Tell Me about Last Night

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“Hey Chloe.”

“Morning Laura. Hey, thanks for letting me crash here last night.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. What are friends for? Want some coffee? There’s some brewing now.”

“You’re a star, Laura. That’d be great. What time is it?”

“About eleven. You’ve been out like a light.”

“What time did we get back here last night?”

“Don’t you remember? About two thirty. We were in the club til it closed and then it took a while to get a cab. Or at least, I was in the club. I’m not sure where you were.”

“I was around.”

“Just around? With that guy you mean. What happened?”

“What guy?”

“Don’t come fucking coy with me Laura. I saw you dancing with that guy. If you call it dancing. Then you disappeared, just to show up about ten minutes after the club closed with a big fucking grin on your face.”


“So, I want all the juicy details. I’d have loved some hot guy to have picked me up, rather than just come back here with you and finger myself to sleep.”

“Oh, Laura. Don’t be disgusting.”

“Disgusting? Don’t be such a prude. I was feeling horny as hell last night, all those hot guys. Then you take off with one, rubbing yourself up against him on the dance floor while I’m left all alone with my thoughts. Pretty fucking filthy thoughts, if I’m honest.

Of course I’m going to let off a little steam when I get home. I guess you didn’t need to though. Which is what I want you to tell me about.”

“Well, we kissed.”

“Just kissed?”

“Well, I suppose not.”

“Was it good.”

“Umm, really good.”

“Tell me more.”

“You really want to know?”

“Every last detail. I want you to make me wet by the time you’ve finished.”

“Oh Laura, you really are too much.

But yes, it was good. Really fucking sexy actually.

I liked the look of him as soon as I saw him. You were in the loos and I was hanging out by the side of the dance floor, sipping my drink and casually checking out the guys while you were gone.

He was over the other side of the club by the bar chatting to this other guy and something about him caught my eye. He was a little bit older, which I don’t always like, and maybe not the best looking guy I’ve ever seen but he had a certain assurance about him I quite liked.

I was checking out all the guys so I didn’t pay him too much attention but as I was looking over at him, he looked up and caught my eye. He had really blue eyes, startlingly blue. He saw me looking and just looked back at me. It was kind of intense.

I kind of smiled, a little nervous. Then he smiled back and the tension just broke. I gave him a proper smile this time.

And then he came over. He just stopped talking to the guy he was with and walked straight towards me. He didn’t even break eye contact. That place was crowded but people just got out of his way and then he was standing right in front of me.”

“Wow, that’s like something out of one of those awful romance books we used to read.”

“I know. It was so direct. It was amazing.”

“Then he asked me to dance. I’m not even sure I said yes, I just found myself on the dance floor with him. And, fuck me, Laura, that guy could move. I mean when most guys ask you to dance they either shimmy around in front of you not touching or they push you around or try to grind up against you.

But this guy really knew what he was doing.”

“This guy? Does this guy have a name?”

“Umm, yes. Only I don’t know it. He never told me and I never asked.”

“You fucking slut. Don’t stop, though. You were telling me what an amazing dancer he was.”

“Well yes. He had real rhythm. And he knew how to dance with a woman. At first it was a little awkward, feeling his hands on me.”

“He went straight in and touched you.”

“Yes, but ataşehir escort bayan not like that. He had his hands at my waist and at my shoulders. We were close but not like that, like dancing in the 1950s or something.”

“Sounds pretty Sunday school.”

“No, it was hot. Like he was being respectful or something but he was still in control. I danced with him, I let him guide me. It was like dancing with a real man for the first time in my life.”

“Well when I finally caught up with you. You were thrusting your round little arse in that indecently short skirt right up into his groin. I’m not sure that was very 1950s.”

“Well, it got a bit bump and grind later.”

“Did he have a hard on? Don’t blush tell me. He did, didn’t he?”

“So fucking big. When I pushed up against him, I could feel it bulging out from his trouser legs. It felt really good. It made me feel, well it made me feel really fucking wet.

I wanted to jump him then and there to be honest. Just drop to me knees in the club and suck him off in front of everyone. I wanted that cock in my pussy so badly.

But anyway, he leaned in and suggested we get a drink. There was a real crush of people at the bar and it took a while to get anywhere near it. Somehow I ended up in front of him, perhaps he manoeuvred me that way

So there are people everywhere, pushing up against us on all sides. You can’t talk, its too noisy. He’s standing right behind me, he’s pushed up hard against me. I guess from the crush of the people further back, I don’t know.

