Tamed Pt. 06: A Masochistic Meeting

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I hope having two-part “chapters” isn’t annoying, I usually like to stick with 7000 word chapters as a maximum. Continued Part will be published the same day as this one!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and did not happen. This may get a little unrealistic, you have been warned!


“So, I guess my next question is if you’ve done anything with this Claire chick?” I asked my half naked step-sister curiously. The night had descended onto the city, a nice cool breeze pushed through the wide-open windows which softly caressed our exposed upper bodies that were not covered by the girly pink bedsheets. I felt her lips softly press again and again on the nape of my neck, small lip-smacking sounds filling our quiet apartment.

I heard a small groan from Alanah, one of jealousy. I had been asking about her best friend since we both got cleaned up after our steamy session in my bedroom just across the apartment; it was starting to worry her. “That’s for me to know bro…” She didn’t bother finishing the rest of her comment, instead she slid her lag slowly and gracefully up my body to hike it over my exposed crotch. Her thigh pressed firmly onto my donkey dick, the chill of her body and the natural heat that emanated from my shaft felt amazing on me.

My curiosity about the raven-haired woman made Alanah recall that one particular night when they were both 18 years old. The first time she had felt Claire’s beautiful ass in her hands. Their professor had given them their A* grades after they made the deal: perfect grades for a one night long threesome. Whether it was the underlying sexual tension between the two ladies, the excessive amount of alcohol they had consumed to prepare themselves to fuck a 50-year-old married man together, or just a combination of the two. They ended up scaring him off after they both sat on his lap, wearing nothing but short skirts and tops that were practically transparent. But they ended up making out in their dorm room. To say things got heated was an understatement, having found her tits pulled out of her low-cut top and her hands wandering up Claire’s skirt was certainly not how she pictured their night ending.

I hummed disapprovingly, I wanted to know the details, I knew there was a sexual history between the two of you, whether it was extensive or something less so… “Does she even know I exist?” I asked as a pleasurable shiver rocketed up my body after feeling her thigh rubbing her gentle, soft skin over my hanging third leg slowly.

“She’s like, the only person who knows I have a step-brother. But she doesn’t know you’re my fat cocked daddy.” She giggled softly, burying her face in my neck. Her silky hair that covered her head from the open air tickled my body, causing my casual grasp on her thick ass to squeeze. She reacted by arching her body forward, nibbling on my neck while her huge tits pressed on the side of my body.

“I see…And do you think her pussy will taste as good as yours?” She grinned under her cover. After digging her nails into my hairy chest, she muttered back.

“On brother…I think I’ve turned you into a fuck boy!” She put a playful maniacal laugh, one which she felt silly for doing; like something she would have done to catch the attention of the boy she liked.

“But to answer…No, I doubt it. I go to a little heathy smoothie place by the campus club on the way to the gym every day. That’s the secret bro.”

“Well do me a favour and never stop drinking it. I could drink a whole glass of you it was so good.” I chuckled and pressed my nose on her hair, sniffing her aroma of citrusy shampoo, and the shiny softness of her ass length hair brushing on my face. She giggled softly in retort.

“Yes sir…Now can we please sleep? you tired me out and I got to recharge.” She sighed and re-emerged from the nape of my neck, using my chest as a pillow as fatigue took her off into a quiet sleep. I followed, keeping my hand on her booty like a child would hold a teddy bear.

As she rested her eyes, Alanah thought to herself. She knew deep down that tomorrow would be a turning point for me. Claire usually stole men from their women, only to discard them once she found a new man to take from another girl…She had stolen numerous hook-ups over the years.

