Tess: New Ranch Foreman

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[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. As such, the story may or may not totally conform to reality. With some historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


The day was hot and the ride in the stagecoach was bumpy, very bumpy. The trip was also quite dusty, not to mention extremely hot. I’d been out east for the last four years to a female finishing school in Virginia. I was on my way home at last.

Father, Jed Barstow, had sent me there from our Texas ranch one month after mother died. She died on a cold winter day on January 20, 1874, my sixteenth birthday. It had been a very long four years in that cloistered school.

By the way, my name is Theresa Barstow. But I prefer the nickname of Tess. Definitely not Terry, Reese, or Ressa.

I was nearly numb from the horribly uncomfortable and very long ride from the last train station that was the closest to the ranch I could get. To say I was irritable, even bitchy, was an understatement. I was daydreaming about my homecoming with Father when I heard someone up top shout, “Indians!”

The driver whipped the teams into a full gallop. My three fellow passengers looked dismayed. The ugly little whiskey drummer was literally quaking in his boots. The gambler who’d been manipulating a deck of cards most of the time he had been riding, drew a Colt pistol and seemed calm enough.

It was the cowboy sitting beside me that was the calmest of all. He simple picked up his Winchester rifle from the floor and leaned it out the window on his side.

“Get down, Miss Tess, there’ll be bullets and arrows flying in a minute,” was the cowboy’s quick comment to me before he leaned out.

When he had boarded six hours earlier, the cowboy had introduced himself as Dell. The whiskey drummer’s name was Sid. The gambler called himself Mississippi Tom. Shots rang out up top.

“That’d be the guard and his rifle,” said Dell. Then Del’s rifle barked. “Got that’n.” Shots continued from up above. Del’s rifle fired frequently now also. “They’re gettin’ a might close,” muttered Dell.

One Indian had caught up alongside the coach on my side, opposite Del and fired an arrow through the window. The arrow missed the drummer and lodged in the throat of the gambler. Without thinking, I reached down and picked up his dropped Colt and in one, swift, spontaneous reaction, whirled it around and snapped off a shot.

The Indian’s head exploded in a crimson cloud. I calmly drew a bead on a second Indian and dropped him from his horse. And then a third. I was astonished, but calm. As a frontier ranch resident before goin to school out east, I had a very good teacher in weapons and their use in the ranch foreman. From that time I also knew I had an innate ability to handle them well. This was not my first time to use a weapon in my defense, but I apparently hadn’t lost the ability.

The whooping and yelling died out completely and the driver slowed the horses to a trot. We surviving passengers let out our breath and began to breathe again. We took stock of our condition and found the gambler a bloody mess and quite dead. The rest of us were shaken, but unhurt.

Dell said, “Whoever was shoot’n on that side must have done some good. Adding in my gun and those up top, we drove ’em off.”

The whiskey drummer managed to say, “The missy here was doin’ the shoot’n on this side. She got three of ’em.”

“Three?” queried Dell.

“Yep,” replied the drummer, “Exploded the head of one of ’em just like a watermelon.”

“I didn’t know you could shoot, Miss Tess.”

I just blushed and looked down. Outwardly, I appeared calm, but I was shaking inside something fierce. Meanwhile, the driver had brought the stage to a halt to let the horses blow and to check on his passengers.

The driver climbed down and opened the door. “I’m sorry for the gent there that got kilt, but it looks like we got ’nuff fire power together to make it too dear for ’em to finish the job,”

“Likely,’ Dell added.

“We should be alright for now,” the driver continued, “Waco, our next stop, is only a couple of hours away. You two gents hep me get the body to the boot in back for the rest of the ride.”

Sid and Dell complied and then climbed back in. The driver got back up top. With a loud crack of his whip, he got the team underway again. The drummer began sampling his stock and quickly passed out. I’d been sittin’ beside Dell from the start of the trip as I had no wish to be squished between the detestable tipsy drummer and the snakelike gambler.

Dell and I resumed our forward facing seat together across from the rear facing seat of the drummer. We slowly resumed our conversation that had been on and off from the start of the trip.

I’d already told him a short version of my story and that I was very anxious to see my father again after güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri four years.

“Growing up on the ranch, is that where you learned to shoot so well?”


“Amazing. Unbelievable, actually. But just the same, you did it.”

“So what’s your story, Dell? In the past six hours, you’ve told me little about yourself.”

