Table for Two Ch. 07

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“Come on!” Emily shouted, her blood boiling.

Last round, she was closing onto the finish line and Stephanie was still behind her. The teen was leading by score, as usual, but she could still beat her. It was all riding on this one.

‘Last corner!’ she thought.

“I’ve got something for you!” Stephanie taunted her in a high voice.

Just as she said it, a blue shell hit Emily’s kart, stopping her and giving Stephanie plenty of time to reach the finish line before her sister.

“Fuck!” Emily swore and threw the controller onto the living room couch.

“Ha! In your face!” Stephanie laughed victoriously, pointing at her sister.

Emily couldn’t stand that insufferable tone. Her sister always did this when she won. And she always won. Emily hated it.

She stood up and started walking to their room.

“You mad?” she heard Stephanie following her, “You mad bro?”

She started poking Emily’s sides obnoxiously.

“Fuck off,” Emily swore again as she swatted at her sister’s hands.

She took her backpack and picked up her pajamas from her bed.

“Get lost already!” she shouted as she shook off the grinning teen. She just wouldn’t stop touching her.

She put the pajamas into the bag. Stephanie stood by the side, still smiling as Emily opened her dresser, looking through her stuff.

“What’re you doing?” the teen asked. When Emily packed more clothes, she asked, “Wait, where are you going?”

Now her tone was different, finally a small victory.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Emily teased. She had the upper hand now.

“Em,” She felt Stephanie touch her shoulder from behind, “Really, where are you going?”

“To Sam’s,” Emily relented, packing up some underwear and a sweater, “Got an invitation to a sleepover.”

On Emily’s first day of school since the accident, Sam invited her over. Emily was glad about the change of scenery after a week spent mostly in their apartment. She really needed to sort out her thoughts.

“Can I come with?” Stephanie said quickly.

“What do you think?” Emily replied with a scoff, letting her frustration flow freely as she shook the hand off her shoulder.

Finally her sister was quiet. Good.

Emily checked her other stuff. Laptop, phone, wallet, keys, school stuff for tomorrow.

Her gaze fell on that pamphlet Jennifer gave her last week, the one with that weird sexuality study. She had called Jennifer before the match with Stephanie, but the therapist seemed very reluctant to talk about the study. She said her inviting Emily was a mistake and it was only likely to mislead her more. By the time the call ended, Emily was even more clueless than before.

She looked across her bed, over to the night table between their beds to check if she left anything else there. That’s when she noticed Stephanie sitting on her own bed, watching her with a grim expression.

“Oh come on,” Emily stood up, “Don’t start sulking now.”

Stephanie took a deep ragged breath.

“That really hurt,” Stephanie said quietly.

She was serious, almost crying. A wave of guilt swept over Emily.

“Wait, Steph, I didn’t mean it that way,” Emily said as she sat to Stephanie’s left.

She lifted her right arm to hug her, but her sister shuffled away from her.

“You did, that’s why it hurts so much,” she said sadly, looking forward, “You only hang out with me when there’s no one else around.”

“No, that was just the game,” Emily tried reasoning with her, “You know how I hate losing at Mario Kart.”

Stephanie turned towards her and looked her in the eyes, a piercing glare right into Emily’s soul. A second later, the older sister was forced to look away.

“I know I can be annoying, but it wasn’t just the game,” Stephanie concluded and turned forward again.

“You’re not annoying,” Emily tried.

Stephanie glared at her again.

“Maybe a little bit,” Emily smiled, making Stephanie smile sadly too.

“But I definitely want to hang out with you more. I’ll prove it to you,” Emily stated as she got up, “I’ll cancel it.”

She walked over to her desk to get her phone, but Stephanie stopped her.

“Wait, don’t,” her sister said and Emily turned around.

Stephanie shook her head, “I won’t guilt you into spending time with me.”

Emily shook her head and shrugged, “So what do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know,” Stephanie said desperately, “You’re asking like I have all the answers. It just feels like you’re trying to avoid me.”

After a few seconds, Emily resigned with a sigh, “OK, the truth is, I’m scared.”

“About us?”

Emily nodded, trying not to elaborate, “Things are going in a really weird direction. It’s not supposed to be like this.”

“I know what you mean,” Stephanie smiled, “I’ve had that feeling since the start. I mean, since, you know what.”

“So, how do you deal with it?”

Her sister smiled and shrugged, “I don’t. I just do what feels good and damn the consequences.”