But I can feel his body against me, his chest is against my back. I can feel his big fucking erection pressed against my arse cheeks. I want it so badly now, I lean back and press my arse against it, rubbing up against it. You could put it all down to the crush of people all around us, like neither of us is in control but you know that’s not it.

I’m thinking of what it would be like to reach round and unbutton his fly. I wouldn’t even need to do much, just peel my skirt up, hitch my knickers to one side and let him fuck me.”

“Fuck me, Chloe, that’s really fucking hot.”

“Sorry, too much? You said you wanted the details.”

“No, no, its good, carry on. I want to feel like I was there.”

“You really are a dirty fucking bitch Laura.”

“You fucking know it, Chloe. But look, carry on.”

“So he’s pressed up against me, when I feel his hand on my tummy, gently stroking me and before I know it, his hand has slipped down my skirt and inside my panties.”

“Fucking hell.”

“I know. We’re in a public place, there are people everywhere and we’re being constantly jostled and pushed about and this guy I haven’t known more than half an hour and whose name I don’t even know is fingering me.

Fucking hell, Laura it felt absolutely amazing. The best thing was that he didn’t even rush it. There must have been a 20 minute wait to get to the bar so he just took his fucking time, sliding his fingers over my clit and in and out of me.

By the time we finally make it to the front, I still haven’t come but I feel like I’m right on the edge of orgasm. I’m pressed up against the bar, the bar at my chest, with his fingers still inside my pussy when the bar man looks over and asks what I want.

I just look him in the eyes. I can’t answer him. I can’t speak, its all I can do not to moan like a fucking whore. He’s a cute guy and he looks puzzled but also kind of curious. There’s no fucking way he can know what’s happening but he must be able to tell how fucking turned on I am.

I see a little fire rising in his eyes as I stare him full in the face unable to speak. For a brief moment I even fantasise about a threeway. Sucking off the barman while my guy fucks me from behind.”

“You dirty slut, Chloe, escort kadıöy I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“It was just a fantasy. I’m sure you’ve imagined worse. But anyway the guy leans in from behind and takes control. He orders us two gin and tonics. Even though its deafening, he somehow manages to have a conversation with the barman about what gins they have.

He even manages to fish his wallet out and pay one handed, all me the while still fingering me. I am leaning bent over the bar, breathing hard. The barman keeps looking over at me. I think by now he must have a fair idea what’s going on. I can see he looks turned on. I manage to flash him a little smile.

When the barman places the drinks down in front of us and wishes us a good evening, that’s when he stops. I still haven’t come. He’s kept me right on the edge and my pussy is aching for him but he takes a drink with each hand and I follow him from the bar.

Somehow he manages to find a free table. He hands me the drink in his right hand, his clean hand. With his left hand, the hand he’s been fingering me with he stirs his drink, mixing my pussy juices with the spirit and then licks his fingers.

We sit side by side, pressed up against each other. I can’t help it but I’m reaching over to rub his cock through his trousers. I’m desperate for him to touch me too, finish me off. But he doesn’t he just sits there sipping his drink.

Eventually he leans over and whispers in my ear.”

“What, what does he whisper?”

“It was pretty filthy.”

“I expect so. Tell me.”

“Your cunt tastes delicious. I really need another taste.”

“Fuck, I wish someone would say that about my cunt. What did you do?”

“I nearly came right there, but I just looked at him and nodded.

He finished his drink and I finished mine. He stood up and took me by the hand. I was completely in his fucking control by now. I had no idea where we were going but he led me out of a side door and down into a back alley round the back of the club.

So we’re kissing, really passionately now and his hands are all over me, feeling my arse, running up under my top, feeling my tits.

I’m totally gone now, I’m out of control, my hands are straight down his pants and feeling his big hard cock. But he’s still really in control you know. He’s passionate but not wild.

He pushes me up against the wall at the back of the club. I can feel the bass from inside making the wall reverberate and I’m thinking we’re gonna fuck, you know?

And I’m so ready for him. My pussy is so wet and his cock feels so good in my hand. But he doesn’t. He just kisses me. He kisses my neck, he kisses down my breasts and then starts to kiss my tummy, always trailing down.