“Me? I’m just a cowboy, heading for a Waco area ranch and a new job punch’n cows. My old boss said a friend of his needed help and he’d recommended me for the job.”

“So what ranch are you goin’ to be riding for now, Dell?”

“A ranch called the Bar BQ.”

“What? The Bar BQ? That’s Father’s ranch! That’s where I’m going too.”

“Will wonders never cease,” replied Dell.

My right hand grabbed Dell’s left hand and squeezed–rather hard. I didn’t let go after squeezing him.

“Will wonders never cease,” repeated Dell.

“I hope you don’t think me too forward, but I like you and was so afraid the end of this ride would be the last I’d see of you. And I do want to keep seeing more of you. At least if you don’t think me too forward, I do.”

“Is that what they teach you in those fancy schools out east, to chase after men?”

“Oh no, quite the opposite in fact. And that’s the whole trouble. We girls have been so corralled and held down in the school for four years, we were all about to explode. Our natural feelings had to be kept bottle up or we were harshly punished. A few were kicked out of school.”

“Didn’t you have dances and other gatherings with boys?”

“Yes, that was part of the etiquette training, but we only had boys over for dances twice a year, Christmas and the fourth of July. And those were chaperoned so tightly, no one had a chance to misbehave. But there were chances and most of the girls, me included, took a lot of chances to get a hold of what we coveted, man flesh. We managed.”

“You mean you fucked?”

“No, not fucking. We couldn’t chance that. But we girls sure shucked and sucked on a few cocks those four years. We got some pussy lickin’ once in a while as well.”

“Interesting, Tess.”

“We girls, at least while under supervision, were only allowed a chaste kiss on the cheek at the end of the evening as the boys were taken out and home by their chaperones. We needed more.”

“You mean like this?” asked Dell as he leaned down and placed his lips on mine.

He pressed the kiss home–harder and harder, longer and longer, ’til I had to push back and really gasp for air.

“Yes, like that,” I managed to gasp.

Then I threw my arms around him and kissed him back. The whiskey drummer was still passed out and unknowing. My right hand dropped from Del’s neck to his crotch. I found a very hard and long sausage sticking up toward his belt.

Dell dropped one hand to my breasts and massaged them over the top of my dress. Electric sparks were tingling all through my body. This is what I’d been missing for four years–a real man.

I broke the kiss and sat up. “This is far too awkward in this rocking coach. But I want to see much more of you when we get to the ranch, if I haven’t scared you off already. I was taught all the etiquette rules of our society and–I adhere to them fairly well, at least in public when other people are around.”

“And this public demonstration was a sample of that following of the rules?”

“First off, it’s not public, at least while the drummer is still passed out, it isn’t. Second, in private, I have desires and wishes that are quite unconventional and I won’t be denied them. Think you can handle that, Dell?”

“Oh, recon so, Miss Tess, recon so.”

“I think we can drop the ‘Miss,’ Dell.”

“Sure, Tess.”

The last hour of the ride was spent in chaste posture and near silence as the drummer came around and mumbled in his chops about his sad state of affairs. It was a long hour in the hot afternoon.

The coach finally squealed to a stop in front of the stage office with trace chains jangling and the horses blowing. As we dismounted the coach, the town hall clock tolled the hour with four loud peels of the bell. It quickly became apparent that no one from the ranch was waiting to pick me up.

“Well, it’s a three hour ride to the ranch from here and I need something to eat before starting out on that kind of a trip. In fact, If you’d care to escort me to the hotel, Dell, I want to get a room for the night and start out fresh in the cool of the morning. I can freshen up and then you can take me to supper.”

“I think I can arrange that, Tess.”

“I’ll pay for connecting rooms.”

“No need for that, Tess, I can pay for my room.”

“No, I’ll pay. You’re on your way to seek a ranch job and you’re therefore my guest tonight. You may escort me to supper, but, again, I’ll pay the tab.”

The desk clerk looked askance at us, but he toadied right up when I announced to him that I was Tess Barstow, of the Bar BQ ranch. I told him to put the two rooms on the ranch tab. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and some güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri question on his face. But he said nothing.

“Please send someone to the stage office to collect my four large trunks. I have what I need for now in my carpet bag.”

“Yes, Ma’am, right away Ma’am.”

