Take A Hike Mike

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The persistent ringing of the phone scattered the fabulous dream I was having to the far reaches of my mind. Grumbling I rolled over and grabbed my cell phone from the nightstand while my half-opened eyes glanced at the lighted numbers on my alarm clock. Twelve thirty-eight. I was instantly pissed that someone would be calling me at this time of night, but also apprehensive since only a handful of people had my cell number. Looking at the caller ID I didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello,” I gruffly barked into the phone.

“Danny, I need your help,” the caller whispered.

I recognize the voice instantly; it was my baby sister Jennifer.

“What’s wrong Jen?” I asked, my mind going from groggy to instantly alarmed. She wouldn’t call this late unless it was extremely important.

“My ex-boyfriend is stalking me. He’s waiting in front of my place right now. Can you come over so I can go home?”

“Where are you right now,” I asked.

“I’m in my friend Marci’s car. We’re parked down the street from my place and I can see Tom standing by his car out front.”

“I’m on my way sis, just stay where you are until I get there,” I said as I was climbing out of bed.

“Okay, but hurry please,” she replied.

Since I sleep in the nude I didn’t bother putting underwear on, I just threw on some loose fitting sweats, a t-shirt and running shoes.

During the drive over to my sister’s I reflected on our life growing up. Our parents were killed in a traffic accident when I was ten and she was eight forcing us to live with our grandparents on our father’s side. They were good decent people who welcomed us in and raised us as their own. The loss of our folks caused us to be uncommonly close, which was fine until we reached our late teens. Things got a little dicey between us when my girlfriends complained about her always being around. Of course things were just as bad for her because I wouldn’t accept any of her boyfriends either. To me none of them were worthy of her. When she found out I had been scaring her suitors away she was furious. When I found out she’d been telling my girlfriends I had crabs I was just as pissed. When we finally confronted each other about what we’d been doing we both couldn’t stop laughing about the absurdity of our actions. The day I told her I had enlisted in the army she cried and begged me not to go. We stayed up the entire night talking, as if we both were afraid to leave the others side. I was eighteen then, and now at twenty-three we were still as close. The only difference between then and now was we didn’t live together.

The drive over to her place took all of fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of my anger building for someone I’d never met. At five-ten and almost a hundred and seventy pounds of hardened muscle from working construction I wasn’t afraid to confront this guy.

Knowing my sister I was expecting some guy that was tall and fit looking, but upon pulling into the curb just up from her apartment building I saw the joke was on me. Jen hadn’t listened to my advice about staying where she was either. Instead she and who I assumed was Marci were standing on the sidewalk arguing with what had to be the guy she’d told me about. I wasn’t sure if I’d die from laughter before I could even get out of the car. The guy wasn’t even as tall as Jen’s five-seven and was as skinny as a beanpole. I even doubted he weighed as much as she did; which I knew was right around one twenty-five.

Climbing out I made my way around the back of my car until I was standing on the sidewalk about twenty or so feet away from them. Judging by the way Jenny was dressed I assumed her and Marci had been out clubbing. She had on a tight form-fitting tank top the same dark blue in color as the way-too-short pleated skirt that just barely covered her firm round butt. Being an ordinary guy I couldn’t help but notice how toned and shapely her bare legs were, any more than I could stop my eyes from watching her good-sized tits bounce up and down when she spotted me and came running over.

“Danny!” she squealed with delight, her arms outstretched and her long blond ponytail swishing side to side as she ran.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Just as she reached me she launched herself up and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my middle. Reflex caused me to reach down and I ended up with my hands firmly cupping her ass. The feel of bare skin on my hands was something else I wasn’t prepared for. Dumbfounded I stood there with her warm ass in my hands holding her up as she did something else that caught me completely off-guard.

“Play along,” she whispered in my ear before planting a big wet kiss on my lips.

Too startled to say anything I just stood there staring into her baby-blue eyes as she released her leg hold on my waist and lowered her feet to the sidewalk. She kept her arms around my shoulders forcing me to bend forward slightly and whispered once more for me to play along. I could see the pleading in her bostancı escort eyes.

“Sure,” I stuttered, too shocked to realize my hands were still cupping her ass.

“Who in the hell is he?” the skinny guy barked.

The rich baritone of his voice surprised me; I fully expected him to sound more whinny.

