Tales of Lustville Scene 06

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Scene Six

Tracy, Kyle, Lois & Phil

A little while later, after everyone had taken quick showers, and Lois had brushed her teeth three times, they gathered in the living room again. They were all munching on snacks, and were already half way through the second pitcher of margaritas Lois had made.

“Phil, honey,” Lois said, “Do you want to run over to the house and get our laptops? I think Tracy and Kyle might like to see what we did!”

She got up and walked around the room, picking up the phones from where she’s put them earlier, turning them all off, then looked at the pile of devices in her hands.

“Oh damn! I can’t tell which phone is who’s now! They all look the same!” She went through them, finding hers on the third try, and dumped the rest on the coffee table. “You can all go through the pile and find your own!” she laughed.

“I don’t have to go get our laptops, Mom. We can do everything from here.”

He turned to Kyle.

“Where’s your laptop? I need to get into our machines. I got something you’re gonna love, dude!”

Kyle leaned over and pulled a small keyboard and mouse from under the coffee table. He slid them over to Phil, and turned on the TV.

“Don’t need one, you can get online through the TV. We have a PC hooked up to it now.”

“Nice,” Phil nodded. “Mom, you mind if I do that? It would sure be nice to watch porn on our sixty-five inch plasma, instead of my little laptop!”

“Porn? There’s no way I’m going to let you watch pornography, young man.” Then she grinned. “Unless I’m watching it with you!”

“Well, duuhhhhh, Mom!” he said, tapping away at the keyboard, watching lines of text march across the screen. “I mean, I don’t need porn to get turned on now, with your attitude and all. I just like to watch people fuck!”

“So do I!” the others said at the same time.

“Okay, I’m in. Stop, save…rinse and repeat. Okay, lets see what we got!”

He clicked on a file, and a video window popped up. He enlarged it to full screen, and Tracy gasped when she saw her living room pop into view.

“What the fuck?” she looked at Lois, then jumped on top of the smaller woman, wrestling her to the floor, biting and tickling her playfully. “Is that what you were doing in here? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Chick fight!” Kyle yelled, grabbing his drink off the table and taking a big sip. “Damn, Phil! You’re right about your mom making killer margaritas! I’m getting blitzed! You got another doob?”

“Yeah, gimme a minute.”

He shrank the video, and clicked on some more files, and suddenly, the screen was filled with four different images of the room they were in, all showing different angles.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know we could watch them all at the same time,” Lois giggled, squirming and wriggling under Tracy, doing some tickling and nibbling of her own. “That’s kewl, honey! You’re gonna have to show me how to do that on our TV!”

They two women rolled apart, exchanging one last kiss, and each moved over next to her son. Lois jumped up and grabbed the pitcher off the coffee table, and headed for the kitchen.

“Can you wait a sec before you play it? We need a refill.” she said, holding up the pitcher

“Yeah, I’ll go too, I want to get something.” Phil said. He looked at Tracy. “Want me to let this run? It’ll be a few minutes before anything happens, I think.”

“That’s fine. How do I make one of them bigger? Or do we have to watch all of them at once?”

“Double click on the one you want full screen, then right click on the taskbar to bring them all back up. Be right back.” he said as he followed his mother into the kitchen.

Tracy picked up the mouse and started stepping through the videos, amazed at the quality of the images she was watching. She was bummed that they all showed long shots, but Lois had picked good spots for every camera. All the action was centered nicely on each screen. She knew that once she got Lois or Phil to show her how to work the video on own her phone, she could make her own little movies.

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille! she thought. Do you want these six guys to cum on my face again?

Lois and Phil came back, and Lois filled everyone’s glasses, then sat the pitcher on the table. Phil was carrying a plate with pieces of fruit on one side, and dabs of jams, jellies, and sauces filling almost two-thirds of it. It looked like he had a sampling of every condiment in Tracy’s fridge. He also had bottles of chocolate and caramel syrup, and a can of whipped cream.

“What’s all that for, Phil?” Tracy asked as she looked at the plate.

“Stretch out and spread your legs, and I’ll show you!” he grinned.

Tracy laid back, propping herself up on her elbows. She pulled her knees up and let them fall open, exposing the hairless lips of her pussy to them. Phil sat the plate on the floor next to her and stretched out between her legs, his face inches from her fragrant cunt slit.

Lois and Kyle moved over next to them, leaning close to watch.

Reaching over her leg, he dipped his finger bostancı escort bayan in a brown liquid, bringing it up to his face and sniffing at it.

