Sweet Sister Ch. 08

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These stories continue from the Sweet Sister collection from some months ago. Sam, her Dad and brother have been very close for some while. The summer holidays are over and its back to school.

Today I am scheduled in for my annual school medical. They are being held in the school sick rooms which have a small anti-chamber which is being used for changing in preparation for the examination. I arrive as scheduled at 11am and was greeted by the nurse. She’s quite young looking, wearing a white housecoat which is straining somewhat across her ample breasts.

We pause a moment evidently sizing each other up. I notice her looking down at my short pleated skirt then up further at my budding little breasts covered today with a small white bra.

“Hello. It’s Sam isn’t it?” asked the nurse cheerily. “Doctor Bard is ready to see you so we best get you ready for him, hadn’t we?”

I nod and smile. She came and stood close behind me then stretched her arms around me to undo my school tie. Her arms suspiciously brush against my small titties as she slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I felt my nipples start to react to the touch and hoped they wouldn’t notice too much. Ooops, too late.

“My, those are lovely looking breasts, young lady. Hope you don’t mind me mentioning?” she commented. I just grinned embarrassingly.

She removed my blouse completely then started with the hook and zipper on my short skirt and let it fall to the ground. Dressed not in only bra, white school panties and white socks she led me through to the examining room.

Shock! Not only is the doctor standing there but my brother, Alan, is lying on one of the examining tables wearing just his underpants. “Oh.” I said. “Am I too early?”

“No, no. Not at all.” Replied the doctor, “I didn’t think you’d mind if I conducted the examination with the pair of you here. There’s so much we can establish by having both siblings examined at the same time.

I though it odd but he was the doctor after all. He proceeded to weigh me and look me up and down prodding here and there. I felt his hand slide over my bottom and gentle squeeze my bum cheeks as he did so. “Mmm. That’ll do nicely. Now young lady I think we’ll start with the breast examination. Nurse could you remove Sam’s bra for me please?”

The nurse unclipped my bra from behind and eased the cotton material over my small tits letting her hands mould around them and gently caressed them as the bra came off. güvenilir bahis Doctor Bard came across and started feeling my breasts, his thumbs brushing over the nipples making them stiff again. He took his time gently stroking them and firmly pinching my nipples between his thumb and forefingers. “Very nice.” He mused. “Does having someone touch your breasts make you feel nice, Sam? We need to understand that your reactions and senses are working normally.” He added by way of explanation.

“It felt kind of funny, doctor.” I managed to blurt out. “It gave me a tingly feeling in my tummy too.”

“Ah, I see.” Said the doctor. “Perhaps we need to examine you further down. Now nurse, please remove Sam’s panties. Sam, please lie down on the examining table next to your brother.”

The nurse slipped her thumbs under the waistband of my panties and slipped them down making sure her hands smoothed their way down my thighs. I felt her warm breath on my behind then felt her lips brush my cheeks momentarily. A shiver ran through me not knowing what to expect next. I certainly hadn’t anticipated this and all the while Alan was just lying there smirking at me.

I lay down on the table and Doctor Bard pushed my knees up then parted my thighs displaying my smooth young pussy to his penetrating stare. Not the last thing that was going to penetrate me this morning.

“Nurse,” continued the doctor, “I need you to continue the breast examination whilst I monitor Sam’s vaginal responses.”

“Certainly, doctor.” Replied the nurse and I felt her smooth hands continue where Doctor Bard had left off just gently running her palms over my small firm tits and gently pinching my very stiff nipples. Doctor Bard stood slightly to one side obscuring most of the view of my leering brother.

He put his hand on my tummy and slowly slipped it down between my legs, trailing a finger along my moistening slit. I couldn’t help myself and let out a little gasp as his finger parted my lips and found my engorging clit.

“Very good.” Said the doctor in matter of fact tones. “Nurse, please note that Sam’s clitoris is engorging nicely and she seems to be excreting more than an average amount of vaginal fluid.”

“Sam, ” he said turning his attention to me, “I think you are enjoying this part of the examination and are probably ready for me to place my finger inside your vagina. Am I correct?”

“Oh, doctor, ” I managed to grunt between moans, “please put türkçe bahis your finger inside me.” With that I felt his extended digit push into my soaking tight hole and pushed my hips up to meet his inward movement. His thumb continued the pressure on my clit as he slowly finger fucked my tight little hole.