Turning but still leaning into me Jennifer shot back, “He’s my boyfriend doofus!”

“I thought he was your brother…” Marci started to say before it dawned on her what Jenny was up to.

“So which is it? Is he your boyfriend or your brother?” the skinny guy inquired, his eyes clearly showing his suspicion.

I knew it was time to step in here. Going around my sister I casually walked over and stood right in front of him.

“I’m her boyfriend,” I stated flatly, trying hard not to laugh as I stared menacingly into his eyes.

I had to give him credit; the little dude didn’t back down one little inch. Instead he stared right back at me and said, “You sure look like the picture I saw in Jenny’s place. She told me it was her brother.”

Before I could respond Jen walked over and said, “If he were my brother would I do this?”

With that she grabbed my head, turned my face toward her and pulled my lips down on top of her’s just as her hand cupped my crotch. I almost choked when her tongue darted into my mouth and halfway down my throat. I’ve always known my sister was a beautiful girl but I’ve never had any sexual feelings toward her that I knew of. After having felt her bare ass in my hands, and with her now grabbing my junk I couldn’t deny that I was getting aroused. The sudden shift in my psyche had me bothered, confused and excited at the same time. I had to keep telling myself that she was my sister as her hand mauled my crotch. Before I got too hard I placed my hands on her shoulders and forced her back then glared at the skinny dude.

“That doesn’t prove shit,” he remarked, doubt clearly evident in his voice.

“What more do you need to see before it’s obvious I’m her boyfriend?” I barked, my cock tingling from her touch.

Turning his head he gazed at Jennifer and said, “You know you want to be with me Jen. Why put on this charade?”

Frustrated with his unwillingness to take a hint I stepped right up to him and got in his face.

“Listen up. She told you she didn’t want to see you anymore, so take a hike Mike!”

From the way he stepped back and began to tremble it was clear he thought I was going to pound on him. Slowly he backed away then swiftly got in his car and drove away leaving Marci, my sister and I standing there watching his taillights fade into the distance. As soon as he was out of sight Jen and Marci busted out laughing while I tried to understand why I was still a little hard.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you tongued your own brother, and grabbed his balls,” Marci shrieked.

“I had to do something drastic thanks to you blabber mouth,” Jen shot back.

“Yeah, I’m sorry bout that,” replied Marci between giggles.

“Listen girls, as much as I like standing out here in the middle of the night, I really would prefer to wrap this up so I can go home and get some shuteye,” I interjected.

“You can’t go home! What if he comes back?” Jenny asked, a hint of fear in her tone.

“Shit sis, you could whip his ass, you don’t need me for that,” I told her.

“Oh please Danny, just stay the night. You don’t know Tom, he’s crazy.”

“Fine,” I grumbled, unable to resist her now, anymore than I had while we were growing up.

“Thank you, thank you!” she gleefully replied, throwing her arms around my neck once more and planting a delicate kiss on my cheek.

Being a gentleman I walked Marci to her car after the girls got through saying goodnight to each other. On the way there Marci said Jenny was lucky to have a brother like me. With the unsettling thoughts bouncing around in my head I wanted to tell her I doubted that, but kept my mouth shut. Once her taillights faded away I went back to where Jenny was waiting and we went into her first-floor apartment. She had just moved into this place less than a month ago and I hadn’t had the chance to see it yet. I did know it was a one bedroom and as soon as I walked in the front door I realized there wasn’t going to be any place for me to sleep. The front room had three overstuffed chairs and a loveseat for furniture, nothing near big enough for me to stretch out on. I groaned inwardly at the thought of sleeping on the floor.

“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked, apparently hearing my groan.

“Don’t you think we’d be more comfortable at my place? At least I’d have a place to sleep.” I knew I would fit on my couch; I’d slept on it enough times.

“There’s a place to sleep here,” she replied.

“Where, the floor?” I asked, watching as she locked the door then turned to face me.

“Don’t be silly, you can sleep in my bed.”

Even being as small as she was I knew she wouldn’t fit on the loveseat. “Then ümraniye escort bayan where are you going to sleep?”

“In my bed of course.” The look in her eyes told me she wasn’t kidding.

“So, we’re both gonna sleep in your bed? I’m not sure that’s such a good idea,” I told her, still remembering how good her ass had felt in my hands.

