Tea at Kams

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Another erotic narrative of my encounter in a small, North Indian town that I grew up in. Names have been changed but rest is pretty much as it happened. Recently I had an urge to start penning down my real experiences, so please be patient and enjoy!


My friend Kam’s family and mine were really close and our fathers were drinking buddies at one point. Following dad’s footsteps I developed passion for motorcycles at young age. Making me socially popular in a small town and boosting me within female circles. Recent degree in MBA helped me start up a project in town. All in all I had good looks and great reputation helping me further, score with fairer sex. Most of the married women wanted to hook up on the down low and single ones date me. Indian society was still conservative and lot of things were a taboo.

Meanwhile Kam was 19 and I was 26ish. He treated me like a mentor spending ample of time at my house. Being close to the family I had observed his sisters growing up. Rima was oldest at 22 and Rina had just turned 18, both very cute. Oddly enough though Rina didn’t resemble any of her siblings. She was more round bodied with heavier chest and round ass with quiet personality. Rima on the other hand was taller and talkative with shapely perky tits and bolder personality. Rima and her mom managed the farming household like pros in a male dominated society.

Kam’s mom was beautiful and utilized it to her advantage. Calling her gorgeous was an understatement as she was rather more of a sexy goddess. Her jovial, graceful demeanor made her stand out. “Auntie” was fair skinned in her late 40s but looked way younger. Mostly she was perceived as an older sister to her daughters in high society circles. Her beauty and voluptuousness put younger women to shame and indeed her daughters lived in her shadow. She stood out at 5’9″ with the curves in all the right places dubbing her a “Milf.” Guesstimating was tough but she was probably, 36-28-38. With an hour glass figure, elegant dressing sense, she’d become an object of every young man’s fantasy. Obviously I adored and lusted after her stealing glances whenever possible with impunity. I had masturbated plenty of times thinking about her growing up. Being acquainted to her was a perk itself.

I held considerable influence over Kam so auntie phoned me frequently to check upon him. She was usually playful but this fateful day however, she started flirting outright without hesitation. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that I was caught!

“Hey! Oogling handsome, how’s Kam doing?” She asked sensuously.

“Fine Auntie.” I answered nervously.

“I am A FINE Auntie, am I not? Bet I’m on your mind usually?” She asked inquisitively.

“Really, FINE AUNTIE And you are.” Having caught I shunned the need to hide.

“No wonder, I sensed it.” She said subtly.

“Sorry auntie, I couldn’t resist to appreciate your beauty.” I answered wittingly.

“No need to flatter me anymore. You’ve earned an Invite, fair?” She invited me.

“Yes, I will come by for sure. I promise.” I responded flirting away.

“You know that my girls are your biggest fans right?” We weren’t just flirting anymore.

“I had some inclination! But what about you?” I asked blatantly.

“Well, Maybe!” She eluded gracefully.

Auntie started calling me more often and we got comfortable chatting over the phone. Truth Be told I was her biggest fan but her sex appeal intimidated me and made me nervous about getting ostracized. Plus growing up, it was a taboo to objectify your friends mom or sister and it held me back. Our houses were close so I ran into them frequently. Being a womanizer of sorts I took every opportunity to flirt. We always greeted casually, flirting the usual way. As I was still thinking to visit her, I got a panic call from auntie that changed the whole dynamics of our Interactions.

“Hey Sukhi! Hubby’s hospitalized and needs blood transfusion. You’ve grown into a strong, handsome young man. Can we count on you?” She pleaded flirtatiously.

“Of course, when and where?” I offered genuine help.

“I will tell you only if we become friends?” She made a point that I couldn’t argue.

“Sure thing, I’m always available for whatever then friend.” I threw in a cheesy line.

“All right handsome, see me at city hospital around 3 P.M then.” She informed.

Uncle was an alcoholic of epic proportions, never realizing that he had gorgeous woman. Even after going to hospital multiple times he didn’t sober up. Apparently they had an arranged marriage. He was at least 20 years older and his wealth played a big role in securing her hand. Despite that unfairness, auntie raised beautiful kids with great reputation intact. She always wore tight fitting traditional clothes that gave me instant hard on just being in close proximity to her.

(The traditional Punjabi suit features a long tunic, a female pajama and a see thru long scarf to cover bosom)

“Thanks, my lifesaver. I wish he stopped drinking maltepe escort hard and rather got hard like you.” She commented with regret in her eyes, staring at my crotch.

She looked stunning as always adorned in black traditional deep D cut long tunic shirt revealing her cleavage and contrasting her beautiful skin

“Mrs. Dee, I’m available for you whenever you want?” Consoling her I lightly caressed her arm.