*She’s not stealing you from me you bro. Even if she’s gonna turn you into a fucking brutal animal in bed… Would I even be able to handle him if he becomes so dominant?*

She let these fears fester in her while she sank into sleep. Filling her mind with vivid images which festered jealousy inside…

My eyes opened at the height of the morning, the sun slipped through the windows and sone in my eyes that caused me to groggily gran with displeasure. I shifted in place to feel a weight pushed upon me, looking down I remembered that Alanah and I slept together…something I needed to start getting used to. Her hair was in my face, strands of red and bright ataşehir escort orange locks lace into my own head of hair as well as locked between my lips. My morning wood was in full force, pitching a tent on the sheets which would be impossible to conceal. Groaning softly, I decided to not wake the sleeping beauty. She looked quite cute, with her muted breaths escaping the small parting in her pouty lips, whimpering softly to herself. By now I had come to terms with my addiction to my step-sister, I loved this new, submissive side to her, thinking that now I didn’t blame guys who were sad to miss out on spending more time with her; like this, I actually could see myself wanting to be official with her…if we weren’t siblings by law that is.

As quietly and as carefully as I could, I slipped out of bed, stepping quietly as my fully nude body shook with a chill in the morning air. I shut the door as quietly as I could, sighing with relief as I heard the soft click of the door shutting. “I have class soon…I really should get back to them.” I said moving into my room to the potent stench of sex in the air.

I took a quick shower and hastily prepared breakfast. Something simple like toast was quick and did its job, throughout my morning routine I made sure not to wake Alanah as she slumbered in her cave. I had dressed differently than usual, given how my world had changed within such a short time, maybe it will be nice to wear something different. I decided on the stylish deep blue jeans my step-mother got me for Christmas, along with a slimming t-shirt that fit me well. Clutching my keys, with my bag slung over my shoulder I made for the door, softly closing it behind me.

What followed me was odd to say the least. Upon entering the massive lecture hall I had noticed people looking over in my direction. No one had ever given me the time of day to look at me, I was always like a ghost if I wasn’t drooling over Hana working through her course for her. It was a weird experience, one which I welcomed; it was nice to finally be noticed.

It still caused my new found confidence to waver however, the longer class went on the more I was worried that I had something on my face, or that I was sinking of something vile. I tried to focus on class, but I always ended up questioning myself over why I saw some of the nerdy group of girls in the front row pretended to need to look behind them so they could look at me… I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited to experience what coming home to a loving slut would feel like; I let my mind drift to erotic fantasies which I knew Alanah was more than capable of.

Alanah had woken up almost immediately after I had left. Even in her half asleep, groggy mind she recalled that I was supposed to be sleeping under her whorish embrace. She was filled with a heavy load of disappointment when she felt no one beside her.

The memories of the set-up meeting came flooding back to her when she checked her phone to see Claire messaging with obvious excitement about how she was looking forward to tonight. She knew that she didn’t want to be in the apartment to hear their fuck session, she felt like she needed to do something that evening. She quickly decided to use the faithful tinder app; maybe she could get a good meal and dress up to try and get me to feel jealousy for the ma she was going out with.

*Not gonna fuck him though, why would I? he’ll just be inferior.* She thought as she strutted around the apartment in nothing but tight plain black panties. “Guess I should work out too…It’s been a while.” She sighed as she moved to the bathroom.

She had noticed the normal cat calls and confident men approach her while she made her way to her local gym; she was clad in a luminescent blue sports bra that looked perfect on her toned thickness, while her legs were tightly wrapped with black sports leggings, the waistband wrapped tight around her, and rode up high like most would. She looked sexy, and she defiantly felt it every time she passed her reflection in a shop mirror. There was a permanent grin on her face which attracted even more onlookers and thirsty gentlemen who wanted a piece…She would all deny them.

“Sorry hun, I have a boyfriend.” She had said every time. And each time her heart fluttered. *God this time last week I would have gotten like 10 numbers by now…* she thought to herself as she strutted with confidence into the smoothie bar, buying one of her magical drinks. She felt that doing this would make me happy, like she was doing it for me and me alone.

*Claire wouldn’t do that for you Bro.*

Through her intense workout she had settled on a date, a guy which looked oddly like me. She blushed once she realised, feeling the warmth between her tingling legs. “Probably one thick, meaty difference though.”

Once she returned, glazed in sweat that made her soft, curvy body shine in the light, she moved toward my room, thinking that kadıköy escort bayan changing my sheets and cleaning up would make me choose her tonight.