“Why not? It’s big enough for both of us.” I could see her mind was made up.

“That’s not the point sis,” I said.

“Is it because you got hard when I touched you?” There was a twinkle in her eyes as she waited for my reply.

“What…? That didn’t happen,” I choked out.

“Oh please, I felt it and you know it. Your sister got you hot,” she giggled.

“That’s not funny Jen,” I replied, trying but failing to sound stern.

“Well I happen to find it adorable,” she snickered.

“Can we change the subject?” I asked, growing a little uncomfortable.

“I suppose,” she answered, and then added, “But just so you know, I promise I won’t molest you while you sleep. Unless of course you want me to.”

“Geez Jen!”

“Lighten up Danny, I’m just funning with ya,” she laughed.

I wasn’t so sure about that. Sinking down onto the loveseat I gave her a half-hearted smile.

“So, on another subject, what in the hell made you even go out with that guy in the first place? He’s definitely not your type.”

“Truthfully?” she asked, now standing in the middle of the room.

“Yes truthfully. And since we’re speaking truthfully, why are you going out in such a short skirt with no panties on?”

“What are you, my daddy? And for your information I have panties on.” As she spoke she reached to the side of her skirt and tugged down the zipper, then let the skirt fall to the floor in a heap before stepping out of it.

“See,” she said pointing to the tiny red patch of material that barely covered her mound. When she spun around to show me the backside I realized she was wearing a thong. My cock lurched at the sight of her smooth firm cheeks.

“What are you doing?” I stammered, sitting forward unable to look away from the almost transparent material.

“Getting comfortable,” she replied while casually slipping her hands up the back of her top and unhooking her bra.

“As for why I went out with Tom,” she tugged the bra’s straps down her arms then pulled it out through an armhole and tossed it at me. “Someone lied and told me he had a big cock.”

“Jenny!” I exclaimed.

“Oh don’t look so shocked,” she said, turning away giving me another view of her uncovered buttocks. “I’ve seen you go out with girls just because they had big tits, so don’t judge me.”

“I wasn’t judging sis. I was just surprised to hear you say something like that.”

“Like what? Cock?”

“Yeah…” I whispered, my eyes noticed the tag on her bra read 36C before I dropped it on the seat next to me.

“I’m a big girl now Danny. I can talk dirty if I want to,” she said giggling.

Without warning she stepped closer and jumped into my lap pushing me back against the cushions, her thighs straddling mine as her hands tickled my ribs.

“Cock, cock, cock,” she chanted, laughing hysterically.

“Stop! Stop!” I squealed, unable to control my own laughter as I squirmed under her.

“Say uncle!” she cried giddily, intensifying her tickle attack.

Tears welled up in my eyes from laughing so hard. “Uncle!” I cried.

She stopped tickling me and slid her hands up to cup my face. Leaning forward she pressed her forehead against mine and stared deeply into my eyes. For some reason I didn’t stop her when she lowered her lips down onto mine and began softly kissing me. When I felt the tip of her tongue probe my lips I reached around her back and pulled her against me, kissing her back passionately. Her arms encircled my neck pulling her chest tighter into mine causing my heart to skip a beat. Caught up in her smoldering embrace I reached down and cupped the smooth round globes of her ass and pulled her crotch on top of mine. Sweat broke out on my forehead as I felt her pelvis inch even closer and her barely covered pussy grind down on my rapidly expanding penis. We dry humped each other for a few seconds before sanity returned to my addled brain. Releasing my death grip on her ass I brought my hands up to her shoulders and gently pushed her back enough to break our lip-lock.

“Whoa…what are we doing?” I croaked.

“I-I thought I saw Tom staring in the window,” she replied, her face flushed. “I just thought if he saw us kissing he’d finally think you really are my boyfriend.”

Glancing at the front window I saw that the curtains weren’t completely closed making her explanation seem plausible.

“Well, if that didn’t do the trick then I don’t know what will,” I laughed, hoping to ease the sexual tension flowing between us.

“Yeah, that should’ve done it,” she agreed, gently climbing off me and stepping back.

“Maybe I should check kartal escort outside, make sure the little creep isn’t hanging around,” I told her, my eyes briefly gliding over the two sharp points of her erect nipples jutting out the front of her shirt.

