Tender Loving Care

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Sean had always been a bit of a daredevil, both in love and in life, but somehow it had never managed to catch up to him. Until one day, when his recklessness finally bit him in the ass. He had been dating a hot biker chick he’d met at a bike show. They had awesome chemistry and amazing sex, but of course, that wasn’t enough for him. He took to banging random girls in places where they were likely to get caught. Each time the location got riskier and riskier, until finally he fucked one tramp on his girlfriend’s couch. Not surprisingly, she walked in just as he ejaculated into his fling’s tight ass. He pulled out as quickly as he could, but his girlfriend still managed to get a punch in. His head was spinning from the impact, but he ran out the door towards his bike. She managed to get on her bike and fire it up, before he even reached his. His pants were still caught around his ankles, hobbling him, when she gunned her bike back at him and slammed into him.

Sean woke up about 72 hours later, in pain and confused. When his eyes first opened, he couldn’t figure out where he was or why he wasn’t able to move. He frantically looked around the room, slowly figuring out that he was in a hospital room and that he had bandages all over. “What the fuck!?!” He hollered, calling out to no one in particular. Both of his arms were in casts, as was one of his legs. No wonder he couldn’t move. “C’mon…someone tell me where the fuck I am!”

“Mr. Cotridge, please keep your voice down.” Sean craned his neck trying to see where the voice came from. “Don’t move around too much, it will only make everything hurt more.”

“Fine, then move so I can see you and I’ll stop.” A young woman stepped into his field of view. She was tall and slender, but still managed to give an overall impression of voluptuousness. She was wearing dark blue scrubs, her long blonde hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her face was free of makeup. Yet, she was still sexy. “Nice. At least if I’m stuck here, I’ve got good company.”

“I’m glad to see you’re awake. I’m Lily, your nurse.” She gave Sean a smile that while friendly also contained a hint of condescension. “Please feel free to let me know how to make your time with us more pleasant and comfortable.”

“Well, to start with, you could…” Lily cut him off with a withering glare. Sean had been attempting to make a rude gesture, but had quickly found that both the cast and the pain had stayed his hand. He cleared his throat and began again. “You could tell me what happened and where the hell I am.”

“I would appreciate it if you watched your language.” Sean groaned in his mind at her prudishness. “You are in St. Francis hospital. You were brought here after a traumatic vehicular accident. Both of your arms and one of your legs were smashed up. Luckily, nothing else was really bahis firmaları damaged. The surgeons worked for a long time to put your limbs back together and with some good rehab you’ll get back almost full use of them. The file says that you were run over?” She looked at Sean, waiting for some sort of explanation. All he did was grunt. “Ok. Well, let me know if you need anything.” She turned on her heels and walked out of the room.

Over the next few days, Sean began to feel a little bit better. The pain was bad, but the narcotics took the edge off. He was bored, but he watched a lot of TV and movies. He’d sprung for the upgraded TV package, which included HBO. The food was awful, but some of his buddies brought him fast food whenever they came to visit. What got to him was the complete lack of sex. Not just sex, but jerking off. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the privacy to wank off, rather he didn’t have the ability. With both of his arms in casts, there wasn’t a chance in hell that he could touch his dick, let alone get himself off. He lay in the hospital bed, bored, thinking naughty thoughts about every woman he saw on TV or in person. He’d feel his cock get hard as he imagined for the hundredth time bending one of the nurses over the bed and ramming it into her hard. He’d see himself swell beneath the thin sheet and think about how much he wanted to rub his dick. Instead, he’d call for more pain meds, in the hope that he’d be less horny doped up. It didn’t work. It simply meant that he’d have weirder, darker wet dreams.

Sean’s favorite nurse was Lily, the one he had met when he first woke up in the hospital. He just loved pissing her off. She seemed a bit prudish, so he worked hard to be a real naughty bad boy when she was around, not that it was a challenge for him to act like an asshole. What he loved was catching the corner of her mouth quirk into a hint of a smile whenever he said something particularly outrageous or flattering. He’d kept up a pretty steady stream of descriptions of what he’d do to her if both his arms worked. He talked about how he’d pinch her ass every time she came by, since it was such a wonderful round sexy rear. He told her how much he loved looking down the neck of her scrubs, so he could see those plump, lickable tits. She’d roll her eyes or make a flippant motion with her hands, dismissing every naughty comment he made. But every so often, he would see a little glint in her eye and a little mischievous slant to her mouth. Pretty soon, Nurse Lily had a starring role in his all of his fantasies. He imagined the day when his casts all came off. He was getting dressed, ready to finally leave the hospital, when Nurse Lily would come into his room. She would see him pull up his pants and, without a word, walk up to him and pull them back down again. She would push him back onto kaçak iddaa the bed, not even bothering with foreplay, just dropping to her knees and sucking him. He imagined grabbing her blonde ponytail and forcing her mouth further down his cock, until she was deep throating him. He could see the tears welling up in her eyes, as she choked on the length and girth of him. He would let go of her hair, pull her up and bend her over the bed. He would thrust his dick into her, deep enough that he would be pounding against her cervix, making her scream from pain and pleasure all at once. Just as he was about to cum, he would pull out, so he could shoot his load all over her firm, round ass.