The nurse bent forward and took one of my nipples between her lips and sucked on it. She then lent back again and smeared her saliva over my nipple with her fingers. I felt the beginnings of my first orgasm approaching as doctor and nurse continued with their “examination”. Then disappointment and frustrations.

“Doctor!” cried the nurse. “I think Alan has an erection.”

Doctor Bard looked around at Alan lying on the next table opening the view to me as well. Sure enough Alan’s long cock was poking out of the top of his shorts.

“Well, nurse. I think we’d best consider this.” Said the doctor. “Alan. Has it stimulated you watching your little sister being masturbated?”

“Um, yes, I guess, doctor.” Mumbled Alan.

“Well, young man. I’m sure that’s perfectly natural. Now I think we’d better examine this erection of yours before it goes away. Don’t you think? Nurse please take off Alan’s underpants.”

The nurse moved over to Alan and pulled off his underwear revealing his hard cock in all its glory. The doctor moved over next and parted Alan’s legs slightly using his left hand to lift and examine Alan’s prick. His right hand, the one he was using on me, still glistening with my copious cunt juices slipped under Alan’s ball sack. I wondered what he was up to until I heard Alan moan out loud and raise his hips slightly. The doctor had taken his cum covered finger and pushed the full length of it into Alan’s unsuspecting anus.

“Nurse,” said Doctor Bard, “I am going to examine Alan’s prostate gland. Can you make sure to examine carefully any fluid which Alan may secrete from his penis.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Replied the nurse and placed her fingers around his throbbing shaft. Her left hand moved around his ball sack as she gently massaged him. Next she moved her head down close to his prick and started to lick around the head with a gorgeously long tongue. Slowly she lapped around it until at last she took the head of his cock in her mouth as she continued to move her fingers up and down the shaft.

I was suddenly aware again of my own frustration and moved one hand down between my legs to start stroking my aching güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy. I noticed as the nurse lent forward that her own pussy was exposed as her short housecoat rode up. She had no panties on and her perfectly shaved cunt was fully open to my view. I reached forward with my free hand and started to slide my fingers up and down her moist slit.

Her cunt lips opened to my touch and I slid two fingers into her soaking hole. She moaned loudly as I started to finger fuck her and pushed back against my fingers.

Alan had started bucking up and down now. Doctor Bard continued his anal “examination” pumping his finger in and out of Alan’s tight bumhole. I knew Alan was close to cumming and I could feel my own orgasm approaching fast as I fucked two fingers in and out of my tight cunt.

“Nurse,” said the doctor, still without emotion, “I believe Alan is about to ejaculate. Please make sure you catch all his sputum.”

The nurse gave a muffled moan of ascent and bobbed her mouth faster up and down Alan’s straining cock. Her fingers pumped his rod harder as Alan cried out, “Oh god, I going to cummmm!”

His body arched as his spurted his seed into the nurses willing mouth. The doctor pushed his finger hard into Alan’s bumhole. “That’s right nurse, take it all in your mouth please.”

Alan’s body slumped as the last drops of cum were sucked from his wilting knob. The nurse released his member with a satisfying slurp and keeping her lips pursed moved back over to me just as my own orgasm started to break. As she turned my fingers slipped out of her wet hole allowing me to concentrate on my own pumping fingers deep in my cunt. The nurse bent forward just as I opened my mouth to yell out in sexual bliss and let Alan’s cum dribble onto my surprised tongue.

I hungrily latched onto the nurses mouth sucking all the rest of Alan’s cum from her long searching tongue. The doctor came around to observe as I arched back against my fingers as my orgasm wracked my young body.

The doctor waited until I had calmed down before speaking. “Sam, did you enjoy tasting your brother’s sputum?”

“Oh, very much, Doctor.” I replied.

“I suspect that is not the first time you have tasted it. Is that correct?”

I went numb. What had I said. My lust had taken over and our family’s secret was almost out. “I, er, um ..” I stammered.

“It’s alright, Sam.” Soothed the doctor. “It is perfectly natural for young adolescents to want to experiment in this manner. I have already noticed also that your genitals show signs of sexual activity. Your anus too looks like it has been penetrated. Now please tell me all about it.

To Be Continued….

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