*Calm the fuck down he doesn’t even know Claire’s coming.*

A quick shower followed, and a swift change into a silk nightgown before she made her way into her room to doll herself up for this date. After my sister had finished her make up, she needed to find new fake lashes… Since her usual pair was now a clumpy mess, she moved to her wardrobe; she was hell bent on finding something to make this guy’s night as good as it can without sex. She eventually found what she was looking for, the perfect mix of classy and flirty. A tight, pale white backless dress. It exposed the line of her back ever so slightly, as well her natural toned muscles thanks to her hard workout hours before. With each swish of her body caused her silky hair to sway and swing over her tight, bulging ass. The length of the dress itself was scandalous, just barely making it over her ass cheeks before gripping her thighs. The front was as equally un-modest, the fabric straps pulled tightly over her jiggling bust to form ample cleavage allowing her girls to spill ever so slightly over the lack of neckline.

She was working with what she had, she didn’t really have anything that didn’t scream ‘Fuck me’ but thinking it was fine due to the fact that tonight she wouldn’t be fucking this lucky man, she settled. She was giving herself one last look over, with her hand sliding up the curves of her booty and hips when she heard the front door click open, and my voice call out to her in curiosity. She smiled widely, flicking her hair backward with her hand as she swung her bedroom door open to see me. As her white heels clicked on the wood, we locked eyes. Pushing her thick, cock sucking lips at me in an exaggerated blow-kiss she tilted her head to one side and rested her hip on the doorframe, giving me a little pose.

“Well hello handsome…”

My entire body locked up as soon as I laid eyes upon Her. Quickly my face started to grow to a bright pinkie red, my bag slipping off my shoulder and crashing to the floor with a heavy thud. I was dazzled by her looks, blown away that she would wear a dress so tight; though thinking about it I was hardly shocked. The flaming red hair complimented the white shade of her intensely tight dress perfectly.

“Fucking hell…” I mutter, louder than I wanted. Swallowing hard I was visibly shaken, just how perfect my step-sister looked with the just the right amount of balance between classy and slutty. I approached tentatively, a smile forming over my face as I slide one hand up and over her bulging ass up toward the exposed skin of her lower back. I firmly pulled her in on me pushing her bust up against my chest. “Is this my reward for a long day at school?”

Alanah let out a dainty gasp followed by a cute giggle once she felt her lace underwear covered cunt expel excitement the moment, I roughly tugged her into me. She clicked her tongue and brought her index finger up to my face giving it a wiggle. “No No No, this is for another guy.”

My heart sank, so this wasn’t going to last forever.

“But maybe when I get back Stud. I don’t want you to ruin this outfit even before I go on my date.” She winked and moved her hand to pinch my cheek with a pout on her glossy lips. “Besides, your reward is coming in about…an hour.” She looked over my shoulder to look at the clock hanging on the wall. “Well ill look forward to tasting you again.”

“Likewise…” She gave a half-hearted response, she remembered Claire coming, her brother wouldn’t have time to fuck her throat.

“Still, I’m jealous of the guy who gets to have you as arm candy for the whole night.”

She rolled her eyes, sliding her hand to the back of my neck to force myself down to her level to give me a kiss. Her tongue wasted no time greeting mine, moaning submissively into me…

*Just stay. Don’t answer the door when Claire comes, push him on the sofa and rip this fucking dress in half!* she broke the kiss, sighing as she looked into my eyes.

“You have nothing to be jealous of…You know I’m your bitch. But right now, I gotta go…And do me a favour?” She leaned forward and whispered in my ear “Don’t fuck in my room.”

I wondered what she meant by her words. I was probably going to study all night until she came back… I wouldn’t be fucking anyone…

“Promise.” I said, playing along. “Promise I’ll be getting some selfies when you’re out to keep me going? I don’t think you’ll be able to wear it when I’m done with you.”

She rolled her eyes, pushing herself off of me and began clicking her heels toward the door. She thought that this new confidence of mine was going to get me in trouble at some point, but it was hard to argue with the throbbing feeling between her legs, and the wetness that had already soiled her cute panties. She moved to the door, escort maltepe not daring to turn around in fears that she wouldn’t leave…even though she was jealous, she knew that keeping me to herself was selfish; what good is a stud if you can’t share him with your bestie?

