Temporary Girlfriend Ch. 03

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Your enjoyment of this story will be enhanced by reading the story from the beginning. The sex gets better and more varied as the story unfolds. This story spans many of the Literotica categories as it unfolds — Erotic Coupling, Lesbian, Incest, Group Sex, and of course Romance to name a few. Unlike some of the stories here, this one has a plot and perhaps a few twists and turns here and there for our characters. Your votes and comments are encouraged.


Katelyn had baited me with the comment about having sex with her brother to see how I’d respond so I figured I’d return the favor. I refused to rise to the bait and actually got ‘hot’ thinking about she and Fiona fucking their brother.

I told them, “Oh, that would be so nice. You guys love each other and already touch and kiss more than in many families. Just extend what you’re doing a little and bingo. Josh is so thoughtful about making sure you cum. Have you guys ever done Josh, perhaps in a threesome or more some?”

Jaws dropped again, both at my casual attitude about their potential incest as well as at my suggestion of a family love in. I actually thought I wouldn’t mind a lesbian-like encounter with either sister — or both of them.

There was a long silence and then I could hold in my laughter no longer. I burst out laughing.

“It’s OK guys. You’re brother’s a hunk. Even though you’re related you can still lust after him. I bet half the women in Boston do and the other half haven’t met him yet. And, you don’t have to answer my last question.”

Both girls relaxed a little and grinned.

Fiona finally said, “You knew we were playing with you?”

“Of course,” I said. “But I still bet you think bedding your brother would be nice.”

Both of them nodded.

“Just put that on your to-do list. I won’t stand in your way.”

I still thought the whole discussion worth a laugh. They acted shocked again.

After a long silence Katelyn volunteered in a voice just above a whisper, “I’ve had a threesome — actually a foursome — me, Carl and another couple we really like; we started a couple of months ago. We get together a couple of times a week actually.”

I looked at her with interest. I’d just learned a lot about Josh’s sister and more than he knew I was sure.

Fiona’s jaw was hanging open at her sister’s admission. Then a grin started to spread from ear to ear.

Fiona said, “Why Kate, you never shared that and I have about a thousand questions.”

Fiona paused and alternately looked at the two of us as she tested our receptiveness to her next announcement; “Well, let me tell you that Ray and I have a lover too. She actually lives with us and is one of my bridesmaids — Stacy.” She checked her watch and added, “Unless I’m wrong, I bet that Ray has his cock buried in her nice pussy even as we sit here. I hope they’re both enjoying their time together.” She grinned.

Now Katelyn’s mouth was hanging open and I think mine was too. Damn!

Fiona went on, “I’ll tell you another secret. Stacy is going on the honeymoon with us. No one else knows so don’t either of you dare tell anyone. We’re all flying down to Puerto Vallarta on Sunday morning and intend to fuck each other’s brains out all week.”

Katelyn asked, “How long?”

Fiona answered as she reached forward and took her sister’s hand then reached and took my hand as well; “We fell in love almost two years ago. Actually Ray and I were dating then and one night Stacy needed a place to crash rather than drive home. We both knew her well and so having her stay over at our place was no big deal. One thing led to another and … well, we all fell in love with each other. Ray will be my husband and Stacy my wife. Someday I hope we can make our triad legal; in the meantime we’ll just do what we do.”

I squeezed Fiona’s hand as a gesture of support and appreciation for her revelations.

“What about Josh? Don’t you want to share your story with him?” I asked quietly. “And Van?”

Fiona said, “You find a way to tell Josh. You’re his girlfriend and understand him better than we do today. I’ll have to see about telling Van; he’s pretty wrapped up in his own life right now and wouldn’t appreciate what our relationship means — really means to each of us. I think he’s pretty conservative too.”

I nodded and wondered how and when I’d tell Josh.

Fiona turned to he sister and asked with a lecherous tone to her voice, “Now, Kate, tell me about your group experience.”

Katelyn actually blushed a little and gave me a shy grin. I nodded to let her know I had great empathy with her situation and feelings. She started, “Carl and I have been friends with Beth and Doug for over a year. They live next door and had become our alter egos. Increasingly we kept finding we could share everything with them.”

She looked at us wondering if she should go on. Fiona and I nodded encouragingly to her.