“That’s so you. But I can’t do that,” Emily shook her head, “I don’t want to pendik escort hurt you anymore. That’s why I need to sort my thoughts. Maybe Sam will come up with something.”

“I’m sure she will. Something,” the teen grinned, lifting her eyebrows, “But if she really does, maybe share the secret with your annoying little sister too?”

Emily chuckled, then nodded.

“I don’t know Sam, last Saturday with her was so weird,” Emily thought out loud.

She was looking up in the darkness, laying on a mattress on the ground.

“I thought you said it was good,” she heard her friend from the right, laying on her bed.

“Yes, that’s the problem. It felt like a great date, everything clicked just the right way.”

“That sounds awesome.”

“And if it was with a guy, I’d probably be crushing on him already,” Emily continued.

“Do you think you’re falling for Steph?” Sam inquired.

“Of course not, how could I? But-” Emily trailed off.


“It felt so good, being with her. I was even turned on, physically, Sam. Just by looking at her,” Emily shook her head.

“I thought you weren’t into girls.”

“I thought so. But tell that to my-,” Emily stopped mid-sentence, “Well, she is very attractive, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Now I’m curious,” Sam responded, “You don’t happen to have a photo of that sexy portrait you did?”

“I don’t. But it’s also kind of private you know. She trusts me,” Emily said reluctantly.

Sam chuckled.

“What? Was that funny?” Emily inquired.

“I mean, I agree that you probably shouldn’t show it to me, or anyone else,” Sam replied, “The funny thing is I understand it when I view you guys like a couple. Of course you guys have intimate details that are just between you, just like me and Matt.”

“I don’t think I like that comparison,” Emily replied quickly.

“It’s just an observation. Of course, unless both of you agree with it, you’re not really a romantic couple.”

Emily sighed with relief. Being a couple with Stephanie would imply a lot of stuff she wasn’t willing to accept.

“So what do you think I should do now?” Emily asked.

“To me, she seems happy with what you two have. You’re so lucky, I wish I had a sister like that,” the 19 year old sighed.

Sam might not have a sibling, but she had more experience with relationships and Emily always found her insights useful.

“OK, so what would you do in my place?” Emily asked.

“I’d throw myself at her and fuck her brains out,” Sam laughed.

“You would?”

“All night long, baby,” Sam said proudly.

“You’ve always been a horndog though.”

“You say it as if it’s bad. It’s not bad to give in to your feelings once in a while, Em.”

“Not sure I have such feelings. But seriously, would you really do that?” Emily inquired, “You said you were straight.”

“And I am,” Sam replied, “That’s why I’d prefer a brother, especially if he was a looker. But, you know, you two are getting along really well, and the sex sounds good too.”

“Yeah,” Emily said. Just thinking about what happened between the two of them made her body respond, nipples hardening, pussy getting damp. If Sam wasn’t around, Emily probably wouldn’t be able to resist. She tried to focus on the topic though, “And this Saturday, she seemed really happy when I did it to her.”

“You did good, you little minx,” Sam laughed.

“I guess I did,” Emily laughed too, nervously.

“But you have to admit that thinking of it makes you horny,” Sam probed.

“What?” Emily smiled, confused. Was Sam really asking that?

“Well it does make me horny, just by thinking about it. I’m a sexual being. I think it’s normal to get excited, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Sam, you’re not touching yourself again, right?” Emily asked, only partly joking.

“I’m not, but it’s not a bad idea. It’s so easy to fall asleep afterwards,” Sam replied in an upbeat tone. A few seconds later, she continued, sadly, “Nah, I know it would make you uncomfortable. I guess I’ll resist the temptation.”

“Your choice,” Emily replied, “But you know what? I should be saying that in this case.”

“Say, what?” Sam seemed puzzled.

“I’m the more experienced one with girl-on-girl here. After what I’ve been through, a girl doing herself in the same room doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me,” Emily explained. She wanted to impress Sam, exaggerating a bit. She was laying right next to Sam’s bed, so it would still be weird.

“That sounds like a challenge,” Sam giggled, “All right then, I bet I can come before you!”

Emily heard sheets rustling from above, Sam’s legs falling on top of them. Her friend took a deep breath, audible in the quiet room.

“Before me? I wasn’t going to do anything,” Emily declared, despite her body calling to her again. She was surprised by how serious the situation has suddenly become.

“You don’t stand a chance anyway,” Sam responded, soft rustling of pajamas coming from her direction.

