titties would feel like in his mouth. Now she was naked, close to him and unaware that he was there? Or did she know? He peaked and her curtain was slightly opened. His dick got even harder when he managed to see part of her curviness, such soft skin and that long hair.

He recognized the song and started humming it with her. Now she freaked out.

“Who’s there?” embarrassed she asked.

“It’s Jack, I thought you knew I was in here”

“Um, I didn’t hear any water running or anything!” Lei was getting mad.

Jack was blushing, now also embarrassed of the misunderstanding.

“Hey this is the men’s bathroom, why would you be in here anyways?”

“The girl’s side doesn’t have running water anymore. I guess we should save some water for the others to have some in the morning”, Lei said with an evil grin.

Is she asking what I think she is asking? He wondered hopeful that we were on the same page.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, what do you suggest we do?” Jack said with some excitement in his voice.

He heard her curtain slide open really quick and he was standing still waiting for what would happen. She unexpectedly, because she also couldn’t believe what she was about to do, also opened his curtain and walked in to his small shower cubicle. Slightly bumping into him and rubbing one of her nipples with his arm.

She looked at him wondering what he would do. He was still in shock, not believing what was happening.

“We should save some water you know”, she said.

“Uh, yeah. That’s right. So you want to…” he wasn’t able to finish his sentence.

She said, “I’ll finish soaping you first and then you do me”.

She let some water run, we got wet, she was already wet in another area, and then she started rubbing soap on my body after she shut the water off. He was poking her with his massive erection and she didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri seem to notice. She soaped his back, put her arms around and her breasts were now rubbing themselves on my back. Oh God, have mercy on me, he was praying to have some control because all he wanted to do right now was kneel, lift her up against the wall and suck her wetness.

To make things worse she was now holding his shaft, making her hands look petite, and she was “soaping” it, he let out an unconscious moan and she had her evil grin face.

“Okay, my turn”, he turned around, rubbed some soap on his hands and turned her around. They still hadn’t looked each other in the eyes. He grabbed her breast, and his cock was now also rubbing against her back. She was biting her lip and the more he rubbed and pressed tightly on her bare big breasts the more she wanted to turn around and jump on him. They weren’t talking. Just enjoying each other for the first time. He ran some more soap down her stomach, he stopped and he could tell she was disappointed when he turned on the shower. She thought that was it, but the only thing he did was get the soap off his hands. He turned off the water and she was about to turn around when he said no. Grabbed her thighs and spread them apart, her hands and face on the wall, titties hanging, and she was slightly bending. Before she could ask about what he was about to do, he spread her butt cheeks and slipped his tongue deep into her pussy. It was trimmed short and he loved it that way. She gasped and held onto the curtain with one hand. He was ravaging her down there, her knees were going weak. He was licking her up and down, in and out and she was so wet her juices were dripping. He turned her around, clit facing him, she was looking at him with hunger and so was he to her. Started licking her clit slowly at first, she started moaning as quietly as she could so nobody would hear. Then he grabbed her ass, still licking her with more force now, pulling her closer to him. She was thrusting towards his face too, he fucking loved it. She started trembling, she grabbed his hair and ordered him not to stop and to go faster. She let out the sweetest moan as she reached orgasm and looked beautiful as ever. They let the water ran, and kissed while they rubbed the soap off.

“Now it’s my turn”, she grinned and grabbed his cock in her hand.

She kneeled down, licked his shaft, and before she could take him all in his mouth, the alarms went off! There was screaming, they got dressed without towel drying and ran outside…


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