“Steak sauce. Haven’t tried that yet…Let’s see.”

He smeared the brown liquid lightly over her pussylips, then paused before he started licking it off.

“Okay everybody, make sure you remember, you put it on, never in!”

He grinned over at Kyle.

“Cindy Kellerman still won’t talk to me cuz she got a nasty yeast infection after I put strawberry jam in her pussy. No biggie, she’s a bitch anyway! Fucking her is like sticking your dick in a corpse!”

He looked back at Tracy’s pussy, and ran his tongue slowly up over the outer edge of her cunt slit. Tracy shivered at the touch of his tongue, her breathing getting heavier already.

“You missed, sweetie.” she purred.

“No, I didn’t,” he muttered, moving his mouth over and lapping at the other smooth outer lip. He tipped his head back, and dragged the tip of his tongue up between her quivering pussylips, barely touching the glistening pink flesh.

“Oh my god, Phil!” his mother whispered. “That’s beautiful!”

She looked over at Tracy, wanting to ask her how it felt, but her head was thrown back, eyes closed, and she was gasping for breath. Just seeing her friend answered her question.

Phil moved his mouth back down for another pass, this time whisking his nimble labia back and forth, the tip brushing lightly across the swollen inner lips as he worked his way up to the top slowly. He pulled back again, then centered his mouth over her twitching cunt mouth, and pressed his lips firmly against them this time. Opening his mouth, he sucked the soft, slippery folds into his mouth, chewing on them gently with his lips, his tongue fluttering softly between them.

Tracy whimpered, and her hips arched up at his face, mashing her pussy mound tighter against his mouth. His feather light touches were delighful! Her spongy tits swayed gently on her chest, and her tummy rippled as she panted for breath under him.

Lois and Kyle watched spellbound as Phil took her to the heights of ecstasy with only a few tiny touches of his lips and tongue. Lois looked at Kyle, her eyes dropping down to his crotch, smiling when he saw his cock standing up stiffly again. She dropped her hand and wrapped her fingers around his jutting cockshaft.

“Can you do that?” she asked him quietly.

Kyle shook his head, his eyes never leaving the scene in front of him.

“No,” he said sadly. “I like to eat pussy, but I can’t do it like that! Fuck, he’s barely touching her and she’s cumming already!”

“That’s okay, honey,” Lois giggled, squeezing his cockstalk playfully. “I’ll let you practice on me!”

Planting one last, soft kiss on her pussylips, Phil got up on his knees between Tracy’s legs, licking his lips.

“I liked that,” he said casually, looking over at the plate next to her. “Sharp and sweet. And it blended well with your tart and musky. Gonna have to remember that one. Okay, what else we got here?”

Tracy looked up at him, a wry smile on her face.

“If you’re going to make me into your personal buffet, and believe me, I’m more than happy to lay here and let you munch for the rest of the week! How about showing these two voyeurs how to record us in action?”

“Oh yeah!” Lois said, “We were going to watch the movies! I wanna see how they turned out!”

Spotting the mouse on the floor, she slid it over to Kyle.

“Find the part where you’re fucking me! I wanna see that first!”

“Yeah! I want to see some of that too!” Tracy said, looking a Phil. “Do you mind? I’m having fun, but I’d really like to see some of this, then find out more about how we do it. I think I’m gonna like being a porn star!”

“Sure, I missed most of the end myself, I was buried under the pile!” he laughed. “I’m gonna get up on the couch, wanna come?”

“As many times as you can make it happen!” she laughed. “And yeah, I’ll join you.”

They got up off the floor and sat together on the couch. Tracy laid her head in Phil’s lap but his hard-on kept poking her, so she turned over, slipping it into her mouth for a moment, slapping her tongue lazily around the swollen knob. She let it slip from her mouth and shimmied down a little, resting her head on his thigh instead.

Lois and Kyle climbed up on the other couch, sitting next to each other. Lois cuddled close to him, her hand on his cock, squeezing it gently as he skimmed though one of the videos.

He stopped it when he found the part with him and Lois on the floor.

“You want to see it bigger? Or maybe all four views at the same time?”

“Let’s see all four together,” Lois and Tracy said at the same time.

He skimmed through the rest, pausing them when he found the right spot, then muted three of them as he hit play on all four.

“Holy shit, Lois! You look hot sweetie!” Tracy said as she watched the scene unfold. “I mean you look great naked, but you’re right! That little outfit does make you look lots sexier!”