“Okay…uh…I’ll go turn down the bed.” As she walked away I glanced down and spotted a wet spot on the front of my grey sweats. I wasn’t sure whether it was from the pre-cum that had leaked from me, or if it was from my sister.

I went outside and looked around finding no sign of the skinny dude. I didn’t want to go back in until my cock had gone down. I really had no desire to go back in with the front of my sweats tented out. Taking a deep breath I went back in, locking the door behind me and headed toward the bedroom. Passing what I assumed was the bathroom I heard the shower going. A brief mental image of my sister soaping up her body invaded my thoughts causing a groan to slip past my lips. When I saw how small her bed was I groaned again; it wasn’t even a queen. Pulling off my shoes I slipped under the covers with my sweats and t-shirt still on. Propping myself up on some of the pillows piled on the bed I placed my hands behind my head and told myself that this was not a good idea. The size of the bed assured that our bodies would be touching.

I was debating on whether or not to just leave when Jenny walked in. She had changed into a pink sleeveless t-shirt with really baggy armholes, the hem not even reaching the middle of her thighs. When she stepped in front of her dresser mirror and began brushing her hair I realized I could see a great deal of her tit through the armhole. I couldn’t see her nipple but what I could see of the side of her boob told me my little sister had grown up. Her breasts bounced and jiggled with each stroke of the brush through her shoulder length hair causing my hormones to act up. It took every ounce of willpower I possessed to keep my cock from tenting the covers. Thankfully the guilt that washed over me for desiring my sister in a sexual way helped keep the beast down.

I must have been staring too hard because I saw her eyes lock on to mine in the mirror and her lips curl into a smile. Dropping my eyes I noticed each time she raised her arms the hem of her shirt rose up revealing the bottom swell of her ass cheeks. Rolling on my side facing away from her to keep the demons at bay I closed my eyes and prayed sleep would come fast. A few minutes later I felt her slip into bed. Opening my eyes I saw that she still liked to sleep with a nite-light on; the room was bathed in a soft yellowish glow.

“Why are you sleeping in your clothes?” she asked, sliding up against my back and placing her arm over my middle before continuing. “Just sleep in your underwear.”

“I’m not wearing any,” I responded, all too aware of her firm tits pressing into me.

“Well at least lose the shirt.” It was more of a command than a suggestion.

Rolling onto my back I sat up and pulled the shirt off then lay back down. Jenny wasted no time in cuddling up to me, trapping my upper arm between her breasts.

“That’s much better,” she purred, running her hand gently over my chest.

“Let me have my arm back,” I whispered.

When I was able to free my arm I placed it under her head and danced my fingertips across her shoulder blades. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she snuggled into me and slid her upper leg over mine. Even with the pink shirt on I could feel her nipples scrape against my ribcage.

“Thank you for protecting me Danny. I feel so safe with you here,” Jenny murmured as she molded her body to mine.

“I’ll always protect you sis,” I murmured back as her warmth seeped into me and my eyes grew heavy.

I wasn’t sure what woke me. Startled I sat up in bed unsure where I was at first. When I looked to my left everything came rushing back. Jenny was lying on her back with one arm tucked under her head and the other flopped out to the side. The shirt she was wearing had somehow twisted enough that the boob closest to me was now out in the open, its small tan nipple stiff. As I stared she groaned once then reached with the hand out to the side and threw the covers off her lower body exposing her crotch to my gawking eyes. My breath caught in my throat and my heart began to beat rapidly in my chest. I gulped as I gazed upon her beautiful mound; the blond pubic hair neatly shaved leaving just a strip covering it. With another soft groan she spread her outer leg toward the edge of the bed giving me an excellent view of her pink rose petals. Moisture glistened on her labia.

As gently as possible I covered her back up with trembling hands and climbed out of bed. After adjusting myself I went around the house and checked all the windows and doors. I didn’t know what had woken me but the idea that the skinny guy could be lurking around bothered me quite a bit. Finishing my check I went back into the bedroom and found Jenny sitting up, her succulent breast still hanging out the armhole.

“What’s wrong? Did Tom come back?” she whispered, glancing from me to the window as she spoke, her blue eyes wide.

“Everything’s fine, go back to sleep sis,” I tried to sound reassuring.

“But what if he did? He could be watching us right now.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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