Taking my Mother Ch. 02

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I woke up the following morning in a bit of a daze, briefly wondering why I was in my mothers bed, sun streaming through the windows, my cock felt a bit sore, then I recalled why, I had spent yesterday late afternoon, most the evening, and a little bit of the night making love to, and fucking my mother wholesale.

I was alone in her bed, then I heard noise coming from downstairs, hope it’s my breakfast she is getting ready I mused, A lovely thought jumped into my mind, if she isn’t then it’s an excuse to give her another spanking, just to let her know her place in our household now, then the aroma hit me, bacon, sausage, and whatever else I could smell but couldn’t tell what it was, I waited for a while, then I heard footsteps on the stairs, she entered the room looking like a vision from heaven in a tiny negligee and holding a tray with my breakfast on it,

Wow I thought this is going to work out just right, ‘hi baby, how are you my darling’ she said.

She leaned over to put the tray onto my lap, giving me a nice kiss as she did so, I started eating, I was famished after all the energy I had expended yesterday, I needed to get my strength back so I could carry on where I left off last night I thought to myself

She beamed at me as I ate, ‘pull the covers up from my feet,’ I told her, ‘so you can crawl up to me under the sheets,’ she looked a bit confused, ‘get to it now!’ I ordered.

She immediately hurried to the bottom of the bed and climbed up to me on her hands and knees, creeping underneath, I had spread my legs wide to give her all the room she would need, I suppose it was then that it dawned on her what I was wanting.

I felt her hot breath on my thighs, and then that wonderful warm feeling you get when your dick is wrapped in warm lips, and a hot mouth, I had to put the tray on the bedside, I tried to eat as she sucked and ate my now rock hard cock, I lasted as long as I could, but it was inevitable that I shot my hot load into her willing mouth, and I did, tons of it.

She stared to rise, I put my hand on her head through the covers and held her head still, ‘stay there,’ I ordered.

She did, and kept her mouth on my cock and gently lapped and sucked me as I finished my breakfast.

What a terrific way to start a day I thought, Im going to enjoy my new life.

My mother was going to be trained to please me, although at the moment she wasn’t aware of how things were going to be.

I finished my breakfast, I told her to come up to me, and lie at bostancı escort bayan my side, she was so willing it was unbelievable, yesterday I could have left home such was my annoyance at her, and now I had a slave in the making on my hands.

I laid my arm sideways and told her to snuggle in, while I decided whether to plain fuck her head off, or make love to her, I decided on the former.

‘Are you wet’ I asked nonchalantly?

‘Yes’ she replied, ‘I am.’

It was time to lay the ground rules, so I said ‘who am I?’

‘You are my son, Jimmy’

‘And what else’ I said.

I could see a look of confusion settling on her lovely face.

‘What am I?’ I demanded, my snarling voice made her jump.

‘Y-you are my lover, now’ she offered.

‘Your lover, you had better get the next question right or you are in deep shit,’ I told her.

‘I-I-I don’t know what you mean darling?’

‘Whose woman are you, who do you belong to, who owns you!’

I was in her face now, trying to be intimidating.

‘Yours baby, Im your woman,’ she whimpered, ‘I don’t think I understand honey, what do you want me to say?’

‘Wrong answer, time for you to be taught,’ I told her, ‘I hope you are a quick learner because if you aren’t its going to be a long day for you.’

‘B-b-b-b-but baby, just please tell me what you want and I’ll go and do it.’

I laughed at that, grabbing her, I forced her over onto her stomach, got her wrists behind her back, ‘now you will learn your place.’ I told her, kneeling at her side, ‘I am your master from now on; you will refer to me as master or sir at all times’ I roared at her, ‘unless we are in the company of others, understand’?

With that I gave her ass some serious attention, and I wasn’t particularly gentle, I railed at it with the flat of hand, she was weeping openly, sobbing and begging me to stop.

‘Do you understand your place now?’

‘Oh yes Jimmy, yes’ she cried.

I walloped her again, ‘wrong answer,’ I yelled at her.

Oh, I’m sorry Sir, Master, please tell me your preference, I will call you that, please?’

Job done I thought to myself.

Sir, is just fine mum okay,’

‘Yes sir, please don’t smack me again, I will do as you tell me, I promise.’

‘You had better, or it will be a bad day for you and future days too!’