“I ümraniye escort know,” Lois giggled, squeezing Kyle’s cock harder, her hand twisting around it slowly as she started moving it up and down on his meaty cockstalk. “I always liked fucking with my clothes on. There’s something about being scantily, or partially clad that just gets me so hot!”

Phil slid down on the couch, lifting Tracy’s head and easing it a little higher up on his leg. He ran his fingers through her soft brown hair, then pulled it back, wrapping some around his cock and stroking it over his hard-on lazily.

She looked up at him as she felt him tugging lightly on her hair.

“What are you doing back there?” she asked him. “Are you jerking off in my hair?”

“With, not on.” he grinned back. “You mind?

“No, I just never had anyone do that before,” she said, looking at him in amazement. “What other kinds of tricks you got in that twisted little mind of yours?”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“I dunno, I kinda make shit up as I go along most of the time. Just see what feels good, ya know?”

“Wow, you’re incredible! I’m gonna ask your mom if we can trade over the weekend. You okay with that?”

“Yeah, that’d be kewl! And I think Kyle needs some alone time with her anyway. He was whining that she hasn’t let him finish fucking her yet! She keeps making him pull out before he’s done. Kinda like you did to me.” he laughed. “Hey, can you reach those phones? It looks like something might be getting ready to start up over there. Might be a good time to show you how to do the video thing.”

Tracy got up and took two phones off the table, and sat back down on the other side of him.

“Scoot down a bit, I wanna play with your cock while we watch them.” she said as she handed him one of the phones, then laid out on her tummy, propping herself up on her elbows, her head almost in his lap. “But show me how to work this thing first. How do I make a movie?”

“Slow down, this is a process.” he told her. “First we just shoot some video. So when you record something, concentrate on composition, image quality, and content. We’ll worry about how to make it all come together as a movie later. Okay, first you hit menu, then multimedia…”

He stepped her quickly though how to set the phone up to record a video clip, then showed her the basic controls on the camera. She was most interested in the zoom, so he demonstrated that, then made her repeat what he’s shown her on her own phone.

“Okay, I think I got it. And just in time too!” she said softly, looking over at the other couch. “I think they’re gonna do the nasty over there in a minute!”

Lois was watching the videos, mesmerized by the images of herself fucking Kyle. Her hand was pumping steadily up and down on his cock, and she had her fingers between her legs, stroking her clit gently, just teasing herself for the moment.

Kyle had his arm around her, his hand cupping one small, firm tit. He was watching the video closely too. He agreed with his mother, she was hot naked, but she was even hotter in her little schoolgirl outfit.

“W…will you do something for me?” he said softly, his lips brushing her ear.

“What’s that, hon?” she asked, not taking her eyes of the screen.

“Put your clothes back on?”

She turned and looked at him, her eyes wide with surprise. Then she grinned.

“You liked my little outfit? Or did you like me playing hard to get?”

“Yes.” he grinned. “Will you d…”

She was on her feet before he got the words out of his mouth. She was picking up her skirt when she saw Tracy and Phil watching, and she giggled when she saw that they both had cameras pointing at her.

“Stop and start it over,” she said to them. “Kyle, I’ll be back in two minutes. I’m gonna come in and catch you jerking off to porno’s, and we’ll improvise from there. Okay?”

He nodded as she picked up her tank top, and dashed into the hall toward the bathroom.

“I want one camera on me as I enter the room, the other on Kyle jerking off on the couch!” She called from the hallway a moment later. “Got it? Let’s make this look real, people! Okay, on three! One…two…”

Phil pointed his camera at the hallway, and Tracy was shooting Kyle on the couch. He was getting into it, flogging his log like there was no tomorrow. She glanced at the TV, and saw why. He was watching himself fuck the shit out of Lois, and she was writhing and squirming wildly under him, screaming out her delight. Even if he wasn’t watching himself in action, the scene was still hot.

Lois strolled into the room a moment later, and Phil followed her as she sashayed across the room. He zoomed in for a close-up as she stopped, her eyes going wide, her hand coming up to her mouth as she pretended to notice Kyle naked with his dick in his hand on the couch.

“Oh my god, Kyle! What are you doing?” She screeched in her best little girl’s voice.

Kyle sat up, looking shocked, his hands flying down to cover the rigid stalk of his cock. He made a show of trying to cover it, never actually escort kartal managing it.

“Oh shit, Lois! What are you doing here? You not supposed…” He looked away, like he was looking at a clock. “Oh god, I’m sorry, I lost track of time and…”

“Is that why you asked me to come over?” she said, her face flushed with both anger and excitement as she fell headlong into her part. “You just want to try to get into my…Oh my god, Kyle! Is that thing real?”