One evening, when the floor was short-staffed, Nurse Lily had to bathe Sean. Normally, one of the nurse’s aides would begrudgingly give him a rough, fast sponge bath. But tonight, no one was available and Sean was always particular about going to sleep clean, so Nurse Lily decided to bite the bullet and bathe him. Sean was surprised when she placed a basin of steaming, soapy water on his bedside stand and pulled the curtain around his bed. None of the aides ever bothered to pull the curtain, since he had a private room, but Lily was always faultlessly professional. She was humming quietly to herself, while she pulled down his blanket, revealing his whole lower body.

“We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up, if you don’t mind.” He was still trying to adjust himself to the idea that she would be sponging down his naked body that the only response he could give her was a slight nod of the head. “Ok, let’s get started. Tell me if the water gets too cold and I’ll get some new.”

She began to rub his feet with the warm, damp sponge, cleaning between his toes, all along his foot, up to his ankles. She rinsed the sponge between feet and again as she started to ascend his right calf. Sean was almost holding his breath with a sort of excited anxiety, as he tried to keep images of her naked body rubbing against him out of his head. As she worked the sponge up his calves to his knees, he could feel his cock begin to stiffen. Even as he tried desperately to imagine non-erotic things, he continued to swell and harden, until his erection was painfully obvious to both him and Lily. But, she acted oblivious to his rapidly growing member and continued to rinse the sponge and clean his thighs. As the sponge moved closer and closer to his groin, her movements began to get slower and more deliberate. Sean flinched, both from anticipation and embarrassment. Lily rinsed the sponge and gently slid it along his balls. He could feel them tighten with pleasure, as the warm dampness moved towards the base of his dick. The sponge continued to move up along his shaft, moving slowly, but with purpose. Sean jumped, when he felt one of her fingers glide kaçak bahis up the center of his testicles and up his penis. She put the sponge back into the basin and pressed her palm into his chest.

“I thought you might need a little help with this,” she whispered into his ear, as her hand encircled his swollen rod. He was still slippery from the soap, so her hand glided easily along his oh so sensitive skin. Her fingers danced their way up to the tip, where she began stroking him in earnest. Her hand expertly moved up and down his cock, while his hips began to pump in rhythm to her movements.

“It’s a shame that you’ve been neglected while you’ve been here. This is a lovely piece.” Her tongue darted out and teased his earlobe. He let out a moan, as her breathe tickled his ear. Her hand was beginning to move a bit faster and he could feel the end coming.

“Stop, please, stop.” He panted quietly. Her hand dropped away. “No, no….just wait a sec, I don’t want to come yet…let me calm down for a sec, just a sec.” She chuckled to herself and favored him with a mischievous little smile.

“Sure, no problem.” She let her hand idly caress him, while he tried to catch his breath. He looked down at her and to his surprise, saw that her other hand had slipped into her scrub bottoms. Her arm was making small motions as she thrust her fingers into herself.

“Let me see.” She pulled her hand out. “No, really, I want to see you cum.” She shrugged and began to finger herself in earnest. He could see her hand rubbing in circles as she massaged her clit. He hated that he could only watch the motions through her scrubs, but it was the best he would get. The hand that had been rubbing him snaked up her shirt and under her bra. She began pinching her nipples.

“Pull your shirt up, let me see your tits.” She acquiesced and exposed her pert breast with hard, pink nipples. Her hand began to speed up, as her eyes began to close and her lips pursed with the need to hold in her moans of pleasure. He could see the muscles in her ass tighten, thrusting her cunt harder against her hand. She put one hand on his chest to balance herself, as her body began to tremble with pleasure.

“Oh, god…yes,” she whispered as the orgasm hit. Her head dropped back, her blonde hair splaying across her tits. She came hard, her body shivering and shaking. He could smell the muskiness of her sex and juices. He desperately wanted to slip his dick into that wetness and fuck her to another orgasm.

She took his cock into her juice soaked hand and used her own lube on him. Her hand stroked up and down on his rock hard member, as he pushed up to meet her. “Keep going.” He grunted as his eyes locked with hers. Seeing her face glowing with pleasure tipped him over the edge. He spurted his load all over her hand and the bed linens, his body racked with pleasure at finally being able to release itself.

With a smile, Lily reached over and grabbed her sponge. “Hmmm…that made a bit of a mess. I guess I’ll just have to clean you up again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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