Thank You Daddy Ch. 01

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The birthday/graduation party was the best any girl could hope for. Mom and Dad have been divorced for three years now and, although there is not a competition for my attention, being the only child has them trying to find things to keep me focused on their love for me. They have “shared custody” so I spend half the time at Mom’s house and half at Dad’s.

I have this special place in my heart for Dad. He’s done everything for me. Decorated my bedroom in an African theme, got me a car and taken me on trips all over the country and Hawaii. This was the best party I’d ever had. He had obviously been saving this up for a while.

A private DJ and pizza party at our favorite Italian restaurant; a stretch Limo to take my friends and me to an opening night movie, door to door service with the moon roof opened after the show. Dad had said to invite whoever I wanted to the party as long as we all fit in the limo. I had my pick of friends to invite to the party. It started out as a simple graduation party and since my Birthday fell the week after High school graduation, Dad suggested I invite anyone I wanted to the party. The list grew to 16 people. The total came to be my best girlfriends with their boyfriends and Todd for me. It was going to be an awesome party.

The dancing with Todd got me very excited. I was even thinking of letting him have me for the first time, but my Mom played chaperone and except for some stolen kisses and a good feel of my ass and breasts in the movies, Todd couldn’t get to anything serious. Even as we started dropping people off and the crowded limo was emptied, Mom was nearby. I resigned my fate, but I was eighteen and “look out world, here I come”. I held Todd’s hand against my thigh as we drove to drop him off.

I walked Todd to his door and since we were behind some bushes on the porch, I let him get the best goodnight kiss ever. I was so excited that my hand went to the back of his head to get a powerful lip and tongue experience. He certainly got me going and I felt his hard-on grow. I wished we could sneak away to get more serious. But, Mom was waiting in the limo.

I know he felt the same way as he grew harder against me. I let him go and walked back to the limo. Mom just smiled and said, “That must have been some goodnight kiss from the time you took.” Then she gave me the “you’d better be careful” stern look.

I escort kartal just said, “He’s cute and we’re just friends.” This was the week to stay at my Dad’s place and Mom got dropped off to get her car and the driver brought me home. Dad had waited up. I gave him the best hug and kiss when we got inside. I just couldn’t thank him enough and I was still so excited from the evening that I actually felt him getting hard. I let him go and went to get ready for bed. I no longer wondered how pretty I was. I must be able to turn a lot of guys on. I giggled to myself.

Yet, I was so confused about my feelings. Todd had gotten me so hot earlier and then I thought about my handsome Dad. I had gotten him hot. I knew he had not dated since the divorce. I had asked him why and he just said so he could concentrate on making sure I grew up with a strong family value. Even though he and Mom were divorced, there was no excuse for me not to grow up a nice young lady and keep from getting into trouble. I thought about what he said and all the things he sacrificed for me and I started to have a plan about how I could really thank him. I started to shake at the idea that had come to me. It had been my “coming out” party tonight. Maybe……

I found my baby doll pajamas that were a little small and sheer panties and I went over to his bedroom. I know Dad sleeps in his underwear since I’ve bumped into him at night going to the bathroom. I went in and stood by his bed and whispered, “Dad?”

He opened his eyes and looked at me and said, “What is it, honey?”

“I really want to thank you.”

And he said, “You already have.”

I climbed up on the bed above him with butterflies in my stomach at what I was about to do. I lifted off my pajama top and his eyes just opened up wide. “Honey, No!” ‘We can’t!”

“Dad, pleas touch me and make me a woman tonight. I love you so much and I know this is the best thing I can give you to really thank you.”

He stared at my breasts and slowly raised his hands to touch me. “You are so beautiful. You should be saving yourself for that special boy in your future.”

“I don’t want a boy. I want you to be my special person; my dad and my lover. I know you would never hurt me and you will always take care of me.” His hands softly touched my breast and I let out a sigh. I reached behind me and found maltepe escort his cock was so hard for me. He jerked a bit as I touched him through his underwear. “I want this tonight. It would make this the most perfect birthday I could ever imagine.”