“Hope so? You’ve been so sweet. We girls owe you. Mentoring Kam isn’t easy and that too without any benefits.” She subversively word-played kicking the conversation up a notch. Auntie pressed my hand on her arm then stepped back quickly to avoid public suspicion.

“I do it to get close to you girls. I’m sure any of his friends would have done you, I mean”…. I replied with equal wordplay staring at her boobs when she interrupted.

“I know exactly what you meant. Is this close enough?” She asked stepping up to me again straightening her back to push the chest out showcasing it to entice me.

This playful interaction opened us more and turned into light random touching. I donated blood thinking this lovely interaction was over. Boy I was wrong, as I headed out she called me from behind into uncles room.

“Sukhi, your generosity is compelling me to thank you in a way you like?” She said walking me in, removing the scarf from her bosom to hug me. Her low cut D blouse tried hard to sheath her mounds but they were swelling out. My eyes got instantly glued on to them. She approved and acknowledged my lust-struck gaze with an inviting smile.

“Sexy, aren’t they? My thankful girls, just for you!” She said slightly jiggling her boobs.

“Absolutely! Are you referring to these or your…?” I word played to confirm how far I get looking at her daughters outside the window.

“I have already dropped enough hints rest you figure out.” She opened up more.

Auntie answered my shocked stare by gently shoving my face in her chest. Instinctively kissing her boobs I took her in my embrace. Just as instinctively she dug her boobs in my chest letting me feel the heat. Being face to face she planted an affectionate kiss on my forehead. Encouraged, I extended my long arms to her butt and grabbed them. She didn’t flinch, rather made low enjoying moans. One thing was clear that she wanted to play as much as I did!

“Patience naughty boy! We’re at hospital?” She whispered.

“Thanks, for reminding. Wish we were somewhere else?” I whispered back.

“Perhaps we might?” Auntie murmured again.

“A man can dream, right Mrs. Dee?” I asked pushing my luck.

“Patience! Sometimes you get lucky.” She whispered back.

Mrs. Dee’s back was towards the corner of room which covered our act visibly. Hug lingered on as she let me grope her over the clothes thoroughly. I was already rock hard and made sure she felt it. As much as we tried to hide it, Rima and Rina noticed. Auntie pretended it to be a motherly hug but they knew it wasn’t. Parting away I brushed up and grabbed her boobs briefly.

As I walked away from auntie, Rima asked, “Can I get a hug too, Sukhi?”

“Yes, absolutely Rima.” I replied politely as Mrs. Dee gave me a nod.

Rima walked in with her tits jutting out, hitting my chest, pressing in to make sure I felt them.

“Hopefully, I’m as exciting as mom? Grope me like her.” She murmured.

“You are, Rima. I always wanted to feel every bit,.” I said in low tone.

No sooner had Rima hugged me, Rina and auntie joined in. My hands were exploring Rima and Rina’s bodies openly. We were all in an extremely erotic situation but none of us cared. After a bit I moved over to auntie and slipped my hand under her dress. She obliged again by easing me into her panties. Now I understood how little I knew about these ladies and them liking me.

“Isn’t he wonderful girls, wish we could thank him?” Mrs. Dee murmured.

“We’ll, thank him somehow, mama.” Rina spoke, licking her pouty lips.

Overtime donating blood, I grew closer to the girls. Mrs. Dee got bolder showing off her curves and assets. She transformed herself into object of my attention by being more provocative and revealing. All of us developed an affinity between us, especially Rina. Auntie encouraged her daughters to show off more to Impress me. Subsequently Rima started hitting on me openly with Rina following her suit. Ultimately Rima rang me up one day.

“Sukhi, I fancy a long drive, so we can talk.” She proposed persuasively.

“Um OK, sure. Can we do it over the phone?” I gave her a chance to retreat.

“No, it’s very personal.” She sounded convincing.

“Alright! But we meet at a location I tell you?” I explained cautiously.

“Yes, agreed.” She replied.

We met at the preset location where, I jumped into her Jeep with tinted windows. Right away I noticed her wearing Indigo blue mini skirt. Her loose sheer sleeveless ivory blouse exhibited her cleavage with few buttons undone atop. I could see her shapely, tight perky tits in a red lace escort maltepe bra. She was extremely bold showing up in those revealing clothes. Rima had auntie’s features with curves and just as tall. Summing up, she was bit like her mother only prettier.

“Sukhi, done scrutinizing?” She asked judging from my reaction.

