Temptations Ch. 05

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Linda tried to cover her eyes with her arm at the harsh glare of the overhead lights and felt something attached to it and looked at, she had a Tube in her arm and she stared at it.

“Don’t pull it out, it’s just something to keep you from throwing up and your dizziness…I think.” She heard someone say to her from the other side. She looked at him and placed a name to the face, Kenny. Then the memories came flooding back and she remembered what had happened, mostly anyway. “You’re at Southern Medical Center, in town. You fainted and kept getting dizzy; also you threw up a few times.” He told her when she looked confused. She nodded at what he said.

“You’re Kenny, and…and we…” she started to say but he hushed her.

“Yes we did, but not too loudly, you’re here under your real name and well, you didn’t want your husband to know, remember?” Kenny reminded her with a whisper. She nodded, and then smiled at him.

“Ok, yeah I remember, I also remember it was your wife that got us together.” Linda said, and then tried to sit up. He stopped her and reaching back raised the bed for her so she was sitting up.

“I think you were just asleep, I think you needed it, though you passed out earlier in the car. You had me worried about you. The doctor saw you earlier and thinks you have a mild concussion, and that was why you were dizzy and fainting. He had some x-rays taken and we were waiting on them and you fell asleep. It’s been about 45 minutes I think.” He told her and she nodded and looked around.

“I don’t remember seeing the doctor, but I remember parts of the car ride and being in a wheelchair part of the way while here.” Linda said, trying to remember.

“Yeah that was when they took you to get the x-rays. How are you feeling now?” He asked her, hoping she felt better. She shrugged, but smiled at him.

“Thank you for bringing me here, but I am in so much trouble with my husband now I’m sure. I don’t want to think how much he’s gonna scream at me…or worse.” She said, looking worried now.

“What was your cover story for being away from home?” He asked her, taking her hand to hold.

“That Ginger and you wanted to talk about your son. I don’t know how well that is going to hold up with me being out this long.” She said.

“Well as for that, you tripped at our house and wound up here, In fact I should call your house…we’ve been here for almost two hours as is.” He told her and her eyes grew wide.

“Oh god, what time is it?” She asked franticly.

“After eleven, I didn’t grab my watch.” He told her and then looked at her hard. “Does your husband hit you?” He asked her, thinking of her earlier comment. She looked uncomfortable with the question.

“He…he has a few times. It’s been awhile but after tonight…” She started to say.

“Listen you don’t have to take that crap, besides you were here at the hospital, remember that.” He told her. “Why do you stay with a guy who’s hit you?” He asked her cautiously. She shrugged as she looked at him.

“I don’t know.” She replied lamely, and then looked at him hard. “Why are you with a woman who wants you…wants you to take his son’s cock?” She asked in a whisper, not wanting to be heard by anyone else.

“I don’t know what was up with that tonight, though I guess it has something to do with what I asked of her, having sex with Nick.” He answered her back quietly.

“Why did you do that, or even want that. You seem like man enough for one woman…” She said, thinking maybe the wife had influenced his decision.

“It was just a silly idea. I saw him the other day…how big he was and told Ginger and something about how she reacted knocked the idea in my head. And it just stuck there. I saw that after I mentioned the idea it really got her going, and it got to me that she wouldn’t even admit it to herself, so I just hounded her. I guess my hounding worked!” He rambled on and she just listened. She looked at him hard.

“I think you screwed up.” She told him flatly. He looked down at her and nodded after a second.

“You’re probably right. I mean we had talked in the past about her…us, having another guy, maybe a girl in bed with us, But I wonder if it being Nick just has too much emotion to it. Ya, I probably have screwed up.” He said, half whispering to himself as he talked.

“I think you have, because I don’t think you’re going to get the two of them to stop now.” She told him, and he stared at her. He nodded after a minute.

“Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. If it was another guy I could probably stop it, but not …him.” He whispered carefully because he heard someone right outside. They then heard the door opening and the doctor came into the room.

“Well Mrs. Harold, your X-ray looked clean, but I do think you have a mild concussion and think you should stay here at the hospital for a day or two for observation to make sure you’re ok.” He told her and Linda took it in and then looked at Kenny. The doctor then went on and asked her a few things and then left kartal escort to arraign for a nurse to get her room.

“Oh well, I guess Rick can’t get too mad at me in the hospital.” She sighed out, not liking the idea of a hospital stay.