My nipples were so stiff and sensitive. The sensations went right down to my pussy. I was wetter than I had ever been in my life. I stood next to the bed for a second and removed my panties. Dad’s hands had not left my breasts. I reached down for his underwear and slid it past the bulge. He popped up so hard and long it frightened me.

Dad saw my concern and said, “Touch it. It’s all yours, if you want.” he continued; “I know it’s wanted you for two years.”

“You’ve wanted me for two years?” I asked.

“Yes. In my darkest desires, I’ve wanted to touch you for quite a while, but you are my daughter and it has always just been a fantasy.”

“What did we do in your fantasy?” I had begun to stroke his cock. I was enjoying the power and strength of it. One of his hands had gone down my side and was at the junction of my thighs. I opened my legs and felt his finger probing my wetness. All the desire and excitement of the night was now focused between my legs. I climbed back on top of dad and he kissed me. He really kissed me. I was lost in that kiss. I savored his tongue and felt his hands travel over my body. Everywhere he touched sent shivers across my body. I nudged downward and felt the tip of his penis at my opening being bathed in my liquids.

Dad pulled me away and said, “I need to taste you first.”

My knees went to the sides of his head as he scooted down and kissed my mound. I felt his tongue touch my lips. Lightning shot off in my brain. It was better than I could have imagined. I was moaning loudly now. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. It was deeper than any I had created with my own fingers. He stopped for a second and said. “Turn around.”

I turned to face the bottom of the bed and I stared at his penis. I knew what he wanted. I had read an article in a magazine about sucking a cock and I was now so eager and hot, I had to try it. I lowered my body and felt my nipples graze his stomach. They were so sensitive now; I almost came with the extra stimulation.

I tentatively kissed the tip and saw the liquid of his precum at the opening. I began to take pendik escort bayan him into my mouth as I felt him concentrating on my clitoris. I was so close now. I touched his balls and his tongue stabbed at my clit pushing me over the top. I groaned and clamped on to his cock with my mouth. My orgasm was incredible. I was so weak; I collapsed on to him with my lips still wrapped around him. He pulled out of my mouth, so big and hard; rolled me over to the side and spread my legs.

I felt him come over the top of me and he slowly entered me. I must have broken my cherry horseback riding last year in Arizona, because he stretched me wide and slid all the way in with very little pain. I accommodated his girth and length until he touched my cervix. I felt my pussy strain to hold him. It was so tight and he felt so big inside. I looked up into his face. I hadn’t realized my eyes had been shut. He smiled and pulled out and pushed in. The rhythm of life was beginning. I could feel the sensations building to another orgasm.

Dad was moaning as well. “So sweet and tight; my little angel is not an angel anymore.”

I learned how to move up to his downward thrusts. I could feel my clitoris grinding against his pubic bone as he rocked into me. I could feel the emotions sweeping me away again as my climax kept building. His cock was growing fuller and wider. I could imagine the sperm building up to become part of my being. I couldn’t wait and started moaning my completion of this primordial task.

He groaned and followed me closely with spurt after spurt of hot semen being jetted into my womb and vagina. I couldn’t believe that the warmth of his cum sent me higher into my climax and I was soon bathing in the warm afterglow of satisfaction.

“Thank you, Daddy!” I was almost breathless and head him say “No sweetheart, Thank you. You’ve made an old man’s fantasy come true. Let me hold you for a while.”

“Don’t let anyone say you are an old man. I’ll never forget this moment as my first lover.”

Sometime in the night, I felt a tug on my nipples. I started to moan and respond immediately. I was so warm and safe in my dreams and I felt a wet tugging at my breast. Dad had bent his head to suck on my nipples. I looked down and smiled as I felt my pussy getting wet again. I felt his hard cock full grown against me and reached down to grab hold.

He was hard and ready and I realized I didn’t have to wait or wonder what making love was going to be like anymore. I rolled over on top of dad and pulled his cock right in to me. We started rocking together and I knew I’d be thanking my dad a lot in the future.

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