Taking Saffron in the Woods

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This is a work of fantasy. The people are based on real people, but the events are pure fantasy and wish-fulfilment.


It was about 4:45 on Friday. I was sat at my desk, getting ready to run the system tests that I had planned for 5PM. I was (and still am) a programmer for a large engineering firm, and we had some new software to roll out to the branches. It needed some out of hours testing first though.

Glancing across the office, I saw Saffron (or Saff, as most of us called her), the boss’s assistant, stand up and leave her office. I turned my eyes back to the program I was working on, but before my hands were on the keyboard again I heard the door to our office open. It was Saff, but unusually she didn’t have any post in her hands; normally when she came into our office it was in her role as department post-mistress.

She came over to my desk as I looked up. Even after working with her for these last few months, I still thought she was one of the most gorgeous women I’d ever seen. Slim, with firm looking breasts, long blond hair and legs up to her armpits. We’d flirted a lot, and even had some very frank discussions about sex and sexuality, but her partner wasn’t into any sort of multi-way scene anymore, and no opportunity had ever arisen for us to take things further.

“Hi Saff, no post today?” I asked.

She smiled. “Not today Chris, but I need a favour please.”

“Name it. Nothing’s too much trouble for our Saff.”

Vomiting noises came from the rest of the programmers, and one of them made troweling motions. “Ah shurrup you lot.” I retorted.

“Bill’s been on the phone – the car’s broken down and he won’t be able to pick me up. Any chance of a lift? I know it’s a little out of your way, but you go the nearest…”

“It’s no problem, but I’m not going to be out of here till 6. Do you want to hang around that long, or do you want to catch the bus?” I pointed out.

“The bus doesn’t leave until about 7 anyway, so 6 is still going to get me home sooner.”

“No problem then,” I replied. “Let me finish off and I’ll give you a shout when I’m ready.”

“Thanks!” She smiled again, turned and walked back to her own office.

I returned to my programming, pleased to get the chance to spend some time with her when we’d be able to talk frankly again, and trying to hide a smile. This company was really bad for gossip, and if anyone had seen me smiling at the thought of giving Saff a lift home, the tongues would have been wagging well!

To make sure I wasn’t going to have a problem at home, I quickly emailed my wife at work to let her know what was going on. I got back a short reply: “Carpe Diem! xx” This was her way of telling me that if anything happened, I was free to take advantage of it. I should at this point mention that my wife and I have a very open relationship. We each have a list of people who we’re allowed to have sexual relations with, and Saffron was on both our lists! (Yes, my wife and I, and Saffron, are bisexual, but that’s not relevant to this tale.)

5PM came, and the offices started to empty. I scheduled the programs that I needed to run, and made sure the data sets were ready. By 5:15 the last of the users had logged off, the last of my colleagues had gone, and I was good to go.

Suddenly I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was Saff waving her tea mug at me with a quizzical look on her face. I gave her a thumbs-up, and she walked off to make us a cuppa. I set up the monitors to watch what the programs were doing, and then sat back to wait for it all to fall apart. (Pessimist? Me?)

Saff brought the tea through, and put mine on my desk. I noticed that she’d changed out of her skirt and blouse, and was now wearing loose jogging bottoms and a loose top. It didn’t bother me; she was gorgeous in whatever she was wearing.

“Thank you kindly me’dear,” I responded, and she smiled again. She was big on smiling, and sometimes her dirty side showed through. This was one of those times. She sat down at the desk opposite and brushed some fluff off her jogging bottoms. I’d often wondered about the contents of her clothes. Little did I know I was going to find out!

“It’s getting dark out there,” she said, by way of making conversation.

“It certainly is, but then it’s autumn, so what should we expect.”

“Although it’s unseasonally warm too,” was the response.

“Indeed,” I replied, my attention distracted by a peak on one of the monitors. The data flow settled down again quickly and returned to normal though.

“You normally go home via the back road, don’t you?” she asked, her head tilted slightly to one side.

“Yup, but it’ll be quicker to get you home if we take the main road.”

“I hear the views from the back road are quite spectacular at night, and there’s all those dark lay-bys, farm tracks and woodlands.”