“Linda, listen you shouldn’t take abuse from him.” Kenny told her; concerned that she was going to be in trouble over that night.

“It’s fine Kenny.” She said, blowing off his worries.

“Well it won’t be if he gets abusive. Tell me if he does and I’ll take care of it…” He told her and she jumped in smiling.

“Kenny, are you coming to my rescue?” She asked him playfully.

“If I need to…yes. It was my fault this happened anyway.” He said, as he held her hand. She glanced at him doing so and smiled up at him.

“I’d say it was Ginger’s fault. She blackmailed me into this.” She told him and then looked into his face. “Though I…I like it…that she did.” She said, her face blushing. He smiled back at her. Then glancing at the cracked door, he quickly leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He meant to give her a quick one, but she opened her lips and she began twirling her tongue with his. After a minute he lifted up and was breathing heavy.

“Wow!” He told her with a grin, not expecting her response. He saw she was breathing very heavily.

“Yeah wow!” She said, smiling, and then she began chuckling softly. They hushed when they heard the door open and the nurse came in. She had Linda sign one or two places and gave her a room number. She then prepared her to go up to her room.

“Linda, give me your home number so I can call your husband and tell him what happened and which room you are in.” Kenny told her as he side stepped the nurse. Linda nodded and told him the number. The nurse left to go get something and said she would be right back. Linda looked up at him, nervously.

“Listen Kenny, if you…if you want to come visit me while I’m here, be careful, Rick gets jealous easy.” She told him in concern.

“I can handle your husband I think. Besides I’d have a legitimate reason, you were my…our guest when it happened in our house. Remember you hit your head while visiting me and Ginger.” He said, reminding her of her alibi. She nodded and smiled at him.

“Ok, then.” She nodded again and looking quickly out of the open door, reached up and grabbed his collar and pulled him down. She leaned forward and quickly kissed him again, passionately on the lips, breaking it off quickly though. He looked stunned as she released him and she giggled.

“Wow again.” He commented, and she laughed.

“Just in case we don’t get another shot at it later.” She told him with a smile. The nurse returned and got her into a wheelchair.

“Ok then Linda, you have a goodnight. I’m going to call your husband and then head home.” He told her and she took his hand as he started to go.

“Have a good night Kenny.” Linda told him and let go of him. The nurse then wheeled her down the hall and around the corner. Kenny stood there for a second then went to find a phone, not wanting to use his own cell. Linda’s husband picked up quickly and Kenny could tell he was worried…and angry. But when Kenny told him what had happened and where she was he calmed down and told him he would be right there. His duty done, Kenny had no desire to wait around for her husband, Kenny already figured he didn’t like the man, so he left the hospital and drove home.

The drive home wasn’t long, but Kenny took his time, thinking about the evening and all that had happened. He was actually reluctant to get home, wondering what he would find. He knew what he had wanted from his wife when he talked about her and Nick and how it happened was totally different. He then thought about what Linda and he had said at the ER. Kenny figured he would just have to get home to find out what the future held.

The house was like he had left it, from what he had remembered. He saw where his wife had changed in the living room, some of her clothes on the floor. He gathered them up and tossed them into the laundry room. He was unhurried to find his wife or son, wondering why he felt that way. He shrugged and went to find them; looking inside their son’s room first…it was closer to the laundry then his own bedroom. The other rooms were empty as well so he knew now where they were. When he opened the door to his bedroom softly and entered, he saw them.

Kenny looked at his wife and son, under the covers of the king sized bed. Ginger was on her stomach and Nick was near her on his side, his arm over her back. Both were seemingly naked beneath the covers. He watched them for a minute, guessing what they had done after he had left with Linda to go to the ER. He gently sat down on the bed next to his sleeping wife and reaching up, softly stroked her hair. He knew she was tired when she didn’t awaken after several minutes of his soft touches. But finally he saw her move slightly and soon her eyes came open.

“Hey.” Was all she said as she opened her eyes maltepe escort bayan and saw him sitting in front of her.

“Hey yourself. I see you were busy while I was gone.” He said quietly looking at their son. Ginger slowly lifted up and looked at the still sleeping form beside her and then back at her husband smiling.

“Well I had to keep busy somehow while you were gone.” She offered up with a grin at him. She saw his smile which looked a bit fake to her. “Are you mad?” She asked him and saw that her question got a response.