“Yes, I am used to seeing you dressed traditionally, like auntie.” I confessed.

“I know you adore mom and I love her to death too but she makes me jealous.” She vented out.

We drove off to an isolated spot, safe from prying eyes. Rima’s driving kept nudging up her skirt, to finally rest upon her upper thighs. It was real hot in the Jeep on a hot Indian summer evening despite the AC blowing at full blast.

“Here we are Rima. Is everything well?” I asked.

“First off, thanks for solving dad’s health crises.” She commented.

“No worries. Is that what we’re discussing?” I asked.

“No, actually It’s about what transpired between us at hospital. It’s prompted mom to marry me off.” She announced concerned.

“That’s not bad news, Unless there’s someone else?” I questioned cautiously.

“Yes, there is. Sukhi, I’ve had a crush on you for a while.” She said confirming.

“Rima, lil flirting is OK, but you are Kam’s sister.” I tried shutting her down.

“That didn’t stop you from putting your hands on us. You seemed enjoying it?” She gently scolded.

“I confess, I loved it but”…. I tried justifying my actions.

“Tell me you don’t like me?” Rima asked straight up.

“I do. I have eyed you for years.” I blurted out my secret.

“Thanks, I’ll be upfront too then?” She murmured.

“Of course Rima.” I said irritated.

“I wanna date you, it’ll be our lil secret?” She proposed.

“You crazy? What will auntie or Kam think if it comes out?” I acted agitated.

“She’ll be jealous and he’ll never find out but they won’t I promise.” She sounded sure.

“I understand but still….” I tried making lame excuses.

“I want this. You can’t fool us sisters. We know what went on at hospital.” She let the secret out.

“Auntie was just over-friendly with me.” I argued in vain while she rolled her skirt further up showing off her wet panties.

“I know you’re popularity with girls, but am I not good enough for you?” She asked seductively.

“Rima, let’s not cross any lines. I know you’re very bold like your mom but”….. I tried shutting her one final time.

“Shush, stop thinking about mom. I am here now for you to have.” She finally cleared my mind. Her ripe blooms in red lace bra, shining thru, sheer blouse pushed me over the edge to fuck her right there but I constrained myself.

“You are right, Rima. I have watched you grow up to a beautiful woman, from budding boob years. Ask auntie to bring your marriage proposal to my dad.” I suggested.

“Your dad would reject it. Am I not as hot as mom?” She asked deflecting my question.

“You’re beyond hot! I would love to date you. Why would dad reject?” I asked her intrigued.

“That’s another conversation! Now look here.” She asked bringing my attention back to her open legs exhibiting her finely waxed kitty.

Finally I gave in to my lust by lightly stroking her thighs. Emboldened by my touch she slowly slid her panties aside.

“Oh! Rima don’t instigate I won’t hold back.” I said being extremely aroused.

“Mom’s empowered us to live our lives and you’ve stoked our fires now I can’t stop.” She said pulling her panties off.

“You’ve any Idea how Incredibly sexy you are?” I said sliding my hand in pants.

“Sukhi, men drool over and want me, except you want mom.” She complained playfully.

“I’ve always wanted you, she just instigated first.” I answered shrugging it off.

“I know, it’s her way to thank you.” She clarified.

“Why did you dress this way?” I asked curiously.

“Make my move before mom of course.” Saying that she opened her legs wider to give me full access.

“Tell me you’ve never imagined me like this?” Rima asked aroused, breathing heavily.

“Guilty as charged!” Finally, kissed her hot pink lips.

“Ooooooooh Sukhi, make me your guilty pleasure. My bare skin wants your touch ever since you groped me.” She said whimpering in my hands.

“I never thought, I would be so lucky.” I said cupping her tits and pinching her nipples.

“Aaaaaaah, Sukhi, my love, we’re all waiting to have you, just ask.” She blurted the biggest secret out.

We moved to the back of jeep, where I laid her down and my tongue met her slit, making her groan.

“Ohhhh Sukhi! I have always wanted you to be my first.” She said lecherously as I kept lapping her clit.

“Don’t worry baby, I will train you well, but not here OK?” I suggested.

“Sukhi, use me like a slut, I am here for your pleasure.” I ramped up my speed rubbing her clit. She pulled me between the legs grinding her pussy in my face. Then with one hand she unhooked her bra freeing up her beautiful perky orbs. I took my maltepe escort bayan hands off and grabbed her tits, while still flicking her clit. Oh my god, I never had a feeling like this before. I almost came in my pants.