“You’re just teasing me, aren’t you?” Emily guessed, even as she escort pendik slowly pressed her left hand against her right breast. She found her nipple was hard already. Her right hand followed, sneaking under her pajama bottoms to cover her mound.

“Of course not. Why would I just pretend, when I can taste the sweetness instead?” Sam said, taking another deep breath.

Afterwards, the room fell silent, except for the rustling sounds coming from their beds and their breathing. Emily noticed Sam seemed to be alternating the rhythm occasionally, as well as rolling around on the bed.

Emily couldn’t see anything and closed her eyes as she relaxed on the mattress. Touching her sensitive spots felt nice, although it seemed Sam was further along than her. She heard her friend moaning lightly, increasing the speed of her motions.

On the phone, Emily could only hear Sam’s voice, but now right next to her, she found the sounds distracting, throwing off her rhythm. Doing it right next to her was a kink though and kept the heat up as she massaged her breasts and rubbed her lips for the next few minutes.

Images of Stephanie’s half-naked perfect body were flashing before her eyes. The scene she was painting was burned into her memory, fueling her desire even further. She just had to imagine the teen laying next to her, making the sounds her friend was making, and she felt herself quicken.

“Oh god, come on,” she heard Sam sigh, more in a frustrated tone than excited. Then she stopped moving.

“Problem?” Emily asked mischievously as she got a wicked idea.

“Yeah,” Sam admitted, “I don’t feel it happening now.”

“I knew you were faking,” Emily continued teasing.

“I wasn’t, I’m really doing it Em. Hear that?” Emily heard wet sounds coming from the bed, “That’s my fingers. I just can’t seem to find the tipping point, not with you here.”

“I don’t believe you,” Emily said, then dropped the bomb, “Let me smell your fingers.”

She wanted to imagine this was Stephanie. Just the dirty thought excited her enough for her to pick up the pace, inserting a finger deep inside her wetness. She couldn’t suppress a moan as a wave of pleasure came over her.

“You can’t be serious,” Sam said after a silent second.

“Now who’s shy,” Emily said, provocatively, “Come on, gimme your fingers before I change my mind.”

Emily could smell something already, probably a mix of both of them, linger in the room.

“OK,” Sam said and Emily’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Sam roll over towards Emily, “I can’t believe I’m doing this, this is so nasty.”

Emily couldn’t see Sam’s hand in the darkness, so she waved her left hand above herself until she felt it, then took hold of it, feeling two extended fingers. Even from afar she could smell the arousal on them, as well as feel the slimy slickness with her fingers at the base of Sam’s extended ones.

It was weird what she was doing. She had no desire to smell Sam, but still felt compelled to do so. The kick of it was so arousing, just the stingy smell made her pussy leak and her breath turn shallow. Her sister would expect such things of her for sure. She had to get accustomed to female smells, so she had to go through with this. At least that’s what she was telling herself, although by now the pleasure was so alluring, the act itself was its own reward.

Her hands were starting to shake as she brought the fingers under her nose with her left, then used the thumb of her right to gently touch her clit. The sudden pleasure made her shake, then stiffen, taking in a deep breath of Sam’s essence at the same time.

“My god, did you just come?” Sam asked.

“No, not yet,” Emily replied, breathing out and gently massaging her clit in slow circles. Her hips were starting to move by themselves, thrusting up at each stroke and consuming her finger between her folds, everything colored in Sam’s spicy musk. Would Stephanie smell like this too? Or maybe even better? In her current state, Emily actually felt a perverted need to find out.

The tension within her was approaching its maximum already, her breathing quick and erratic. As she felt the first throes of her orgasm, she took hold of Sam’s fingers, rubbing them under her nose, covering it in the goo. She took deep breaths through her nose as she smelled her friend’s fluids while picking up the pace against her clit.

Just when she couldn’t take it anymore, her body stiffened and she felt herself falling. Then the first wave came, wrapped in a girl’s spicy tang, filling her nostrils. Her body trembling in ecstasy, the finger in her pussy being squeezed tightly. She forgot all about Sam as she rode out her orgasm, an erratic dance of spicy beauty, the perverted smell only prolonging the beautiful contractions. Again and again, her body shook in a strong climax.

As the contractions weakened, she released the fingers on both ends, covering her pussy gently with her right hand. Instinct made her swallow, almost being able to taste the juice as warmth spread over her face and breasts. She rubbed her nose with her sleeve, trying pendik escort bayan to get rid of the smell, which was now quickly losing its appeal.

“Wow,” Sam quietly said from above, barely audible through Emily’s deep breaths, “That was something else.”