Dell and I walked up the stairs to our second floor rooms. When we got to the rooms, Dell used my key and opened my door. We stepped inside and he set my carpet bag down. I walked into his arms and gave him a passionate kiss.

“I need to shake out some of the dust and freshen up a bit. But I’m certainly looking forward to a bath when we get back. I’ll expect you to help me.”

“Sounds like fun to me, Tess.”

“Now you skit to your room and pick me up in half an hour. Shoosh now, git.”

I patted his butt on his way out. Convention required far too many clothes for a woman. Especially when she needed to pee really bad. It took me much of my half hour just to get enough clothing loose and out of the way so I could squat over the chamber pot. But, I was ready when the knock on my door came.

When we got back down to the lobby, I walked to the desk. The same dunderhead was there.

“We’re going to supper. I’ll want a hot bath when I return in an hour or two. Please see that there is a tub full of hot water and extra buckets of water with which to rinse.”

“Yes Ma’am, I’ll see to it right away.”

Dell and I walked to a likely looking restaurant and found a table. It was a pretty nice place.

“I’m starved, Dell. I just couldn’t get down much of that greasy stuff they called food at any of those relay stations where we stopped on that accursed ride today.”

“I got some down, Tess, but I’m surely in the mood for some decent food right now myself.”

We both ordered buffalo steaks, eggs, mashed potatoes, spring peas, sliced peaches, and coffee. Fresh baked apple pie with ice cream would follow in due course as desert. Each dinner cost seventy-five cents plus a nickel each for all the coffee we could drink.

We both sat decorously and minded our public manners strictly according to Hoyle. We talked about what the ranch was like and what Dell’s expectations were. We enjoyed a leisurely, divine supper. Dell threw down two dimes as the tip as we rose to leave. I told the cashier to put the supper on the ranch tab.

“I also want a large picnic lunch for two packed for pick up right after we have breakfast in the morning. You can also place breakfast the the picnic lunch on the ranch tab.”

“Yes, Ma’am, it’ll all be ready by seven.”

“Thank you.”

The lady looked at me with the same raised eyebrow and questioning look as the desk clerk, but again, said nothing. This time I registered the look and wondered what that was all about.

With my arm linked in his, Dell escorted me back to the hotel and our rooms. In the second floor hallway, I had all but grabbed Del for a tight embrace. Before I could, an older couple exited a room right next to us and started down the stairs.

“Get me to my room, now, Dell. I’ve waited long enough for you. Then you go to your room and I’ll open the connecting door.”

I saw that my tub and water was all waiting and steaming for me. I quickly unlocked and opened the connecting door and literally yanked Dell into my room. He was a strapping six foot six to my five foot eleven, but I did the job. Of course, he didn’t resist.

I kissed him hard and then said, “Now undress me.”

Del helped me shrug out of my velvet jacket first. Next came the blouse. That left the top of my short chemise with my unbound boobs floating loose behind it. My boobs weren’t large, but then they were by no means small, either.

I leaned on Dell as he helped me to step out of my skirt and several crinolines. Then he untied and dropped my hated bustle. Boy, were things about my dress going to change when I got to the ranch. Hang those damned Eastern fashions. I was going to dress Western and ride astride. Damned sight fewer clothes to wear.

My chemise went next, freeing my swaying boobs and nearly mesmerizing Dell. Poor man, he ain’t seen nothin’ yet. That left just my pantaloons. My stockings and high button shoes had followed my skirt already. I was sure going to enjoy riding boots and short socks.

“It’s about time we got you caught up with me, Dell. I unbuttoned his double breasted maroon shirt and helped him out of it. That exposed the top of his red union suit. I bent over his left leg, my butt to him and tugged off his boot with a boost in the butt from his other foot. Off came the sock and then a repeat for the other foot.

I turned around and unbuckled his belt. The buttons of the fly of his jeans was more difficult because I kept diverting my attention by rubbing the length of the bulge I found there. Eventually, I got him unbuttoned and slid his jeans down so he could step out of them.

Now for that union suit. I slowly unbuttoned the top and helped him slide his arms out of the long sleeves, exposing his hairy güvenilir bahis şirketleri chest. I liked what I saw. I liked even more what I saw when I pulled the suit the rest of the way down over his ass and down his legs to the floor.

Dell’s big cock jumped free and stood proudly at attention, pointing directly at me and oozing from it’s little eye. I had gotten my hands on only one cock before. A quick grope at a school dance back in Virginia, three years ago. So far as I could remember, Dell’s outdid that other one in heaps.