“Not really. Did you enjoy yourself tonight?” He asked her candidly. She looked at him for a second then nodded, her smile coming back.

“Yes, yes I did. Are you mad now?” She asked again. He shook his head. “How is Linda?” She asked trying to change subjects now.

“She seems ok, the doctor admitted her for observation, thinks she has a concussion, but she should be ok. I called her husband and let him know what happened….the abridged version!” He hurriedly finished when he saw her start to object.

“Was he mad?” She asked him.

“Worried and mad I think, but it sounded like his anger went away after I told him the story. I talked over the phone; I didn’t want to meet the man. Did you know he has hit her before?” He asked her wondering if she had found that out before blackmailing the young teacher.

“No, I didn’t.” She replied softly then saw his hard look. “No I didn’t Kenny, I didn’t know that. She told me he was the jealous type but never said anything about hitting her I swear. If I had I probably wouldn’t have done to her what I did.” She told him defensively. They both got quiet when they saw their son stirring in his sleep. Ginger looked over at the time and saw it was almost one in the morning. She carefully pulled back the covers and slid over slightly. “Come in and get some sleep.” She offered as she moved over, waking Nick even further. Kenny looked up for a second at their son and then back at her.

“Naw, you go back to sleep. I’ll crash in the spare when I’m ready.” He told her, not feeling like joining his wife at the moment with their son in the bed.

“Kenny, this was your idea! Don’t you do this to me dammit!” Ginger said, raising her voice as she sat up in bed. Nick came fully awake at her mother’s raised voice and opened his eyes.

“Oh… hey dad. How’s Linda?” He asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and then looking over too his mother.

“She’s fine Nick.” He told him calmly.

“Kenny Sooner, you get in this bed, I won’t have you sleeping in the guest room. You wanted what happened tonight!” She muttered out at him and Nick looked at them.

“I’m not really tired at the moment and…” Kenny started to say.

“Get in this bed! You’re my husband and I want you here tonight not in the other room.” She announced to him.

“Listen Ginger I…” He started yet again.

“NO! You’re sleeping here…” Ginger started to say.

“I’ll go dad. Go to bed, I don’t want to cause waves or anything.” Nick said as he threw back the covers and stood up.

“Yeah, Nick get out of here! You…in bed!” Ginger commanded playfully and Kenny grinned, glancing at his son as he moved past behind him and closed the door after he left the room. “Come on Kenny, it’s late.” She reminded him and he shrugged and stripped to his underwear and climbed between the covers next to her. She snuggled next to him and had her arm over his chest. When he didn’t do anything but lay there she nudged him and he looked at her. “I said get in bed; I didn’t say anything about sleep.” She said with a smile.

“And here I was thinking Nick had worn you out.” He said jokingly. She chuckled.

“Yeah…right!” She told him then leaning over him, kissed him and he felt her tongue invade his mouth. He then felt her hand quickly slide down his body and wrap itself around his growing member, making him fully hard in seconds. She began pumping her hand over his hard cock while she pressed her body into his, still kissing him.

“I guess your batteries got recharged.” He mumbled when he broke the kiss to breathe. She kissed down his neck and onto his chest.

“Mmmhhhmm.” Was all she said as he felt her head slide down further and she used her legs to kick back the covers, exposing his entire body. He moaned as he watched her, continuing to kiss down his body until she got to his groin. She then lifted his cock with her hand and enveloped it quickly into her mouth.

“Ah shit Ginger!” He muttered out as he started hearing slurping sounds from his wife. He felt her mouth go into overdrive and he looked as her head bobbed rapidly on his cock. If she continued at this rate he would come soon he thought. He patted her head to try and slow her and she lifted her mouth off of his wet cock.

“You want to help?” She asked him, thinking he wanted something different and swung her body around and quickly lifted her leg to straddle his head. He was surprised and her pussy firmly above his face before he thought escort pendik about where it had been just hours before.

“Ah hell!” Was all he had time to mumble as she lowered her hips and his mouth made contact with her wet pussy. He gave a few soft hesitant licks, thinking that Nick had probably been inside her just an hour or so ago. She shook her hips, telling him to do more.