My self control escort kartal kicked in and prevented my jaw from hitting the desk. The look in her eye said quite clearly what she had in mind. I couldn’t believe it. I thought frantically for a moment and stammered “well, yes, there are a few of those.”

“And I’m sure the view could be quite … breathtaking,” she continued. She was *obviously* looking for a chance for us to get what we had both wanted since the first time we had a conversation about sex and sexuality.

“Well, yes, I’m sure it could be,” I lamely replied, trying desperately to work out what short cuts I could take to get the data run finished sooner. The twinkle in her eye was bypassing my brain, reaching into my trousers, grabbing hold of my cock and giving it a squeeze.

I couldn’t think straight, and couldn’t believe my luck. I really didn’t want to risk assuming too much, but the signals I was getting were *so* blatant that even my pessimistic nature couldn’t mistake them for anything other than genuine. I could feel my balls tightening, and my cock starting to rise to the occasion.

“Well, I’ll have to see what I can do to speed things up so you can have time to look at the view,” I added.

“Oh yes please,” she breathed. “I do like a nice view.”

That was it, my cock took over and my brain just shut down. I leaned over my keyboard and quickly aborted the run. I’d work on it from home. It would be worth giving up my evening for this.

“I’m about ready now.” The words came tumbling out, and I felt like a schoolboy about to get his first shag.

“Oh good, I was starting to get bored.”

I quickly grabbed my rucksack (I’d been to the gym that morning, and then shopping for a few items at lunch time), turned the monitors off and held out my hand to the door.

“After you.”

We left the offices, making sure everything was turned off, and started down the stairs towards the car park. To anyone who was looking, we looked like a couple of colleagues who happened to be walking in the same direction, but if anyone had got in between us, I suspect they would have had an instant orgasm from the sexual energy that was flowing.

As we neared the main gate, I spotted the gate security guard (who had a bit of a reputation for gossip). Not wanting there to be any reason for him to gossip, I asked “Did Bill say exactly what was wrong with the car?”

She cottoned on at once and, in a voice that was sure to reach him, replied “No, but he said to tell you ‘thank you’ for giving me a lift home.”

“It’s no problem, as I said before, it’s not really out of my way and if the bus isn’t till 7, then it seems silly you sitting in the bus station.”

“Well it’s appreciated,” Saff replied.

“G’night Pete,” I added, as we passed the security guard, who nodded, obviously trying to work out if he could make some gossip out of this, and looking frustrated that he couldn’t.

We walked down the road to the staff car park, which was locked by now. I unlocked the combination lock, and Saff said she would wait and lock it when I brought my car out.

I practically ran across the car park to my car. Pausing only to clear out the passenger footwell, I climbed in, started the engine and pulled out of the car park. In my rear view mirror I could see Saffron closing the gate, and replacing the padlock. She walked to the passenger door and got in. I got a whiff of her perfume, and that sent my senses reeling.

On the way out of town we talked of inconsequentialities, but once we got onto the back road the conversation dried up. I suspect we were both lost in our own thoughts.

“I hear the views from Amberdown Hill are quite nice, and I’m sure I’ve seen a lay-by near the woods there.”

I took my cue and turned up the road leading to the top of Amberdown Hill. As we neared the top, sure enough there was a lay-by. And in the cars headlights I could see a path leading into the woods. I pulled in and stopped the engine, waiting for her to make the next move. It didn’t take long. She got out of the car. I suddenly had the terrifying thought that perhaps I *had* misunderstood her.

“Are you just going to sit there?” she asked, leaning back into the car.

“Sorry, just making sure everything was turned off.” The excuse sounded poor to me, but she seemed happy enough, closing the car door and taking a couple of paces away. I opened my door and stepped out into the warm evening air. As I walked around the front of the car towards her I used the remote control to lock the doors, while she walked off down the path.

When I caught up with her, she’d found a gap in the trees where one could look out over Amberdown Village, and beyond to the lights of the city. She was right, it /was/ pretty, and there was enough light from the stars, moon and city lights reflected from the clouds to see clearly. I stopped beside her, and turned towards her.