God, I couldn’t take my eyes off Dell’s cock. It was big; it pulsed with energy and anticipation. It bulged with heavily filled blood vessels that looked as if they might burst. When I grabbed that man stick, it felt both hard and soft at the same time–and hot. Damn, it positively glowed with heat.

“Not so fast there, young lady, you’re still overdressed my dear.”

Dell, bent and yanked my pantaloons down, ripping them in the process. Then he just stared at my pussy while I grabbed his cock again and held on.

“My goodness, Tess, what a delightful looking pussy you have there. I’d surely ‘preciate a taste of that fine dew I see there.”

Dell scooped me up and carried me to the bed. He flung me down on my back and I bounced once before he was on top of me, his cock in my face and his face in my pussy. Damn, did he ever give me a licking–a tongue licking that is.

‘Course, I was doin’ a mite of lickin’ of my own. That was a right large lollipop Dell stuck in front of my face when he climbed aboard. Real tasty it was, too. ‘Course, I did a bit more than just lick it.

When Dell had worked on my pussy long enough, I got to nearly buckin’ him off with my hips gyratin’ the way they did. He turned around right quick and spread my legs wide. That long lollipop cock of his found the target lickity split and he slid it home through all my juice with ease.

From that point on, it was just the squishing slap of skin on skin as Dell pumped, that, and our mutual groans and grunts. My maidenhead had gone with the first plunge of Dell’s cock.

“Oh my GOd, Dell, you just don’t know how badly I’ve needed this or for how long. I just thought I knew what I’d been missing. Jeeze, fuck me harder, Dell, harder.”

My orgasm, when it came, was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Fingering myself had never been like that. I was in pleasure heaven. Dell’s climax quickly followed mine. He dumped a real load of cum into me. I tried not to think about getting pregnant.

When we got enough of each other for the time being, I said, “Let’s get our baths before that water gets completely cold. I’ll go first and you can do my back and whatever and then we’ll switch.”

“Yup,” drawled Dell.

The water was down from hot to barely tepid as I stepped into the tub, flashing pussy at Dell as I did. His scrubbing of me was very thorough, all the nooks and crannies, and I mean all. I finally stood and Del dumped two of the four extra buckets on me to rinse me off.

Then we switched places. I flashed a lot of pink pussy again, getting out of the tub. Dell’s cock was rigidly erect. I don’t think it went down at all since we started fucking. I found all his nooks and crannies as well. The wash water was getting quite cool by the time he got in. The rinse water was downright cold.

We dried each other off, renewing our acquaintance with all those nooks and crannies again. Dell’s cock was still standing at full attention.

“Doesn’t that thing ever go down, Dell?”

“Not with your pretty naked body in front of me it doesn’t.”

“Well, let’s get these naked bodies under the sheets of my bed. We have an early day tomorrow.”


The morning sun came up bright and clear in glorious, golden color. It came up way too early for me this time. Dell was laying wide awake, staring at my exposed and naked body while I had been sleeping. His cock was standing at full, rigid attention too.

“God, Dell, doesn’t that thing ever go down?”

“Same answer as last time, Tess.”

“Well, we’ve got to get dressed. There’s a long day ahead of us. After you’re dressed, get down to the stable and rent a team and a buckboard. I can’t take my luggage on horseback. Then pick me up in the lobby for breakfast. Now scoot.”

I smacked his bare ass pretty hard as he got out of bed.

“I’ll get you later for that,” he chuckled as he went through to his room to dress.

“And I’ll be waiting to take it, too.”

Breakfast of buffalo steaks, fried potatoes, eggs, and biscuits with gravy and coffee was fifty cents each. We walked the two blocks to the livery stable to pick up the buckboard and team.

“Please put this on the Bar BQ Ranch tab, sir.”

Again, “the look.”

I couldn’t let it go this time. “Is that a problem? The ranch credit is still good, isn’t it?”

“For now, Miss Tess, it is, but I can’t let the bill get much higher without some payment.”

“Someone’ll be back to town in a day or two for supplies and to return this rig. You’ll get your money then.”

“That’s fine, Miss Tess. I’ll look forward to it.”

By the time we got back to the hotel, loaded and lashed down my trunks and the picnic basket, the sun was already two hours up. We were getting a later start than I wanted, but we were finally on the way to the ranch.

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