“Yeah,” the panting girl managed to reply.

“Do you … always come this hard?” Sam asked while laying on her back again, away from Emily.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so,” Emily replied, swallowed again and took a deep breath through her nose, calming down, “Lately it’s become like this.”

“Was it at the club like this too?” Sam inquired carefully.

“Why? Are you sure you want to hear this?” Emily hesitated.

“I’m just trying to understand it. And you know I kind of like hearing about it too,” Sam explained, “But you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“It’s OK. The club was actually even better. Well, with the things Steph was doing,” Emily said in a far away voice.


“We’ve already talked about this Sam, and you got as much detail as you’ll ever get.”

Sam giggled, “You’re no fun after you come. But truth time Em, were you thinking of Stephanie this time?”

“Yeah, I guess I was.”

“There you go.”

“Actually, back at the club, she made me smell … that’s not important,” Emily said, hearing another giggle from Sam, “the point is, yeah, it made me remember Stephanie.”

She heard rustling from Sam’s bed.

“Say, if you liked what was on my fingers,” a few seconds later, Sam continued carefully, “there’s more where that came from.”

“What? Are you serious now?”

“Not sure, honestly. But are you interested?” but then she joked, “Time limited offer, get it while it’s hot.”

Emily smiled, “Thanks, but no thanks. Also I thought you were straight.”

“You know how hot it gets me to hear about such perverted stuff. It kind of feels like anything can happen right now, after the weirdness of the last days. When you said how good it was with Steph,” Sam made a pause for a few seconds, “it got me a bit curious. Maybe I wouldn’t like it, who knows.”

Another pause, interrupted by Sam’s voice, “So how about it?”

Emily’s needs sated, she couldn’t imagine doing anything with Sam.

“No, really, I don’t think I could handle that,” after a few seconds of thinking she continued, “But if you really feel like breaking new ground, my fingers still need cleaning.”

Sam responded with a mock gasp, “I can’t believe you’d suggest that! No, thanks, I’m not that curious!”

“Suit yourself. Also, us doing it together, that would be cheating on Matt, right? Definitely if we went with your suggestion.”

“I guess it would be,” Sam replied, “but I’m not sure he’d object. I told you about his lesbian porn right?”

“Yeah, you did. Maybe he wouldn’t mind, but it’s still cheating.”

“Em, it was just a crazy idea, I don’t want to cheat on him. And it would be selfish for just wanting to receive from you.”

“No, it’s fine,” Emily started automatically, then changed the tone, “Wait, actually it is kind of selfish.”

“Yeah,” Sam agreed.

“It’s selfish for just wanting to receive.”

“You don’t have to rub it in,” Sam complained, “Just forget about it.”

“No, I meant me, Sam. I only did it once to Steph, as a thank you. But she went all the way at the club. And it was so nice, I almost want it to happen again.”

“So are you going to go ‘all the way’ too now?” Sam inquired curiously.

“I don’t know if I can.”

“What about a little test run with your best friend?” Sam said in a tiny joking voice.

“You just won’t let it go, will you?” Emily smiled.

“You said it yourself, I’m a horndog,” Sam said in a voice that sounded like she was smiling too.

“Do I have to lick you to heaven for you to give me any advice?” Emily joked.

“Yea, you have to do it,” replied Sam immediately.

“Well too bad, cause I’m not that kind of a girl.”

“So close. Of course I’ll help you, even if you don’t lick me to heaven. Lay it on me,” Sam said, then added, “Metaphorically speaking.”

“All right, so what bugs me is, what if Stephanie takes this seriously? I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

“Do you want to be serious? Or is it just the sex? Or you can just stay sisters, you know. But you need to decide and talk to her,” Sam said seriously.

“I don’t know, I can’t imagine any of those, even going back to being sisters. I told you last time I got turned on looking at her. That’s not how sisters should be.”

“OK, so step back and look at it differently. How do you feel about Steph?” Sam asked expertly.

“Well, I want her to be happy, I need to protect her. I’m her big sister after all.”

“You say it like it’s obvious, but not all siblings are like that you know.”

“But I am. I want the best for her in her life.”

“See, that’s how I feel towards Matt, even when he’s being an ass.”

“Steph can be an ass too, sometimes,” Emily agreed, “We had an argument just today. I still feel bad about it.”

“But you still love her, right?”

“Of course. But what should I do?”

“I don’t know, whatever you want. Just do stuff together. I don’t mean sexual. Or sexual if you want. But don’t let her force you into anything-“

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