Next thing I knew she was in my arms, maltepe escort her lips pressed against mine, her tongue seeking into my mouth, her hands running over my back and buttocks and her erect nipples pressing into my chest. It took me a couple of seconds to react, but once again my cock took over and I kissed her with equal passion, allowing my hands to caress her back, and finally getting to feel her tight buttocks. I could feel my stiff cock pressing against her and from the way she wiggled against it, she could feel it too.

Suddenly she pulled back a little, and dropped to her knees. Her hands were on my belt, and my zip, and then my trousers were down around my ankles, my underwear following them and I stood there, with my cock jutting out and her face just inches away from it.

“Now that’s what I call a *good* view,” she muttered. Her hands moved to caress my balls and shaft, as her lips parted and she licked them. I could feel I was close to orgasm already from the tension that we’d been experiencing, and having her hands on my cock and balls just increased that tension.

“I won’t last long,” I whispered.

“Good, that means you’ll last longer later.” The last word was muffled as her lips closed over the head of my cock and she started teasing me with her tongue. She was an expert cocksucker, and I could feel her tongue caressing my knob as her hands gently played with my balls and shaft. She used every trick I’ve ever experienced and a couple of new ones too.

Her tongue was sliding around the ridge at the base of the head of my cock, her hand gently rubbing the shaft up and down, her other hand softly squeezing my balls. I didn’t stand a chance. I was going to blow, and I was going to blow soon. I told her this. She didn’t stop.

Then she reached behind my balls and ticked the skin between them and my ring. That was it. I leaned back my head and groaned as my orgasm rushed through me. It felt as if my whole being was concentrated in my cock as it pulsed and shot load after load of spunk into her mouth. As each spurt came out I was dimly aware that she was swallowing it. I went weak at the knees as my orgasm subsided. I could still feel her lips around my cock as she made sure she’d drunk every last drop.

Only when she was sure that I was drained did she pull away. Licking her lips she paused to plant a kiss right on my bell-end.

“So, care to return the favour when you’ve recovered?” she asked.

I was still buzzing, and I wasn’t sure I’d be coherent, so I just nodded.

She stood up and started to strip. I just stood there with my trousers around my ankles watching as she revealed herself to me. Her choice of underwear was simple, but sexy. She stepped out of her knickers, and I saw that (like me) she shaved her pubes. I *love* a shaved pussy, especially to eat, and that just gave me even more incentive. Not that I needed more.

I quickly undressed as well, as she glanced around and spotted a stack of logs against a tree. Spreading her top over it, she sat on it, leaning against the tree with her legs open. I didn’t need any encouragement and knelt down in front of her. I could smell her pussy, such a delightful, musky smell, mixed with the outdoor order of the logs, and the faint hint of wood smoke drifting up from the village. It was like the finest perfume to me, and I bent to my task with a vengeance.

My tongue made contact with her inner thigh, just beside her lips, and slid up brushing gently against her lips. She groaned with pleasure as I repeated the process on her other thigh. Brushing my tongue over the outside of her lips, I gently blew across her shaven pubes.

“Stop teasing me you bastard,” she moaned.

Smiling to myself I moved my tongue to the bottom of her pussy and gently pressed it between her lips. Sliding it up towards her clit, I could taste her juices and I knew that I was hooked on her. She was like an addictive substance, and I was going to overdose, but that was fine by me.

As my tongue reached her clit she gave a sharp intake of breath. I remembered a conversation we’d had, where she revealed that her clit was one of her most sensitive spots. I resolved to be gentle, and with just the slightest pressure ran my tongue over her clit.

I spent a while just repeating this, until I felt that she’d like something different. I licked back down her lips to the entrance to her vagina. Wiggling my tongue in, I got about half a centimetre into her before I ran out of tongue. This left my nose pressed against her clit, so (on a whim), I twitched my nose. The squeak and giggle which this caused was so cute, I just wanted to shag her then and there, but I’d said I would return the favour, so I slipped my tongue back up to her clit.

Moving around it, I teased and tickled it with my tongue. Listening to the sounds she was making, and paying attention to her reactions I soon worked out what she liked, and did it more. Suddenly she threw her legs pendik escort bayan in the air, dislodging me from her clit and moaned loudly. I quickly re-established my position and continued with what I was doing. This was obviously the right thing, since she continued to moan and writhe.