As the door shut behind her she let out a long sigh, clicking and clopping her high heels down the hall with each swaying step.

I took a deep breath once I heard the door shut behind my step sister, resting my backside on the kitchen counter; my hands were trembling over her stunning looks. While my confidence had grown significantly from before, I still had a long way to go. Figuring that it would be best to try and steer my thoughts away from that lucky fuckboy my red headed roommate was seeing tonight, I threw my bag into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. I sat there for a while, contemplating what the evening would bring when Alanah came back, should I sit in her bed naked? maybe have her catch me jerking off? I felt my face flush red with each lewd idea filling my mind…Whatever I was going to do, I should at least be fresh and smell nice for her, maybe shave the forest of pubic hair that I had barely ever shaved…

With that I went to the shower, taking time to wash every part of me the best I could; even complexly cut the thick, black wiry bush of pubic hair around the base of my hanging cock. Once I felt I was smooth enough for her, I sprayed a generous amount of masculine cologne across my body (A bottle I had rarely opened since receiving it years ago for my birthday.) I was fully dressed in a simple top and jeans when I felt my slimming stomach gurgle and lurch… “Might as well make myself something rather some shitty leftovers.” I muttered to myself as I made my way into the kitchen area of the apartment, ready for a long night of boredom and waiting for my sister to return. Little did I know of the woman quickly approaching the front door of the apartment…

She had barely slept the night previous, left full of curiosity of what she was going to experience today. Alanah was never good with the details, only liked to show off and tease. It was her to a T, a girl who loved to play games and hell bent on having the last laugh; the one who strutted down the corridor with a speedy step expected to be greeted with a hired clown, rather than the horse dicked man she was promised…The temptation was too great, an opportunity to experience a man like that made her knees tremble with glee.

Her name was Claire. A raven-haired woman with pale white skin. Her hair was thick and luscious, and hung loosely just above her shoulders. Her lips were full and perfect for exactly what most men wanted to do to her; with the exclamation point of matte brown lipstick painted in a thick layer across them. Her eyes were shadowed in a deep black to fit with her goth ascetic, it was a phase that she never grew out of even now in her mid-twenties. And from her experience, the men with the fattest dicks could never resist making her dark makeup run down her pale face as she worked her magic.

As she approached the door she knew that this time would be no different, all that sleeping around and cheating on her faithful men taught her that guys loved big butts…Alanah never stood a chance, all she needed was to show this man her peach in these skin-tight grey leggings and it would be over; another man stolen under her besties nose. She ran her painted black nails over the soft fabric of her leggings, tugging and snapping back the clothing over her thick thighs; the fabric was so stretched that the outline of her black thong was clearly visible, and with each step in her black converse gave her thick cheeks the opportunity to swallow the thin fabric of her panties.

Over her well-kept body was a baggy sweater, black, obviously; with the words “BAD INFLUENCE” plastered over her chest. It covered her c-cups easily. She knew that Alanah had the boobs and the butt, but Claire herself was confident that her own ass was even more alluring than her best friends. She could feel her heartrate increase the moment she stopped in front of the door, swallowing the growing volume of sticky saliva in her mouth before tapping her knuckles on the door. “Can’t wait to see the look on Lana when she sees me in this…This hunk will forget all about her…” She muttered with confidence. She knocked again, this time harder and with more impatience. “Alanahhhh!” She called out in a sing-song voice.

I had begun to sizzle up an oiled-up pan when I heard the soft knocking on the door. The sounds of the burning oil had overcome the peace of the apartment for the last few seconds. The second knock came, this time a harder and more impatient sounding one. I left the kitchen counter, moving past the two perfectly garnished slabs of red meat which waited patiently to be cooked over the brilliant blue and orange flame.

I wasn’t worried that this was going to be dangerous, the crime rate across the city itself had been at an all-time low; and given that there was a police station not thirty seconds away, only the silliest of fools would bother to burgle. With a natural confidence I strode toward the door and opened it with one swing.

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