Kyle looked up at her, following her lead. He leaned back on the couch, appearing more confident now that her character was showing some interest instead of anger, his hands still half heartedly covering his enormous, stone hard cock.

“Oh, it’s real all right. You wanna see it?”

“I don’t know, Kyle! I don’t want to get in trouble…”

She had her hands playing with the hem of her skirt, and her arms were squeezing her small tits together, making them jut out proudly from her chest. Her nipples were poking out like bullets under her thin tank top.

Phil had gone back to a wide shot after her initial outburst. Now he panned over her body, catching every seemingly unconscious seductive move she made. Her hips moved idly from side to side, and she tilted her head, almost like she was trying to look under his hands to see his cock.

“Do Kyle’s girlfriends act like that? he asked, leaning down so he could whisper in Tracy’s ear.

“Some of them,” she whispered back. “She’s got in nailed. Now let’s watch her get nailed.”

“We won’t get in trouble,” Kyle was saying. “My parent’s won’t be home till Sunday, and my sister is staying over at a friend’s tonight. We have the whole house to ourselves!”

He reached down and grabbed a pair of shorts off the floor, pulling them up into his lap.

“Here, I’ll put my shorts on if it’ll make you more comfortable.”

“No! You don’t have to do that!” she said, moving slowly toward the couch like a moth drawn to a flame. “I mean, you can if you want to!”

Kyle patted the shorts and felt a bulge in the pocket. Realizing that they were Phil’s, he reached into the pocket and pulled out the baggie and lighter he had put there. Patting the cushion, he smiled up at Lois.

“Come sit beside me Lois. Don’t be so shy.” He opened the baggie and pulled out a joint, remembering her earlier reaction. He held it up so she could see it. “Come on, you’re not gonna make me smoke this all by myself, are you?”

Her eyes lit up, and Phil caught the gleam in her eyes in another perfectly timed close-up, then panned back to a wide shot as she sauntered over to the couch. He grinned when he saw the flash of her bare ass as she spun in front of the couch, then sat down daintily next to Kyle.

Kyle saw it too, and swallowed hard as his cock throbbed under the shorts, making them jump in his lap.

“What was that?” Lois asked, her eyes on his crotch as she nestled in next to him.

“Nothing,” Kyle said casually, then put the joint in his mouth and lit it. He took a big hit, then held it out to Lois.

She shook her head and leaned closer.

“I can’t do it that way.” she said, “Gimme a shotgun. But do it slow. I like it better slow and easy.”

Yeah, right! Kyle thought as he flipped the joint over and put it in his mouth, holding it between his teeth, and closing his lips so just the end stuck out. Cupping his hands over her cheeks, he blew on it, sending a stream of smoke into her face. She inhaled slowly, turning her face away when she couldn’t take in anymore. She rested her hand on his thigh as she closed her eyes and tipped her head back, still holding the smoke in her lungs.

Kyle choked as her hand slid up his thigh, almost swallowing the joint. He pulled it out of his mouth and took another hit off of it, glancing back and forth between her face, and her tiny hand resting on his thigh.

It was all Phil and Tracy could do to stay quiet. Tracy didn’t help when she ran her tongue up the side of Phil’s cock, then tilted it back toward her so she could get the swollen purple knob in her mouth. Phil let out a strangled gasp as she bobbed her head on his cock, then sat back grinning, his hand coming to rest on the back of her head. He looked back at the viewfinder on the camera, zooming in a little more when he noticed that she was doing a wider shot.

Lois was having fun playing the innocent schoolgirl, but she was looking forward to the wanton nymphette part of her role to. She wasn’t in any hurry to get to it. She knew she was directing this scene, and was glad Kyle was following her so well.

Kyle looked her up and down. He wanted to paw at her tight little body, or stand up and shove his raging hard-on down her throat. He doubted if she’d mind, but he was getting into the scene too. It was almost like he was replaying one of his many recent dates. He was going to have to use this shotgun trick in the future, it was a great way to get things heated up fast.

Lois exhaled, smiling as she felt the pot start to hit her. Kyle could see that her eyes were already glassy, and she was breathing heavily. He held the joint up, and she nodded, leaning close again. Kyle took a hit off the joint, and blew the smoke into her face again, watching as she inhaled it through her nose. When she turned away again, he inhaled the rest of the smoke himself, then took another hit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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