Taking Lizza While My Wife Sleeps

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I had waited for this day for 12 years. My wife has two younger sisters, both of which are hotter than she, though I will never tell her that. Both sisters were legally too young to look at, let alone touch when I was first introduced to the family. Well, the youngest sister is now 25 and lives in California with her fiancé. She is by far still the best looker in their family: She is 5’8, wieghs just over 100 lbs with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

Lizza came home to visit for a week, sadly her soon to be husband could not get off of work and had to stay behind. Lizza spent the last three days at our house. We have a 2 bedroom home. Karen and I have one room, our son has the other. Lizza was sleeping on the couch downstairs. After everyone was asleep her first night, I crept out of our room and sat on the stairs watching her sleep on our couch. She laid there looking beautiful. Though she was not exposed anywhere, it was hot watching her and I started rubbing off, almost hoping she would wake up. She didn’t and when I was finished, I went back to bed.

The next day, we went out and I thought she seemed extra playful and started flirting with her. My wife seemed to catch on so I flirted with her too to throw her off. The day went quick and before we knew it, it was dark. I put my son to bed and convinced the girls to sit in our room drinking Margaritas and watching the last season of “The Hills” from the DVR(personally, I don’t like the show, but I knew they were both hooked on it). We were sitting on our bed. My wife and I were each in our regular spots and Lizza was sitting right between us.

The margaritas did their magic and around 1:30, my wife crashed. Lizza and I stayed up talking, laughing and flirting another 20 minutes. Then she said she wanted to go to sleep. I told her to lie down; there was plenty of room here. She crawled under the sheets and all I could think about was how tight her body was and how different she was compared to her older sister. My wife looked good when I met her and kept her shape right up to the birth of our son, then her body never recovered. Karen went to bed wearing long PJs (granted, they were from Victoria Secrets, so they were sexy, but they bostancı escort bayan still covered most of her body) Lizza was wearing a pair of cut off sweat pants and a small tank top that really showed off her sweet B-cups.

I turned everything off and climbed in bed. I heard my wife begin to snore. I could tell that Lizza had fallen asleep as well. She was lying on her side facing my wife. I slowly inched up along side her and positioned my body against hers. I slid one arm under her pillow and the other around her waist, under her arm and rested my hand on her tit. With that, I brought my mouth to her neck and gave her a small kiss.

Almost immediately, I started getting a boner. The way I was laying, it was sticking right at Lizza’s ass. She felt the poke and readjusted. I pulled her back toward me and she woke up turning her head and looked straight at me. Quietly, she asked what I thought I was doing. How do I explain this? All I could say is I thought she was hot and I wanted to play with her. How could I do this to her sister, she asked. I told her that I had never cheated on Karen and since she was family it wasn’t really cheating. While saying this, I repositioned my hand from her breast to her shorts and moved my fingers under the material reaching the satiny front of her thong. I could feel the heat coming from her shaved mound. I rubbed my fingers against her lips. The tips of my fingers were moist from her juices. Obviously, she was getting turned on my this too.

I asked how she could come up to my room dressed like this when she wore less revealing PJs the previous night. Lizza responded that my flirting had provoked it. She wanted to flirt back. Fine with me, I thought and I leaned in and started to kiss her. Softly, I parted her lips with my tongue. She rolled over allowing me access to her entire body. I pulled her tank up letting those sweet mammaries free. She has smaller nipples than my wife. Also, they are pink instead of brown. My god, I got hard as rock as I started sucking on them.

By now, my hand was fully immersed in her shorts finding their way into her sweet snatch. I rubbed the outside of her mound. He body motions told me she was ümraniye escort getting hot; her wetness told me she was getting ready. I removed her shorts, shirt and thong. Then I removed my shorts and boxers. As my cock sprang out, Lizza grabbed it and slowly stroked it from the base to the tip, pausing momentarily, and then sliding her hand back down.

After what seemed like forever, but was actually a few minutes, I pulled Lizza on to me and pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. Being as quiet as possible, she lay across my chest sliding slowly up and down massaging my dick with her pussy muscles. This was better than anything my wife had over done. I held her to my chest as we fucked only inches from my sleeping wife. Had she woke up, I would be screwed. I know she would divorce me. I would loose my son, my home, everything. At this point, I did not care. The fear actually made this experience more intense. As Lizza rocked on me, I felt that tingle in my balls that told me it was about to erupt. I whispered in Lizza’s ear that I was about to cum and had nothing to clean up with. She quickly slid up. At first, I thought she was afraid I would come in her and she might get pregnant, then I found out what she really wanted. She moved to the end of the bed and took my dick in her mouth. With her hand rubbing my balls, she sucked every drop out of me. I felt my cock start to shrink and she continued to suck. Her lips were like magic. In no time, I was hard again. She moved back up and climbed back on. I was fucking my sister-in-law for the second time. I know I got louder on this round and so did Lizza.

We flipped over and with me on top; I got a better leverage for pounding her. I kept looking over at my wife thinking how she had never sucked my dick like that and worried what would happen if she rolled over and saw this. I didn’t care, I rubbed those tits, squeezed the nipples, rolling them between my finger and thumb. As we kissed, I felt Lizza’s legs tighten. Her hips rose up and I knew she was about to cum. I fucked her harder and harder. The bed was shaking. She loosened up and showered me with kisses. I still had not cum. I was shocked, I have a hard time getting 2nd wood with my escort kartal wife and now with her sister, I am not only hard, I am not even close to coming.

We rolled over again. This time, she flipped over to suck my dick and put her sweet pussy right in m face. We were laying there in 69. I had my fingers and tongue buried so far into that snatch that I was oblivious to anything else in the world. I felt that tingle in the balls again and knew it was about to blow. Before I could move, Lizza took round 2 down the throat just like the first one. As I came in her mouth, I continued to suck her hard clit, rolling it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. She filled my mouth with her cooze then turned back up to me and slid my now hard dick back in her wet slit for round three.

Lizza sat up this time. She placed one hand on my hip, the other on my chest and bounced on my stick with full force. I was entranced by everything going on, and drooling over those tits just bobbling in front of my face. The more I reached out to rub them, the harder she rode me until I blew my last load of baby batter into her womb. Lizza collapsed onto me and we laid there one tired, sweaty mess for about 15 minutes before she climbed out to go to the bathroom to clean up. As she moved, my entire load fell out her and onto my waist.

After we cleaned up, we got dressed and went to sleep well satisfied.

I woke the next morning. Lizza was already in the shower and my wife was sitting in bed drinking coffee. She asked if I had fun last night. I said, yeah the margaritas and “The Hills” was a blast, we should do it again. She said that’s not what I talking about. Did you have fun fucking my sister? I know I was white as a ghost. I tried to play it off as if I had no idea what she was talking about, and then she described how Lizza had sucked my balls and swallowed my load. She explained that we were shaking the bed so much that she woke up. She was so turned on watching, that she acted like she was asleep through the rest of our act.

I was in the middle of thoughts of divorce and life ending drama when I realized what she was saying. Then I got excited at the thought that I might get them both tonight and with my newly awakened wife, the sex could be better. After Lizza got out of the shower we talked about it and she was game. We fucked like rabbits the rest of her stay. She has been gone a week now, and I cannot wait until we visit her in California next summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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