I was having difficulty keeping up my licking and teasing, she was moving around so much, but valiantly I did my best. I was rewarded with a sudden stillness as she came, her juices dripping onto her top and her breath going out of her, to the point where I was worried that she might not start breathing again.

With a gasp she shuddered and gave a low moan of ecstasy.

“Where the *fuck* did you learn how to do that? No, never mind, I’m just *so* glad you did. Now for gods sake fuck me, fuck me *hard*.”

Standing up, I moved forward and knelt closer. Positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy I slowly inserted the head. Her legs flew around me, and her heels push hard against my arse, pulling my full length into her in one hard thrust… It wasn’t what I’d planned, but hey, let’s go with the flow.

It felt fantastic, being up to my nuts in her tight, wet, pussy. I held my position for a moment, savouring the sensation of her wrapped around me, feeling the little twinges of energy that were flowing between us. After a minute or so the pressure from her heels eased off. I slid out, almost my full length, paused ever so slightly, then shoved the full length in again.

I kept doing that for a while, listening to her gentle moans and sighs. Then I pulled out and stopped, holding just the tip of my cock inside her.

“Ooohhh,” she moaned, “don’t stop…”

Using just the first inch or so of my cock I started rocking back and forth, in and out, so that the ridge of my cock-head was rubbing against her g-spot. This made her moan louder, and her legs flew back up, so her knees were almost level with her tits.

Tits, that was a point, I leaned forward and took her right nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue across it, then gently biting it. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock as I started the full length strokes again.

“Take me up the arse, please,” she moaned.

My cock was dripping with her juices, and she’d been dribbling down her bum crack, so I had no qualms in pulling my cock out of her pussy and positioning the head against her brown ring.

“Hang on; let me get on my hands and knees.”

I took a step back, the autumn breeze caressing my cock and balls as she stood up, kissed me, then turned around and bent over the logs. As she crouched slightly to give me good access, I positioned my cock again.

Pushing slowly forward, her ring opening for me, my cock penetrated her arse. I kept going, past the first sphincter, and deep into her. I could feel her squeezing my cock as I entered her. Once I had the full length into her, I held position for a minute or so, to let her arse get used to the size of my cock.

Then I started fucking her arse. Slowly at first, then speeding up. I took my cue from her moans, keeping my pace and depth right to keep the moans at their most intense. I could still feel her squeezing my cock with her tight arse, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came if she kept that up.

“Where do you want me to come?” I asked gently.

“All over me, across my tits, across my belly.”

“I’ll let you know when I’m close.”

I could feel the orgasm rising within me as I pounded my cock into her. She’d reached down and was frigging her clit, and periodically my nuts bounced off her hand.

“Oh god, I’m closeeee,” she moaned. That was all I needed to trigger me, and my balls tightened.

“Now!” I said, as I pulled my full length out of her and stepped back.

She quickly turned around and lay down on the logs, her hand going straight back to her clit. Taking hold of my cock I started wanking over her. It didn’t take long before my nuts discharged their duty and my spunk came shooting out all over her tits. Her hand was moving rapidly and the impact of my spunk on her tits was enough to bring her off too.

“Ohhh Godddd Yeeessss!” she groaned, as her second orgasm rushed through her. I knew exactly how she felt, I was in danger of collapsing, and I had to lean my left hand against the tree, while my right kept slowly wanking my cock. I don’t recall ever coming that much before, her tits were covered and there were splatters of come on the tree behind her.

She used her other hand to rub my spunk over her tits, and I couldn’t resist it. I knelt down and started to lick her tits clean. I’ve always liked the taste of spunk, and licking my own off her tits was just incredible. As I tongue-washed her tits, she came again, just a little one, but I felt her shudder.

I leant back on my heels, looking at her naked, sweaty, body, still with streaks of my cum on her, and I realised that our working relationship would never be the same again. Leaning forward I took her in my arms, pressing her still-damp breasts against my chest and kissed her deeply. She responded in kind, gently moaning. We stayed like that for a few minutes before the logs started to dig into her back, and my knees were getting sore.

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