“Anyway, one night they were over and we were going to watch a movie we’d rented. kartal escort For some reason I felt mischievous so I went and sat with Doug. Beth held her arms up and Carl fell into them. The lights were low and soon we were hugging and kissing with our new partners as the movie played. The hugging and kissing became feeling and smoothing, and then our hands were under each other’s clothing, and then clothing started to come off, and then we made love to each other’s mate — right in the same room.”

“Was it nice,” Fiona asked her sister.

“Oh, it was beautiful. We were all together and naked, enjoying the sight and feel of each other’s bodies. I never wanted the feeling to stop but I also wanted Carl to be happy and I wanted to love him too. We all talked about what we were feeling and how we felt about each other. We talked until two in the morning and then made love with our new partners again, then we all slept in our big bed.”

“Did things look different in the morning?” I asked.

“I woke up in the morning being held and cuddled by Carl. He whispered in my ear that he loved me and it was one of those times when you know that love can move mountains. We hugged and kissed and then started to make love again, right next to Beth and Doug. They woke up and watched us then they made love as we watched.”

Katelyn continued, “After we cleaned up a bit, we all went down and made breakfast. I can still remember than none of us got dressed; we were all naked. It had been a short night. We all continued talking about what we’d done and how we felt about each other. We realized we liked each other — a lot — and that the sex was really a confirmation of how we felt about each other. It wasn’t just lust, there was a lot of love there too. We made love again after breakfast too, and we’ve been an event ever since and that was over a year ago.”

Another long silence ensured then the sisters turned to me and Fiona said, “You haven’t told us about your threesome.”

I laughed at how off guard I’d been for her question, visualizing the scene of the foursome as she’d described the details. The sisters looked puzzled but I felt I should share this part of myself with them.

I started, “My story happened two boyfriends ago. My last boyfriend — before Josh — had an ego the size of a battleship and couldn’t have handled anything like this. Anyway, Wade, that was his name, and I were in our early twenties and as horny as rabbits all the time. I gather you guys have been through that stage too — or maybe you’re still in it?”

Both heads nodded enthusiastically.

“So one night, one of Wade’s friends was over at our apartment watching a baseball game on TV — a guy named Andy. It’s hot, we don’t have air conditioning, and I’m running around our apartment in just a tank top and panties. Wade gets horny watching me and gets up and puts the make on me, running his hands up under my top and fingering my slit. I look and Andy is watching us and rubbing his shorts right where his cock is — and the bulge is evident. We’re turning him on.”

I paused and both sisters leaned in. Katelyn said in an urgent voice, “Go on!”

“I felt like being an exhibitionist suddenly so I pulled my top off completely. As you can see there’s more than a handful so I had plenty to put on display. Wade takes it in stride and starts to suck on my breast as I’m trying to yank his shorts down. I get Wade’s penis out so I can work it and then see that Andy is masturbating as he watches us. Next I knew Wade had two fingers buried in me and I am leaking like a faucet.”

“Without even asking Wade, I just gestured Andy over. A split second later I had another naked guy sucking my breasts and I was in heaven. As they sucked on me, I ended up holding two stiff cocks in my hand too — very erotic to do that.”

“Someone pulled off my undies and then I had lots of fingers in my cunt and I got felt and licked all over. I must have cum a dozen times before the three of us ended on our bed. I can still remember I fucked Wade then Andy then Wade then Andy. We went on for a long time — like two days taking short breaks for food and a little sleep.”

“A one time thing?” Fiona asked.

“I thought so that night but we got together about ten times overall. Andy was OK and I didn’t mind fucking him; he had size working to his advantage too. At the time I really liked Wade, so long as he was OK with what was going on, I was too. Wade and I then started to have relationship problems and ultimately broke up. We had sex after we broke up and stopped living together; we just knew there was no relationship there. Andy joined us several times after we broke up. It was all lust by then, just the three of us satisfying our carnal urges and we had a lot of them stored up. Every time we got together we fucked all weekend, just like our first time together.”

I paused and looked at Fiona and Katelyn. They were both on the verge of drooling at my recounting. I added, “So that’s maltepe escort bayan my story and I’m stickin’ to it.”

“Hot!” said Fiona.

Katelyn asked, “Does Josh know?”