“Hey handsome don’t stop. You’re the only guy ever to touch me here.” She pleaded. I resumed fingering her vigorously hitting her G spot. I sped up, slowed down, making her moan and grind with my rhythm. I felt her body shudder frantically knowing she won’t last. I kept licking her clit with long tongue flicks while still fingering her honey hole.

“Ooh Aaahhh, I am cumin, I am cumin.” She groaned loudly.

“Cum, on my face baby.” I encouraged. As soon as I said that she gushed on my face, dripping it with her sweet juices. She seemed spent.

“Thank you handsome. Rina has fingered me many times but it never felt this great. Here’s a towel to wipe down my mess, sorry.” She said kissing and licking her own juices off my face. Apparently she came prepared.

“Wow, you girls are kinky close?” I jokingly commented.

“Yes, we are and we’ve seen the way mom flirts with you too.” She said.

“I know, we tried to hide it in vain.” I justified.

“Did mom tell you our craze about you already?” She asked point blank.

“Yes, she did.” I replied.

“You wanna know another secret?” She asked being generous.

“Sure?” I asked.

“None of us would turn you down If you approached, including mom. We’re so thankful for helping dad.” She let it out.

“Oh yeah? What else are you hiding?” I asked intriguingly.

“Well, truthfully I wanna marry you, except a family secret prevents it.” She hinted out.

“What, really? You are so hot Rima, come here love.” I leapt at her. Making out we lost track of time. It was getting dark and pretty late now. While kissing, she crept her hand in my pants and got my cock out and started stroking it.

“It feels great in my hand and I can’t wait for more. It’s big and warm.” She observed.

“Rima. I am trying not to nail you here. But don’t stop now.” I instructed her. Being on the edge for a long time and then her tender touch wasn’t helping either.

“Cum on my pussy Sukhi, I wanna feel your seed on my pussy.” I shot loads of cum on her pink pussy lips. She kept stroking me even after I had just cum.

“You are a natural. I wonder what other talents you are hiding?” I joked.

“That’s something for me to know and you to find out but gotta wait until we meet again?” She replied quickly. Rima had it all beauty and wits. I had always liked her but didn’t realize I was in love. Now that she was here I was amazed how it all transpired.

“Oh yeah, what else do I have to look forward to?” I asked her intriguingly.

“I wanna be filled with your cum over and over like a slut.” She blurted.

“Oh kinky, what else?” Aroused, I probed further.

“I guess see you please mom?” She was being brutal now.

“I wont lie, the thought has crossed my mind. Especially after auntie let me feel her.” I teased her.

“We know. Isn’t she in amazing shape? We saw the act you guys put up at hospital.” She said casually, still stroking my cock.

“Yeah I know.” By just having conversation about auntie, I got hard again.

“Someone wants to get in moms panties bad?” Rima laughed teasing me.

“Sorry, Yes! I do. You asked me to be honest.” I said embarrassingly.

“Don’t apologize. We get lil jealous when she looks and talks to you seductively. She deserves fun too.” She cooed in putting my cock in her mouth suddenly.

“Oh Rima. Where did you learn that?” I asked her ecstatically.

“We sisters watch porn videos on VCR to learn. Did I disappoint you?” She revealed.

“You’re a natural. Don’t stop now?” I was fucking her mouth slowly at steady pace holding her head. She was enjoying my cock deep throating her pretty mouth.

“Baby, Is it weird to taste your cum before you pop my cherry.” She said in a muffled voice.

“Rima I’m thinking about when you get married?” I asked curiously.

“Don’t worry Sukhi, we’ll be together until I do, probably even later?” She said reassuring me. Hearing that I blew my hot load in her mouth.

“Yummy and salty. I love you baby. Do you want me to put in a good word with mom or my sis?” She giggled teasing with me.

“I don’t mind with sis but with your mom I’m good?” I added shamelessly.

“I know you’ve ignored us but we’re just as deserving!” She said with a sad face, madly kissing me again.

“Us?” I muffled curiously.

“We sisters obviously and mom approved.” She replied shamelessly.

“Oh that’s pretty kinky and open minded.” I said surprised.

“Well, If only you knew how horny we are. Especially mom as she’s always been neglected. That’s why we discuss everything with her being as close as we all are?” Rima vented.

“Yeah, I sensed that talking to her. She’s an incredible woman. I would fuck her everyday if I was her hubby but he’s drunk all the time.” I empathized with her.

“Be careful, you might loose me if you want her.” Rima teased pointing towards her bare tits.

“Really you wouldn’t do that?” I asked disappointedly.

“No silly! On the contrary I want a love child.” She giggled readying to go back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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