“Oh my God, so did he eat you out? Just there behind the back of the club?”

“Yep. Somehow my panties are on the floor, I don’t even know how that happened and he’s crouching in front of me lifting up my skirt.

And, I’m like fuck, I wasn’t expecting this. And I can’t even see him now, I’m just leaning back against the wall, my thighs spread with this strange man crouching between my legs.

And I feel so fucking vulnerable. I mean, I know you love getting oral but I’ve never been quite sure. It has to be with a guy I really know and trust , it makes me feel so exposed, and I don’t know this guy at all.

And then he tells me how fucking beautiful I am, and he must be staring right at my pussy when he says it. And he’s got so much assurance in his voice that I just believe him. If he thinks I’m beautiful then I must be beautiful. Stupid, I know.”

“No babe, that sounds amazing.”

“Then he kisses me. Not on my pussy, not yet, just on my inner thigh but so close that his cheek brushes up against my bush.”

“You still have a maltepe escort bush? How quaint.”

“I mean I keep it trimmed but I don’t go the full porn star. Do you?”

“I do for a night out. Anytime I think I might get lucky. Guys like it more.”

“Maybe. Anyway, it wasn’t putting his guy off.

So he keeps kissing my thighs and then he kisses my clit and, fuck, it likes fireworks going off.”

“You came from just one kiss?”

“I didn’t come, but it felt so incredible. Better even than having a cock inside me.

Then he licks me deep, the whole length of my slit, and I just melt into his mouth. This feels so damn good.

And then, well somehow he’d got underneath me so the backs of my thighs were resting on his shoulders. Then, still licking me out, he puts his hands on my waist and just picks me up.

So, now he’s standing there and I’m lifted up leaning against the wall, the whole weight of my body pushing my pussy deeper into his face and I’m so fucking wet and he’s just drinking me. And he must be so fucking strong to hold me like this and it just feels so good.

There’s movement down the alleyway but I’m so fucking gone, I barely even register it until another couple are right up next to us but they’re too busy with each other to notice me.

The guy, this other guy, pushes his girl up against the wall and within seconds they’re fucking. No preamble, just pounding away.

And I just watch them. The girl is some stupid looking blonde with big tits that have spilled out of her dress and its so hot watching her get fucked as my guy eats my pussy.

And my pussy feels so good, I know I’m going to come soon. I’ve never done this before, come in a guy’s mouth I mean. Usually if a guy goes down there its just cos he wants a blow job or as a warm up for the sex. I’ve never had a guy go down on me like this guy is going down on me.”

“God, I love it when I guy eats me til I come. Not many will, but its fucking immense when they do.”

“Tell me about it. When I finally did come, it wasn’t like anything I’ve felt before. It was like something just burst inside me and all this raw sexual energy just surged through my pussy and out into my guy, like I was fucking him.

And the best thing was that the blonde down the alleyway looked up at me. I must have been moaning like a whore the whole time. I could see she was close too, and we looked each other in the eye and shared a little smile.”

“Then what?”

“Then its over. He gives me a last little kiss on my clit and puts me back down on the ground. He steps back and watches me put my panties back on and generally straighten myself out.”

“So did you fuck him?”


“Go down on him?”


“You cheeky little bitch. A guy makes you come like that and you don’t give him anything in return?”

“I mean I wanted to. But as soon as I was fixed, he just looked at me and smiled. Said it had been delightful, like we’d just had tea with the vicar or something and then said something about needing to get back to his friend.”

“Fuck. He didn’t want anything?”

“Didn’t seem so. He took my arm and walked me round the front of the club, where I saw you checking your phone.”

“Trying to get hold of you.”

“He whispered something about doing it again sometime, slipped me a bit of paper with his number on and disappeared.”

“Fucking hell.”

“I know.”

“Christ Chloe, you have all the luck. And you’re quite the story teller too, I had no idea. You’ve made me really fucking wet.”


“Girls who get eaten out down alleyways by total strangers don’t get too get shocked if their friends get a little jealous and horny when they hear about.”

“I suppose.”

“In fact, if you don’t mind, I might just take a few minutes alone in my room to get my composure back, if you know what I mean.”


“See you in five, babe. Maybe ten. Oh and Chloe?”


“If you’re not going to call him, give his number to me. I could really fancy some hot thing licking me out tonight.”

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