“Not yet,” I told her. “How would you go about telling someone something like that — I mean to your relatively new boyfriend? ‘Oh by the way Josh, did I ever tell you about all the times I fucked two guys until they ran out of cum?’ There just never seems to be a good time.” I grinned at the sisters. As Josh’s ‘temporary girlfriend’ I had to remember to be vague about how long we’d known each other.

Fiona offered, “Well, you could get him involved in a threesome and then it just wouldn’t be anything worth mentioning.”

I said, “So one of you – or better yet both of you – come in tonight and we’ll turn him every which way but loose — and then I’ll tell him.”

Fiona and Katelyn looked at each other; I could tell they were thinking about whether to accept my dare or not.

About that time we heard a car in the driveway honking its horn.

“Van and everyone,” Fiona screamed and hopped off the bed..

She and Katelyn ran out of the bedroom barefoot but wearing their final choices for cocktail dresses. They raced down the stairs to greet the newcomers. I followed at a more sedate pace to allow them time to greet their family members.

The foyer of the large home was a beehive of activity as people carried in luggage and the greeting process took place. I met Van, the fourth member of Josh’s family, his wife Ellie, and Katelyn’s husband Carl.

I couldn’t help but visualize Carl fucking some other female as Katelyn watched. I do have sex on my mind a lot — and I love every second of it.

Josh whispered to me that he really liked my LDB and I told him I still needed to do makeup and other feminine things to get ready.

Fiona announced that we’d all be leaving for the dinner in thirty minutes and there was a mad dash to change from work or travel clothes to our evening dress, and for those of us that had already started dressing a rush to finish with makeup and such.

The Hotel Jerome hosted the rehearsal and dinner. I met about fifty other family members and their spouses including Ray, Fiona’s fiancé, and Stacy the other member of their threesome.

I tried to figure out if Ray and Stacy had that ‘just fucked’ look and finally decided they did. I whispered to Josh that I thought they both had that look and that I wanted to look that way too and he told me to keep quiet. I even suggested we could go use a stall in the ladies room or the coatroom. He was tempted but didn’t succumb.

The other fifty people I met put my ability to remember names to a test. I thought I’d done pretty well when I could go around the large table and knew everyone’s first name at least as well as their relation to the two families in the wedding.

I got to sit next to Stacy at dinner and the two of us bonded very quickly. A pretty dishwater blond with a bubbly personality, Stacy’s intelligence came through as she talked authoritatively about a wide range of subjects. Stacy turned out to be a lawyer for one of the top firms in Denver. As we got to know each other I could feel our chemistry grow; we both promised we’d Skype or e-mail each other on one subject or another.

Josh sat next to me and we also chatted. I got him involved in some of the conversation with Stacy. While they knew of each other neither had met until that night.

Beyond Josh sat Fiona and then Ray, her betrothed. In a little conversation behind Josh’s back I urged Fiona to come on to her brother a little. She understood my hint and then I sat back to watch.

Fiona became overly physical as she and Josh caught up on activities. I watched her run her hand up his arm then drape a hand around his shoulders as the two of us talked or as she shared an idea with Stacy.

A few minutes later I watched her lean in front of Josh, one hand firmly on his thigh very close to ‘ground zero.’ Josh’s eyes got very large and there was no doubt of his hyper-awareness of his sister’s hand. Fiona turned back to Ray and the advance paused for a few moments.

Josh looked at me, apparently for guidance. I acknowledged his look at me and then at Fiona’s hand in his lap. My reaction was to laugh. I leaned into Josh and said, “Enjoy life as it comes.” I chuckled to myself over the double entendre.

I planted my hand on Josh’s other thigh and rubbed right up to ‘ground zero.’ Now Josh’s eyes got really big.

I asked, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to go into the coatroom? We could invite Fiona too.”

He looked at me and pondered the idea again. He leaned to me and we kissed rather tenderly.

Josh said, “You know this boyfriend-girlfriend thing is much, much better than I thought it would be. When I suggested that you be my ‘temporary girlfriend’ I had no idea we’d be where we are now — that I’d be where I am now.” He kissed me again.

I smiled and escort pendik decided I’d be a little coy. His remark was vague, perhaps on purpose and I knew that later I’d want some further clarification.