“If you don’t lick, you don’t breathe.” She told him and pushed her legs down and together, smothering him for a second before lifting back up slightly. He chuckled at her strategy and began licking in earnest. He didn’t taste anything funny so figured she had peed after they had sex earlier. He felt her mouth return to his cock and felt her resume sucking with her past gusto. He wasn’t sure if he was going to last much longer at her current pace so he wet a finger and reaching up, softly began sliding it into her ass. “Ah you nasty bastard!” She mouthed, taking her lips away from his tool, then immediately swallowing it again. He heard her moans around his cock as he pushed more of his finger into her butt, all along licking hard across her clit and into her sopping pussy. He felt her pussy contract around his tongue and her spincer tightened around his finger.

“Uhh god, tongue me fucker…oh god Kenny baby…lick me…lick…ahhh there…almost…allmm…ahahhhh…ahhhhh…UUUGGHHHH!” She grunted out as she lifted off his cock and started her orgasm, bucking her hips into the mouth pleasuring her. Kenny licked the length of her slit, taking her seeping juices into his mouth as she came. But her orgasm soon played out and she sighed contentedly and lifted up on him.

“And me?” He asked grinning as she sat up on his chest. She glanced back at him.

“In time, or don’t you trust me?” She asked him smiling, sliding off him and falling down in the bed next to him. She then turned herself quickly and straddled him again, this time at his waist. She slid down her body till he felt his cock meet her wetness and she worked her hips till he slid into her and then she pushed down quickly, taking him in one push.

“Uhh shit!” He groaned out feeling her velvety wetness around him. He looked up at her as she grinned at him, watching his reaction.

“Notice any difference?” She asked him and he hadn’t at first, but after her question he did notice she was slightly looser.

“Slightly, but not much.” He replied, and she looked surprised.

“Really? The way he felt I thought I’d be loose as hell, I’m surprised I’m not more sore. But I don’t have any problems feeling you, you feel real good in fact.” She told him as she started grinding her hips back and forth, with him fully buried in her.

“Uhhh same here.” He agreed as he softly started bucking his hips up into her, causing little grunts from her. She lay her body on his and let him work on her as his thrust grew harder and quicker.

“Oh god, fuck me baby!” She moaned out as she rested on, feeling him pound into her. He grabbed around her waist and used the grip to thrust harder. “Oh yeah that’s it, fuck me hard!” She grunted out as she felt him speed up.

“Uhhh shit I’m close!” He gasped out, knowing he couldn’t keep this pace and last. His ass was thrusting off of the bed as he slammed into her, her body jumping like a rag dolls. “Ohh god…oh god…Uhhhhh shhhiitt…AARRGGHHHH!” He cried out as he felt his hot cum boil out and begin to fill her.

“Oh yes…fill me…ohhh there…ooohh yesss…OHHHHHH!” She called out as well as his pounding took her over again. They both grunted and gasped as they thrust into each other, slick with sweat. Kenny gave one final push, blowing the last of his come into her and then flopped onto the bed exhausted. She lay on top of him, panting as her pussy kept working softly, milking his now shrinking member. After a minute it flopped out of her drenched slit and their combined juices ran down his legs. She got up on her hands and looked at him.

“What?” He asked her and she just gave him a huge grin and quickly got off of him and stepped over him. “Oh no you don’t!” he told her as her knees sank and her hips lowered quickly and surrounded his head.

“Yes sir. I think you still owe me for earlier, I don’t think you gave me your promise’s full measure.” She told him as she looked at him between her legs. He could even then feel their juices dripping on his cheek and he grinned at her.

“Jesus you’re demented…but alright!” He told her and no sooner were the words out of his mouth as her pussy was on it. She ground herself into his mouth, and did her best to milk her muscles to give him everything.

“Oh that’s it, lick that used pussy!” She purred out as she hugged the backboard, pumping her hips onto his mouth. “Ohh Kenny, lick it…lick it clean baby!” She told him, feeling another orgasm forming. Kenny licked faster and brought a hand around and began thumbing her clit. “Oh that’s it…massage that little soldier, oh god…lick deeper! Ohh baby…faster…uuhhh…ahhh…mmmmmUUUHHHH!” She grunted out as yet another orgasm slapped her body, and she rode her husband’s tongue. He stopped licking and tried to protect his face as she brutally ground into him. She bucked one final time and shuddered. She then slid off him and lay panting as Kenny took deep breaths.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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