I leaned over her now, kissed and licked her bottom all over, and well into her crack, I kept at it until she started to wriggle, she ümraniye escort was warming up for me nicely.

Then I inserted my middle finger in, to stroke her bum hole and her pussy, I could feel the heat emanating from her, and her juices were now coating my finger, I needed to fuck her badly, but held off as long as I could, she had no idea how urgent my own need was, I wanted to get her into a place of worship in her own mind, where to her, her whole being was going to be focussed on pleasing me.

It was then that I pushed my finger right up her ass, wow did that make her squeal, I worked it in and out, she moaned, I don’t think she liked it very much at first, but I think the thought of another spanking quietened her possible protests, then things evidently started to change in her, my mother was now attempting to push her ass back onto my finger, great I thought, I wont have any trouble getting my prick up there now.

I climbed between her knees still holding her face down, I pushed her knees apart with my own and leaned forwards, so I could get my prick up her pussy, I did just that, then propping myself up on my elbows I fucked her hard and long, having cum from my BJ a little time before, it was going to be a while before I came again, and it was, I know Im only a young man, but this was gonna be the fucks of all fucks, so far in my young life, and it was!

Mum was going for it now, she was “rocking” we were in heaven that’s for sure, I fucked her as hard, and as long as I could before I shot my load again, my hands hooked under her so I could force my prick as far as it would go into her pussy.

She was gasping for breath, orgasming wildly, as I was too, this was a dream come true that I didn’t know I had.

I rolled off her, and pulled her into my loving arms, a light seemed to go on in my head, I suddenly understood what love meant, I knew I was in love now with my own mother, and I would never let her go, she was mine, and I was hers, it was obvious that while she had moaned and groaned at my treatment of her, it had been necessary, and that she did appreciate my actions.

Her words confirmed my thoughts, ‘Jimmy Sir,’ she said, ‘I love you my beautiful baby, I will be everything you want me to be, as long as I have you in my life forever.’

‘You will never be able to rid me from your life now mum,’ I told her.

‘And we will have at least one baby too, no arguments okay?’

Grabbing my still wet cock, she slowly wanked me, and said, ‘I am escort kartal yours to do with as you please my young master.’

We slept a while, rose, and showered together, where I gently pushed her to her knees, so she could service me again.

We put on our bath robes and went downstairs, where during the course of the day, I fucked her from behind at the kitchen sink, I took her gently, she held on to the taps to keep her balance, I wanted to her know it was love I was giving her, not taking it, but giving it.

I never left her alone at all for the remainder of the day, nor did she leave me alone either, kissing, fingering, licking, sucking cock, me sucking her clit, it seemed endless. I did tell her that I would want her ass one day; she looked at me apprehensively but lowering her eyes from mine, said, ‘yes sir, as is your wish.’

I said ‘Nicole,’ I used her name formally for the very first time, ‘you and I are going to “marry”, we will be husband and wife, we will take our vows and mean them, and from this day on, this is how it will be okay?’

‘Oh Jimmy, sir yes, I so want that too, I want to be your loyal, loving, caring and obedient wife forever.’

We had a meal, and as I took her back to bed, she did say to me, ‘Sir I have housework to do, may I?

‘No.’ I told her, ‘you have more important work to do for the rest of the day.’

‘Yes sir, I understand.’ She replied.

‘Good, now get your ass up those stairs right now.’ I softly commanded her.

She giggled wonderfully and raced away.

I followed that beautiful ass all the way up.

My most fervent desire at this moment was to fuck her ass, but thought better of it, and decided to take it tomorrow, I asked her if she had ever had it up there.

Her answer, which disappointed me a little was, ‘yes, once’ but it had been such a very long time ago and now she really couldn’t remember what it was like.

She pleaded with me that she would be virginal there now anyway, the thought scared her, but knew she couldn’t, and wouldn’t refuse me, and begged me to be gentle with her when I did it, and I assured her we would both learn to love it together.

The following lunch time Nicole took me by surprise and said to me,’ Sir, I want you to fuck me up my ass. Please?’

She was begging me to fuck her ass, I was astounded, but did as she requested, and pushed her over the back of the sofa, where I unceremoniously stuffed it like a chicken, she squealed a lot but they soon turned to moans, and we loved it tremendously.

I shot a load of hot cum right in there, and she came like a runaway train.

We now lead a blissful life, I am the man of the house, it is now totally filled with nothing but our love, and it emanates from every where in our home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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