After the main course at dinner, Fiona and Ray stood and thanked everyone for coming and playing a role in their wedding, in helping them become the people they were, and in helping them meet and promoting their relationship. Everyone applauded.

Fiona finished her speech and then asked that for our special dessert and coffee every other person at the table move two slots to their left so that they could meet and talk with new people. Half the table arose and started to mill around, mostly to their left.

I could see that Katelyn was slated to sit next to Josh as the long table rearranged itself. I quickly whispered to her, “Come on to Josh — in line with what we were talking about back at the house. Fiona’s already softened the landscape, or should I say hardened up the landscape. I’ll put in a plug for you later.”

I grinned at her as she digested my comment. Then I got a wide smile from her as she sat down in the seat that had been mine.

I moved two slots to my left and sat with Ray on my right and Van, Josh’s brother, on my left. We broke into animated conversation and I got to know the two of them well over the intermission between dinner and dessert and then over a superb serving of Banana’s Foster. I knew I’d have to start working out after this weekend.

It might have been the flow of wine or the liqueur in the dessert that provoked my devilish nature. As Van got into a discussion away from me, I decided I’d flirt with Ray. Thus, I started to duplicate the moves I’d seen Fiona apply to Josh only a few minutes earlier.

The results started to materialize immediately. Ray started to look deep into my eyes to try to see if he understood why I touched his neck, ran my hand up his thigh as I leaned across to say something to Josh, or placed my body so that his arm had to brush across my breasts — an act I obviously appreciated but pretended to ignore.

I could tell my advances on Ray were modestly successful when Ray’s hands started to wander around my body too, nothing too out of place — just a touch or smooth, supposedly to get my attention. Soon he duplicated many of my moves prompting me to raise the ante even further.

As the dinner started to break up Ray said to me, “I am so glad that you came to our wedding. You are fun and sexy and a delight to have here. Josh is a lucky man.”

I leaned in and pecked a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.” I lowered my voice to a whisper, “You are a lucky man — Fiona and Stacy are both sweethearts. I hope all our paths cross again and frequently after this weekend.”

Ray looked surprised that I knew their secret. He just nodded to me as Josh came to my side. We chatted about the schedule for the wedding day and then were off.

Josh drove me, Fiona, Katelyn, Carl, Van and Ellie (Van’s wife) back to Eagle Pines in a large car that the family left at the house. We were a merry group in the car yet at the house everyone said ‘good night’ and headed off to their own rooms.

Josh pulled me into the living room where the remains of the pre-dinner fire still warmed the hearth. He put another couple of logs from the big log crib on the embers and in a couple of moments they burst into flame. He finally stood and turned to me.

I held my arms open to him. Josh closed the short space between us and we hugged and kissed with a serious sexual intent for the first time since our passionate fuck at 40,000-feet in Josh’s corporate jet.

I felt Josh’s strong hands find the zipper to my dress and shivered slightly as he toyed with the little pull and then slowly pulled the little tab all the way down to my rear. I reached up and started to un-do the buttons on his shirt. My shawl and his sport coat disappeared then seconds later he helped me step out of my dress.

I pulled Josh’s shirt off of him revealing his muscular chest. As we kissed again, his tongue pushing into my willing mouth, he used one hand to un-snap the clasp on my black lace brassiere. I shrugged the frilly bra down my arms and tossed in the pile with our clothes.

I asked, “I assume it’s OK if we get caught making love here?” I gestured to the sofa with a silly grin.

Josh smiled, “Of course. It’ll remove all doubt that I really have a girlfriend.”

“A temporary girlfriend,” I said with a hint of sarcasm. He didn’t reply; his thoughts had moved on elsewhere.

I undid his belt and unzipped his slacks. He kicked off his loafers and stepped out of his pants. I pulled his briefs down to reveal his rising manhood. Josh looked down at me clearly wondering what I was going to do.

I looked up into his eyes as I took his penis in both of my hands and slowly moved my hands alternately down his cock, pulling so he lengthened as he engorged his rod. Josh ran his fingers through my hair.

I pulled his cock into my mouth, initially licking around the mushroomed head and then capturing just the helmet of his rod in my mouth. I rapidly turned my head back and forth over the shaft holding just that top in my mouth and sucking. I head a loud moan from my man.

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